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Owner: Heads A Buttin’ Farm
Lebanon, Oregon

Although I was born to be a rockstar, I am raising goats instead. My husband George and I strive to raise quality Boer goats. Meaning, they need to be hardy and healthy. They need to be able to produce offspring that require little labor and medical attention. I also raise show quality Boers. We try to breed for structure and the conformation that the industry is looking for. What started as a fun project with two bottle baby Nubians has turned into a personal competition. Every year I breed for better, and I think I am accomplishing that! One thing I know for sure is that raising goats or any livestock is not for the weak hearted. It’s a tough and joyous road that I would not trade for anything. Well maybe a couple million, a skinnier body, or a…I mean for anything in the world. Lastly, I hope to be a great addition to the association, and together we have an awesome year. NOW LET’S KICK BUTT!