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SRMGA Breeders Spotlight: Culver Family Farm

We are a family run operation located in Corvallis and Lebanon Oregon.

-How and when did you get started in goats?

Culver Family Farm is run by Scott Culver, Arron Roles, Ashley Roles and our amazing farm hand Andrew Benz. We have been raising our long wool Romney sheep for over 40 years. We have been raising competitive Boer Goats for about 9 years now. Ashley got started in Boer Goats when she won her first one in a raffle back in 2008.

-What do you breed?

We breed for competitive high quality show Boer Goats. We do sell some for commercial use, but the majorities are sold for 4-H and FFA projects and the show world. There are a lot of people that think we raise just colored goats, but the truth is we try to raise good goats. Our main herdsire Capriole’s The Machine *Ennobled & Sire of Merit* is a paint buck so we get a lot of color from him. We did acquire in 2017 the amazing White House Goats that produced amazing colored boer goats in the North West. We do have our new Black buck Tuckernutts Shadow Hammer and our fierce traditional buck MADI Devil’s Impulse. We also do raise and breed market weathers for local 4-H and FFA kids.

-What are your goals in your breeding program?

Our goals in our breeding program are to make competitive show animals. We want them to be easier keepers, high muscled, big boned and structurally correct animals. We have a very high standard for any bucks on our property. We do not feel that every buck gets to stay a buck. Our goals are to go to Nationals and be competitive. We want people to see Culver Family Farm as a top breeder in the North West. We want to take our percentage does, fullblood does and bucks to the national level. We may not raise the weather dam style of meat goats, but we do have a goal of making market weathers available for local kids at a reasonable price.

-Why do you raise goats/ how do you participate in the goat industry? Love them? Meat? Show?

What’s not to love about Boer Goats? We raise them as our hobby. We love going to shows and seeing friends. We love the happiness that goats bring. We love chasing the banner and ribbons. It is something we do as a family and it has taught all of us so many life lessons that have helped us all grow as individuals. We help at shows where we can. We teach seminars where we can. We promote in every way that we can.

-What would you like to see happen with the goat industry?

We would love for the politics to be taken out. We would love for the general population to become more aware of the breed and respect the work that we put into it.

-Any tips you would like to share with other breeders or new comers?

Our advice we tell any new comer or someone starting out is, “pick your path and be happy with it, because you can’t do it all.” If you don’t want to spend the thousands of dollars on feed and goats and shows….that is okay. If you want win at nationals ….that is okay. If you want to raise pets….that is okay. If you want to raise meat for your family… that is okay. There is no wrong choice, but you can’t want to win at nationals but not put the time and money. That was our hardest lesson to learn, but we think we are getting closer to our path.

Our second piece of advice would be is it is just one judge’s opinion. That is still the hardest lesson for us to remember to this day. We take such pride in our animals we don’t like to hear the negativity. We try to remember that it is just one judge on one day, tomorrow is a new day.

-Any accomplishments you would like to mention?

We have been spot light breeder in the ABGA Goat Rancher Magazine. We have had the honor and privilege of winning Premier Boer Goat Breeder and Exhibitor at the Oregon State Fair in years past. We also find that our main herdsire Capriole’s The Machine *Ennobled & Sire of Merit* is a huge achievement for us. We are so proud of this buck.

Culver Family Farm