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Date(s) - 08/28/2015 - 08/29/2015

Western Idaho State Fair

****Youth Jackpot****

The Youth Jackpot at the Western Idaho Fair will consist of breeding does and showmanship, no wethers.  The breeding doe classes will be 1 thru 7, the same as the open classes as we have to use the fair’s entry form. We will not have classes 8 thru 13 in the Jackpot, do not enter any goats in those classes. Classes with less than 4 entries may be combined.

Please indicate in parenthesis at the end of the line for the email address whether the entries for the Jackpot or the Open show with a J for Jackpot and an O for Open.  If you are entering the same goats in each show, please indicate that with a J/O.  You only have to pay an entry fee for either show, not both.  Entry fee amount for 3 goats in both the open and jackpot shows would be 3x$18 – $54.00 for example.

On the entry form, there are two columns for Registry numbers. In the last column on the right, put whether the goat is Fullblood (FB), Purebred (PB) or Percentage (PC).

Showmanship classes can be entered at the fair, by contacting the show secretary, up until 8 am the morning of the show, Friday August 28, 2015.  The entry fee will be $10 per entrant.  These classes do not have to go to the Fair Office.

Ribbons and Cash prizes will be awarded to participants in the Jackpot.
Western Idaho State Fair, Expo Idaho, Garden City, Idaho  ABGA Certified Judge:  Mike Wallace
AGBA Sanctioned Open Show, Percentage and Purebred Does only, no bucks. There will also be a Youth Jackpot for Breeding Does and Showmanship, no wethers. .

Show will be Friday, August 28, 2015. Youth Jackpot will start at 9 am with the open show to follow. Goats that are being shown must be brought to the fairgrounds on the Wednesday, the 26th and left until Saturday the 29th.

Entries will need to be made by August 12th online at the Western Idaho website, www.idahofair.com or August 10th by mail using the open show entry form supplied by the WIF in the Premium book.

Western Idaho Fair Entry Form

Department 8B


Exhibit Only

For more information contact Kahla Shigeta at 541-212-6610 or Kelly Haun at 208-631-3464

See page 9 for the criteria for establishing & maintaining breeds shows.

For all health requirements, arrival and release rules and regulations see page 47 (same as Dairy Goats)

Entries fees: $18 per class (includes SRMGA fees -$15)

Division 1. All registered does (horns allowed)


  1. 0 and under 3 months of age
  2. 3 and under 6 months of age
  3. 6 and under 9 months of age
  4. 9 and under 12 months of age
  5. 12 and under 16 months of age
  6. 16 and under 20 months of age
  7. 20 and under 24 months of age
  8. 24 and under 36 months of age
  9. 36 months of age and over
  10. Get-of-sire
  11. Best Pair
  12. Best Breeders Trio
  13. Produce of Dam

The Snake River Meat Goat Association will organize a show on Friday August 28th, Noon. Check the website www.srmga.com for information about a Junior Show.