The 2nd membership meeting was called to order Saturday October 6th at 8:00 p.m. at the Payette County Fairgrounds in the 4-H building by board President Koben Shigeta.

Those in attendance were Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Autumn Davis, Terry Watts, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Tracy Ware, Samantha Davis, Crystal and Maddie Fenton, Trevor Clemons, Terry Brown, Joe and Kandia Cross, Kallee Cross, Ashley Culver, Andrew Benz, Jackie Rae, Tyler Windom and JR Morton

Finance report was approved.
Old meeting minutes were approved.

New Business:

The board asked the members their opinion about the scholarships. There is enough money to provide a small one for many youth. The members opinion was to give out scholarships to those deserving and not deplete the account. The board will take that into consideration next year.

Dan Walrath discussed the trailer. The SRMGA did buy a 20 ft tandem axle car trailer that is now licensed to the Snake River Meat Goat Association. It was under budget and will be provided in the final financials with license and insurance costs.

A detailed financial report will be submitted at the end of the year and posted online.

Koben discussed the IRS situation. The association is good with the State of Idaho as a non profit and the SRMGA is waiting on the IRS to accept the association as a non profit. It is not an over night deal and required a lot of paperwork. Dan and Koben have been working with the accountant to look over all of the SRMGA non profit stuff to get it all done. The hope is this will be completed by the end of 2018 and if not for sure by 2019 but an accountant is now employed with the SRMGA to handle financials such as this. The SRMGA will be using Nichols accounting in Nampa for their accounting services.

The board then asked the membership what they’d like to see in 2019 with the 900 and not being able to have shows. The membership recommended some education seminars, youth jackpots, and potentially a semen collection. The membership would like to see an ai clinic in the future. The board said they would look into trying to get those going.

Production Sale:
-The consigner fees were not finished yet but projected to be under 2%.
-The membership felt the sale ran well
-We discussed penning goats by number, Rusty Lee suggested doing that because it’s easier for people to find animals and easier for him to evaluate them.
-Allowing people to pay for goats during the sale did not work – some consigners came back to empty pens and were unaware.
-We need a new tech, the tech DV auction sent did not set up cameras or move them appropriately
-Rusty Lee was great
-Sam was good but his son Tyson was even better

Suggestions for 2019
The membership requested to check into Pit Kemmer and try him if he was available.
Having two sales may help people from being frustrated about getting into the sales, however, it would require much more work and much more help. This is something the board will consider.

There were requests made at the meeting to change parts of the production sale. Koben looked into the bylaws to see if the membership there could vote on changes to the production sale. Based on Article 6.3.b it met the requirements to make changes. The changes voted on by majority of the membership present –
*5 does to 1 buck vs 3 does to 1 buck
*Total lot number will be dropped to 100 max
*Consigners may still bring 8 animals
*Youth under the age of 18 will no longer have rights to production sale lots UNLESS their family is not participating. For example: If Jimmy John (15 yr old JABGA MEMBER) wants to buy lots and his families farm John Family Livestock also wants to buy lots that will be denied. If Jimmy John wants to buy lots and his family does not then he can buy lots as a youth member with the $20 youth member fee.
*The association will take checks or paypal for lot reservation, however, if the paypal reservations come in before the checks then the paypal reservations will be filled first. First come first serve.

We will contact Pit Kemmer and Rusty Lee to do the SRMGA Production sale again.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,