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Board of Directors Meeting January 15 2017

In attendance:  President Koben Shigeta, Vice President Patsy Walrath, Secretary Terry Watts, Lisa Baldwin, Samantha Davis, Donna Newman, and Nikki Brusseau.

Meeting was opened by Koben Shigeta:

Treasure Report:

Koben relayed that Nikki is now in the process of getting the books to Dan Walrath and that Dan and Nikki will be going over the transition and will update us with a Treasure report at soon as they have looked them over together and can give us a summary.   We do as of this date have $11,599.00 in the bank account with $1800.00 of that belonging in the Jr. SRMGA Scholarship fund.   We are in the process now of setting up a new bank account and a savings account which will be set up for the Jr. Scholarship fund.

Request for agenda  items:

There was a request to discuss a wether sale/show event for this year, also Timmery Perez and Kathy Cunningham have offered to serve on a committee if needed.  Thank you everyone.
Discussion was held on the wether sale/show and it was decided that this type of event comes with a lot of research and planning if it were to be successful.   It was decided that as a new board with a huge amount of work ahead that this event would be a bit overwhelming at this time.  It was decided to table this request for now and come back to it and look at it this fall at our planning meeting for next year.

Event discussion:

Raffle:  Kahla and Koben have been in the process of asking for sponsorships for SRMGA, in the form of cash, items for raffle and silent auction.  In the past our membership has really stepped up to help man the raffle table so we will continue to get volunteers for each raffle set up.  This way it will not always be the same folks and we can split it up some.  So with that being said if anyone would like to volunteer to man the raffle table during our events please let a board member know and we will get you set up.  We will continue to ask show and event participants to donate an item for our tables.  Hopefully we will get some businesses to donate like they did last year and we can divide those items up for each raffle.

Food:  Discussion was that we will have the food truck up and running for Boers De Mayo and the youth advisor along with the Jr. SRMGA will be in charge of the food.  We felt that even though there are places to get food in town it is always nice to have it on site.  The Treasure will be a part of this committee also.   This will be a trial and we will see how it goes. If it goes well and we can find enough help to successfully do food then the SRMGA will continue to provide a food truck.

Educational Clinics:

Terry Brown has offered to do a hoof trimming clinic,  I for one am really excited about that.

We may pair up another clinic with this one. We will let the association know when we decide.

CHS (pay-back feeds) has offered to do a clinic on mineral and would like to attend a membership meeting and educate on nutrition and feeds.

Ken Feaster-Eytchison:   Will do an AI clinic at the SRMGA Fall Finale.  This will be mostly classroom instruction with a demonstration on two does for education only.  This will not be hands on for the spectators. This event is not included in the one free membership pass, the cost will be $5 per person to attend.

Members of the SRMGA will receive one free clinic a year the others will be a nominal fee.

Western Idaho Fair:

We had a request at our last membership meeting asking that we look at some sort of reward system for participants that brought animals to the show the first three years to help get the show going at the fair.  It was brought up that this is a WIF show and SRMGA really has no say as to how the show runs.   Although this is a great idea our hands are really tied on this one.

This will be our last year exhibiting animals and then next year in 2018 the WIF will take on the Boer goat show and start providing premiums. They will also be responsible for finding and paying for a judge. This will be our last year in expense for this show.

Treasure Valley Classic:

The outgoing board of directors voted at the end of last year to no longer hold this event as SRMGA already holds two (2) other Jackpots along with all the other events that the youth are not excluded from.  The SRMGA plate is bursting at this time.  Aaron Zisk mentored by Kelly Haun is going to take over the Treasure Valley Classic as his senior project. The board will decide to what extent the association supports this show but we will donate towards it.


The Jr.  Group will need a new Adviser for 2017.  The new Bylaws forbid the President of SRMGA from being the Jr. Adviser.  Adviser does not need to be a Board member but must be a SRMGA member.   The floor was opened to nominations:  Autumn Davis,  Carolyn Ortega, and the Windom’s were recommended.   The Board reached out to these individuals and Carolyn Ortega has accepted the position.  Thank you Carolyn you will be amazing.

Recommendations for the Jr. group activities to help support the organization:

  • Help with food at the shows.
  • Fund raise
  • Market the scholarship doelings for the scholarship program.
  • Help set up SRMGA shows.

For the juniors it was voted on that membership dues remain the same $5 with the exception of a Jr. Member wanting to sell at the production sale. In that case we have voted that they must pay a normal membership fee of $20.00 but that fee would come without a vote.

The Jr. Members will be in charge of getting awards with their given budget (to be determined by the board and Treasurer) for their jackpot awards.

The Jr. Members will select their officers to promote leadership.

The Jr. SRMGA will not have their own bylaws they will abide by the bylaws and code of conduct/ethics of the SRMGA.

Jr. SRMGA Jackpots:

The Jr. SRMGA will continue to host the jackpots at both the Boers De Mayo, and the Boers of Summer shows.

  • Entry fees will pay for awards and payouts along with any donations that they may get.
  • Money left over after all bills are paid, if any, will go back to the association to assist the Jr. SRMGA with awards in other shows, venue, and judge fees.
  • The Jr. SRMGA officers and the adviser will look at the payout design along with the board of directors. When agreement is made the Treasurer will provide payouts.
  • All payouts will be given the day after the jackpot show to those juniors still in attendance. Otherwise checks will be mailed following the show.

Scholarship Doe:    

The raffle for the doeling’s last year netted 1,800 for our youth this was tremendous for them.   It was discussed and decided to do the raffle again.  There will be two (2) does donated for this event and one (1) will be raffled at the Boers of Summer show in June and the other doe will be raffled in the SRMGA Fall Finale show in October.  These does will be shown by the youth with the SRMGA paying the entry fees for them to show.

Production Sale:

It was discussed and decided that the 2016 rules will remain in place for the 2017 sale.  These rules begin with the membership dues beginning on Jan 1, of the year and we are now well into January.    The Board of Directors will keep the Production Sale on the agenda throughout the year and make it a priority to update and make rule changes if needed for next year and have a draft ready for the Oct. membership meeting for this fall.

We will be searching for a new auctioneer and if the budget permits a pedigree reader.


It was discussed and decided that our current website can be hard to navigate and would benefit from some changes in format.  Koben, Samantha, and Lisa offered to look at it and work with the webmaster to update the website. The updates they are considering making will make the website more personal and easier to use for the membership.

Commercial Meat Goats:

Some of the association was concerned that the SRMGA is geared more towards shows and registered stock and doesn’t provide adequate information and support to the meat market and commercial breeders. We are unsure how to satisfy the needs of commercial stock producers as we already provide health seminars and marketing. Samantha Davis volunteered to contact breeders who raise commercial stock to research what their needs are and how we can help them as an association. If the requests from commercial producers can be met the SRMGA board of directors will work throughout 2017 to implement their ideas to better serve their needs as commercial producers.

It was decided that with the increase cost in fuel and flights we need to increase our budgets for judges at shows. Currently the association asks the judges to stay at or below $1200. That $1200 includes hotel, judge fee, flight, rental car and food. In shows past the judges have been able to stay very close to that number. We have voted to increase that number from $1200 to $1300 with the understanding that things may cost a little more or less. Saturday judges will also receive an extra $100 for judging the jackpot shows as they take more time. Because of these increased fees we are going to increase the entry fees for our open ABGA shows from $12 non member and $10 member to $15 non member and $12 member.

Awards budget will remain the same $150 – $300 per show.

Production sale budget will need to be increased. At the October meeting members complained about quality of the auctioneer. It was also suggested that we hire a pedigree reader so we don’t have to put a member on the spot. It also keeps the sale unbiased. Auctioneer costs last year were $500. Our estimated cost for a better auctioneer will be anywhere from $800 – $1500 for this year. Pedigree readers in the past have donated their time. This year to hire a pedigree reader (ABGA Judge) will cost anywhere from $500 -$1200. These figures include travel, flight, and hotel stay.

All funds in the association are there as supportive funds. Show profits will not just be used for shows and production sale profits will not just be used for production sale.

To assist our budgets for the year Lisa Baldwin has offered to get t-shirts made for the association. We are also actively going to ask for sponsorships from our membership and local businesses for awards. If anyone would like to donate towards the association for awards, etc please visit the website to donate.

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Board of Directors Meeting January 5 2017

Snake River Meat Goat Association      

Board of Directors Meeting

Jan. 5, 2017

Meeting/election of officers held via internet message board

In attendance:  Patsy Walrath, Lisa Baldwin, Nikki Brusseau, Sam Davis, Terry Watts, Koben Shigeta, Donna Newman

This meeting was held to determine Officers as set forth in our New SRMGA bi-laws that took effect on November 8, 2016.  Each of these Board Members were voted into offices by unanimous vote.

President:  Koben Shigeta

Vice President:  Patsy Walrath

Secretary:  Terry Watts

Treasure:  Dan Walrath,  this position is a non-board member position.  Dan will sit in on meetings as needed to support the Board of Directors.

Remaining Board Members:   Lisa Baldwin, Nikki Brusseau, Sam Davis, Donna Newman.


Respectfully Submitted:

Terry Watts
SRMGA Secretary

Board of Directors Meeting January 5 20172017-12-01T20:04:02+00:00

Meeting Minutes October 7th 2016

Meeting Minutes

Snake River Meat Goat Association

Oct. 7th, 2016, 7:30 pm

Payette County Fair Grounds.

There were approximately 36 members and nonmembers present at our meeting.

Kahla Shigeta opened the meeting and welcomed all; we had a nice group of folks and a pot luck dinner.

Treasure Report:   Nikki Brusseau reported that we have had a fairly good year with our events breaking even or making some moneys.  With the exception of Western Idaho Fair was a loss at (-) $736.00, with only 58 goats.   We have $6,845 in our account at this time with $1265.00 of that belonging to the JRSRMGA.  Leaving SRMGA with a balance of $5,580.00 Discussion was held that the Jr. Group needs to have their own bank account.  It was also discussed that as an association we need to be looking at our budget and balance at the beginning of each year and SRMGA should be voting on a donation to our Jr. group when funds allow. It was also mentioned that the price of Judges keep going up mainly due to increase in plane fairs and hotel rooms.   It was mentioned that perhaps we need to increase entry fees.  Pros and Cons were discussed with no real decision made on this.

Western Idaho Fair:  Western Idaho Fair was a loss to the association of $736.00.  There was fairly good turnout for the show.  However we need to get our numbers up.  We realize this is a tuff time of year with breeding season getting started.  We have one more Western Idaho Fair to go before premiums will be paid and the fair will take over cost of our show.    This needs to be a priority if this show is to support itself.  There was some discussion related to allowing bucks perhaps under a year old at that show being a possibility, perhaps using the same rule as at a county fair.  Awards were discussed and folks in agreement that they like the idea of usable awards.

Production Sale Report:  Terry Watts reported on production sale: please see handout for breakdown.   There was discussion regarding need for a production sale committee.  Production sale this year was done with the help of last year’s SRMGA secretary Clare Askew and was run with the same rules as the 2015 sale.   Many ideas were thrown out related to how our fees are calculated.  (Please see attachment).    Some felt that it should be a flat fee others felt that the $30.00 nonrefundable plus % fee figured after the sale to pay expenses was a good idea.  This defiantly needs to be analyzed to see what is best for all.  Production Sale had a profit of 1,598.70 for 2016.  This is our only real fund raising event for the organization other than membership fees that help us to keep our shows and educational events running.   Question was asked as to why we made more money this year over last year.  Our auctioneer last year cost us twice as much as this year.  This led to discussion regarding level of auctioneer, ability to feed auction to internet, and if we need a professional reader and defiantly folks that do not have animals in the auction, being paid or volunteer.   For sure something for a committee to look at.It was felt that the Facebook page that was added was a great advertisement.   Terry Watts reported that for the most part the feedback from consignors to her was that it was a great saleand they were very happy. It was also mentioned that having transport there was huge for us.  Samantha Davis reported that Goat Express said that they will be available to us again next year and will do a semiannual run if we need it to our area.   Terry Brown stated that we do need to be careful with the transporters that it does not interfere with the sale of our auction goats.

Code of Ethics:  Terry Watts reported that with the friction that we have experienced this year with both Facebook posts and negativity within the association it was decided among the officers that we needed to have some form of code to draw on related to behavior of all of our members.  Within this discussion a code of Ethics was developed and placed on the web site also a code of behavior to be used and what will be allowed on our social media page was pinned to our Facebook page.  (Please see attachment Code of Ethics) also the pinned post to our Facebook page.   Kim H.  suggested that we also have a Bullying policy do to the events in the past few months.  She stated that from a Human Resources point of view it is needed.  Carolyn O.stated that there is a really good one on 4H online that we might be able to draw from.

Bylaws: Kahla Shigeta reported that there is a need to update our Bylaws and that Terry Brown has offered to help us with these.   Koben Shigeta has volunteered to also be on that committee.  These two volunteers will get a committee together and get a revision out to all soon.   It was discussed and presented that perhaps 2 general membership meetings a year perhaps one at Boers De Mayo in May and the other in Oct. at Fall Finale would work well.  This will allow for larger numbersof membership to attend our meetings and not just the local folks here in this area.  Discussion was held on unity of our group and when to hold board meetings perhaps quarterly or when more than 2 issues arise was an idea, with productive minutes sent out to the members.

JRSRMGA update:  Koben Shigeta reported that our Jr. group has been very active this year in helping with our shows, and with competing in their jackpots and county fairs.  The first scholarship doe brought in $1265.00 and we are still selling tickets for the second doeling and winner for that doeling will be drawn on Sundayduring the raffle drawing.

There was some discussion on jackpot shows being so long when being held along with open shows.  It for sure saves money on venue however we do pay the judges extra for the judging both shows.  There was some discussion on having jackpot before vs after the open show.  The membership was divided on this, perhaps need to have a survey monkey vote on this topic.

Proceeds from Events:  Kahla opened the floor to suggestions as to how to use some of our moneys that we make from our events.  It was mentioned that there was a group from Nevada that contacted us to see if we could come to them to help them educate a large group of youth and adults on care of goats and just what does it take to raise them.  There was discussion related to our role and commitment to the goat community in all of our states that we serve to “Promote the Goat.”    It was discussed that perhaps it would be a good idea to send a couple of volunteers to do clinic to educate and have the association pay for gas and room and meal allowance for the volunteers.   That discussion then led to perhaps that large group could come to us.  Maybe this would be a good one to write up proposal and take to board or have a vote of membership.   There was no decision made on this topic.

New Board Of Directors Member: Kahla Shigeta announced that with the resignation of Gabriel Aguayo, Donna Newman was appointed to that seat until that seats would be up for re-election.  Thank you Donna, for agreeing to this appointment.

Meeting adjourned  9:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Watts,
Secretary Snake River Meat  Goat Association.

Synopsis of how SRMGA is charging for sells of lots at Production Sale.

There has been some question regarding how we have been charging entry fees and commission cost at our production sale. This is a synopsis of the SRMGA charges in the past and present and also a comparison to the Cascade Boer Goat Sale.

From 2007 till 2014 there was a 30.00 refundable entry fee to all members per consignment lot. The 30.00 was refunded if the animal was put in the sale. If it was not it was charged and kept. When your animal sold at the auction there was a commission charged that was set after expenses were figured, that would end up ranging on average between 6 and 8% of the sale price. It was also charged to no sale animals on their reserve price. So to show you the difference between the 3 scenarios I have chosen a price of $900.00 this is rounded up from the avg. price of a lot at this year’s sale. (2016)

2014 900.00 dollar lot would have cost the seller. $30.00 refundable fee.Then 7% of $900.00 = $63.00 cost to the seller for this lot.
In November of 2014 at a membership meeting it was voted to move to a $30.00 non-refundable entry fee to the sale. Then we would at the end of the sale add up expenses and from that cost figure a commission fee to cover our cost. For both 2015 and 2016 it figured out to 2.5%.

2015 and 2016 $900.00 lot = $30.00 + 2.5% of %900.00 = $22.50 for a cost of $52.50 per entry.
Cascade Boer Goat Association = a flat fee of $60.00 non-refundable fee per lot. (Per website).

SRMGA production Sale is our only for sure fund raising event that we have other than our raffles that have helped to cover our cost at shows. We also have our scholarship fundraising efforts that go toward our JRSRMGA. It is important to have these fundraisers so that we can cover cost of education and promotion of the goat.

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Officer meeting SRMGA July 2 2016

Officer meeting SRMGA
July 2, 2016
Nampa, Idaho
6:03 pm.

In attendance: Kahla Shigeta President,  Patsy Walrath Vice President,  Nikki Brusseau Treasure and Terry Watts Secretary

Meeting was called by Kahla Shigeta to discuss resignation of Gabriel Aguayo to the Board of Directors of Snake River Meat Goat Association.  It was noted that Gabriel resigned due to personal reasons.

Discussion was then held related to need of reappointment of this board seat at this time or, wait until elections are held again in January of 2017.  It was agreed by all that a new board member should be appointed at this time.

Many members of the association were then discussed and what each one could bring to the association and to the Board.  The decision was made to contact Donna Newman related to her years in the goat industry and her experience.    President Kahla Shigeta will contact Donna this week and see if she would be interested in filling this seat on the board.

Meeting adjourned  7:27 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Terry Watts
Secretary, Snake River Meat Goat Association.

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The SRMGA Production Sale is over for another year

The SRMGA Production Sale is over for another year. The gross sales were $41,193.65. High selling buck was MADI Man of War, purchased by Joyce Malstrom , Nampa, ID for $1000.00 High selling doe was Capriole’s Trademark, purchased by Thomas Wilson, Hermiston, OR for $2000.00. Congratulations and thanks to consignors and buyers for a great sale.


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9th Annual Production Sale

Snake River Meat Goat Association
9th Annual Production Sale
September 19, 2015
Payette County Fairgrounds

New Plymouth, Idaho

Auctioneer: Paul Adams, Middleton, ID (208) 890-1911

Preview starts at 9 a.m.
Sale starts at Noon

Clare Askew (208) 250-9518

Kobenor Kahla Shigeta, (541) 212-6610


Live Auction!

Phone bids welcome-Contact Trapper Thomas (541) 881-6064 or

Wayne Gifford (208) 871-0468

Registered Fullbloods – Purebreds – Percentages

This is the place & time to purchase quality Boer goats!

100+ lots available from some of the top breeders in
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California,and New Mexico.

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Minutes of SRMGA Meeting June 13 2015

Meeting called to order by President Kahla Shigeta. Attending were Tawnie Roberds, Midvale, Nikki & Liv Brusseau, Caldwell, Cari Zisk, Emmett, Terry Watts, Weiser, Marie Beatty, Kuna, Tawnya & Nani McKague, Meridian, Marilyn O’Leary, Fruitland and Kim Royer, Cambridge.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Open and Youth Jackpot. Due to the excellent participation, we made a profit. $577.65 on the shows. Good Job everyone. On the negative side, there were complaints about having to provide copies of the registration papers for the open show. The reason these copies were requested was to make verifying the information (or lack of) on the entry forms easier. It was decided to see if we could eliminate this requirement. The show clerks have always used their personal computers to process the entries and it was moved and seconded that we buy another laptop to be used exclusively by the show clerk. That way it can be set up permanently with the forms and information needed to make this difficult job easier. That being said, Marilyn O’Leary will no longer be able to clerk the Boers de Mayo Show, so we will need a new clerk. It was decided that if possible it would be better if we had 2 people working together to clerk the shows.Kahla Shigeta & Liv Brusseau volunteered.

Goat Days of Summer Open & Youth Jackpot: June 27th& 28th. Judges Warren Thigpen and Eddie Holland. Entry information and forms are on our website . Aaron Zisk will be our announcer again. Nikki Brusseau has been working on a new backdrop for pictures and it’s glorious, Terry Watts will check with her daughter Tracy and see if she will take pictures. Cari Zisk will oversee the raffle again. We discussed how to make the drawing move faster, but could come up with no good solution. We will need volunteers for runners to get the exhibitors notified of upcoming classes as there is no sound system in the barns. Nikki Brusseau and Marie Beatty will be ring stewards again. Straw will be provided for bedding. Clean up will be done by one of the local 4H clubs. We will pay the same as New Plymouth, $100 per barn. Set up will be Friday June 26th at noon and volunteers are needed to help. Check in time for exhibitors will be any time after 12 o’clock noon on the 26th. Pens will be assigned for the Open Show, but not the Youth Jackpot. Check in for youth exhibitors & weighing wethers for the Jackpot will be Saturday morning starting at 8 am. Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship, then Breeding Doe classes and last, market wethers, so we’ll have time to get them all weighed. It was suggested that we eliminate the entry fee for the showmanship classes, but that would also eliminate prize money for those classes. So it was decided to leave entry fees the way they were. Lunch will be available both days, but no potluck Friday night as there are a number of eating places close in Homedale.

Fitting and Showing Clinics: The Goat Boot Camp organized by Kelly Haun was a great success. Attendance was very good and everyone who participated benefited by the knowledge and expertise of Austin Chandler, the young man who did the presentation. It was decided that the Association should try to sponsor some of these clinics in the future. If we contribute to some of the expense, that would lower the fees that people would have to pay to attend and should increase attendance.

Treasure Valley Classic. July 11th, 8 am, Owyhee Country Fairgrounds, Homedale, ID. Judge, Madi Fenton, Touchet, WA. There will be a short fitting and showing seminar starting at 9 am.

Show will start at 10 am with Showmanship, then break for lunch, then Breeding Does and wethers. Show will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Show Series. Cash prizes and goat equipment will be given.

Western Idaho Fair Show: Mike Wallace will be our judge. Entries will need to be made by August 12th online at the Western Idaho website, or August 10th by mail using the open show entry form supplied by the WIF in the Premium book. Those forms and the entry fees of $18 per class for Open and $15 per class for the Jackpot will be sent to the Fair Office and they will forward our portion of the entry fee and the forms to us. We will need at least 10 goats from 3 different farms to participate in the open show portion of the fair, this would include jackpot entries. Goats will need to be kept at the fairgrounds from Wednesday August 26th through Saturday August 29th. The Open Show and Youth Jackpot will be held Friday August 28. The Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship and Breeding Doe Classes. There will not be Market Wether Classes as wethers will be shown during the 4H and FFA portion of the fair so they can be sold in the fair auctions. Bedding (shavings) will be provided by the facility for the first day, any bedding (shavings) after that time will have to be provided by the exhibitor. Pens will be assigned for both the open and jackpot shows and there will be no pen fees. The open show will be percentage and purebred/fullblood does only, no bucks. Horns will be allowed. Exhibitors will have to pay the fair gate admission charge each daily to get on the fairgrounds. They do sell passes that allow exhibitors in at a reduced cost from the daily fee. We should have enough people going daily who can take care of the goats whose owners can’t get there every day. It was suggested we conduct mini clinics during the days the goats are on being exhibited, but we decided we had enough to do at this point without adding more.

Production Sale: Saturday September 19, Payette County Fairgrounds, New Plymouth ID

The Consignment forms will be going out to the consignors after the Goat Days of Summer Show. Deadline for returning them and paying consignment fee is July 15, 2015. All the lots on the sale are full, but if consignors are unable to bring as many animals as they originally specified, I have members waiting to fill those lots. The catalog will be on only this year, with a link on our website.

Very productive meeting, if I forgot anything, please let me know.


Clara Askew
Snake River Meat Goat Association


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March 2015 Fuzzy Goat Show

Snake River Meat Goat Association

Fuzzy Goat Show

ABGA Show on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Canyon County Fairgrounds, Caldwell, Idaho

Youth Jackpot Show to follow ABGA show

What: 1-Day ABGA Sanctioned Boer Goat Show

Where: Canyon County Fairgrounds, Caldwell, Idaho

When: Sunday, March 1, 2015, Show Starting at 10:00a.m.

2015 Fuzzy Goat Show Results for ABGA

March 2015 Fuzzy Goat Show2015-04-02T19:19:20+00:00

Minutes of SRMGA Meeting January 11 2015

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary. Attending were John and Clayton Moore, Mountain Home, Koben&KahlaShigeta, Ontario, Angela Shaw & her daughter, Caldwell, Kelly Haun, Wilder, Nikki & Liv Brusseau, Caldwell, Will & Hannah Field, Grandview, Jean McDonald, Emmett, Kim & Ben Holt, Caldwell, Karen & Dillon Kellar, Nampa, Rhonda & Reagan Hoadley, Homedale,Zack Ware, Weiser, Wyatt Hodges, Weiser, Terry & Tracy Watts, Weiser, Marti Erickson, Nampa, Kim Royer, Cambridge, & Matt O’Leary, Fruitland. A total of 250 raffle tickets were given to attendees. Wow!!!

Minutes and Treasurer’s report read and approved. We have $6000.65 in the bank.

Old Business: Website is done and ready to go live. Terry Watts motioned and Kellly Haun seconded to have it go live. The membership form can be completed and dues can be paid online with PayPal. Also, entries for Open shows and Youth Jackpots can be completed and paid for online. The Entry Packets for the Fuzzy Goat Show and Youth Jackpot are on the website along with the information about the shows. You can either download the entry forms and mail them in with a check or fill them out online and pay with a credit card. The web address is still Check it out.

Fuzzy Goat Show: Will be at the Canyon County Fairgrounds in Caldwell. Will be a one day show Sunday March 1st starting at 10 am. Check in will start at 9 am. Set up will be Saturday night at 7:30 pm. We will have a short meeting at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 211 S 21st, Caldwell, (this is next to the Fairgrounds) beginning at 6 pm,prior to set up. The Youth Jackpot will follow the Open Show. When we can determine how many entries we will have for the open show, we’ll get an approximate time so the youth exhibitors won’t have wait too long for their show. Youth Jackpot will consist of Breeding Doe and Showmanship classes only. The Fairgrounds charges $15 per pen we use and they are 4×4. They will hold 1 buck, 2 large does or 3 small ones. I will check to see if they can be expanded to 4×8 for the same price. We can’t use bedding and any hay will have to be cleaned up. Will check to see if we can put down a tarp for bedding and then remove it when the show is over. Goats should be clean and trimmed, but do not need to be clipped. ABGA needed to be notified 120 days prior to the show to get it sanctioned. We were late, but Marilyn is working with them to get this done. Prizes will be ribbons and cash. If you are interested in sponsoring any awards, the forms are in the entry packets. There will be a raffle, CariZisk ( and Jean McDonald

( will be gathering items, so contact them if you have something you would like to donate.

Boers de Mayor Show: Will be May 2nd and 3rd at the Payette Country Fairgrounds, New Plymouth, ID. Check in will be Friday after noon. Forms are not on the website, but will be shortly. Judges will Sonny Larena for Saturday and Scott Pruett, Sunday.ABGA has been notified and the show is sanctioned. The Youth Jackpot will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Jackpots and will not be a JABGA show this year. It will follow the Open Show on Saturday May 2nd between 3 and 4 pm. The classes will be for market wethers, breeding does and showmanship. Cash prizes will be awarded for both the Open and Youth Jackpot.

Boers of Summer: Twin Falls County Fairgrounds don’t have any dates that will work for us available. Seems we should have reserved the dates we wanted for this year at last year’s show. So, Terry Watts is going to check with Evelyn Simon about any fairgrounds in the surrounding area that would be suitable. Jerome County and Shoshone County were suggested. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have a location.

Production Sale: Get your consignment numbers in as soon as you can as consignments will be on a first come basis and will cut off at 100. Consignment rules are on the Production Sale page of the new website.

AGF Grant: Haven’t heard anything yet as to whether we got the grant. Motion was made and seconded to pay dues for membership in the American Goat Federation. It’s $100 a year.

New Business:

Worming Seminar. We will hold another worming seminar in March. Kelly Haun will contact Dr Hind at University of Idaho Caine Veterinary Center to see if he can come and talk about parasite control. If he is available, it will be held at the Sleep Inn conference room, 1315 Industrial Rd, Nampa on March 29, 2015 at 2 pm. Once everything is verified, an announcement will be put out to everyone.

PayPal: Association Dues can now be paid via PayPal. The form is on the new website. Please feel free to use it. There is a small fee, on payments of $65.00 it was $1.33. Well worth it for the convenience.

Western Idaho Fair: Kelly Haun, Kim Holt and Clara Askew will get the dates of their next fairboard meeting and attend to try to get the 4-H and FFA meat goat classes worked out and if horns will be allowed on breeding does.We also need to talk to them about an Open Show for Boer Goats.

Election of officers: Kahla Shigeta is our new President. Kelly Haun is the new Vice President. Thanks to Marilyn O’Leary for her hard work and service. She did a great job.

Kim Royer, who is the goat representative on the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board, reported the the State Legislature will be voting on the goat assessment for disease and predator control early in this year’s session. It will be taken from sales totals at Treasure Valley Livestock and she said it will be .80 cents. Not sure if that’s per goat or per pound. Will get clarification. Also not sure if it affects our production sale. Also there will be a greater emphasis on herd identification for scrapies eradication. So, for Idaho producers, if you haven’t got a herd number, contact the Idaho Dept of Agriculture and ask for a herd premise number. This is a free service. They will take your location information and send you a tagger and tags with your farm number on them. You can also order tags from Premier with your farm id on one side and the number you use to identify herd members on the other. They have a form you fill out when you order. Very easy.

This was a lengthy, busy meeting and if I missed anything, I apologize. Let me know and I’ll add it. It was great having such good attendance. I want to thank everyone that came out.

Clara Askew

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Minutes of SRMGA Meeting November 1 2014

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary. Attending were Koben & Kahla Shigeta, Terry Watts, Marie Beatty, Matt O’Leary, Tawyna and Nani McKague.

Minutes of last meeting and treasure’s report read and approved. We have $5977.65 in the bank.

Old Business:

Facebook: Discussion on whether to open our Facebook pages up to non-members of the Assoc. It was decided that since requests to join could be filtered and anything that wasn’t goat related could be kept out, it would be opened up. Motion was made by Terry Watts and seconded by Matt O’Leary.

Meeting Attendance: Discussion about what to do about low meeting attendance. It was decided to set the date for the next meeting during the current meeting. We would try to have set dates for quarterly meetings. Also as an incentive, $5.00 worth of raffle tickets (10) would be given to members who attend the meeting.

Production Sale: We need to have Consignor Rules on the website and facebook so members don’t have to search back through the minutes of meetings to find out information about getting goats in the sale. So attached are the rules for consigning which will be posted on the website under Production Sale. Please read them carefully. Members will notice some changes voted on by everyone who was at this meeting.

Some of them are: $30 entry fee will no longer be refunded.

Substitutions made after August 1 of the year of the sale will cost an   additional $10.

Consignors will only be able to consign 8 goats instead of 10.

Catalog will be on only with a link from our website.

Members can consign 1 buck only if they consign 3 does.

No more than 2 goats per pen in the barns.

Lot # Tags – The goats chew on the string that the lot number tags are attached to and lose their tags. So we need to come up with a better way of getting the lot# on the goat. Plastic chain was suggested, also painted numbers or glued on tags like the sale barns use. This was tabled for later discussion. It was suggested we have a note book with large lot numbers on individual pages on the auctioneer’s stand that could be turned as each lot comes into the ring so that buyers would know for sure which lot was in the ring.

It has been brought up by consignors after this sale that Nancy Barlas did a great job as a pedigree reader, but it might be even better if we hired Scott Pruett, who is an ABGA certified judge, to read the pedigrees. He’s worked at other sales and it seems to improve the bottom line. This would free Nancy to take care of her own goats. We would be able to pay his fee by retaining the sale entry fee.

We need to talk about training our helpers at the sale, we need to train how to do a task, rather than just saying, this is what needs to be done, go do it.

Boers de Mayo Show: Will be May 2 & 3rd this year. Judges will by Sammy Loreno for Satuday and Scott Pruett for Sunday. Koben & Kahla will get the straw. Grand prizes will again by Director’s Chairs.

Boers of Summer Show: Judy Novak will no longer be able to put on the show. BUT, she would be available to mentor. So Koben&Kahla with help will take over. Myrna Bowman who has been the show clerk for the last 2 years will still do that for us. Anyone else who wants to assist, contact Koben or Kahla. Dates will be either June 20 & 21 or 27 & 28.

Youth Jackpots: Will still have them after the open ABGA shows on Saturday. Will be affiliated with Rocky Mountain Jackpots only. Open to all youths up to 21 years of age. We will also have the Treasure Valley Classic in July at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds. We will again have a fitting and showing class for attendees. It will be only 1 day with the class in the morning and the show in the afternoon. Lunch will be available.

New Business:

Website: Still checking into a new webmaster. Our current website is based in Microsoft Front Page. This program hasn’t been supported by Microsoft since 2006. We could still use it, but we really need to update to a more user friendly format. Our domain host recommended Cindy Fajardo, RA Web Designs. I have corresponded with her by email and she would be able to transfer the information on our website to WordPress which is a popular online content management system which allows growth and flexibility. It would allow us to easy access to make quick updates on our own. Her initial fee is $800 and the $35 per month maintenance fee. Keep in mind, we paid Becky $400 to initially set up the site and then $550.00 a year to maintain it.

Ranch House Designs was also recommended. I haven’t talked to them yet. According to their website, the initial fee to set up a website is $600 and up. I have contacted them and they will send me a form to complete so they can give us a quote.

We have applied for a grant from the American Goat Federation for $1000 for a Scrapies and Q Fever Eradication Program. We have proposed putting on a seminar and having literature available at our shows and sale.We would also put information about it on our website. In order to do this, we have to have our website back up, so if we get the grant, hopefully we can use some of this money for that. We should work with a professional as this is the place we put our best face forward.

Fuzzy Goat Show: We discussed having a one day ABGA show with a youth jackpot onFebruary21, 2015 inside at the Canyon County Fairground building. First we have to find out if the building is available and how much it would cost. I was told that for 4-H functions, it could possibly be free. Since we have a number of members in 4-H and FFA, hopefully we would qualify. I will find out this week. Also we would need a judge that wouldn’t mind judging unclipped goats. Marilyn will check this out. The youth jackpot would be for breeding does and showmanship only.

New Board Members: Kahla Shigeta, Kim Holt and Terry Watts are our new board members along with existing member Evelyn Simon.

Election of Officers will be in at the January 2015 meeting. Please send your nominations for




Deadline for nominations will be 1/1/2015.




Thank you,

Clara Askew

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