Owner: Owyhee Colors
Ontario, Oregon

My love for goats goes back to my school days. My first doe, a black Nubian named Blossom, had me hooked from word go.  We raised sheep and goats for many years selling to locals for 4-H and FFA projects.  My parents then sold the cattle ranch we grew up on and moved from Baker City area to Ontario.  A few years after high school, I moved to Washington and got married. Little did my husband know (because at the time there were no goats to be seen) he had just married “the crazy goat lady.”  Our home had some acreage and as soon as we got it fenced there were animals on it. One goat quickly became a lot of goats, mostly Nubians and mostly spotted in color.  My daughter was born summer of 2010 and the need to be closer to family brought us to Oregon. We quickly learned that the demand for the dairy does was much less, yet I did not want to give up my colored does. It was then, while searching for a Boer buck, we discovered the dapple and spotted colored Boer goat…we have been hooked since. Our first SRMGA Production Sale was in the fall of 2013 where we had hopes of taking home the only spotted buck in the sale. We were not so lucky to get him but, did come home with two nice bucks and a couple fullblood does and thus began a partnership with my parents and my husband and I we call Owyhee Colors. We strive to breed a great colored goat that will perform well in the field giving you great mothering instincts and milk. We are also looking for one that will compete in the ring.  We have a lot of true percentages as they were the foundation for where we began and great does are hard to give up no matter what the breed. We have met some amazing new friends and people we would call family through this association and its shows. As that first time showman, in an environment unfamiliar to us, it was great to be welcomed with open arms and have people willing to help you with whatever you needed.  It is my goal to show that same compassion and willingness to help to others while serving as an SRMGA Board member. I look forward to many great events, meeting and seeing new and old faces.