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SRMGA Breeders Spotlight: Anderson Boer Goats

When I was a kid I worked for the “Crazy Goat Lady” down the road. She had anywhere from 20 to 60 goats at a time, most of them in milk. I can tell you as an adult with a full time job and a life, sometimes 3 does are too much to milk. I don’t know how anyone milks that many goats…..twice a day. And I did it for $5 to $10 a day. What a dumb kid. I swore I’d never have anything to do with a goat, EVER AGAIN………

10 years later I was raising race horses and lost my mare the day she foaled. I went to the sales barn and bought the best doe in milk I could find. After milking her for a week and the filly eating more then a gallon a day, I went back for a second one. Long story short, I lost the filly to a freak accident, and over the next year started selling off the horses. Meanwhile, that toggenburg showed me that goats have another side I never saw before. What a personality, she was more like a dog, she followed me everywhere, and would bring the whole herd in when I called her name. I eventually traded off the last gelding I had for 7 commercial boer does. To this day that was the best trade I’ve ever made!

Anderson Boer Goats has grown into a family affair, neices Emily, Erica and Loretta, and a nephew Ethan, have does in the herd and a sister is joining with dairy does. …And guess where all those bottle babies go? Loretta and Mark feed them all.

We started out with the intention of just breeding weed eating kids for market. We soon found ourselves over run with 65 head of does! We started picking and choosing who got to stay. We set goals, decided what we wanted to work toward and took off running. We still stick to most of those goals we first started with, but we’ve added color, Fullboods and wether genetics to our mix. Most of our herd is registered ABGA, but most of our kids end up with a 4H family. And of course several end up in our freezer.

The kids do 4H and Jr Livestock and when we can make it work we enjoy going to an ABGA show. We’ve just started getting good results from our AI program and hope to continue to improve our herd with outside genetics, from the ABGA and just started dipping into the wether industry. We are excited with where our program is headed.

And as every goat person already knows, goats are great therapists. I can spend hours sitting on my milk crate watching the goats.

Anderson Boer Goats