Co-owner: Big Red Boers
Middleton, Idaho

My name is Patsy Walrath, co-owner of Big Red Boers. I have been a teacher my whole life and am currently teaching first grade. My husband, Dan, and I raise grass hay and Boer meat goats on our farm north of Middleton, Idaho. Our farm name is Big Red Boers.

Our youngest child, John, is who I blame entirely for having our herd of Boers! All three children showed sheep in NE for years, but the youngest got started showing goats too after they were first introduced to him through his FFA advisor. I found them to be irresistible and when I learned we would be moving to a family farm here in Idaho, we purchased our first buck and some does and moved them with us. We had no plans to ever show goats and were going to raise goats for meat and 4-H wethers, which we knew something about from the years helping our son with his show animals. But one day we decided to find out what the show world was about and the rest, as they say, is history. Today we have a mixed herd of percentage and full blood Boers that teach us how much we really do not know about goats every day and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Being farmers at heart, Dan and I live, laugh, cry, and love our Boers!