Owner: Windom Boer Goats
New Plymouth, Idaho

I’m Tyler Windom. I am the owner and operator of Windom Boer Goats. I have been raising Boer goats for five years now. My passion for raising Boer goats first started with raising a couple of market wethers for the fair. After that I was hooked. I purchased a couple does and got my herd started. My small herd now consists of both fullblood and percentage does. I am continually learning more and more about the Boer goat breed and raising animals in general. My goal is to produce high quality animals that can compete well in the show ring and be a great addition to any herd. This association and it members has been amazing to me. There is always someone willing to lend a hand or answer any of my questions. So I am honored to be given a chance to be able to help run such an amazing association. As always, promote the goat!