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October Meeting Minutes 2019

October 5th, 2019
The fall meeting of the SRMGA was called to order by President Koben Shigeta. There were 23 members present including 6 board members.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved. There will be an end of the year report submitted separately to the membership with 2019 details.
No old business to discuss.
New business as follows:
The Jr. SRMGA started out the meeting. The Jr. SRMGA President Grace Coulston asked that the SRMGA membership consider doing a regional show. She is concerned about the numbers of youth who could participate in a regional show which is why she has asked the SRMGA team up with the other associations CBGA, OMGP, and Inland Meat Goat to help push the regional show. A show like this would cost close to $10,000 so participating is key as well as multiple organizations helping to offset costs.
Tracy Watts motioned to table the topic until further research is done on actual #’s of JABGA youth in the area before voting on participating in hosting a regional show. Terry Watts 2nd the motion. JABGA Regional show was tabled.

Grace said that the youth are deciding right now whether to host a JABGA show, Jackpot show, or a bit of both at the Boers De Mayo considering most youth do not have their market goats by that show date. The Jr. SRMGA will provide us with that information as more discussion is held by them.

The Goat Days of Summer will be a Jackpot show hosted by the Jr. SRMGA in 2020. The youth will be looking for sponsors for awards.

Production sale was brought up. The board presented information received from the facebook post as well as emails that had been sent to the board. Members discussed food, marketing, awards for high selling animals, auctioneer and reader. Koben Shigeta explained that the SRMGA production sale is part of a non-profit organization that cannot take money from organization for further gains into private entity sales. All adjustments to the budget would need to be approved by the membership or a sales committee that would be available to members before they decided to buy lots.

Kim Holt recommended the idea of a sales committee who would decide food, marketing, and awards. Also if time permits discussion of Auctioneer and Pedigree Reader. Rachel Rheuby moved that the SRMGA Board assign a sales committee of 5 to discuss the sales marketing, food, awards, auctioneer and pedigree reader. Tracy Watts seconded the motion. The motion passed with majority in favor. The board will send out an email asking for those who’d be interested in being on the sales committee.

Concerns were discussed at the meeting about the sale and lower profit numbers for 2019. Some of the concerns were lack of marketing, lack of quality, and lack of consigner involvement as far as marketing their stock. Some members said they noticed thin animals in the sale. Members discussed how they could avoid consigners bringing livestock auction sale quality animals to help the SRMGA Production Sale become a better sale. Trevor Clemons moved that the sale have a minimum floor price of $450. Tammy Parks seconded that motion. The motion passed with majority in favor.

Lot purchasing was brought it. It was a concern that members had to stay up until midnight to get a spot in the production sale. The board expressed that this is the easiest and most fair way to offer lots. It is how the CBGA does their lots as well. Members do not have to stay up until midnight but with the increased interest in the sale it would be wise to stay up to get into the sale. The membership discussed having a lottery style sign up. The issues discussed with that were that members could select 8 lots and have no ties financially to keeping those 8 lots. Koben Shigeta moved that the association adopt a lottery style sign up instead of purchased lots. Motion was seconded by Terry Watts. Motion failed with majority opposed.

SRMGA 2020 Production Sale Rule Changes before Sales Committee
Enforced floor minimum of $450

Rachel Rheuby from Homedale FFA informed the membership that 1 Jr SRMGA member and one past Jr. SRMGA would be going to the National Livestock Judging contest and were wondering if the SRMGA would be interested in providing some monetary donation to help the students get to nationals. Samantha Davis moved that the SRMGA donate $500 to the Homedale FFA to support the youth representing Idaho from Jr. SRMGA to nationals. Motion was seconded by Tracy Watts. Motion passed by majority vote.

Jolene Jolley and Kelsey Anderson said that Utah is lacking meat goat opportunities. With Utah being in the SRMGAs area of coverage as well as memberships living there; they requested that the SRMGA host a show around April to help build the meat goat industry in that state. Jolene and Kelsey would work with breeders in that state as well as work with neighboring states to put on a successful show where Jolene would be Show Secretary. All profits made by the show would go back to the SRMGA, all expenses of the show would be paid by the SRMGA and would be added to the events for insurance coverage by the SRMGA. If the show didn’t do well the first year the association could drop the show. Koben Shigeta moved that the SRMGA host another 2 day show in the state of Utah. Kahla Shigeta seconded the motion. Motion passed with majority vote.

No further questions or concerns were voiced at the conclusion of the meeting.

Charlene Wendt moved to adjourn the meeting. Samantha Davis seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Koben Shigeta
SRMGA Board President

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Member Meeting Minutes May 4th, 2019

May 4, 2019
The spring meeting of the SRMGA was called to order by President Koben Shigeta. Those in attendance were: Koben Shigeta, Dan Walrath, Patsy Walrath, Sam Davis, Autumn Davis, Mary Lee Atteberry, Crystal Fenton, Erin Turpin, John Turpin, Joe Cross, Kandia Cross, Kelsey Anderson, Grace Coulston, Liv Brusseau, Stephanie Loder, Clarissa Loder, Angie Johnson, and Donna Newman.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved.
No old business to discuss.
New business as follows:
An open/youth show will be sponsored by the SRMGA on June 22nd at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth. It is not a sanctioned show and all types of meat goat does and bucks are welcome. Weigh in for wethers will be at eight A. M. with the show scheduled to begin at nine.
A fitting clinic with Dakota Ash is planned for July 10th at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth.
The production sale is scheduled for September 14th at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth. It was voted at the October meeting to reduce the lots to 100 for this year with a requirement of five does to bring one buck. There is a limit of 8 goats per farm/family. A $50 non-refundable fee is required to reserve each lot. Lots may not be reserved until July 1st. No change was suggested on the October vote. There was new discussion about the set up for pens for the sale. A survey will be sent out to members to get feedback about having pens in numerical order in the barns vs. by breeder.
The SRMGA Fall Finale will be held at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth on October 5th and 6th.
The Junior SRMGA members held a meeting on Saturday, May 4th. New officers were elected and are as follows: President, Liv Brusseau; Vice-President, Katrina Windom; Secretary, Grace Coulston; and Treasurer, Alexy Terry. A change in when the group re-organizes each year and holds election of officers was discussed. The suggestion of meeting at the October show and voting new officers for the following year was received positively by the group and will be implemented in October of 2019. It is hoped that this will allow more youth from the group to attend meetings and run for office.
Two $500 scholarships were awarded this year to Ben Holt and Paden Jolley and a $1,000 scholarship to Liv Brusseau.
It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting will be in October at the SRMGA Fall Finale.
Minutes respectfully submitted,
SRMGA Board Vice-President, Patsy Walrath

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Final Quarterly Board Meeting, December 21st, 2018

The final quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time December 21st, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis, Lisa Baldwin and Donna Newman.

Old News:
The non profit status of the SRMGA with the IRS is still undecided. The hope is that by the beginning of 2019 the paperwork will be approved. As of right now the SRMGA is a non profit with the state of Idaho. Koben, Dan and Patsy have worked diligently to get this done.

Koben said his family may be able to do trailer modifications to help organize and secure items in the trailer for transport such as the snow cone machine, etc. It has been a blessing to have the trailer for not only the board members but also Mrs. Ortega.

Patsy said Dan Walrath is working on the end of the year finance report that will be posted to the website as well as sent on email for members to see.

New Business

After the meeting with the membership some of the board voiced their concerns about the decisions made at the meeting. Some of those concerns were the lowering of the numbers for the production sale but keeping the amount each breeder can bring the same. Koben and Autumn were concerned that by doing that if every member chose to bring 8 lots it would only pertain to 15% ish of the membership. Sam and Terry explained that in previous years typically most breeders don’t choose to bring 8 lots and that even if we opened the sale up to even more lots (over 120) it would still, based on Koben and Autumn’s concern, only cover less than 50% of the membership. And it was also brought to attention that the membership voted for those changes so the board will comply. If there are members upset by the change the only thing the board can do at this point is encourage them to participate in the October meeting.

Koben and Autumn suggested doing a spring sale where if participants participated in that sale they could not participate in the September Sale. Patsy brought up the fact that if we did the sale it would have to be in June as that’s the best time for all the help. However, there are many shows, sales, and ABGA Nationals in June so when would time permit? The board agreed that there needs to be something done to help more of the membership and potentially other portions of the membership (commercial, wether stock, etc).

Terry brought up online sales. It would be something where the SRMGA would organize the sale through a website and do the marketing. Only SRMGA members would be allowed to participate in the sale. We could do a spring club animal sale (wethers, wether dams, wether bucks), and also a spring production sale (show stock, brood stock, etc). This would allow members to sale from their home and not have to travel. It would be financially feasible for the SRMGA and also give opportunities to other sectors of the goat industry. It would also for the first time open up a sale to wether producers within the SRMGA. We don’t know enough about this right now but it was agreed upon to look into this and do some research for 2019.

Koben then brought up a commercial jackpot show for adults and youth. The SRMGA cannot host an ABGA sanctioned show but we could do something different. It would be a one day show where participants could sign up their animals and admission costs would pay for venue and judge and then after that the money would then be put into a jackpot and paid out to participants in the classes. We could also do other awards as well. Maybe do a potluck type lunch/dinner and a corn hole tournament. We will contact Ken Eytchison as he is local and a great fair judge and see what his charges would be to do something like this. We would also need to see what ABGA shows were going on to avoid conflicting times with those. The show would likely be in May or June – more leaning towards June.

Dr. Tanya Percifield DVM is now in Ontario, she is buying Eastern Oregon Animal Health in January of 2019. She is working on writing up some informational pieces for the newsletter. The hope is in 2019 we can really get that up and off the ground. Dr. Tanya Percifield is also committed to the SRMGA as an on call show vet, educational resource provider as well as the vet for our Production Sale.

Hopefully some of these ideas will benefit the entire membership here in the future.

Koben said scholarship applications are ready for the 2019 board to offer whenever they’d like, January was recommended. Only youth memberships are eligible for scholarships.

The new 2019 board members are Koben Shigeta, Stacy Herriman, Tyler Windom and Samantha Davis. Koben said he’d give that information to Dan to send off to the State of Idaho to keep us in good standing as a non profit. Closing the elections in the middle of December will work for the State of Idaho paperwork. We discussed concerns about the survey monkey and allowing membership to vote for less than the number of seats available. It is something that the 2019 board will have to consider. Right now survey monkey has been the best for allowing the membership to vote from afar for board members. Membership meetings were discussed and if it was beneficial to only show persons to attend if we held them at shows. Koben explained that we started doing this to get more membership input and to help those members who didn’t want to drive 9 hrs away to just attend a meeting to have the opportunity to have a voice. Sam agreed that ALL paid members should have the right to speak their opinions at a meeting and it’s simply more convenient for the out of state people to have the meetings at the shows where they are likely to be. Those who live nearby can easily drive over if it’s important to them to participate in the meetings. It was agreed upon that having meetings at the shows or on show weekends is the best for both worlds and as a board all we can do is encourage the members to attend. It was also brought up that even if members could not attend they certainly could send their input to the SRMGA in an email for us to add to agenda items either at board meetings or at the membership meetings. Thus far the SRMGA has received no input from members for any meeting. Koben said in 2019 the board really needs to try to do a better job in communicating with the membership about meetings and that’s something the 2019 board will have to do but the times the board did communicate they received nothing from the membership for items to add to meeting agendas.

Certainly the SRMGA is building a much stronger foundation and even though 2018 was a tough year the SRMGA board and the membership did accomplish a lot. Hopefully in 2019 all lose ends will be tied up and the SRMGA will be operating better than ever.

Meeting was adjourned 9:00 pm.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,
Respectfully submitted,
2018 SRMGA Board

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2nd Membership Meeting October 6th, 2018

The 2nd membership meeting was called to order Saturday October 6th at 8:00 p.m. at the Payette County Fairgrounds in the 4-H building by board President Koben Shigeta.

Those in attendance were Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Autumn Davis, Terry Watts, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Tracy Ware, Samantha Davis, Crystal and Maddie Fenton, Trevor Clemons, Terry Brown, Joe and Kandia Cross, Kallee Cross, Ashley Culver, Andrew Benz, Jackie Rae, Tyler Windom and JR Morton

Finance report was approved.
Old meeting minutes were approved.

New Business:

The board asked the members their opinion about the scholarships. There is enough money to provide a small one for many youth. The members opinion was to give out scholarships to those deserving and not deplete the account. The board will take that into consideration next year.

Dan Walrath discussed the trailer. The SRMGA did buy a 20 ft tandem axle car trailer that is now licensed to the Snake River Meat Goat Association. It was under budget and will be provided in the final financials with license and insurance costs.

A detailed financial report will be submitted at the end of the year and posted online.

Koben discussed the IRS situation. The association is good with the State of Idaho as a non profit and the SRMGA is waiting on the IRS to accept the association as a non profit. It is not an over night deal and required a lot of paperwork. Dan and Koben have been working with the accountant to look over all of the SRMGA non profit stuff to get it all done. The hope is this will be completed by the end of 2018 and if not for sure by 2019 but an accountant is now employed with the SRMGA to handle financials such as this. The SRMGA will be using Nichols accounting in Nampa for their accounting services.

The board then asked the membership what they’d like to see in 2019 with the 900 and not being able to have shows. The membership recommended some education seminars, youth jackpots, and potentially a semen collection. The membership would like to see an ai clinic in the future. The board said they would look into trying to get those going.

Production Sale:
-The consigner fees were not finished yet but projected to be under 2%.
-The membership felt the sale ran well
-We discussed penning goats by number, Rusty Lee suggested doing that because it’s easier for people to find animals and easier for him to evaluate them.
-Allowing people to pay for goats during the sale did not work – some consigners came back to empty pens and were unaware.
-We need a new tech, the tech DV auction sent did not set up cameras or move them appropriately
-Rusty Lee was great
-Sam was good but his son Tyson was even better

Suggestions for 2019
The membership requested to check into Pit Kemmer and try him if he was available.
Having two sales may help people from being frustrated about getting into the sales, however, it would require much more work and much more help. This is something the board will consider.

There were requests made at the meeting to change parts of the production sale. Koben looked into the bylaws to see if the membership there could vote on changes to the production sale. Based on Article 6.3.b it met the requirements to make changes. The changes voted on by majority of the membership present –
*5 does to 1 buck vs 3 does to 1 buck
*Total lot number will be dropped to 100 max
*Consigners may still bring 8 animals
*Youth under the age of 18 will no longer have rights to production sale lots UNLESS their family is not participating. For example: If Jimmy John (15 yr old JABGA MEMBER) wants to buy lots and his families farm John Family Livestock also wants to buy lots that will be denied. If Jimmy John wants to buy lots and his family does not then he can buy lots as a youth member with the $20 youth member fee.
*The association will take checks or paypal for lot reservation, however, if the paypal reservations come in before the checks then the paypal reservations will be filled first. First come first serve.

We will contact Pit Kemmer and Rusty Lee to do the SRMGA Production sale again.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

2nd Membership Meeting October 6th, 20182018-12-22T03:41:17+00:00

3rd Quarterly Board Meeting, September 2nd, 2018

The 3rd quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time September 2nd, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis, Lisa Baldwin and Donna Newman.

The verdict of the 900 is in that the SRMGA will have their sanctioning removed for a year starting August 9th as well as affiliation removed with the ABGA. Terry Watts said she called the ABGA for clarification why and they would not explain why other than we didn’t provide enough information about the complaint itself. Koben got the letter from the judge for both Saturday and Sunday stating they heard nothing from George Newman but the ABGA CEO Larry Duncan said to Terry Watts we needed to provide more information that we did more than that. As a board we feel as though we did not have enough information moving forward to ban George Newman from SRMGA shows as any issues he had with Gabe happened at a show that was not sanctioned by the SRMGA and that during the weekend in question George Newman had no complaints against him given to the SRMGA during or after the event even after facebook posts and e-mail.

Patsy said she is working on the paperwork for complaints in the future that way if this were ever to happen again we would have hard copies of complaints to send to the ABGA. Likely those hard copies would have prevented us from the 900 verdict.

By providing information to the membership, like Koben and Terry thought information was leaked to the public. That started a war on facebook of half truths and rumors as well as nasty emails between members. Children unfortunately have become involved in it. Koben and I can work on the email now to make a separate group for youth member emails so that the children are no longer involved in the adult politics. Everyone was in agreeance with this decision. We will put this into effect immediately.

Dan Walrath gave us a letter from a law firm in New Mexico asking for the associations IRS information as well as non profit information. Koben said Dan said he is working on the paperwork for IRS, it’s not an overnight deal and we got our tax exempt status updated with the State of Idaho. He said that we had lapsed on sending in the information on new board members because the State was asking for it in December and we didn’t know until January. Something we may need to consider changing as far as elections go to fix this. The SRMGA is now again a non profit with the State of Idaho and in the process of being a non profit with the federal government. We cannot provide the New Mexico law firm with information about being a 501C3 as we do not have it. And we by State law do not provide any information about our association unless it is asked for by a paid member. The letter did not state who this lawyer is representing so we by law are not going to respond.

Koben said he contacted Claire Askew about the non profit status of the association. She did not have any information other than we had it once. Koben then met with an accountant and they searched for information about the SRMGA being a non profit organization, even if it hadn’t been for years there would still be record. The accountant could not find that information in the database and the IRS also has no recollection of the Snake River Meat Goat Association being a non-profit with the federal government. Koben said the IRS told him all they had was that the SRMGA has an EIN number as an organization but no non profit status has ever been requested or granted. We now have to assume that the Snake River Meat Goat Association has only ever been a non profit with the State of Idaho. Koben went through the records of meeting minutes as well as association documentation with Dan Walrath and said that neither of them could find information about the non profit status with the IRS or any proof that we had been filling out the cards to send to the IRS at the end of the year since the beginning of the association. Dan and Koben are learning now what needs to be done, and are awaiting paperwork from IRS. Once the paperwork has been approved the association will have to provide information to the public yearly which will be posted on the website. Dan and Koben will update with that when it has been completed.

The production sale is coming up. We had some issues by allowing checks and paypal for the production sale reservations. In the future we will make a date during the work week and also maybe on form of payment. We had just a few checks come in but had to accept them because they came in that day this year. So we went from 120 lots to over 130 to accommodate them. We also need to discuss with the membership about youth participation in the sale. Some of the membership are angry they haven’t gotten a lot when there are families with youth members (under 18) who have requested max lots plus youth lots. This will be something we discuss at the October Meeting with our membership. This year people have taken the time to take better pictures. YAY! And the catalog is looking much more completed before the sale date so that is a win! We are also projecting finances and it’s looking like having increased the reservation to $50 instead of $30 a lot of the costs are paid for and likely consigner fees will be significantly lower this year. We will see what happens on the 15th.

We will need to discuss what we will be doing in 2019 as we will not be allowed to do shows before August 9th, 2019. We’ve had some individuals contact us about money donations towards their shows. Because of what’s going on with the SRMGA and the 900 and because of the hostility with some of the members and non members we feel it’s in the best interest of those shows that the SRMGA not donate money towards their sanctioned shows. If they have youth shows with no affiliation with the ABGA sanctioning we can certainly donate that way.

Meeting was adjourned 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Newman
Board Secretary

3rd Quarterly Board Meeting, September 2nd, 20182018-12-22T03:58:38+00:00

2nd Quarterly SRMGA Board Meeting July 9th, 2018

The 2nd quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta at Vice President Patsy Walrath’s home 24617 Cemetery Road, Middleton, Idaho at 7:00 p.m. mountain time July 9th, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis and Donna Newman – via facetime, Lisa Baldwin was unable to attend.

Meeting minutes from the January were read and approved.

The Board Immediately went into discussion about the article 900 received from Julie Carreiro from complaints of June 22nd, 2018. The complaint reads as follows:
The Snake River Meat Goat Association board of directors have conspired over the years threatening, bullying, degrading, lying and falsifying show documents to ABGA members and their staff at their ABGA sanctioned shows. Specifically on May 5th, 2018 George Newman called Gabe Aguayo a F-ing faggot and called Bruce Lott an ‘Asshole’. President Koben Shigeta banned ABGA member Gabe Aguayo from its shows but allowed it’s own members to violate ABGA Rules.

The 900 paperwork received by the SRMGA board was filled with letters, most of them irrelevant to the Boers De Mayo show in 2018, that both Gabe Aguayo and Ben Thomas were notified of their banning from SRMGA indefinitely until an apology was written. We discussed extensively what happened at that show from everyone’s perspective.

During the ABGA show Boers De Mayo between Friday and Saturday the SRMGA board received multiple verbal complaints. Friday night the board received a phone call that Gabe and Ben were climbing into Dust Devil Ranch and Capriole Boer pens getting goats up without permission. Dust Devil Ranch and Capriole Goat Ranch were no longer on the fairground premises when this was going on.

Saturday during the show there was a complaint that Gabe had cut in the line and physically touched shoulders with another exhibitor. Koben Shigeta (show secretary) asked his helper Randy Corn to please just make a line rather than just letting everyone jump in to eliminate any issues. After Mr. Corn started lines Gabe Aguayo started to announce his presence and ask where the line was and yell out if this was the line. He then in the back said with curse words about his feelings about the line. Gabe continued to yell his presence at the gate to the point Mr. Corn warned him. Gabe had asked if he was in trouble and Mr. Corn told him that he was going to be if he continued to do what he was doing. It wasn’t much later Kahla Shigeta came to the gate and made the SRMGA show committee aware that she had confronted Gabe about his outbursts in line and that she regretted confronting him but had had enough. She was verbally warned by the show committee and asked to no longer speak to him or his associates for the duration of the weekend. After that, Koben said they no longer heard Gabe announce his presence at the gate again. Later during that show a mother of a youth exhibitor who was showing in the open show complained to the SRMGA show committee that the Boers De Mayo is supposed to be considered a family show and that she didn’t appreciate the language and behavior of the agents of Red Crown LLC (Gabe and Ben). She said that they were pulling their goats out of line to shadow their daughter so the judge didn’t get a good view and that Gabe was trash talking exhibitors blatantly in the ring. She also said she was disgusted by him calling the ring stewardess a ‘F-ing idiot’ in front of youth who were participating in the open show. Koben and Patsy both said they payed attention to the ring after that and realized that they felt that Gabe was pulling animals out of line but were unsure if there were any consequences for that. Later that same day other exhibitors complained that Gabe and Ben were trash talking the association and it’s exhibitors as well as the show. They also made it aware to the SRMGA show committee that they didn’t feel their animals were safe there, nor their equipment and installed cameras specifically for those individuals. A closed meeting Saturday night was called to order by President Koben Shigeta by the SRMGA Board. It was voted on after the closed meeting to ban Gabe and Ben from SRMGA events after the Sunday show so Red Crown LLC animals could still be shown for Sundays show. Koben Shigeta went home and wrote up the letter after the show and returned Sunday morning for the board to all read the letter and approve or disapprove. It was approved by Terry Watts, Autumn Davis, Patsy Walrath, Samantha Davis and Donna Newman. Lisa Baldwin was not in attendance.

After Sundays show Terry Watts and Autumn Davis said the letter was delivered to Gabe and Ben by hand. Gabe opened the letter up in front of them and wanted to argue the decision. Autumn said Gabe wanted to know why we did it and what he could do right to make it better, Terry Watts was on the phone with Red Crown LLC discussing with them that their handlers would no longer be allowed to come to SRMGA events. Samantha Davis and Koben Shigeta said they saw there were issues going on with the letter from afar so they joined Autumn Davis and Terry Watts. During that time Koben said Gabe was told by him that he would not be allowed to come back unless they wrote an apology for what happened that weekend. Gabe then asked if he could write the apology and come back for the Boers of Summer show. Koben then replied that he would not be allowed to come back until October show at the earliest because the June show had another youth show attached and because of the youth family complaints we would need to see as a board and show committee that they were going to be better before subjecting them to youth again. If a written apology was provided and the October show went well then they could come back in 2019 to another show with a youth show attached. Samantha Davis said it wasn’t until after he realized that we were not going to allow him back until the October show that he started walking away claiming the SRMGA was against the LGBT community. Terry, Koben, Autumn and Sam all said they told him that was not the case at all. And at that point as Gabe was walking back to his truck he yelled back that George Newman had called him a faggot. Autumn Davis and Koben Shigeta asked him when it had happened because they had not gotten a complaint or heard anything at the show ring. Gabe would not tell them when it had happened but continued to accuse the board of being against the LGBT community. Koben said he would get to the bottom of it and assured Gabe those kind of actions would not be tolerated.

Immediately after that discussion with Gabe and Ben, Autumn said she, Koben, and Terry approached George Newman and asked him if he had called Gabe a faggot at the show. George Newman said that during a show not hosted by the SRMGA but at Big Top years ago, he and Gabe did have an altercation. After that altercation Heads A Buttin’ Farm hired Gabe personally as their fitter and shower as they had worked it out several years back. He promised that he had avoided Gabe and Ben all weekend long and said other exhibitors could vouch for him that he stayed in his barn and by his goats. Autumn said that Koben Shigeta warned George anyways and told him that type of language wouldn’t be tolerated so don’t ever do it and to continue to avoid Gabe and Ben in the future. Autumn Davis said George was frustrated because he felt like he was being accused of something and warned for something he did not do. Terry Watts said George was very sincere in his answers and without more proof other than what Gabe had said they didn’t have much to work with but George was warned anyways.

Koben said he spoke with Karen Keller (non member but participant in the show) not much later after the event. She was concerned for the Association and the claims that the association was against the LGBT community. She recommended the association always have a paper trail. We agreed that in the future a paper trail would be nice to have. Patsy Walrath said she would work on putting something together that way the board and the SRMGA would always be covered by more than just words.


It was decided again at this meeting that we did everything we could with the information we had. As we read into the Article 900 and letters Julie Carrairo provided from other exhibitors there were complaints to the ABGA about George Newman calling Gabe names across the show ring loud enough for everyone to hear, as well as calling the judge derogatory names. Koben and Patsy said that they never heard anything from the show committee helpers of any of this, nor did they hear it themselves. Autumn Davis said she was in the ring and never heard George yell anything to anyone. Koben said he’d send an email to the judge and ask the judge if George had given him trouble. If we find that it happened from the judge the Board would also have to ban George Newman from shows. If the judge said he didn’t hear it we don’t have enough evidence to ban George Newman as the show committee and board never received any complaints that weekend other than those against Gabe and Ben.

Patsy Walrath was concerned about the people in the letters being accused of doing things that were criminal. Samantha Davis agreed that without proof it would put the SRMGA into liability of a lawsuit of defamation of character to post the details of the 900 to the membership. Koben and Terry were concerned that even if we gave the information to the membership as confidential it would likely get leaked to the public also putting the association in the crossfire of the ABGA. Rumors had already been started about people involved and not involved, so it was decided that we would release names of the people who were part of the 900 so that the membership could ask them about their involvement directly and also give them an opportunity to share if they felt comfortable. Privacy of the membership is the most important at this point.

Autumn Davis said it was weird that there were no supporting letters from Gabe in the 900 Julie filed and Donna Newman said that she and George received a 900 against them personally from Gabe.

Koben said he would post a post on the facebook page as well as send out an email to the membership and ask members for their input and support for the 900. He also said hopefully if members had issues with George they would come forward and make official complaints to the SRGMA because as of right now we have not a single complaint about George Newman and the first complaints we received are not directed to us but to the ABGA in support of this 900.

We then discussed board insurance. Patsy Walrath and Autumn Davis said they received a phone call telling them to retract their vote so they wouldn’t lose their jobs or lives for hate crime. With all of the rumors and the threats of hate crime by the SRMGA, it would be ideal to have board insurance to protect us. Koben said it’s unfortunate that we have to spend money on this but with times changing and things like this happening for board members to consider running in the future we would absolutely need to have this. We will contact Tammy Parks and ask about board member insurance.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Newman

2nd Quarterly SRMGA Board Meeting July 9th, 20182018-12-22T03:13:20+00:00

Board Meeting January 2nd, 2018

The SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by 2017 Board President, Koben Shigeta, via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time January 2nd, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Lisa Baldwin, Autumn Davis and Donna Newman.

Meeting minutes from the October 2017 meeting were read and approved.

The board immediately went into Board Office positions; President, Vice President, and Secretary. The results were as follows:
Board President: Koben Shigeta
Board Vice President: Patsy Walrath
Board Secretary: Donna Newman

Board appointed Treasurer Dan Walrath is serving his 2nd year of his term in 2018.
Board appointed Junior Advisor Carolyn Ortega is serving her 2nd year of her term in 2018.

Items on the agenda from 2017 were Trailer, Awards Budget, Educational Events, Productional Sale, and Scholarship Does.

It was discussed that the trailer was needed badly since Carolyn Ortega was keeping all of the association food and raffle paraphernalia in her basement. Dan and Patsy are also keeping items in their garage for backdrop, set up, and decorations. Koben has electronic equipment. Lisa has shirts and hats. Terry has all the associations paperwork. The member meeting in October, 2017 voted to approve a $6000 budget for the trailer. It was discussed for all of the items that the SRMGA has and items it will need to accumulate as the association grows larger that a 12 ft trailer is not large enough. The board will be looking for a trailer 18-20 ft long and wide enough to walk into and grab items vs unloading the entire trailer. It would also need to be tandem axle. Patsy said Dan knew of some people with trailers, Donna said she’d keep an eye out in Western Oregon and Terry said she’d keep an eye out as well. The hope is to have a Trailer before the June show.

Awards budget was discussed. The SRMGA is making money at the shows so the budget of the awards could go up since it’s hard to find awards at very low budgets. It was also discussed that during Western Idaho Fair of 2017 some of the breeders had gotten together and were discussing the option of doing practical awards as well as more decorative awards. The previous budget for awards was $350 a day not including Youth Jackpot Shows. Koben said he would get with Dan and see if we could increase the budget to $500 per day. Koben motioned to with Dan’s approval increase the budget from $350 to $500 per day for awards. The board voted unanimously in favor. Koben motioned to mix up awards between practical and decorative for 2018 at the Boers De Mayo, Boers of Summer and SRMGA Fall Finale Show. The board voted unanimously in favor. Samantha Davis and Donna Newman offered to Co-chair that committee.

Educational events were briefly discussed. It was decided that the SRMGA would again participate in the All Goat University. Koben brought up the Nevada group that was wanting to get the SRMGA over there to host a clinic. The problem all the board members had getting this put together was time. It was decided that the board would try to get together and find a time that works to organize an event like that and correspond with the Nevada group. We discussed AI clinics and potentially doing a clinic with biogenetics. Donna Newman offered to look into that. It was decided that we’d ask the membership what they would like and see what we could do. Timing would be difficult with all of the shows the SRMGA hosts. The educational events were tabled for the time being for more research.

Scholarship doe program is booming. Autumn Davis offered to reach out to breeders and try to get some more breeders interested in donating to the program. It has been extremely successful. The board decided to leave the template of the doe program the way it is, raffle in June and in October.

Production Sale. After the 2017 Production Sale it was discussed that while it was successful there are still many changes that need to be made. During the member meeting in October of 2017 it was voted to change some of the rules. The new rules now read as follows:
Consignment Information:
1. Only members who have paid their 2018 dues by January 31, 2018 may consign to the sale.
2. Consignment reservation fees are $50.00/per lot, which will be applied to the cost of the sale. An additional commission will be added to cover the remainder of the expenses. There is a $50.00 per lot commission cap.
3. Consignment reservation fees are nonrefundable, except in the unlikely event that the sale must be canceled.
4. If a consignor does not fill all of his/her purchased lots, and if the SRMGA has a waiting list of others that want to consign, SRMGA will try to reissue the unused lots and give credit of 25.00 to the original purchase credited to their sale check.
4. “No Sales” will be charged $25.00 each regardless of the floor price.
5. Sign up begins July 1, 2018 through August 1, 2018. During this period each member may consign up to 8 goats.
These lots will be given out on a first come first serve basis with a cap of 125 lots sold.
7. After August 1st, if the goal of 125 goats has not been reached, each consigner may consign additional goats until the sale is full or until August 15th.
8. Photos and Pedigree must be entered on by September 1st.
9. Members consigning a minimum of three does may also consign one buck. No member may consign more than one buck to the sale.
10. Consigned does and bucks must be registered with a boer goat association. Unregistered does confirmed bred to a registered Boer buck will be accepted with a service memo and positive pregnancy test.
11. All consigned goats must arrive at the sale location with necessary documents. The documents should be in an unsealed large manila envelope. One envelope for each lot consigned, labeled with the goat’s lot number, farm name and owner’s name. The needed documents to enclose are:
A) The original registration dated and signed on the back by the registered owner.
B) If a doe is sold ‘bred’ or ‘exposed’ that must be noted properly on the back of the registration form.
C) Copy of the health certificate if the goat is coming from out of the state of Idaho.
D) A copy of testing results if the goat is being marketed as tested.

The board discussed positions that needed to be fixed in the sale. It was decided that the entire board needed to be as involved as possible in the Production Sale.
The shows were discussed. Koben already has contacted judges and has most judges lined up in May and June. Terry has all of the dates booked. Patsy asked about Youth awards and their show. It was discussed because the Jr. SRMGA do the food that helps fund the shows as well as go out and get majority of the donations for the raffle that we’d do what they needed to make their show great. Autumn said she’d work with Carolyn and see what the kids wanted to do for their shows.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Board Secretary
Donna Newman

Board Meeting January 2nd, 20182018-11-16T04:43:43+00:00

Meeting Minutes May 5th, 2018

SRMGA 2018 May 5th Members meeting

The meeting room was called to order by board President Koben Shigeta at 8:31 p.m at the Payette County Fairgrounds May 5th, 2018.

In Attendance were Koben Shigeta, Kahla Shigeta, Donna Newman, George Newman, Samantha Davis, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Autumn Davis, Charlene Wendt, Trevor Clemmons, Jolene Jolley, Kelsey Anderson, and Tammy Parks.

Old Business:

Koben said they are still working on the trailer. With the tax season winding down the accountant will now be able to work with DanWalrath so we can best decide how to purchase the trailer as a non profit.

Production Sale:

Production sale lots will be available for purchase beginning July 1st, 2018. No lots are to be reserved until paid in full. The production sale will be September 15th at the Payette County fairgrounds. It will be a DV Auction again with the auctioneer used last year, Sam Baker and pedigree reader Rusty Lee.

Members can join at any time but must be a member by January 31st to participate in the production sale.

Samantha Davis suggested donating a lot to Junior SRMGA for a fund raising event. The juniors would contact breeders for potential semen donations that would be auctioned in the production sale. Proceeds would be used toward scholarships, and the youth program.

Jolene Jolley brought up an ABGA show that clashed with the production sale. Discussion was made about moving the sale up or down a week or two to accommodate for shows. It is something that will be further looked into but not something that will happen this year.

Jackpot Vs Open Show
There was discussion on the Saturday show day order. Members were asked if they prefer the youth show first or second. The decision was made to leave it as it is.

Treasurers Report
We have roughly $4200 in the Jr. SRMGA scholarship account.
$18,000 between the bank and paypal account

Those figures do not include the cargo trailer that will be purchased as well as laptop.

Koben motioned to approve the Treasurers report, Terry Watts seconded it.

Meeting Adjourned 9:23 p.m

The President Koben Shigeta called to order a closed meeting at 9:30 p.m in regards to complaints at Boers De Mayo show on Gabriel Aguayo and Ben Thomas. The board members in attendance at that meeting were, Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Donna Newman, Sam Davis, Terry Watts, and Autumn Davis. Closed meeting adjourned at 10:06 p.m.

Board of Directors met at a board meeting directly after closed meeting and voted unanimously to ban both Gabriel Aguayo and Ben Thomas indefinitely from participating in any and all Snake River Meat Goat Association functions. Board meeting adjourned at 10:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Newman
SRMGA Board Secretary

Meeting Minutes May 5th, 20182018-05-27T04:30:45+00:00

Meetings Minutes October 7th, 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017

In Attendance: Kim Royer, Tammy and Sarah Parks, Terry Brown, Crystal and Maddison Fenton, Trevor Clemens, Susan and Richard Rhoads, Sam Davis, Charleen Wendt, Autumn Brookelyn Arianna Davis, Cunningham’s, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Kim Holt, Nikki Brusseau, Tyler Windom, Norman and Rosalinda Vizina, Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Terry Watts.

Board President Koben Shigeta called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Treasure Report: Dan Walrath Treasure: Dan is putting together a written treasure report that he will have out to the members by December.

Scholarship doe donated by Sam Davis and Charlene Wendt, Owyhee Colors, brought in 1,200.00 for the Junior SRMGA and money for the Doe to be raffled this weekend donated by Ed and Terry Watts, Weiser River Boer Goats has brought in 1,000.00 so far without the money that we have collected today and what will be sold tomorrow.

Our Raffles have consistently brought in from 3 to 5 hundred dollars at each show. Thank you to everyone that brings raffle items, your donations for sure help to keep these shows going. Also Sam Davis donated our lot one at the Production sale and the proceeds from that lot will go to our awards for the 2018 shows.

Motion to approve treasures report was made by Charlene Wendt, and seconded by Autumn Davis.

New Business:

Koben Shigeta explained that he and Dan Walrath have been working with the bank for the past few months because it was found that the SRMGA has been running without an EIN number due to lack of paperwork having been filed for three consecutive years. They have been working diligently to clear this up and keep us legal. They are working with the bank.

Kim Royer offered to send the name of an account that is reasonable and in the area, that is helping her and the rodeo board that she belongs to with this same type of issue. She is a specialist in not for profit organizations. Thank you Kim, that would be greatly appreciated. There will be more to come on this subject for sure.

Educational opportunities that the SRMGA has supported this year:

SRMGA members did clinics in Emmett at the All Goat University and at 44 Livestock in Middleton Idaho. We would also like to mention that there are many SRMGA members that are 4 H Leaders, mentors, and volunteer for youth in many county’s that help promote youth and the Goat. We did have an AI educational clinic set up but it fell through due to the presenter had to cancel. Koben asked what folks would like to see the SRMGA do this year for clinics and to Promote our livestock.

There was much discussion on AI, Seman Collection, and possibly a flush clinic. It was mentioned that these are really great suggestions and ones to take into consideration however to host these kinds of hands on clinics are costly and come with risks and should be done at the owner level, it was felt that we could do the education on these types of subjects but it would be up to individuals to have or seek out at the farm or owner level.

It was brought up that there are already many Seman collections scheduled for this fall throughout the North West, Buck collection was voted down.

Susan Rhodes suggested that a committee be set up to look into options for an AI clinic. Majority vote on this was yes.

It was also suggested that perhaps a survey and discussion group on FB to see who would be interested in SRMGA hosting a flush and if this is truly something that should happen at this level.

President Koben Shigeta brought up that the show committee has suggested that they are desperately in need of a trailer to keep all of our equipment in. We right now have equipment stored in local member’s houses and garages across the valley. We are never sure where things are. Carolyn Ortega has a basement full of containers with concession, food items. There are show and picture props, computers etc. etc. We would like to get a trailer to store everything so that we are not always looking for or having to move it all the time. Storage units are a monthly expense and everything has to be moved 3 times per show. With a trailer we can pack it up at the conclusion of an event, park it, move it to the next event and unload, so much simpler for everyone involved.

Dan added that he had been looking for the last year and felt that we could probably purchase one for around 5 to 6 thousand dollars. Kim Royer moved that the SRMGA be able to spend up to $ 6,000.00 for an equipment trailer the motion was seconded and a majority yes vote was passed.

Koben also mentioned that our show computer this weekend fried itself. A vote was held and everyone agreed that we need a new show computer. Koben stated he would look and get the best deal on a new one that he can find likely during Black Friday.

Regional JABGA show: We will be applying for the Regional JABGA show again this year. Discussion related to moving it to the May Show and having the Jackpot show in June.

JSRMGA Carolyn Ortega was not able to be here tonight but would like to know if the membership has any ideas on how they think the Jr group is doing and if they have any suggestions for improvement. The Jr. group started out their year with a Bowling party and shared some Leadership time. Jr’s in attendance at this meeting were asked what we could do for them as a group. Discussion was held about the scholarship program, and we need donation does for the upcoming year. The Jr’s are excited to add to their scholarship program, and see it continue. Tyler Windom and Maddison Fenton were awarded $500.00 each this year from the program. It was mentioned that perhaps we need to do some research to foster a program for the JSRMGA to give back to them for all they do. Make this a committee. It was also stated that the Jr. group does have a great mentor group within the SRMGA and that the SRMGA brings to the area national level judges to show under and shows for the youth.

Production Sale follow-up 2017.

Question was asked about how we felt about the auctioneer. There were many in the membership that felt Sam Baker did an outstanding job and there was good communication and fun between the auctioneer and the reader (Scott Pruitt). They both fought for the dollars and did a really good job. There was discussion on bringing Pitt Kimmer from Tennessee to auctioneer at production sale 2018. Maddie Fenton said that there is a bonus with Pit because he will transport east also. On the down side he is more expensive than what a local auctioneer would be due to added travel cost or lodging. He also is 1,500 up front cost and Sam Baker was 1,000 and no added cost. It was decided that Terry Watts would call both

auctioneers and do a financial cost analysis and what each could do for us and get back to the group. There were suggestions for changing up the reader to maybe Ron Dilley or Jason Brashear. It was felt that the Sale ran well, and that perhaps we needed to increase the fee to enter a lot into the sale. Discussion was held on what other sales do and it was decided to raise the fee to $50.00 rather than $30.00 and to keep the consignment fee in place for now.

Kim Royer brought up that with the sale going from a $54,000 sale in 2016 to a $126,000. Sale in 2017 there is a need to have more oversight of the financial end of the sale and that perhaps we should have the auction company who would be licensed and bonded to handle the collection of the money after the sale. Terry will ask the auctioneers these questions when she calls and speaks with them and report back to the members. This recommendation was thought to be a good one and much needed.

It also was commented that the transportation is a nightmare when doing a DV auction. Increase demand for transportation is very difficult to accommodate. We will need better support for that area in 2018.

Board Member Seats: There will be 3 board member seats coming open for the 2018, If you are interested in running for a board position please let Koben Shigeta or Donna Newman know.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55

Respectfully Submitted: Terry Watts, SRMGA Secretary

Meetings Minutes October 7th, 20172018-04-01T04:09:26+00:00

Meeting Minutes May 6th, 2017


MAY 6TH 2017

Meeting was called to order by Board President Koben Shigeta at the Payette County Fairgrounds Saturday May 6th at 8:30 p.m.

There were 29 in attendance.

Treasurer Report:  

Dan Walrath reported that the SRMGA has about $14,000 in bank but that total did not include paying the judges expenses, food, bedding, venue, etc. A better Treasurer’s Report will be reported after all totals are received separate of these meeting minutes. The food truck had brought in $400 the first day and members liked having food truck.  Day 2 should all be profit so as it stands the food truck will be staying.

This show will cost us an additional $300 in shavings because of the flooding from Friday’s rain and the numbers total from the show were down and that was to be expected in the finalized Treasurer’s report. Numbers were expected to be down because of the harsh 2016 winter.

Kim Holt moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and Carolyn Ortega 2nd the motion.

All Goat University:  Koben Shigeta reported that the Snake River Meat Goat Association has been invited back to the All Goat University to teach classes about meat goats. Last year there was a very large turnout and this year is expected to be also large. There is a group from Blackfoot, Idaho coming just to learn about meat goats so the All Goat University is thankful to bridge the gap between Dairy and Meat Goats and work together to provide education to all. We encourage all members to attend and spread the word.

JRSRMGA:  Patsy Walrath reported that the Jr. SRMGA had their first meeting “Jr. SRMGA Kick off” at the Nampa Bowling Alley. Many old and new faces came to the meeting where the youth discussed the Food Truck, getting donations for the raffle, and set up/clean up at the shows. At that meeting Big Red Boers, Baldwin Livestock LLC, and KSK Ranch put together buckets to award the youth(s) for their hard work getting donations for the show. The youth (s) who got the most dollar amount in donations won the basket. The basket winner (s) are to be decided on Sunday during the raffle.

At the youth meeting the youth also voted on their new officers.

New Officers for 2017.   President Tyler Windom, VP Cheyenne Ortega, Sec.  Kylie Baldwin, Treasure Hannah White.
The youth have been directed to work side by side and be mentored by their representative board officer.

Marketing Committee:       Liv, and Shawnee – This committee was created to make flyers and get the word out to the youth about the open shows as well as the youth shows.


JABGA June Show:  Lisa Baldwin reported on the JABGA show and encouraged all to read the rules to be prepared for the show. Some of those rules that need attention is paperwork and making sure the youths name is the only name on the paperwork, a letter to allow siblings to show their stock and membership cards at check in. Crystal Fenton also commented that Jrs must be JABGA members and must show ownership of the animals 30 days prior to the show and 1 year after the show.

Also big talk of the night was the pen fees and the ABGA rule requiring JABGA pens to be free pens. After much discussion and the possibility of there being a lack of pens it was decided on that if we needed more pens we would need to rent another barn which will cost an extra $50 plus bedding and panels. This is how the discussion ended.

1. Any youth showing goats in the open shows AS WELL as the JABGA will be required to pay for pens.

2. Animals entered in just the JABGA show will be provided free pens. Those free pens are not guaranteed to be in the barns with the open entries. And those free pens are allowed to only hold JABGA SHOW goats. If open show goats are in a free JABGA pen then that pen will no longer be free and that exhibitor will be charged $10 for the pen fee.

Lisa will contact Aaron at ABGA related to awards and promotional organization of the show.  Koben Shigeta will also add link to the rules to make it easier to find on the entry forms.

Discussion was led regarding pre paying for Saturday night dinner at the show since the JABGA show will run late into the night. Pre paying would give the youth in the food truck along with their mentor more notice of how much food to make and would solidify food available for those showing goats as the Saturday inventory of the May show was depleted. Because of all the changes the SRMGA is facing by hosting a Regional JABGA show it was recommended to take the pre paying to the October show and see how it worked there.

The above was all put towards a vote by the attending membership and was passed by majority vote.

Scholarship:  Patsy Walrath reported that last year in 2016 the SRMGA scholarship program was put into place. That program was to reward the youth in a bigger way than goats as we know that some of the youth who put in a lot of time go on to pursue careers that aren’t goat related. So rather than giving a doe/doeling to a youth the SRMGA agreed to give scholarships towards education instead with the help of donated raffle scholarship does/doelings as the fundraiser. That program raised enough money to offer two $500 scholarships this year without draining the account.
Scholarship recipients for 2017 are Tyler Windom from New Plymouth, Idaho and Maddie Fenton from Touchet, Washington.  Congratulations!!

Scholarship Donation Doelings for 2017:  Owyhee Colors and Weiser River Boer Goats have donated doelings this year.    Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness for our youth. Price of raffle tickets are $3 per ticket or 2 tickets for $5. First doeling will be raffled off at the June Show. The second one in October.


Production Sale was reported on by Koben Shigeta. It was discussed that bringing in a pedigree reader from the ABGA was going to be $1000 minimum. Also having a better auctioneer would be anywhere from $1000 to $1500. His suggestion was increasing commission. That sparked more conversation on the possibility of moving our sale forward to include an online component to our auction as it would bring in more money and justify pedigree readers, great auctioneers and be worth the commission.  CBGA will be doing DV auction this year and there was a lively discussion among folks as to how we can make this work.

It was voted on by majority of the members present at the meeting to have an online auction this year if the board could get it going. The board is going to meet and get figures together and try to get an online auction this year.

Lisa Baldwin did some research with the state veterinarian for Idaho and SRMGA will require Health Certificates for any animals entering our state for this year’s sale as it is the State Law and the SRMGA would be held responsible if we were not requiring health certifications. We will also be considering later down adding the requirements for TB testing and Brucellosis. It will be educated this year that if a buyer is from a state that requires TB or Brucellosis testing they will need to make commendations for those animals and test.  There was information provided that Idaho will be requiring Brucellosis testing within the next two years for any goats coming into Idaho. The SRMGA will need to stay updated on changes in the law for animals coming in and out of the state.

Lisa Baldwin reported that the Veterinarian she reserved would be able to write health certs at the sale and could also add onto already provided health certs.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Watts

Board Secretary SRMGA

Meeting Minutes May 6th, 20172017-06-11T05:20:24+00:00