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Meeting Minutes for 21 Oct 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Katie & Denise Drake, Angie Ogden, Nancy Joy Craig, Evelyn Simon, Lindy & Wayne Gifford, Marilyn O’Leary, and Judy Novak.

Minutes read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, We have $3561.60 in our account at this time. Association income for 2011 is $1514.04, so we are in good shape for the May Show.

Old Business: Sale Report: Sale went very well. Items discussed for next year. Find out about having pictures taken of high selling animals with buyers and sellers after sale. Problem with that is everyone is anxious to get loaded and on their way. We need to emphasize that it is the buyer’s responsibility to know the regulations of the state they will be taking the goats they purchase to and what tests are needed to meet those requirements. It was decided per Terry Brown’s suggestion; there will not be an extra charge for photos in the catalog next year. It was suggested we contact local high schools for students that need to complete their community service requirements for helpers for set up for sale and show. We discussed whether to continue to accept credit cards at the sale as we only had 2 buyers last year and one buyer this year use them. It was decided it was worth the expense for the convenience of the buyers.

Terry Brown also suggested we set up a live chat network from the website for members. We’ll check with Becky to see if that’s possible.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn gave a report on her open house. She applied and received a grant to help with the expenses for it. Attendance was good. Food was very good. We discussed working on doing another open house at one of our other breeders’ farm this year. A PowerPoint presentation will be attached when minutes are emailed out.

Show Committee: The Fairgrounds are building a new goat barn, so the dates for show are tentatively the 5th and 6 of May, depending on whether the barn is ready. Also, we want to avoid the date of the

4-H and FFA pig weigh-in

Jerome Show: Dates will be June 23 & 24th. There are only pens for 50 goats at Jerome. Judy will check about using Filer fairgrounds. It is more complicated to get to. Prices, Jerome is $200. Filer is $500, but no set up would be required. So if it looks like we will have more than 50 animals, Judy will reserve the Filer Fairgrounds. MSMGA will support the Jackpot wether show. We discussed the possibility of using RV’s for judges quarters as the closest motels would be in Twin Falls. The show will be IBGA sponsored and they will accept any other registration. Judy talked about possibly having costume class.

Youth Committee: This years doeling was received from Dallen Johnston. It went to Jessica Mobley. The doeling Wayne & Lindy donated went to Josh Miller in Jerome. We have 4 applications at this time and the farms will need to be inspected. We need more goats donated. We do have $200 in the youth fund from the sale of the doe that was given back last year so one could be purchased if needed. Donated doelings must be registered at least 88% and disbudded. The applicants must be youth member and pay $5.00 for the application process. We need to establish a list of members who would offer buck services for the donated doelings. The does will need to be brought to buck. Boarding would not be charged. Need to notify Becky to take the mentoring guidelines off website. We don’t want the application on website as it has to be obtained from active member. Regulations will need to be put on website. If any members are interested in mentoring, donating a doeling and/or donating buck service, let someone on the youth committee know.

New Business: Nomination of Officers

Nominations were as follows:

President: Janene Jones

Vice President: Judy Novak

Secretary/treasurer: Clare Askew

Board Members: Dave Poe, John Sargent, Evelyn Simon, Wayne Gifford, Angie Ogden, and Marilyn O’Leary . Junior member who will be non- voting, Katie Drake

We will continue to accept nominations for 2 weeks. If no other nominations are received, the above nominations will automatically stand as elected officers.

Anyone interested in an A-I class, let Janene know. The class costs $1000.00. It will need to be held at someone’s farm. To make it cost effective, 10 people will be needed . Biogenetics in Salmon will put it on. Evelyn Simon volunteered to have it at her place. SRMGA can host and pay for it if there is enough interest. Then attendees will pay the association.

USBGA judging clinic will be held in Boise this summer. We would need to supply goats for the clinic, It will be held in conjunction with the Dairy goat show. Judy will check into how much it will cost a person to be certified.

Next meeting: January 21, location to be determined. Probably at Wayne & Lindy’s if not sold.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 17 July 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending are Terry Watts, Dave Poe, John Sargent, Titania Preston, Marilyn & Matt O’Leary, Judy Novak, Nancy Joy Craig, Diane Flournoy, Wayne & Lindy Gifford and new members Del & Angie Ogden.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, we have $2235.38 in the bank. The Jerome show was a financial success. With the raffle and food donations, we made over $600.00. Basically the difference is in what we paid for judges. Good work Judy and NancyJoy.

Old Business:

Marketing Committee. Evelyn Simon was unable to attend, she’s recuperating from surgery. She reported by email that their “Goat Meat Is Great” open house/’farm tour/tasting event is September 17th, 1 pm to 6 pm. An invitation will be emailed out shortly. She will have 1 or 2 chefs that will be preparing several prime Boer wethers for all to try. They’ll have educational materials to share. This event is the result of a grant from USDA. There will probably be a reporter there and some media coverage. She suggested we get some info together about the SRMGA to pass out among the guests.

Goat prices and holding pretty well locally. Kids averaged $1.40 to 1.80 per lb at last weeks sale.

Rob & Michelle Stokes, members from Vale OR, are selling their home grown goat meat, beef, pork and eggs at the Saturday farmer’s markets in Boise and Nampa. They are selling at least ½ a goat a week and say it’s getting better all the time.

Show Committees:

For the June IBGA show, Judy reported that exhibitors were down but the number of goats shown was about the same. She said they had better wether and showmanship classes this year. It was marvelous that the show made money. The May show did much better financially this year except for $300 bad check that we’ve been unable to collect.

Production Sale:

We have less goats consigned this year. At last tally, it looks like we’ll have about 75. Hopefully that will keep the prices up. In order to determine which consignor would be lot #1, all the consignors’ names were put in a hat and one was drawn out. As we all held our breath, Leslie Bader-Robinson’s name was drawn. One of her fine goats will have the dubious honor of being #1. We got a price quote from Leslie for advertising. She got prices for running the ads for 2 or 3 weeks and in 14 or 15 papers. We decided on 3 weeks in 14 papers. We also need to look into advertising in Eastern Idaho, Montana & Utah. An ad will be put in the Nevada Rancher out of Winnemucca. Plus, I’ll get it on Craig’s list.

We’ll set up the sales arena, bleachers and alley way Friday afternoon, September 9th. We will have Crockpot items for dinner Friday night for the consignors and work crew. Saturday morning there will be donuts and breakfast type items, coffee and hot water for tea and cocoa. The auction will start on 1 pm, so we won’t have to break for lunch. The raffle will be held at 12 noon. That way we won’t have to interrupt the auction or add to the confusion of having it after the auction.

Youth Committee:

We had a good discussion about deciding whether or not The Doeling Program should be continued. A vote was taken and it was decided to keep it going. Terry Watts will no longer be able to help, with being a 4H leader for both horses and goats and working full time, her plate is just too full. We really appreciate all the time and effort she has put into making this program work. A new committee of Lindy Gifford, Marilyn O’Leary, Judy Novak, and NancyJoy Craig was set up. They will review the application rules and contracts. These will then be sent to Becky Gates to put on the website.

New Business:

Wayne Gifford has the names of a couple of people who are looking for goats. Contact him at 278-5023 if you have any to sell.

Meeting was adjourned.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 12 Mar 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Wayne & Lindy Gifford, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, John & Cheryl Sargent and Marilyn O’Leary. Minutes of last meeting were read by Secretary Clara Askew and approved. Treasurer’s report given, we have $2048.74. The bank has been charging us a monthly service fee for use of credit cards at the September sale. I’m working with the bank to get them to refund it. If I can’t get it refunded, we may have to take it out of my wages.

Old Business:

Youth Committee: Lindy Gifford said one of our participants in the Doeling Program, Dallen Johnston, doe had triplets. Judy Novak said we need to have applications for the doeling program put on the website. Also she suggested we change the link name from Doeling Program to Youth Activities so that it will be more evident this is a youth program. She also suggested it would be nice to have a link on website for Youth Program with a sublink for the doeling program with pictures of the kids participating in the showmanship class.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend the meeting because she is in the middle of kidding. But she sent a report on her local market. At the Twin Falls Auction, 6 Alpine bottle bucklings sold for $20 to $27.50 each, 3 Boer bottle bucklings, same age as alpines (1 week max) sold for $50 to $60 each. Boer and Boer cross wethers, young does, good butcher goats, under one year, $130 to $150; Commercial Boer cross does, $125 to $140; commercial dairy does, $95 to $125; Spanish cross does, $90, some of these were pretty nice looking; Spanish cross does with kids, $130 to $140; Pygmy/Boer cross withers/does/yearling size $75; Pygmy little bucks/wethers/kids $10 to $15, none of these were nice, just kinda rough; and a horned Alpine buck $85.

She also said she has been taking a weekly workshop at the U of I extension in Twin Falls and learned that if you are audited by the IRS for not showing a profit year after year, it will help validate your efforts as a business if you have a Business Plan. There’s a great website to create one, https://www/ Also, you should have a separate checking account for the business, it can help to show you are acting as a business, not just an expensive hobby.

Wayne Gifford reported that there are 2 men buying cull goats and butchering them at home illegally to sell. They are undercutting price that the buyers who are using USDA butchers have to charge. So if someone comes to your farm wanting to buy your culls, kind of question whether they are going to be for home consumption or for sale because this hurts all of us on our marketing. He also reported that Del Treasure is paying about 90 cents less than the Caldwell auction.

Show Committee: Judy Novak on the June Show – It will be 2 IBGA Shows, so all registrations will be accepted. Everyone is encouraged to attend. It is a very nice show for smaller breeders. Dates are 25th and 26th of June. Entry forms will be on the website. Deadlines will be on website also. There will be a raffle. A quilt for each day, with IBGA colors. Weather vanes with goats on them. Sponsors for classes will be accepted. Ads will be full page $20, ½ 12.50 (4×7). Business card $7.00. Full page back cover $40.00 (first come first serve for first 2 (for each days program) Food will be provided, Friday night will be potluck. Saturday and Sunday will have hamburgers and hotdogs for donation. Breakfast, biscuits and gravy and sweet rolls. Also donations. Need a board with each class designated for the winners to hold when their pictures are taken. Entries deadline 6/10.

May Show: Judges John and Jackie Edwards from Texas, $1500 total for their fee. There will be no sale pens this year. If you have an animal for sale, just put a sign on the pen. As this is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered goats can be entered. Ads and award sponsors and entry fees are due by 4/25. The Showmanship classes will be open to any youth. The fee is $2 and it will be the first class each day. The VFW will not be have their food booth open this year. So, Friday evening dinner will be crockpots with stew, soups, anything that can be eaten in a bowl and dinner rolls. There will be a hospitality table with hot water for cocoa and tea, coffee, muffins, cookies, chips, etc for both Saturday and Sunday. We will accept donations for these items. Saturday evening we will have a collection for pizza for anyone interested. Lunch break will be 1 hour and this will give everyone time to get their own. A list of available restaurants and their locations will be posted. Set up will be on Thursday evening, May 5, before the show. It was decided an evening set up would allow more members to come and help. Everyone is encouraged to buy ads and sponsor awards as this helps pay for the show.

Sale Committee: Sale Date September 10, 2011. Consignors have to be Association Members. Anyone interested in consigning, contact Clara Askew, No decision has been made about numbers yet until we see how much interest there is. The final deadline to submit paperwork on consignments will again be July 15, 2011. So, start making your plans.

Next meeting will be in June 4 in Jerome at Judy Novak house. A reminder will be sent out with the time and address.

Don’t forget 2011 Association dues, $20 for individual, $25 for two and $40 for farm. If you no longer wish to be a member, please let me know and I’ll take you off the mailing list.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 16 Oct 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Stormy Slate and her dad Bruce, Janene Jones, Dave Poe, Edgar Edmondson, NancyJoy Craig, Judy Novak, Lindy Gifford and Terry Watt. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given. Income from production sale was $3812.90, expenses were $2936.04, leaving a net income of $876.86. This included the sale of the doe returned from the doeling program. Our bank balance at this time is $2179.76.

Old Business:

Doeling Program: Terry Watt completed the Mentor guidelines in draft form. Mentors and the Junior Members who get doelings are to give quarterly reports about what is happening with the animal. Until the contract is fulfilled, we need to keep track of the youth and the goat to make sure the guidelines of the program are followed. The participants in the program are to come to the spring show and show their animals. Applications need to be submitted by November 30, so there will a month to approve the application and inspect their farm before the doelings are awarded in January. Any member donating a doeling will then have time to choose what they’re going to donate and get them disbudded. The Guidelines for the program and mentors are attached to the minutes if members have email. If no email, members will receive a hard copy of both.

Sale Report:

Everyone agreed that the sale went well this year. We spent $1,262.64 on advertising this year and it appears to have paid off. Wayne Gifford said he felt that we couldn’t have done much better if it had been a DVauction and it would have been a lot more expensive. We would still have to pay for advertising plus paying DVauction for their services. Also, there is the possibility of all sorts of unknowns if we try to set up our own online service. So, it was decided that next year, the sale would be handled the same way, just advertise the heck out of it, bring in quality animals and we should continue to improve our bottom line. The food service went well Friday night, but Saturday, we ran out of everything. Linda Hernandez volunteered to be in charge of food for next year’s sale. With one person keeping track of what we need and the donations, it should go better on sale day. One problem discussed was the loading of the animals after the sale. The buyers want to get out as soon as they can and it causes chaos in the barns. It was suggested that we have only one exit and load out only one person at a time like is done at the livestock sales. It would take longer, but it would sure be easier on our barn crew. Also, maybe a portable ramp could be built for loading into pickups. There will be more discussion about this before the next sale. Perry & Terry Parker of Parker’s Gourmet Goats are going to donate a fullblood doe to be auctioned off at next year’s sale, with the profits going to the Association. They will bring her to the May show so everyone can see her. This is really terrific and we appreciate it greatly.

Marketing report:

Prices have dropped at the Saturday sale on does, but wethers and bucks prices are still holding at around $1.20 per pound.

Show Report:

Since we lost money on last year’s show, we discussed what we could do to save money and still have a quality show for next year. It was decided to have 2 ABGA shows in May like we always have. Then USBA and IBGA shows in Jerome in June. We will also set up a contract for judges with a fee of $800 apiece maximum. We discussed paying cash rather than trophies for prizes next year. We could pay $20 for Grand and $15 for Reserve in each division and then award show leads for Best Percentage Doe, Best Fullblood/Purebred doe and Best Fullblood/Purebred buck. We really need to sell more ads in the catalog and have more award sponsorships. Any suggestions or comments about these plans, please let Janene Jones, our show clerk, know.

New Business:

Nominations of Officers: President: Janene Jones. Vice President: Toby Young & Judy Novak. Secretary/Treasurer: Clara Askew & Lindy Gifford. Nominations can be done by email to or postal service to SRMGA, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 and they will be open until 11/15. Ballots will be mailed out at that time to be counted at the December meeting.



Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 4 Sept 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Attending were Janene Jones, Marilyn O’Leary, with 3 potential junior members from her 4H group, Stormy Slate and her dad, Bruce, Bob & June Lee, Dave Poe, Edgar Edmundson, Terry Watts and Becky Gates. Minutes from last meeting and Treasurer’s Report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Clara Askew. They were approved as read.

Old Business:

Production Sale: Catalog is on the website. Good Job kudos to Terry Brown for all her work. Edgar Edmundson suggested that the color of the goat be added to the template. He also suggested everyone get their consignments in sooner so Terry wouldn’t have to keep asking for templates and pictures. Set up at the Fairgrounds will be Thursday morning, September 16, at 8 am. All we need to do is set up the sales ring, move the bleachers and set up the alley from the barn to the sales ring. If you are free that morning, please come and help. The more hands we have, the quicker and easier we can get it done. The VFW food booth will not be open this year. So, Friday night starting at 6 pm, we will serve hamburgers, salads and chips for the consignors and work crew. Saturday morning, we will have muffins, donuts, coffee and whatever else we can come up with for breakfast. Since the sale seems to lose momentum if we break for lunch and since it starts at noon, we will not break for lunch this year. We’ll have snack items and beverages available for the buyers. We cannot charge for the food, but we can take donations. We’ll put out a donation jar and hope we break close to even on the food.

Check in is after 2 pm on Friday the 17th. We will need a crew for health inspections, checking tattoos and putting lot number tags on the goats as they arrive. Let Wayne Gifford know if you can volunteer for this. Consignors are reminded they are responsible for getting their goats from the barn to the alley leading into the sales ring on sale day. Toby Young, Matt O’Leary and Robert Stromberg will be in the barn to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will have a veterinary available sale day if health certificates are needed. Payment for this service will need to be worked out between the buyer and the seller. The Association is not responsible for paying for the health certificates. Becky Gates volunteered to read the pedigrees if needed at the sale.

Spring Show: The show will be May 7th & 8th, 2011. We should avoid the pig weigh in by having it on this date. The Spring Fair for 4-H and FFA are this weekend though, so that will cause some conflict for our Junior Members who are showing at both events. So, we may need some volunteers to show their animals at our show. Judy Novak asked that we consider having an IBGA show one of the days. Janene Jones, our show secretary, said she had been thinking about having 2 ABGA shows one day and the IBGA show the other day. It was decided to think it over, consider the expenses and discuss it further at the next meeting. Wayne reported that ABGA has the only affiliate program for meat goat associations. We still need to check with ABGA and see what benefits if any are available to us as an affiliate. Bruce Willoughby, out of Utah, is our new ABGA representative.

Junior Doe Program: Terry Watts, June Lee and Judy Novak have been working on the Doeling Program. New requirements and application information are available on request. Terry is working on the revisions and they will be emailed out as soon as they are completed. We have gotten one doe back and it is being bred at Wayne’s now. It was decided we would sell it at the production sale and the money would be used for any expenses the doeling program might incur. We will need mentors for any junior members who qualify and receive a doe in the future. So think about helping out as these kids are the future of our industry.

New Business:

Becky Gates, our Webmaster, gave a report on what it would take to set up our own video streaming on the web. We could have our sale, shows, meetings, clinics and anything else we wanted streamed over the internet. The hosting cost would be $371.40, per year which includes 30 GB disk space, (additional space is .82 a month per GB), and data transfer allowance would be 300 GB, (additional transfer .15 a month per GB). We would get a dedicated IP address. We could have 100 Simultaneous users, $15 per 50 for additional users and hosting of the domain name. If we broadcast next year’s auction, we would have to work out how online bidders would register their bids. Becky was asked to give us a bid on what her fee would be to set it all up. It was decided we would need to do a lot of testing before we would attempt to broadcast a sale. We will talk more about the possibilities at the next meeting.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 6 Jun 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and Treasurer’s Report read and approved.

Old Business:

Show Report: The Boers de Mayo Show made $3042.00 and expenses were $4232.17, so our net loss was $1190.17. We need to get more awards sponsored and more ads. We may eliminate the division awards unless they are sponsored and just have overall awards. Also, we had fewer spectators this year, not sure if it’s just the economy or if we need to advertise more. The raffle brought in $320 which is included in the profit. Any ideas about how to make the show more profitable, or at least break even, are welcomed. Next was discussion about USBGA registered animals not being allowed to show. It was decided as long as we continue to have a ABGA show here and have a USBGA and IBGA show in Jerome that should take care of everyone. Linda Hernandez will check with USBGA and see what the benefits are of being affiliated with them and Wayne Gifford will check with ABGA and see what the benefits are there. We are currently affiliated with ABGA. This costs $75 per year and we are listed in their magazine. It was also decided that entries would not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a check. We discussed the problem with the 4H and FFA pig weigh in that occurs at the same time as our show check in on the Friday before the show. This causes a lot of traffic congestion and there was a problem of children running around in the barns. Marilyn O’Leary will check with the 4H coordinator and see if something can be done to better direct traffic. We discussed changing the date of the show, but there are other conflicts for either earlier or later dates. So we will see if there’s a better way to work with them. Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler, Noreen Stromberg and Robert Stromberg were thanked for their hard work and the great job they do putting on the show and they promised they would be available next year to do it again.

Jerome Show: Early entries for Jerome show due by June 12th. Show is June 26th & 27th. Everyone is encouraged to attend whether you have entered any animals or not. We need to give them all the support we can. They are having 2 USBGA shows on Saturday and 1 IBGA show on Sunday. All the information about the show is on our website, along with entry forms.

Production Sale Report: The Annual Fall Production Sale will be 9/18/10 at 12 noon and it will be broadcast on DVAuction. There is also a sale in Indiana on DVAuction that day at 12, but ours will start 2 hours later than theirs due to the time difference. As we only have about 75 lots consigned at this time, it was voted on and approved to allow up to 15 animals to be entered per consignor, however, the amount of bucks per consignor will still be limited to 2. Anyone wanting to consign more animals, should let me know as soon as possible. If you haven’t entered any animals yet and wish to consign, also, let me know right away. We want to have at least 100 lots in order for the sale to break even. We need to check with DVAuction and/or with the Exhibitor’s Edge sale coordinators about the dimensions and height of the sales ring, so if we have to build one, it will fit the requirements. It was agreed that the minimum bid will be $200 and individual consignors can set their minimums higher if they need to.

Consignment entries are due by July 15. Consignment fees are $40 per animal and pictures for the catalog will cost an extra $10 apiece. Consignors will need to send their check and a copy of the registration papers to me,

Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by July 15, 2010.

If the registration is pending, a copy of the application with the pedigree information will be accepted. Consignors, if you have already paid your reservation fee of $5 per head, you will only need to pay $35 per head in July. Terry Brown is doing our catalog again this year. Thanks Terry. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions, please let Wayne or I know. We will need to advertise as much and as effectively as possible to make this sale a success. Linda Hernandez will bring breakfast items for the morning of the sale. We can’t sell them, but donations can be taken. We have hamburger makings left from the show and we may use these to feed consignors who come in Friday night.

We will have our next meeting in August, date to be set later. Meeting was adjourned .

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 20 Mar 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford, minutes of last meeting read and approved, treasurer’s report read and approved.

Old Business:

Elections results, Wayne Gifford, President, Janene Jones, Vice President, Clare Askew, Secretary/Treasurer. Board Members, Lynn Fowler, Linda Hernandez, John Sargent, Dave Poe, Judy Novak, Dennis Hooper

The amended Bylaws were read, discussed. Motion was made and seconded to approve amendments as read.

Show Committee: Janene Jones – All registrations, IBGA, USBGA and ABGA will be accepted for the show. Since it is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered animals will get points. There will be a showmanship class on Sunday after the regular show that is open to all youth. These animals will housed in a separate area. There will be a Costume class will be held on Saturday, so plan to dress up like your goat. Saturday judge will need to be picked up at airport and shuttled around, Lindy Gifford agreed to be the taxi service. Rooms will be booked at Holiday Inn in Ontario, rooms for the Saturday Judge for Friday and Saturday, and for the Sunday Judge for Saturday and Sunday. The Association will buy buns and burgers and KFC for the work crew and exhibitors for Friday night. The price for the Pizza for Saturday evening dinner will be prepaid along with entry fees. Lynn Fowler will check on straw and make arrangements for hauling it. Judy Novak will take pictures again and Cheryl Sargent will handle the raffle. Everyone needs to remember to bring items to donate for the raffle. Set up for the show will be done Friday morning after 8 am before check in at noon. Budget for awards will be up to $1000. Ads will be put in Capital Press and on Boer

Judy Novak on June show – Annette Maze and Marie Layman will be Saturday show judges and Pat Ariaz is the Sunday judge. Check in on Friday, June 25th after 12:00. There will be a Jackpot meat goat class for animals under a year. There will be a weigh in before classes. There will be 3 classes, light, medium and heavy. There will be an extra charge for meat and showmanship classes of $2.00 for each entry in each class. These classes are not going to be for only 4-H or FFA, there won’t be an age limit. The classes will be broken down into Junior and Senior and Adult. USBGA has a champion challenge if the animals have been winners before, then the past winners are taken out of the regular classes. They then go into the champion challenge class and go against the winner of their class that day. There will be a class for 3-4 yr and 4-5 years old does. There will also be a judging clinic after the show on Saturday, for $20 to $25 to taught by the Saturday judges, Marie and Annette, to show how the animals are judged.

Marketing: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend as she is birthing babie. She has MSMGA minerals available in 50# bags for $22 for does and $23 for bucks. The mineral also comes in blocks, but she doesn’t know the weight or price of those yet. Anyone interested, contact her. There was a meat goat seminar in Indiana, this month, but the board decided not to send Evelyn as it is unknown what our expenses for the shows and sale will be this year and we don’t want to run short of money. Dave Poe is selling 7 to 10 goats a month to a local market. He would like 100 to 110# animals and will pay $1 per pound live weight. He will take does, bucks or wethers. He then gets them butchered in Nampa and then they go to his buyer and he is paid hanging weight. He wants to be able to supply 10 per month all year which means that his supplies need to breed so animals are available every month. This same buyer told Dave he can get frozen Australian goat for $2.17 per pound shipped in. This is very hard if not impossible for local breeders to compete with. Treasure Valley Livestock sales yard prices have been very high the last few weeks. Buyers from Montana and Nevada are bidding up the local buyers. Check with Wayne Gifford as his brother works at the sales yard and knows when the out of town buyers are there.

Sale Committee: We have 84 consignments so far for the sale; we would like at least 16 more so the fee per animal can be kept down. We are on the DV auction schedule, but have not got a contract from them yet. We will have to pay $1300, ½ of their fee when we sign the contract. Anyone wanting to consign animal’s needs to contact Clara Askew @ or (208) 278-3859. Consignments will close July 15, 2010.

Junior Advisor: Terry Watts and Judy Novak will take over the doeling program for junior members. Canyon County will be having a meat goat show, we don’t know how many entries, Payette County has 6 entries and Washington County has 14, no report on Malheur County. A discussion was held about setting up an information booth at the various fairs. It was decided it was a very good idea and we should work on putting it together.

Ryan Kish wants to set up field day with shows and seminars for adults and kids, sometime this summer at the Owyhee county fairgrounds in Homedale.

That’s all for this meeting. Hope everyone’s’ kidding is going well. We’ll see you all at the show in May.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 21 Nov 2009

A Parasite Control Seminar was given by Todd Gunderson, DMV of the University Of Idaho Caine Veterinary Teaching Center. Also attending and assisting with comments and answering questions was Dr. Wayne Ayers, also of the Caine Center. This was an excellent, informative and much needed presentation. Dr. Gunderson went over the types of worms, their life cycle and how to control exposure. He then went over types of wormers and when to use them. He emphasized that worming programs need to be implemented with the assistance of a licensed veterinarian as most wormers are not labeled for goats. He will put the power point presentation he used into a pdf format and email it to me and I will email it out to our members for their information and use. He emphasized that if your local vet can’t help you with your herd management problems to contact the Caine Center and the staff would do their best to assist you. He sympathized with us that goats are not very high up on most veterinary’s priorities. One of the most important things he stressed was having fecal samples analyzed, either a composite of your herd or of individual animals. The test at the Caine Center costs only $10.00 and should be done before worming and after to see how effective the wormer you are using is working in your herd.

Dr Ayers said he would be glad to put on a seminar about Johnes Disease and CL if we wanted to schedule it. We just need to decide when and where.

After the program, a short meeting was held. First item discussed were the notes from a meeting of the Mountain States Meat Goat Association taken by Evelyn Simon. I have attached those notes for your information. They would like to merge with us to have a larger marketing base. Further discussion was tabled until all members could read the notes.

We received a letter from Kim Hellums telling us that Canyon County is going to cut their market wether program unless they get $1000 by the first of the year to pay for it. After discussion, motion was made and seconded to give them up to $250. Motion was also made and seconded that we will donate a matching amount each year on a rotational basis to each county fair board that has a meat goat program. Members residing in each county were encouraged to make donations. I have attached a copy of Kim’s letter.

We received a flyer from DVAuctions regarding their fees and services. It will cost between $3000 and $4000 to have them video our auction for the internet next year. It was moved and seconded that we would go with this and consignors will be charged a $35 to $40 per head non refundable entry fee, $5 a head of which will be due at the time consignors sign up for the sale. Whether we have to charge a commission on top of this would depend on the final cost of the sale. We would still have to pay for the buildings at the fairgrounds and an auctioneer. It was decided that we would still allow 10 animals per consignor, 2 of which can be bucks. Sign up for consignors will begin immediately, with a limit of 125 animals. Papers of consigned animals and the balance of entry fees will be due by July 15, 2010. If you sign up for 10 animals and then find out you can’t bring that many, you need to let me know as soon as possible so we can let others get in on the sale. Consignors who have participated in our production sales since they started will be given priority. I will call DVAuction tomorrow and get our date confirmed. Right now it stands at Saturday, September 18, 2010 .

Next we discussed election of officers for next year. A motion was made and seconded that we would take nominations at the meeting, but would also accept them by email from members who are unable to attend the meetings. Ballots will then be sent out to all members, with stamped self addressed envelopes to vote for the nominees.

So, anyone wishing to nominate members for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and 2 board members please email me at within the next 10 days.

Nominations will be closed at that time and the executive committee, consisting of the current officers and board members, will verify the nominations and ballots will be sent out to all members to vote. Nominations made at the meeting were President – Wayne Gifford, Vice President – Dave Poe, Secretary/Treasurer – Clare Askew

Also, FYI the dates for the Boers De Mayo show next year will be May 1st & 2nd . There will also be a show put on by our Magic Valley members in Jerome, Idaho, June 26th & 27th. More information about both will be coming up, but keep those dates in mind.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 25 July 2009

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis & Carol Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Janene Jones and her mother, Dave Poe, Lindy Gifford, John Sargent, Toby Young, Gary & Clare Askew, Ryan Kish, and guests Larry & Cindy Boyd. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved.

Old Business:

Reference the belt buckle for the Grand Champion wether at the Payette County Fair. It has been purchased by Dr Persnell, the veterinary who does our health certificates at the Sale. The SRMGA Association has been given credit for donating it in the Fair Premium book. Wayne will contact Dr. Persnell to find out how much it was.

Classified ads on the SRMGA website are up and running. Becky said she will do them for no charge as long as they are emailed to her in a format she can cut and paste to the site. These ads are to be used for specific animals or goat handling equipment, not for farm or ranch ads.

Sale Committee: Again it was emphasized that everyone will be responsible for getting their own animals to the staging area leading to the sale ring. Edgar, Dennis and Wayne are building a portable alley for staging animals waiting to enter the sales ring. There will be volunteers to assist in barn to keep track of lots and make sure everything moves smoothly. If anyone volunteering in the barn wants to go bid on an animal, arrangements will be made so they can do so. Toby Young and Dennis Hooper will coordinate the volunteers in the barn and staging area.

Terry Brown, who is doing the catalog this year, sent an email outlining the Terms and Conditions from the Exhibitors Edge sale that she, the Parkers and Leslie Bader-Robinson had earlier this year. They were read and it was agreed that they would be used for our sale except for the payment section. We will accept only checks or cash, no credit cards.. Also ABGA will no longer accept USBGA papers to transfer registration to ABGA. You can transfer the registration to IBGA and then transfer them to ABGA.

It was discussed and decided we need a different logo, not using the buck that’s in it now. We will have a contest for 4H and FFA members to design a new logo for the association. Janene will contact Gem County extension office and Wayne will contact Payette County to see if they want to participate.

Lindy Gifford is going to provide the food on Friday night the 11th for the consignor’s and workers. NancyJoy Craig is donating a PB doeling to raffle. Cheryl Sargent will be manning the raffle table. Contact her about any items you are donating, so the information can be listed in the catalog. Also ads are needed for the catalog. Business card ads are $10.00, quarter page ads are $25.00, half page ads are $50.00 and full page are $100.00. Everyone is encouraged to contact vendors and anyone else who might like to buy an ad. The ads can be emailed to Terry Brown at Some of the out of town consignors suggested that we charge them a larger commission as the local members do all the work organizing and setting up the sale. It was decided we have a box for donations to help pay for cleaning the pens and barns. We paid $200 to have it done after the show and it was money well spent. This would work rather than vary the commission from the out of town consignors .

We discussed having DV auction for next year. Will cost about $3000.00. It was decided that if at all possible we would have them come. Ryan Kish will be available for hauling. Arrangements will need to be made between him and the buyers about the cost. Evelyn Simon will be writing ads for sale. She already has it on Boar It will be going in all the local papers and in the Capitol Press. An ad will be put in Rural and Ranch Living and Meat Goat Monthly.

Show Committee: Eddy Holland judged the Caldwell fair and judged the filer show. Janene will talk to him about judging our show next spring.

Marketing Committee: Chairman Evelyn Simon was unable to attend due to other commitments. So nothing new in marketing. Except it was reported in Rural Ranch & Living that there is a slaughter plant in Greeley Colorado. That might be a possibility if we can get a load of goats together.

Youth Committee: Stormy will be turning back a fullblood doe for replacement of the doe she received. Stephanie Goertz, junior member in Weiser who received a doeling, has not shown the doe or gotten it bred so it was suggested that she be contacted about what she intends to do and if she doesn’t follow the contract, the doe should be taken back.

New Business:

Gary Custer is on hospice and the outlook is not good. There is nothing in the bylaws about what should be done when a officer is unable to serve. A committee will be set up to make additions or corrections to the Association Bylaws. We also need an amendment about the appointment of the board of directors and the length of their service. The Committee will be Wayne Gifford, Dennis Hooper, Ryan Kish, Dave Poe, and Clare Askew. Dave will gather other nonprofit bylaws and email copies to the other members of the committee. The committee will meet and make a list of suggestion of amendments to present to the rest of the membership for vote at the next meeting. The Board of directors will serve as interim vice president until regular election can be held.

Next was a discussion with ABGA representative Ryan Kish. He was asked to find out why the email newsletters from ABGA have stopped and if they would be started again. We encouraged him to let them know how valuable we thought they were. Ryan encouraged us to be involved in national committees. If anyone had any ideas for regulation on shows or enoblement program, forward them to him. ABGA is instituting further education for the judges to improve their judging so that there will be more consistency.

Meeting adjourned. Wayne & Lindy were thanked for their hospitality and good food.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 6 Jun 2009

Meeting attended by Carol & Dennis Hooper, Tom and Carol Blandford, Edgar Edmundson, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, Wayne Gifford, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones, Norene Stromberg, and Toby Young. It was held at Cheryl and John Sargent’s home. She cooked a goat roast and several salads, vegetable tray, watermelon, cookies and brownies. It was a feast.

Meeting was called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Introductions were made. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived. Treasurer’s report was given. We have $3213.89 in the bank. We took in $3846.04 on the show and spent $4151.81, so we lost a little better than $900 on the show. Primary cause was probably the weather, lack of sponsorship of awards and not as much advertising in the catalog.

Show committee: Janene Jones received several email saying they enjoyed the show. Lynn Fowler brought up that she and Norene had to clean the bathroom with the shower before the show and light bulbs needed to be replaced. It was agreed that the fairgrounds maintenance man should have taken care of this. Although comments were made about the barns flooding and having to lead the animals out thru the mud, it was decided that we can’t do anything about the weather and changing the dates of the show would not guarantee Mother Nature would co-operate. General consensus is that the timing of show was good, even though the weather was bad and we couldn’t do anything about that. Moving the show to another fairgrounds was discussed, but expense wise Payette is the best deal. The new pens will be completely finished by the fall sale. Our thanks, to Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler and Norene Stromberg for all their work putting on a great show. Janene encouraged us to try and get more local breeders participation. Dennis recommended that letters should be written to ABGA about the appearance of lack of consistency in the judging.

Market Committee: Goats went high at Caldwell sale last week as there was a bidding war between a gentleman from California and Del Treasure and animals were bringing about twice as much as usual. We will try to find out when he is coming again so if we have animals to sell we can take them in. Gary Custer is selling out his herd due to health problems. Contact him if you have any interest. His email is and his phone number is (208) 733-9235. He has approximately 80 animals. Wayne has a 3 month black fullblood buck for sale. It was suggested we set up a classified section on the website for members. Charges to be determined by size of ad. We will contact Becky Gates who does our website about the feasibility of doing a classified page.

The local Payette County fair always gives belt buckle at the Payette County fair to all animals except goats. Wayne suggested the local members from Payette County only donate enough to provide the grand champion meat goat with a buckle. Buckle will cost $200 to $250. Depending on how many donate, that would determine how much each will have to give.

Sale Committee: Entries are due by July 15th. Pedigrees and pictures are due at the same time. Cheryl Sargent will handle raffle again. Members are encouraged to sell or buy ads for the catalog. Consignors names will be put on the sale flyer so potential buyers will know what animals are going to be available.

Owners will be responsible for getting their own animals from the barn to the sale ring. Entry forms will be emailed and mailed as soon as possible. Everyone was encouraged to get their paperwork in early so we can get the catalog out as soon as possible. We are going to mix the bucks and does, fullbloods and percentages all up this year so the folks wanting to buy bucks won’t have to wait until the end of the sale.

Meeting was adjourned and we all went to eat Cheryl’s marvelous food.

Clare Askew

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