Owner: Weiser River Boer Goats
Weiser, Idaho

I began my passion for the Boer Goat in 2006. My friend and I saw an advertisement for a goat show in New Plymouth Idaho. We had both always loved livestock and were always heavily into horses. So we decided to go check this thing out. We found the people and the show to be very enjoyable and we had a great day. Dr. Fred Homeyer was the judge that day and he did a clinic on the Boer Goat that evening which we stayed for, and became even more excited about this giant goat. Then in the fall of that same year we found ourselves at the first ever SRMGA Production Sale. I didn’t buy anything but listened and learned. I did join the association that year. In the spring of 2007 my husband and I were busily building a horse barn which by fall was the GOAT barn and we purchased 4 old Boer does and a young buck. Still knowing nothing of what I was doing we were in the Goat business.

Through the years we have had as many as 60 breeding does and we breed mostly for the 4H kids and the meat market. We now have 20 breeding does all Registered ABGA and 3 Fullblood ABGA Bucks and we are a little more focused on raising some show stock and remain in the wether market also. I am a 4-H leader and lead The Wranglers which is a Horse and Goat group mainly. My involvement in the Snake River Meat Goat Association has been a great experience. I would not have made it through the first years without the help and experience of this association and its members. I have found everyone to be helpful, very willing to teach, and help you through any situation. I pulled my first kid on the phone with Lindy Gifford working me through each step. I am looking forward to more years with all of these great folks and enjoying the process of improvement of my little herd.