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/Past Minutes


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved.  We have $2651.80 in checking.  Checking account is now at Key Bank as there is no checking fees.  A check was written to Gary Custer for catalog expenses in the amount of $300.00.  A check was written to Becky Gates for the balance of the expense of the website and for raffle supplies in the amount of $212.62.

Old Business:

Gary Custer reported on the catalog.  The catalog is on line at the ABGA website (, the Boer Goat website ( and the association website (  There is an ad in the Capital Press for the next 4 weeks.  An ad has been placed in the Hagerman Valley newspaper and in the Goat Rancher.  The catalog is exceptional with color photos and ads.  Gary was commended for doing a great job.

Wayne Gifford reported on the progress for preparation of the sale.  We will use the goat barn and one of the beef barns for the pens.  They are the closest sheds to the arena where the sales pen will be set up.  The bucks will go into the goat barn and the does into the beef barn.  A check-in crew will be available to inspect the animals, verify tattoos and check scrape information.  Check-in can begin at noon on Friday the 14th of September.

Consigners will need the following at check-in:

  1. Original registration papers
  2. Health papers (if coming from out of state)
  3. Ear tags and/or tattoos for scrapies numbers verification

Buyer numbers will be assigned on Saturday the 15th anytime after 9 am.  There will be a buyer number for no sale animals or the owner can use his/her own number if they are buying back their own animal.

Gary Custer volunteered to be responsible for transferring the ownership of the animals with the transfer fee to be paid by the buyer.  A vote was taken to determine if the transfer fee should be the responsibility of the seller or buyer.  It was decided that the buyer should pay it, but it is listed as the seller’s responsibility in the catalog, so we may have to go with that if any buyers protest.

Cost of a health certificate for animals going out of state will also be the responsibility of the buyer.  Weiser Vet Clinic and Caine Vet Clinic will be contacted to see if they will be available for health inspections if needed.  The estimated sales commission will be around 10 to 12%.

Our contact person at the fairgrounds is Dave.  The local area members will handle the pen set up.  Volunteers for handling the livestock on sale day are Gary Askew, Lynn Fowler, June Lee, Linda Hernandez and Randy Craig.  Anyone else who wants to help is more than welcome.

The local 4-H club will have their concession stand open.  They will buy supplies for 300 people.  If all the food is not sold, it will be available to purchase at cost after the sale.

The raffle table will be set up by the bleachers.  The donated doelings will each be in a 4×6 pen by the table.  Dan Dixon will supply the pens.  The proceeds from the raffle will to toward our Junior Membership Program.

June Lee will bring a flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Evelyn Simon reported on the Marketing Committee.  The market is down at the present time.  Del Treasure seems to be the only buyer and he’s paying $1.00 per lb.  Prices at the sales yard are down.

The 4-H market goats at the fairs did pretty well.  There was only one at the Payette County fair, but it brought $11.00 per pound or $880.00.  That should get more kids interested in showing goats.  The Malheur County fair market goats brought $5 to 6 at the most and went down from there.  Washington County was $3 to $4.  But the animals sold last at the sales and at one fair, the auctioneer dismissed everyone then said now we’ll sell some goats.  So, it looks like we need to educate the sales personnel at the fairs about the animals.

We covered a lot of information about the sale at the meeting and if I forgot anything, I apologize.  If anyone has any questions, please contact me at my new email address,,  or (208) 278-3859, or Wayne Gifford at, (208) 278-5023, or Gary Custer (208) 733-9235.  Please let anyone you know who might be interested in the sale.  If you need flyers, call anyone of the above and we’ll get them to you or you can download them from the website

                                 See you all at the sale.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING Aug 18, 2007 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


Vice President Wayne Gifford called special Meeting for the Production Sale to order. June Lee volunteered to take minutes. 15 Members were present.

At present we have 130 animals entered into the Sale. We have at least 16 more consigned that we have not received the paper work on yet.

Everyone needs to get the word out about the Sale, verbally, e-mail, or posting flyers at fairs, feed stores, sale yards, or any place where people might be interested in goats.

Anyone wishing to stay at the Fair Grounds, they do have RV hookups, at $10 per night. We can collect the day of the sale.

There is also a Motel at Exit 13, Black Canyon Motel, and many Motels in Ontario, Oregon, which is about 8 miles from New Plymouth.

We will have a set up day on Sept. 10 starting at 8:00 AM. Anyone wishing to help is welcome. We have at least 4 volunteers so far.

Check in time for animals will start around two or three on Friday afternoon. There will be visual inspection of all animals at the time they are checked in. We have a crew that will be checking in all animals. It was suggested that people that live close by to wait till early Sat. morning to bring theirs in, so the out of town people won’t have to hurry in on Sat. morning. All goats need to be checked in by 9:00 AM on Sat morning.

Previewing starts at 9:00 AM and the Sale starts at 12:00 noon.

We agreed that there should only be the owner of the animal and 1 ring man in the sale ring at a time. Mel Gifford, who has worked sale rings for more than 30 years, has agreed to volunteer to help us.

Everyone will be responsible for feed and water for his or her animals. You need to bring bedding for your own stalls, but we are going to have shavings available for sale. You can pay for them at the sale.

Questions were asked how the commercial pens were to be sold. It was agreed that they would be auctioned and a person could take as many of them as they wanted at the bid price, then it would be opened to anyone else, at the bid price. If any were left, then they would be bid as so much per head and you take them all.

Suggestion was made that any animals that were consigned after the catalog was printed, would sell at the end of their class. The animals that are advertised should be sold first.

Gary suggested that next spring we try to have a Show/Sale around April 12 and 13th.

Gary also showed us a design for Baseball Caps with SRMGA and a Boer Goat embodied on them. They were neat. If we can get enough interest in them, we can get a better cost on them.

There is a $75 fee for vendors. If you know of anyone wanting to display their wares, please let them know.

Becky Gates gave a report on the raffle. We now have 2 does donated for the raffle, along with several other items.

Discussion on the next meeting was discussed. Most wanted to have the meeting at the Fair Grounds so everyone would know what to expect the day of the sale. The meeting will be Aug 18 at the Fair Grounds at 12:00 noon.

See you all there. Wayne

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING July 14, 2007 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


Meeting called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew in absence of President Ryan Kish.  First order of business was to elect a Vice President.  Wayne Gifford was nominated.  Nomination seconded.  No other nominations.  Voice vote taken.  He was elected unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report given.  We only have $163.32 in our bank account.  Our account is at Zions Bank which is charging us $8.00 per month service fee.  Suggestions were asked for banks which charge no fee for commercial accounts.  No one knew of any, but would check.


Old Business:  Gary Custer gave report on progress of Production Sale.  He has the entry form and flyers ready for mailing.   He did a good job and they look great.  They will be mailed and emailed as soon as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to give them out to anyone who wants to participate.  Advertising will be done in the Capital Press and the local papers.  Anyone who has other ideas for ads, please let Gary or Wayne know.  Breeder and commercial ads in the catalog will be $15 for business card size, $25 for quarter page, $50 for half page, and $100 for full page.  Send the ad layout and check to Gary Custer, 438 Hwy 74, Twin Falls, ID 83301 or email and pay at the next meeting.  Deadline for entries and ads is July 15, 2007.


Copies of papers or application for papers for registered goats are required with the entry.  If a substitution is made, owner will have to provide copy of papers for supplement to catalog.  The seller will forfeit the entry fee if the goat is not brought to the sale.  It was discussed whether or not to limit the number of bucks or bucklings per seller.  It was decided there would be no limit.


The sale will start at 1 pm.  Goats will need to be penned by 9 am.  They will be sold in order of age, doelings and does first, bucklings and bucks last.  Becky Gates volunteered to handle the raffle.  Call her at 454-4140 or email to give her information about donations.  Edgar Edmundson will donate a doeling to the raffle.  Cost of tickets will be $2.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Please contact your local feed store for items.


Becky also has started our association website.  She was given $80 donated by various members to set up the domain name.  It is  It will have links to all members’ websites and information about the club.


Don Sperry gave a report on the Breeding Goat Project.  Anyone needing a copy of the guidelines, please contact Don, June Lee, or Clare Askew.  We now have 2 Junior members who are interested in participating,  Melissa and Whitney Jacobsen of Donnelly.


The next association meeting will be July 14, 2007 at 12 o’clock noon at Elmer’s Restaurant, which is right across the street from Noodles.  It is on the west side of the street.  This meeting will be about the sale only.  Please try to attend.
The August meeting will be the 18th also at Elmer’s.  This will be the final meeting before the sale, so please make every effort to attend.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING JUNE 16, 2007 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Attendees introduced themselves and gave brief description of their farm operation and the goals they wished to accomplish through the club.

Ryan read an article that was published in the Farm Bureau magazine. It stated while sheep production in Idaho has remained the same or declined, goat production has almost doubled in the last year.  This is very encouraging for our industry.

Minutes and treasurer’s report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew.  Motion made to approve by Dennis Hooper, seconded by Gary Custer.  Copies of Treasurer’s report are available upon request.

Old Business:

Lynn Fowler, who was unable to attend, did report on findings for combining a show with our September sale.  She advised Fred Homeyer was available to judge.  His total fee for transportation, lodging and judging would be $800.00.  He would also present a seminar and critique the animals in the sale.  After discussion, motion was made and seconded to just have the production sale this year, since this is our first endeavor and we want to do it well.  Motion made by June Lee, seconded by Wayne Gifford.

Gary Custer brought a catalog sample for approval.  Animals will be listed youngest to oldest, does then bucks, four entries to a page.  Pictures will be allowed.  Qualifications, rules, and application for the sale will go out by June 15.  The application must be returned by July 15, with the catalog completed by August 15.  It was decided you must be a club member to enter goats in the sale.  The club will retain the right to limit the number of animals entered for the sale.  Wayne Gifford and Gary Custer will take care of the advertising for the sale.  Contact them for ads in the catalog .  Also, everyone is reminded to enter good quality animals both as a reflection on their herd and on the association.  We will be able to bring our sale goats in on Friday (9/14) and a seminar on nutrition will be presented that evening.

A youth program recommended by Don Sperry was voted on and approved.  It will involve donating young does to junior members interested in showing and starting a herd.  The does should be at least 7/8’s Boer.  The junior members will then donate back their first doeling raised from that doe to the club to be donated to another junior member.

Marketing was reported on by Evelyn Simon.  She advised Gerald Hale is a buyer out of the Twin Falls area.  He pays $1 per pound and will come to our area for wethers.  Del Treasure is in the Treasure Valley area, also pays $1 per pound.  The key market criteria is 50-75% Boer (meat) goat, 65 to 90#.  The Mountain States Meat Goat Association members gather a semi load each season and ship to a slaughter house in California.  Ryan Kish will check with them and see how successful this is for their members.

New Business:  Business card size ads will be taken for the newsletter. $10 per issue or $40 per year.

Contact Clare Askew (208) 278-3859, with ads.

Four videos on goat herd management were purchased from the Ag Lifestyles program and are available to be checked out by club members.  The titles are Making Money with Meat Goats, Goat Reproduction and Breeding, Goat Nutrition and Showing Jr Meat Goats.  Anyone interested in checking one or more out, the cost is $5.00 each for from meeting to meeting.  Contact Clare Askew at or (208) 278-3859.

Dr Dave Wenger, a veterinary from Vale who is very knowledgeable with goats, is now affiliated with Caldwell Vet Clinic, Thursdays, Fridays and every other Saturday.  Phone number there is (208) 459-6615.  He also has a mobile unit that he runs from his home in Vale, (541) 212-0116.

We want to welcome new members

Dan Dixon (Bonnie)                 Judy Novak                   NancyJoy Craig            Mikel Wallace

20033 Friends Rd                  195 Glen Loop                3447 N 3300 E            3215 Goodrich Rd

Greenleaf, ID                         Jerome, ID 83338         Kimberly, ID 83341     Cambridge, ID 83610

454-9890                              324-8226                     423-5521                     550-7366

Next Meeting will be June 16, 2007 at 12:00 noon at Noodles Restaurant, 1820 Franklin Blvd, Nampa/ Exit 36, just north of  I-84

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING MARCH 10, 2007 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish, attendees introduced themselves. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read by Clare Askew. Motion to approve by Gary Custer. Approval was confirmed by voice vote.

Old Business:

Wayne Gifford reported on fairground options for the September 15, 2007 production sale. Malhuer County was $1500.00, Canyon County was $1150.00. Payette County and Gem County were approximately the same, but since there is better freeway access at Payette County it was decided to chose them. The cost for one day for the arena is $75 and 1 barn was $50 with $100 cleaning deposit which is refundable if we do our own cleanup. We would need to supply our own shavings. The Association could buy them from a local vendor and have them on hand for sellers to buy or possibly a vendor could sell them at the fairgrounds. This can be decided when we start contacting any vendors that might want to set up tables or booths at the sale. LuAnn Shively Brown, the Payette County Fair Board secretary advised there would be no problem if we needed another barn which would be an additional $50 or if we wanted to add another day which would just double the price. The contract has been signed and a $100 deposit has been made. The balance will need to be paid no later than 30 days before the sale. We also need $1 million dollar liability insurance which will cost approximately $250.00 and will also need to be purchased 30 days before the show.

Gary Custer reported tentative budget for 1 day sale

$270 for Payette County Fairgrounds

$250 for Liability Insurance

$1 a piece for catalogs (approximately)

$350 on line catalog with ABGA

$500 Auctioneer (Joe Bennett)

Advertising costs to be determined later, ad in ABGA magazine and local papers.

Commission would be the cost of the sale divided among consigners, probably between 8 and 12%.

Transfers to the new owners will be done by the sale secretary and the cost added to the buyers’ purchase price.

Entry fees would be added back before commission deducted from sale price. Entry fees will be $20 per head for individual stock and $30 per pen of commercial stock.

Settlement sheet and check would be sent out 3 to 4 weeks after sale.

Some of the rules for the show would be as follows:

To be included in the catalog, animals must be consigned by July 15th and for registered stock, copies of registration papers will needed when animals are consigned, with the original papers to be with the goats at the time of sale. Animals consigned after July 15th will not be included in the catalog. No animals can be consigned after September 1st. Substitutions will be allowed, but animal name and pedigree will not be printed in catalog. If substitution is known before September 1st, and registration papers are available, an addition sheet can possibly be printed.

The catalog will be printed by August 10th. Catalog ads will be $20 for business card size, $50 for half pages and $75 for full pages. A scanable ad and check made out to SRMGA will need to be submitted to Gary Custer, 438 Hiway 74, Twin Falls, ID 83301, Phone (208) 733-9235.

Health inspection will be done when animals are brought in for the sale. It was emphasized that good healthy stock be consigned as this is a reflection on the quality of our own herds as well as the association.

In addition to the auction of registered or unregistered individual animals, there will also be auction of pens of animals, up to 5 per pen (depending on the size of the pens) and this can also be of either registered or unregistered animals.

If an owner/seller places a reserve on his animals and they do not sell, the owner/seller will pay commission on the reserve price.

It was discussed to contact vendors for raffle items and also for commercial booths.

Having a show in conjunction with the sale was also discussed. There would be the cost of a judge, including his/her fee, travel and lodging expense. The motion was made by Lynn Fowler to table the discussion until the next meeting, seconded by JoAnn Stoneman. Voice vote approved.

A Board of Directors was approved. They are as follows: Gary Custer, Dennis Hooper, Lynn Fowler and Wayne Gifford. June Lee would be added if needed. (she was out of town and could not attend this meeting).

Next meeting will be on March 10 2007 at 12 o’clock noon in Nampa at Noodles which is just North of I-84, Exit 26 on the east side of Franklin. A reminder will be sent out prior to the meeting. Also, this will be the last newsletter sent out to non-association members. So if you want to remain on the mailing list, please send $20.00 for 2007 dues using the form below to:

Snake River Meat Goat Association
5180 SE 1st Avenue
New Plymouth, ID 83655

More volunteers were taken for committees.
Youth Committee, Don Sperry

Show Committee, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones

Marketing Committee, Evelyn Simons, Noel & Drue Reynolds, Mikel Wallace

Don Sperry suggested we donate a quality young doe to a youth to show and then when it is bred the first doe kid would be returned to the club to donate to another youth. It was agreed that this was a good idea and would be discussed more in the future.

All breeders that do not have the Idaho or Oregon scrapies tags are encouraged to get them. The contact address for Idaho is USDA, APHIS Veterinary Services, 9158 W. Blackeagle Dr,

Boise, ID 83709. Anyone who knows the Oregon address please let me know.

New member Becky Gates, 24867 Conway Rd, Caldwell 83607, (208) 454-4140 designs websites and will submit a pricelist to set up an association website.

We are as of today officially a non-profit organization. I got the paper work back from the state today and got everyone’s checks deposited. We now have a checking account with Zions Bank.

Anyone who would like a business card type ad included with the newsletter, let me know at the next meeting.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING ~ DEC 2, 2006 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00


The meeting was called to order by the interim president, Ryan Kish. He introduced himself and welcomed everyone. Clare Askew gave a short talk outlining why the association was being created and what some of the goals would be.

These objectives included the following:

Improve marketing by organizing production sales and slaughter wether shipments
Create a website with classified ads and links to members’ websites.
Organize a breed show.
Improve education with seminars and demonstrations.

Frequency of meetings was discussed and it was decided to meet at least quarterly or as needed. The next meeting will be on December 2, at noon at Perkins, which just west of I-84 exit 29 in Caldwell. It was also decided to have some meetings in the Magic Valley area to save travel time for members in that region. A Production Sale will be September 15, location to be decided at next meeting. Evelyn Simon of Hagerman volunteered her husband to auctioneer for us. Consignments must be made 60 days prior to sale with catalog mailed 6 weeks before the sale. Ads would be accepted for the catalog, pricing to be determined later. Dates for shows were not established yet. It was felt that more discussion was needed.

Gary Custer made the motion and Edgar Edmundson seconded that Ryan Kish be elected President for the first year and Clare Askew be Secretary/Treasurer. A voice vote was taken and motion approved. A checking account will be opened at Zions Bank in New Plymouth and Clare’s address would be used for mail. However, it was found that the Association has to be registered with the state as a non profit before a checking account can be opened and a board of directors is needed before we can register with the state. We will have to elect a board at the next meeting and then register as a non-profit organization. Meanwhile, anyone paying with checks will not have their check deposited until a checking account can be opened. Sorry for the inconvenience, but government regulations tend to complicate the simplest of plans.

Committees were established and members were encouraged to volunteer to help.

Show Committee
June Lee, Weiser, 549-8549
Edgar Edmundson, New Plymouth, 278-5496

Production Sale Committee
Gary Custer, Twin Falls, 733-9235
Wayne Gifford, New Plymouth, 278-5023

Slaughter Wether Shipments
Naomi Coundies, Payette, 642-3953 (she was volunteered in her absence, hopefully this will be okay)

Junior Show Leader
Kim Tolbert, Vale, (541)473-4285

Also representatives were established to contact County Fair Boards about having meat goat shows included in the fairs. (Volunteers are needed for Payette and Ada County)

Kim Tolbert, Malheur County
Don Sperry, Canyon County
Janene Jones, Gem County
Linda Hernandez, Washington County

Association By-Laws will be available by request. Yearly dues will be $20 per member, $10 for Juniors and $300 for lifetime membership.

Please check the following list for any additions or corrections needed. Anyone else wishing to join, mail dues to Clare’s address below. Make checks payable to Snake River Meat Goat Association or SRMGA.

Clare Askew

MINUTES OF SRMGA MEETING ~ Oct 21, 2006 2017-12-01T20:04:04+00:00