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Meeting Minutes for 7 Mar 2009

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Lynn Fowler, Norene Stromberg, Janene Jones, Judy Novak, Paula Timmons, NancyJo Craig, Evelyn Simon, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Custer and Clare Askew. Minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved.

Old business: Wether auction information reported by Dennis Hooper. He contacted Canyon County . They are going to use the same rules as Malheur County. There will be no minimum weight at weigh in and there will be different classes based on weight. They didn’t know how many kids would need wethers. He said there didn’t seem to be much interest in an auction, no way of telling how many kids would like to be involved. Breeders would need to have disbudded wethers available with January or earlier birth dates. Further discussion on a wether auction will be tabled at this time. Judy Novak is working with the Jerome County Fair Board Sales Committee to get a market goat program started there. Evelyn Simon said Gooding County is also starting a market goat program.

Marketing committee: Evelyn reported she has been selling to Butan refugees. They do not eat beef, so this is a potentially good market. They picked 100# wether, but mostly wanted bucks. The animals are butchered at a neighbors house who is a butcher. They pick carcass up there and pay the fees. Some took just the meat, some took hide and entrails. They paid $1.10 live weight.

Evelyn said she is going to talk to the Co-Op in Boise and see if there is a market for goat meat there.. Wethers selling 1.00 to 1.15 a pound in Caldwell at the Treasure Valley Livestock sale.. Del Treasure told Wayne he’s expecting to pay $2 a pound this fall. The Stokes in Vale are paying .85# live weight for wethers and doelings, must weight 65# or better and will take up to 1 yr old. He likes grass or hay fed only with good animal welfare practices followed. On the website, prices average $15 retail. Also, thru Idaho Preferred, on March 1, booth space can be purchased and set up so local chefs come and talk to you about new menu items. Check that website for details if you are interested.

Robert Finck in San Diego contacted Wayne and he’s wants 300 head horned boer or boer X for bush goats. He said he will pay $100 a head for animals up to 4 or 5 yrs old. He wants to buy from breeders, not a sales yard. Contact Wayne if you are interested and have animals available. If we have a load from more than one place, he would make a couple stops. Edgar said what we need is a goat broker.

I have attached 2 letters from Hannah Kirk about research she has done with buyers in Illinois and California. We should try to have some discussion at the show whether these are options we can take advantage of.

Librarian/Historical Committee: Judy Novak made a calendar using last years show pictures for a raffle item for the show.

Youth Committee: June Lee will no longer able to take care of the doeling project due to Bob’s health. Karen Kennedy was asked if she would take over and she agreed. Edgar Edmundson made motion and Dennis Hooper seconded to appoint her. We have 3 does out at this time. We will need to check status. A suggestion was made to put posters up at show to let kids know about the doeling program and see if we can get more Junior members involved..

Show Committee: Janene advised she has not received any entries yet. We received Judge Julie Brown’s arrival information and motel reservations have been made. Only changes on show classes were taking out composite classes and adding youth showman classes with $2 entry fee. Entries need to be in by April 17. They should be sent to Janene Jones, 3010 Star Ln, Emmett, ID 83617. Entry forms should be available on the website,, Payette High School metal shop class are rebuilding pens. The new pens will be made with metal gates and fronts with wooden sides. The materials are supposed to be ready to put up next week. We will notify association members to help set up pens when the material is ready. Straw for the show has been taken care of. It won’t put in pens until animals are checked in. Wayne is going to check with Sheriff’s office to see if we can get inmates to clean up the barns after the show. He will also check to see if they will help put the pens together. It was decided to do a potluck on May 1, Friday night for exhibitors and association members helping with set up and check in. We will have Idaho Pizza in Fruitland to deliver pizzas on Saturday night to feed exhibitors and members. As Gary Custer is ill, Janene will do the Show catalog. Prizes this year will include duffel bags, backpacks, totes, 3 ring padfolios, briefcases, travel kits, folding chairs with coolers, fleece blankets, aprons,, water bottles, and photo album all with SRMGA logo on them. Individual class awards to be given to winners after judge gets done talking about their animals and when pictures are being taken. This will help the exhibitor trying to lead their animal out of the ring.

Sale Committee: We will order at least 150 tags to be used on cord around animals necks to show lot numbers for the production sale. It was decided to do an ad in ABGA for sale. The date of the sale this year is Saturday September 12. If you have consigned animals to the sale, deadline for entry forms to be returned is July 15th so that the catalog will be done at least 45 days before the sale. Copies of the entry form and registration papers will need to be sent to Clara Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by that date.

Lynn Fowler brought a catalog for members to pick out the type of shirt they would like to have with the association logo printed on it. The association will pay for the set up and silk screening and members will pay for the shirts. That way they can pick whatever style shirt they would like to have. Shirt prices are from $20 to $30 depending on the style. Embroidery logos are more expensive. If members want jackets, check with Lynn for prices. Company supplying items are For Your Name On This , Theresa Medcoff in Emmett. It was decided to have some polo shirts for sale at show and put one in the raffle.

Meeting was adjourned to eat all the marvelous food that Judy provided. There will not be another meeting until after the show.

See you all there,

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 6 Dec 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasury Report given, $4223.24 in the bank account.

Old Business: Wayne and Clare met with the Fair Board last month. They are moving ahead with plans to replace the pens in the sheep barns. The old pens have been removed and the new ones will be started by 1/1/09. They will be made out of metal bars and will be 4’ high, not sure what the length and width will be yet. The Goat Superintendent for the Payette County Fair will not change as far as we know. The weight guidelines will change to 50 # at weigh in, and 80# at fair time. Canyon County Fair will have market wethers this year. They will follow the same guidelines as the Malheur County Fair. with no weigh in weight limit and they will have weight categories.

Lynn Fowler will get prices for T-shirts, hats and vests for association members. Judy Novak made motion for design of logo to be a Boer goat head with SRMGA around it, either embroidery or screen printing.

Wether Lottery – It won’t be with the show this year, that is really too late for most animals to make weight by fair weigh in. Carol Blandford and Dennis Hooper will get a list of 4 H clubs and see how many kids would be interested. Children wishing to participate would have to apply before the lottery so the association would know how many wethers we would need. Members will report at next meeting how many animals they will have available. The lottery would need to be in the first part of April.

Show Committee – Show Superintendent Janene Jones advised judges have been contacted for the Boers de Mayo show May 2nd & 3rd. They will be Julie Brown from Florida and Robert Washington from Texas. They will charge us $250 plus airfare and motel room. Entry fees will be same as last year. The awards will be different items, tote bags, waterbottles, etc with SRMGA logo, date and name of show on them. All entries should be sent to Janene and she will forward the info on to Gary Custer, who will do the catalog. Everyone is encouraged to get ads and award sponsorships for the catalog. ABGA is cutting back on their sponsorship participation. They will still supply ribbons, but not sure whether they will still give money. High Desert Feed will have a booth to promote their new goat feed products.

Marketing Committee – Rob & Michelle Stokes in Vale are buying doelings and wethers. Weight needs to be no less than 65# and no more than 100#. The animals need to still have their milk teeth. They are paying .85 per pound. Del Treasure is still paying .85 to .90 a pound. Local producers would need to kid at the same time of year to take maximum advantage of sales. Mountain States Meat Goat Assoc. is shipping 200 to 300 per month to Illinois and getting $1.40 per pound hanging weight with the heads on. It was decided to contact Rob Stokes and see if he would come and talk to the association about what he needs as a buyer.

Youth Committee – June Lee was not attending as Bob is recovering from surgery and Don Sperry is still in the nursing home. Our best wishes go out to both of them. Junior Member Stormy Slate reported that the doe that she got through the doeling program is due in the spring, but the doe she got from Red Crown at the sale had quads, 3 bucks and a doe, all are doing well. Also, a percentage doe that she got last year at the sale had twins and another doe she bought from Red Head Boers, had twins, a buck and a doe. Her herd has increased by leaps and bounds. She was congratulated for doing such a fine job.

Librarian/Historian – Judy Novak advised the scrapbook was in the works. She has a new CD on hoof trimming. It was discussed to have Ben Childers do a seminar on hoof trimming for the association next time he’s in the area.

Sale Committee – We have 124 animals consigned at this time. So consignments are now closed. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some changes. If some of the sellers don’t use all the lots they have asked for, the slots will be made available for other sellers.

Edgar Edmundson, Dennis Hooper, Toby Young, Gary Askew and Wayne will set up a work day to build the portable alley for moving the animals from the barns to the sales arena.

New Business: Motion was made and seconded to buy a laptop and printer on which to keep all the association records.

Also discussed contacting Becky Gates about updating the website with information about the 2009 show and sale, Clare Askew will take care of notifying her.

Election of officers was held and they will remain the same. President Wayne Gifford, Vice President Gary Custer, Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew, Librarian/Historian Judy Novak.

It was brought to our attention that all the owners of champion market animals at the Payette County Fair get belt buckles. It was decided that goat producers in the area will take up a collection and purchase a buckle for the owner of champion market meat goat. We also discussed possibly supplying trophies or belt buckles for the other fairs for the champion market wether.

Meeting was adjourned.


195 Glen Loop, Jerome, ID 83338. I will get directions out when I send a reminder to everyone for the meeting.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 4 Oct 2008

Minutes of SRMGA Meeting October 4, 2008

Meeting called to order by Vice President Gary Custer.  President Wayne Gifford was unable to attend as he is recuperating from back surgery.  Treasurer’s Report given, we have $3250.18 in our checking account and the bills from the sale have all been paid.  A report on the Production sale was read.

Old Business:

Production Sale:  A discussion was held to go on the suggestions made to improve the sale.

  1. Moving animals from the barn to the sale ring.  In a letter to the association, Lindy Gifford suggested that consignors bring their own animals to the ring.  We would continue to set up an alley for animals going to and leaving the sale ring, but the owners would move them from their pens and through the alley.  This would eliminate the sale workers having to search in 2 different barns for the next lot number and then trying to remember which pen to return that animal to.  It would also cut down on the possibility of the animal or the barn workers being injured.  It was also suggested the association build an portable alley that could be set up for each sale with swinging gates separating the staging areas.  It could be stored at one of our member’s places between sales. The pens in the sheep barns also cause a problem with getting animals to and from the sales ring.  The gates are very difficult to handle.  The next Fair Board meeting is October 21st at 7 pm and Wayne Gifford and Clare Askew will attend and try to persuade them to authorize the building of new pens.  We would like them to be designed like the ones in the Goat Barn.  Further discussion about the pens was tabled until after the Fair Board meeting.  It was decided to change the order of sale mixing younger and older, does and bucks during the sale for more variety.  The sale will be started at 10:30 next year and breaks will be taken with drawing for raffle items during the breaks.
  2. The flyer advertising the sale will be revised to show contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and the website address.
  3. The catalog will be out at least a month before the sale.  The sale will be limited to 125 animals.  Consigners are to notify the Sale Secretary in writing (either email or postal service) of the number of animals they will be bringing by June 15, 2009.  Consignments will be taken until the 125 animal quota has been met.  At that time notification will be sent out that we will no longer accept any more consignments.  The number of animals per consignor will be the same as this year.  Ten animals, 2 of which can be bucks.  No changes in consignments will be allowed after July 15, 2009.  Consignors will be allowed to scratch animals, but no substitutions can be made after that date.  The deadline for entries will be July 15.  The entries will be sent only to the Sale Secretary.  She will log them in and acknowledge their receipt.  If copies of the registration papers are not available, the consignor will supply the sire, dam, grand sire and grand dam’s name and registration numbers so a pedigree can be shown in the catalog.  It is not the association’s responsibility to research this information for the consignor.  If the consignor wants a pedigree in the catalog, they must supply the needed information.
  4. We will buy numbered tags with nylon cord to go around the animal’s necks to display the lot numbers.
  5. Tattoos must be readable. This will be the seller’s responsibility and no exceptions will be allowed.  If the tattoo is not readable, the animal will either not be sold or sold as commercial.  This requirement will be on the entry form so all consignors will be able to read it and sign the form acknowledging they know the rules.  Also, all registration papers will have to be signed before they are turned in to the Sale Clerk.
  6. When animals are brought in for the sale, they will be unloaded in a designated area by the sales workers.  They will be checking tattoos, registration papers and general health of the animal.  Consignors will not be allowed to unload their animals without sales workers present.  Animals must be fed and watered before the consignor leaves the area.
  7. It was decided that the commission charged this year was too low.  Motion was made and seconded to charge 10% next year.

Other Old Business:

The motion to have 2 shows and a sale in May was rescinded.  Motion was made and seconded; we will have a show on May 2 and a show on May 3.  It will be the same as last year with private pen sales allowed.  Janene Jones has agreed to be Show Superintendent again next year.  She will start contacting possible judges.  So, start thinking about what you are going to enter into the shows.

Discussion of the wether auction in April was tabled for a later date.

New Business:

Ryan Kish is the new ABGA representative for our area.  He brought up that a new law requiring the Country of Origin on all animals sold for meat has passed.  The state scrapies premise number should suffice to provide this information.

Cheryl Sargent suggested we get T shirts or vests or baseball caps with our association name on them for the members.  She is going to check on prices, so be thinking of what you want, how many and sizes.

The next meeting will be December 6, at 1 pm at Wayne and Lindy Giffords, weather permitting.  Directions: Taken Exit 3 of I-84, go north off the freeway to the first corner, Hwy 30 (right after the Shell Station) and turn east, go approximately 2 miles.  Their place is on the north side of the road, 3300 Hwy 30 W.  Big white house with goats in the pastures all around it.

Hope to see you all there.  We will have election of new officers.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for September 22, 2008

Well, again we survived another production sale.  We want to thank all the members, consigners and buyers who made this sale a success.  We had fewer out of town buyers this year, which we can attribute to the economy (do we have one?) and high gas prices.  Also, the price of feed certainly affected the amount of animals sold and bought.  But, all in all, it was a good sale.

We grossed $29,835.00.  Expenses were $1937.62, which were less than last year so the commission charged was 2% less.  This helped compensate for the lower prices, not much, but a little.  The final count sold was 107 single lots and 10 lots of 24 commercial animals.  So, our average selling price per animal was about the same as last year.

The raffle took in $576.00, so it was a great success.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the individuals and businesses that made donations.

Some suggestions have been made about how we could improve the sale next year.  I have listed them below, think them over and we’ll decide at the next meeting if we want to implement them or not.

  1. Revise the flyer to list some of our consigners and bloodline of animals to be sold. Also, if possible, some pictures of animals previously sold.  Also, have phone numbers and email addresses of contact members and have the website address listed noting that a printable catalog is located there.
  2. Get the catalog out earlier, at least a month before the sale.  If this requires setting the deadline for entries earlier, make that adjustment.  Come up with a way to have the sellers proof read their consignments before catalog is printed and submitted to the website.  This could be done by email for the most part.  No substitutions after 7 days before the sale.  Sellers will be allowed to scratch their animals, but not substitute.
  3. In the barns, put the lot numbers in order in the pens, as lots 1 thru 10 are in the first pens and so on. Then the folks working in the barns will not have to search for the next lot number somewhere in the pens of two barns.  This could be accomplished by having each consigner get consecutive lot numbers and alternating with a large producer then a small producer in sales order.  That way each consigner would have their animals in one area.  Also, it was suggested to mix the sales order up, selling the bucks and does and various ages in a random order.  This is the way the large internet sales are done and their prices seem to be more consistent.
  4. Buy the numbered tags for the lot numbers to be put on chain or cord around the animals necks.  This will eliminate using duct tape or painting the numbers on the backs of the goats.
  5. Tattoos must be readable.  This is the seller’s responsibility and no exceptions, if they’re not legible, the animals will either not be sold or sold as commercial.
  6. Build staging alleys in panel segments with swinging gates separating each section that can be dismantled and stored after each sale.
  7. Work with the Fair board to assist getting new pens for the sheep barns, hopefully like the ones in the goat barn which are sturdy and easy to get in and out of and to clean.
  8. Have consigners straw their own pens, have straw located by or in the pens so all they have to do is spread it.  We wasted straw the last 2 years on pens that were not used.
  9. On the raffle, write down the beginning and ending numbers of the tickets sold so that the proceeds can be balanced and we can determine how many tickets are sold for the donated doeling.
  10. Make sure consigners sign all the registration papers for the animals they are selling before they are checked in and the papers are turned over to the clerks.

I’m sure there are other suggestions and comments which will need to be discussed.  So to get your input heard, come to the next meeting on October 4, 2008 at 1 pm at the Askew Foxtail Farm.  If you’re coming by I-84 westbound, take Exit 13, turn right(east) off the freeway exit and then left(north) on Sand Hollow Rd.  Go approximately 7 miles (you’ll go thru a flashing red light at 4 corners, our road is a mile north of it) to SE 1st Avenue.  This is just before you come to an overpass over the railroad tracks.  If you go over the tracks and the river, you’ve gone too far.  Anyway, turn left (west) on SE 1st and go approximately ½ mile to 5180.  You should be able to see the goats in the pasture, just before the driveway.  We’re on the north side of the road, white with black trim house back a little ways off the road.  There are 4 large spruce trees by the driveway.  Phone number is 278-3859 if you get lost.  We welcome everyone to come and help decide what we will and won’t do next year. If you are unable to attend, please drop me a note or email about what you think of the above suggestions and anymore you can come up with so they can be discussed.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the sale this year.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 16 Aug 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. We would like to thank Evelyn Simon & Joe Bennett for hosting the meeting at their farm in Hagerman. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. We have $6123.53 in the bank. We have received $3450 for entries, pictures and ads for the fall sale.

Old Business:

Sale Committee: From 26 consignors, we have 58 fullblood does, 29 fullblood bucks, 34 purebred does, 4 purebred bucks, 19 percentage does and 12 pens of commercial which includes 30 does and 3 bucks coming to the sale on September 13 at 12 noon. The catalog and the website should be completed by the first of September.

There are still approximately 100 bales of straw at the fairgrounds. Wayne will check and see if we can buy it so we don’t have to bring straw in for the sale. Straw will be supplied for the consigners by the association. Brand paint will be used to put the lot numbers on the animals.

Check in for the sale will be from 2 pm Friday September 12 until 9 am Saturday September 13th. A potluck will be held Friday evening from 6 pm until the last arrival to provide a meal for the consigners and workers at the fairgrounds. Lindy Gifford will prepare goat meat and other association members will bring side dishes. Paper plates and utensils will be provided.
Joe Bennett will auctioneer again this year. Clare will clerk with lots of help from Karen Kennedy, Carol Blandford, Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler. Cheryl Sargent will take care of the raffle with help from Becky Gates. Members are requested to gather donations for the raffle table. We will have a set up day sometime during the week before the sale, all local members will be needed to help set up the pens and alleys.

The VFW will have their booth open for breakfast and lunch Saturday the 13th.

Ads for the sale have been put in the Capital Press, Rural and Ranch Living, Meat Goat Rancher, Boer, and Idaho Press Tribune.

NancyJoy Craig, Spotted Dog Ranch, will donate a purebred doeling to the raffle. Anyone else who wants to donate is encouraged to do so.

Gary Custer suggested we ask Ryan Kish to do the color announcing for the sale. Pictures will be taken of the high selling doe and buck and thank you ads will be done after the sale featuring these animals. June will update the banner with sale info for background for the pictures.

The Junior members who received donated does will show their animals at 10:30 on sale day. Ryan Kish will be asked to judge them. A WSI gift certificate will be given to the winner.
For next year’s sale, consignors will again be limited to 10 animals, 2 of which can be bucks. Commercial pens will count as one lot. We will need written confirmation from consignors by June 15th 2009 for the Fall sale. We will try to limit the sale to 125 animals. A motion was made and seconded to have 2 shows and sale in May. This would encourage exhibitors and consignors to attend as it would provide an opportunity to earn more points and exposure for their animals without having the extra expense of traveling to several shows. There would be a morning show and an afternoon show on Saturday and a sale on Sunday. Again the sale would be limited to 125 animals. Deadline for consignments would be the same as for show entries. That deadline will be determined at the next meeting. Evelyn Simon will make up a flyer to pass out at this sale to determine interest for next year. A show and/or sale in Filer was discussed and tabled for further discussion later.

Youth Committee: Tailer-Logen Mackay’s application was approved for a donation doeling. The doe that her sister Ryley got had twins, a buck and doe, so Tailer will get the doeling. This solves the problem of trying to get it away from Ryley. It will stay in the family. Stephanie Goertz didn’t show in confirmation at the Washington County Fair, so she will need to show her doe at the sale on September 13th. The Association did addons to the price of the market wethers of Tristan Thornton and Stormy Slate, two of our Junior Members who showed their animals at the Gem and Payette County fairs. Wethers purchased from our members won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion at the local fairs. Tristan Thornton got Grand Champion at the Gem County Fair. Congratulations to both the exhibitors and the breeders of these animals.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer Diseco has not been able to come to our area to buy goats and she doesn’t know when or if she will be able to come with the price of gas and all. Del Treasurer, out of Caldwell, is paying $.85 to $.90 a pound at this time. Evelyn Simon shared a booth with a lamb producer at the Boise Farmer’s Market to sell her meat. With the booth fee, scale, licenses and permits needed it will be hard to show a profit without making the long term commitment to be there every week. There was good interest however. She had samples, recipes and handouts about chevon.
Librarian/Historian: The scrapbook is set up and has lots of great photos of our activities and shows. The library is organized and contains videos, and books about goat medicine, AI info, showing and fitting. If anyone has any books or pamphlets to donate, please contact Judy Novak. You can either check out items at the meetings and return them at the next meeting or request an item and it will be mailed to you at the association’s expense and you can return the item by mail also.

There will be no meeting between now and the Production Sale. Members will be notified when the set up date is determined. We would like to thank all the members in advance for their hard work and participation. It should be a great sale.

Clare Askew

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Meeting Minutes for 21 Jun 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. Our bank balance is $2961.54. We received $450.00 from ABGA for our show.

Old Business:

Show Committee: A suggestion was made to provide a meal on Friday night before the show for exhibitors. We can’t charge for it, but we could ask for donations. There are no close restaurants around for the late arrivals. Motion was made and seconded that we have a separate committee to obtain ads for the catalog and sponsorships for awards for next year. Gary Custer suggested we have a show in Filer, Idaho in June of next year in addition to the show in May in New Plymouth. Further discussion will wait until after the Production Sale in September.

Youth Committee: Riley McKay’s doe had twins, buck and doe. So we will have a doeling to donate back to the program. (If we can get it away from her. She thinks it’s pretty special) The question was then brought up that if the doelings were not needed for the program or were not acceptable for the program, would the participants be allowed to keep them. Motion was made and seconded that this be allowed, but if in the future a doeling was needed, the second year’s doeling would be returned to the program. The Junior members participating will be asked to exhibit their animals at a show before the sale in September.

Karen Kennedy reported that she contacted the Western Idaho Fair, Canyon County Fair and Owyhee County Fair about how they are handling the Market Goat sales for their 4H and FFA exhibitors. Western Idaho doesn’t have a meat goat sale and doesn’t seem interested. Canyon County has no initial weight requirements, but they must keep records showing a gain of 1/3# per day. Owyhee County also has no weight requirements but the animals should weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. This is their first year of having a market goat sale and they would welcome any help from our association. Gem County wants initial max of 65#, no minimum, but must weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. Payette County must be under 40# at weight in and over 70# by fair time. Washington and Malheur counties have no weight requirements. The animals need to be born after January 1st of the year they’re shown and should be owned by the exhibitor for 70 days. Any association members residing in these counties are encouraged to contact the fair superintendents to help in any way we can. These kids are our future customers.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer-Disecio (not sure if that’s spelled right) is reportedly coming thru our area and will be buying cull does and bucks. She wants them fleshy, not skinny or fat and she will pay $.90 a pound. They must be Boer or boer x not dairy goats. She will also take 40 to 70# wethers for $1.10 a pound. She picks them up herself, but if we could get them to a central location, that would help. She buys them for market in the Seattle area. When we know exactly when she is coming, we will notify the membership so that anyone who has animals to sell can get them to her.

The shipment that went to Chicago from Utah got $2.40 a pound hanging weight. They were charged only actual shipping costs by the hauler. It wasn’t known what the shrinkage was on the animals for the trip.

Sales Committee: We have approximately 120 animals coming to the sale, per the responses from members by the June 15th deadline. With the economy and gas prices the way they are, it was discussed that we limit the number of animals to what we have so far. A motion was made and seconded and approved by voice vote that we would not take any more animals. Entry forms will be included with the mailing of these minutes to the consignors who notified us by June 15th that they are bringing animals.

Those consignors wanting pictures in the catalog, the charge will be $10 per picture, non refundable. The pictures will be in black & white this year. Please include the picture and the fee with your entry form when you send it in. Deadline for returning the entry form is July 15, 2008. They can be sent either to Gary Custer, 438 Hiway 74, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 or Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, Idaho 83655. Please send copies of registration papers or application of registration along with your entries. The original papers must be provided to the sales clerk and will be sent to the buyers after their checks have cleared the bank.

A vet will be available to provide health certificates on animals for out of state buyers as needed. The charge is either $10.00 per animal or $25.00 per load.

We will not accept credit cards for payment, but we can set up a PayPal account thru Wayne Gifford if needed.

New Business: The Payette County Fair has more goats entered than they have pens. Twenty more pens are needed and they have ask us to help them out. A motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote that we would do as much as we could to assist them. Dave Poe has 12 portable kidding pens that can be used so we will only have to build 8 more. The extra pens would be set up in the Dairy barn as those exhibits are not using their entire barn. The Fairboard will be taking bids for new pens in the sheep barns. Dennis Hooper’s nephew Jeremy is a metal worker and is going to construct a demo pen to present to the board along with an estimate to bid for the job. It was decided in executive session and voted on by the board members present to front him the money for materials to build the pen. If he gets the bid, he will pay the association back. If he doesn’t get the bid, the association will get the pen. We can either use if for our show and sale or raffle it off. The materials cost $539.00.

The next meeting will be AUGUST 16, 2008 at 1 pm at Evelyn Simon’s farm in Hagerman Idaho. Contact Evelyn @ for directions if you are planning on attending.

Clare Askew

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Meeting held at John and Cheryl Sargent’s, on 3625 NW 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID. Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Reading of minutes of last meeting waived. Treasurer’s report, Bank balance $2901.54. Boers de Mayo show income and expenses as follows:

Entries – $1871.00
Pens – 505.00
Comp Classes 180.00
Total $2556.00

Wether Pens – 70.00
Sales Pens – 100.00
Ads/Sponsor – 725.00
Total 895.00

Total $3451.00


Insurance $300.00
Fairgrounds 525.00
Awards 500.00
General Expenses 554.14
Judges 1600.00
Total 3479.14

Net Loss -$28.14

Raffle $374.00

Grand Total $345.86

We should also receive $450.00 from the American Boer Goat Association when they receive the results of the show.

Sale Committee Report: The poster for the September 13 sale is on the SRMGA website. Current members will be allowed first consignment to the sale. After we see how many animals are consigned by members, we will then open the sale for outside consignments. We will need written response by the 15th of June by members on how many animals they are planning to bring to the sale. This year the numbers will be limited to 10 animals per consigner, 2 of which may be bucks. Commercial pens are limited to 5 animals with each pen counting as one of the 10 entries. If we have more than 150 animals consigned, we may decide to have a two days sale, with fullbloods/purebreds selling Saturday, the 13th and percentages/commercial selling Sunday, the 14th. Please contact Clare Askew @ or Gary Custer @ about how many animals you are planning to assign and whether they are fullblood, purebred, percentage, or commercial. If you don’t have email, mail the information to Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655. We need this information by 6/15/08 in order to decide if we will have a 2 day sale or not.

Youth Committee Report: Of the does donated this year, Stormy Slate’s had a single buck and Riley Ann McKay’s is due in June. We don’t have anymore youth applications to participate at this time, but should we get interested youths, we will need doelings donated. They must be registered, at least 88%, tattooed and disbudded. Contact June Lee if you want to donate. For youths wishing to participate, they must be a member of the association, complete an application, have a home inspection visit, be approved and then they will receive their animal. The doelings will be awarded at the sale.

Librarian/Historian Report: Pictures from the show are available. Contact Wayne Gifford for copies. Fred Homeyer left pamphlets and other information to be added to the items available from the library. There was also information about Colorado, Louisana and Texas goat 4H programs. He also sent Wayne an email congratulating us on our first show and how well organized he thought it was. He also said the animals entered could do well in any show in the country. He said he enjoyed coming and would be glad to judge for us anytime in the future.

Show Committee Report: Motion was made and seconded to make Fred Homeyer an honorary member of the association. A thank you card and much praise and gratitude were given to Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler for the great job they did organizing the show. Everyone who participated expressed interest in returning next year. Some suggestions for next year were to have a staging area for exhibitors who had animals in consecutive classes, also, to announce the winners of each class at the end of the class. Dennis Hooper will check with the panel manufacturer in New Plymouth about how much panels for pens would cost for the sale and show next year. He’ll check with Western Idaho Fair about info on the panels they use in their goat barn. Also, the Payette County Fair Board is still talking about replacing the pens in the sheep barns before fair time, which would be before our sale. We volunteered to help set them up if needed.

It was decided to separate the Wether Lottery from the Show. We will set up a day sometime in April for the lottery and combine it with a fitting and showing demonstration. Clare Askew and Karen Kennedy will contact the county extension offices and 4H leaders about the requirements for each fair for entries. It was suggested that a catalog with pictures and breeding be done.

There was a discussion on goat parasites and worming methods. June Lee said she has been using diatomaceous earth from the plant on Bully creek road in Vale. It’s free. She mixes it with molasses or with grain with molasses and her goats are doing very well on it and it kills all parasites. Carol Blandford also said there is good information on the Pennsylvania University website about parasite control.

The next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on June 21st at 1 pm. Members are encouraged to contact one another to carpool.

See you there,

Clare Askew
There are no Classified Ads as my scanner quit communicating with my computer and no amount of slapping around got them talking. Money for the ads will be returned at the next meeting

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING 17 MAY 2008 2015-03-14T14:32:26+00:00


Meeting Called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Introductions were made. Minutes from last meeting and Treasurer’s report were read and approved. The Association has $2291.24 in the bank.

Old Business: Report from Marketing Committee by Evelyn Simon. There was a seminar in Montana the same day as our meeting regarding the marketing of meat goats. The speakers were Frank Pinkerton and a Muslin meat packer who has a meat plant in Illinois. The plant currently butchers over 28,000 goats a year and would like to get up to 35,000. He pays $2.35 a pound for hanging weight of 40 to 70#. The problems of getting enough animals for a load and weight shrinkage during shipping were discussed. It’s really not practical to ship from here to Illinois. Evelyn is going to see if having a seminar for this area would be advantageous. She is also going to check to see if there are any plants closer to us. There is possibly one in Hermiston and also in the Seattle area. Northwest Premium in Nampa butchers for $80 per head and this is cut and wrapped and marked USDA. Eighty to one hundred pound animals dress out about 50%. This would work if the meat was for home consumption or you have a buyer for the meat.

There are matching grants available from the Department of Agriculture for marketing farm products; however the deadline to apply is March 31, 2008. Evelyn has written some grants so she will see if this is something that would be workable. Anyone interested contact either Wayne or Evelyn.

Report from Sale Committee Chairman, Gary Custer. Joe Bennett will auctioneer for us again this year. Members whose dues are paid prior to the sale will have their entries accepted first. The possibility of a 2 day sale was discussed but nothing was decided at this time.

Report from the Youth Committee was given by June Lee. Three doelings have been donated. They have gone to Stormy Slate of New Plymouth, Stelphanie Gurtz, Weiser & Riley Ann Mckay, Weiser. The next applications will be accepted in the fall and the doelings will be awarded after the sale. A reminder, the donated animals need to be disbudded.

Report from the Show Committee by Janene Jones. We have not received any entries yet. The awards are done and were displayed at the meeting. ABGA supplies the ribbons and they will be awarded for 1st thru 5th. Anyone wishing to sponsor an award, contact Janene. The flyer is on the website and the entry form will be there shortly. Animals can be shown with either collars or halters. Scrapie tags are required unless the herd tattoo is registered with the state. If you are donating a raffle item, Janene needs to know by April 18 to go in the catalog. It was decided to keep track of the number of tickets for each item so we will know how much each item brings in. Janene urged everyone to get their entries in so there would not be a rush on April 18th.

Judy Novak has started an association scrapbook and took donations of books, magazines and videos. These items are now available to be checked out to anyone interested.

June Lee has completed the show banner and it is gorgeous. It will display the award winning goats beautifully.

The next association meeting will be April 5, 2008 at noon at Ryan Kish’s home. There will also be a demonstration on how to clip goats for showing. Ryan will clip one of his animals and will supply animals to anyone else who would like to practice. This meeting will be a potluck. Members are encouraged to bring finger food and their own beverages. Paper plates and napkins will be supplied by the association. Directions to Ryan’s farm are as follows. Take the Highway 55 exit to Marsing from I-84. Coming from the east, it is the 4rd Nampa exit, go left off the exit. Coming from the west it is the 1st Nampa Exit, and you’ll go right off the exit Follow the road thru the 1st light as it curves to the right. You are now on Highway 55. Stay on it all the way to Marsing, it curves a couple of times, just stay with it. When you get to Marsing, turn right on “Old Bruneau Highway”. This is the second street after you cross the river. If you turn on the first street, you’ll end up at the Sand Bar Restaurant, a good place to eat, but not where you want to be. Anyway, stay on the Old Bruneau Highway, going north until it turns and you have to go to the left (west). Go about ½ mile west and his driveway is on the left. We’ll have a sign to show you where to turn. His address is 5154 Old Bruneau Highway. Telephone numbers in case you get lost are: Clare Askew 250-9518, Wayne Gifford 871-0468, and Ryan 794-0865. Should be a fun and educational meeting. See you there.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING 1 Mar 2008 2015-03-14T14:33:03+00:00


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Introductions of members attending meeting were done.  Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report were read and approved.  We have $2027.57 in the bank.

Old Business:

Report from Show Committee Chairman, Janene Jones.  The two day show will be held May 3 & 4 and will be called The Boers of Mayo.  The awards will be ribbons and etched glass and mirrors for Reserve and Grand Champion. There will be 52 awards costing $500.00 with a one time charge for set up fee of $250.00 plus a half page ad in program for the engraver.  Members were encouraged to sponsor awards and to contact commercial vendors for sponsors.

Judges of Dr. Fred Homeyer for Saturday and Beverly Hadley for Sunday were voted on and approved.  Their charges are $800 for transportation, lodging and judging.  Dr. Homeyer will also give a clinic Saturday after the show.

Lynn Fowler will be the ring helper.  Evelyn Simon will supply the PA system and will check if Joe is free to be the announcer.  Dennis Hooper and Ryan Kish will do the health and tattoo check when animals are unloaded.  No microchip reader will be available.  Exhibitors will have to supply their own if their animals are identified in that manner.  Linda Hernandez and June Lee will take care of the hospitality table with coffee, hot water for cocoa and tea, water and snacks.  Donations will be accepted to pay for these.  Judy Novak will be our photographer.  Charlie Jones, Janene’s dad, will manage the information table and the raffle.  Members are encouraged to donate items and contact vendors to donate items for the raffle.

Don Sperry suggested a clinic for showing by Ryan before the show   Anyone wishing to participate could bring a tame animal to Ryan’s on the day of the clinic.  A date was discussed but not decided on.  It will be set up at the next meeting.

June Lee and Linda Hernandez will make a 6’x3’ banner for our events.

Report from Sale Committee Chairman, Wayne Gifford.  Changes suggested for next sale will be that health certificates will be the responsibility of the buyer and a veterinary will be available to provide one if needed.  Each consigner will be allowed to submit 10 animals, 2 of which may be bucks.  More will be accepted if consignments are low.  Maximum animals for sale will be 135 with each commercial lot counting as one animal.  These changes were voted on and accepted.  Fees and commission will be handled the sale as the 2007 sale with the entry fee of $20 being refunded and the commission being between 7 and 10 percent.  The date of the 2008 sale will be September 13, 2008.  It will be held at the Payette County Fairgrounds  in New Plymouth, Idaho starting at 12 noon.

Gary Custer thanked and complimented everyone for their hard work on the sale.  We have gotten a lot of compliments on our sale from both consigners and buyers.

Report from Youth Committee Chairman, June Lee.  There are 4 youngsters interested in participating in the doeling project.  Two doelings have been donated, two more are needed.  Anyone wishing to donate an animal, contact June in January. Percentage doelings of 88% or more will be accepted. Another person is needed to do inspections of the care sites for the animals.  The juniors participating must be 8 to 18 years of age and in FFA or 4H.  They will be required to keep a notebook on the care and feeding program for the animal they receive.

Report from Marketing Committee Chairman, Evelyn Simon.  Wethers are selling for around $1.15 at this time.  There is a USDA slaughter house in Nampa and Gem Meat Packing in Garden City that will butcher and cut and wrap goats.  Suggestions were make to contact Farmer’s Markets and ethnic grocery stores to sell packaged meat.

New Business:

Election of officers for 2008.

Wayne Gifford was elected President, Gary Custer was elected Vice President and Clare Askew was re-elected to Secretary/Treasurer.

A motion was made and approved to have a new position of Librarian/Historian.  Judy Novak was elected.  Anyone having items to donate to the library to be checked out by other members, please bring them to the next meeting for Judy.

Members were reminded that small ads could be put in the newsletter.  The cost is $5.00 per newsletter.

The room at the Hampton Inn ended up costing $111.00.  $70.00 was raised in donations to pay for it.

Our next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on February 9, 2008 at 1 pm.  The Best Western is located off the 2nd Mountain Home exit, on the north side of the freeway.  It is next to the Chevron Station.  Contact Wayne Gifford about carpooling from the west end of the valley.

REMINDER:  To any member who paid their association dues before September 2007, your 2008 dues now need to be paid.  Those dues are $20.00.  Anyone who paid after September 2007, those dues are $14.00.

Thanks and see you all at the next meeting.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING Dec 2, 2007 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Treasurer’s Report given by Sec/Treasurer Clare Askew.  After the show and all expenses, we have $1980.00 in the bank.  That includes profit from show and raffle. 


Old Business:  Emails and survey sheets regarding the sale were passed around to the members at the meeting.  Most of the feedback was positive.  Suggestions from buyers were made about limiting the number of animal from any one breeder and having birth and weaning weights at least for the bucks sold.  It was also suggested we serve goat meat at the next sale.  We can do so, but we can�t charge for it unless we pay a $125 vendor fee.  But, we could give it away and ask for donations.  The fact that the restrooms are so far from the sales pen was brought up and it was suggested we look into renting port-a-potties or using the sheep barns and the south arena for the show.  Also it was suggested we have a hospitality table with coffee and hot water for hot chocolate and tea and some snacks.  We can have a donation jar for anyone who wants to donate for the goodies. The 4-H club that served food at the sale didn�t sell as much as they expected, so have frozen hamburger patties available for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing some of the patties, contact Wayne Gifford.  It was also suggested we have an information table with info about the meat goat industry.  Don Sperry and June Lee will look into purchasing panels so the club will have its own and not have to borrow them or improvise for pens next year.  We need pens that are easy to get in and out of if we are going to have a show. A motion was made and seconded to have Policies and Procedures for next years sale put in writing by the Sale Committee, Wayne Gifford, Gary Custer, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones and Clare Askew and presented to the general membership to be voted on at the next meeting.  The reasons for this would be so everyone will know exactly how the sale will be run, how much fees will be, how many animals each seller will be allowed, how many does vs bucks there will be, or anything else that the membership feels needs to be in the policy.


Junior Members:  June Lee has several applications for junior members that would like to participate in the doeling project.  Linda Hernandez volunteered to be a mentor, but more are needed.  Linda, Don Sperry, June, Joanne Stoneman and Lindy Gifford volunteered to inspect the premises where the does will be going to make sure they will be properly cared for.


New Business:  The motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote to have a two day show May 3 & 4 at the Payette County Fairgrounds in New Plymouth, Idaho.  It will be called the Cinco de Boer Show or the Boer de Mayo.   It would be ABGA sanctioned.  Anyone wanting to sell animals would be able to do so private treaty. (Post the fact the animal is for sale and the price on the pen.  There would be a pen fee, the amount to be determined).  There will be a wether lottery, with the wethers priced at $75 to $100.  The 4-H members would draw numbers to determine the order in which they could pick show wethers.  One judge suggested was Fred Homeyer, his charge is $800.00 for the weekend.  That includes a clinic.  Everyone is urged to contact vendors to sponsor prizes and for ads in the program.  The charge will be $25.00 which includes a business card ad in the program.  Rules for showing are on the ABGA website under ABGA Sanctioned Show Rules.  Entries in the show will cost $5 per head per day for early entry and $8.00 per head per day for late entries up to the day of the show.  Ads in program will be $10.00 for business card size, ¼ page will be $25.00, ½ page will be $50.00 and full page will be $100.00. 


Mark Harbaugh, a new member from Ashton, Idaho, gave a talk about using goats in the state noxious weed program.  He is a member of the Cooperative Weed Management Area.  There is $455 million in grant money available.  There are 8000 acres in Fremont County and 20,000 acres in Lemhi to be cleared at $40 per acre.  The website for information about the program is  The email address is  Phone number is (208) 334-2840.  Grant requests have to be in by November 20, 2007, but you won�t know until April whether or not you would get the grant you apply for.  Every County gets $10,000 for weed control from the State, plus there is usually a portion of your property tax that goes for weed control.  You can contact your county extension office to see how that money is spent and if there is any available for private use.  Anyone wanting to talk to Mark about the program, contact him at (208) 652-7070 or email


Our next meeting will be December 1st, at 1 pm at the Hampton Inn, north of Exit 38 in Nampa.  This is the first Nampa exit, the one where all the car dealerships are and the Idaho Center. 


It was decided to try a regular meeting room rather than a restaurant so we could conduct the meeting better.  The price is $75.00 which includes setting up the room and having  coffee and water service.  The association can pay for it or we can take donations from the members. 


I would like to encourage all of our 43 members to attend the next meeting.  Decisions will be made about the show and next years sale.  If you did or didn�t like the way things were done and you have suggestions for the future sale and ideas about the show, the only way your opinion will be heard is if you come and make it known at the meeting.  Also, election of new officers will be held at this meeting.  These will be the members who will help guide the association for the next year, so it�s important that everyone have their say.  Dues for 2008 will be due in January.  Anyone who paid from September 2007 on will be prorated at $1.50 per month.  So if you joined for the sale, you will only owe $14.00 for next year.


Please visit our website for current membership list and other information about the association.  We want to thank Becky Gates for doing such a beautiful job on it.  It is           


Thanks and see you all at the next meeting.

Clara Askew


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