Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Wayne & Lindy Gifford, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, John & Cheryl Sargent and Marilyn O’Leary. Minutes of last meeting were read by Secretary Clara Askew and approved. Treasurer’s report given, we have $2048.74. The bank has been charging us a monthly service fee for use of credit cards at the September sale. I’m working with the bank to get them to refund it. If I can’t get it refunded, we may have to take it out of my wages.

Old Business:

Youth Committee: Lindy Gifford said one of our participants in the Doeling Program, Dallen Johnston, doe had triplets. Judy Novak said we need to have applications for the doeling program put on the website. Also she suggested we change the link name from Doeling Program to Youth Activities so that it will be more evident this is a youth program. She also suggested it would be nice to have a link on website for Youth Program with a sublink for the doeling program with pictures of the kids participating in the showmanship class.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend the meeting because she is in the middle of kidding. But she sent a report on her local market. At the Twin Falls Auction, 6 Alpine bottle bucklings sold for $20 to $27.50 each, 3 Boer bottle bucklings, same age as alpines (1 week max) sold for $50 to $60 each. Boer and Boer cross wethers, young does, good butcher goats, under one year, $130 to $150; Commercial Boer cross does, $125 to $140; commercial dairy does, $95 to $125; Spanish cross does, $90, some of these were pretty nice looking; Spanish cross does with kids, $130 to $140; Pygmy/Boer cross withers/does/yearling size $75; Pygmy little bucks/wethers/kids $10 to $15, none of these were nice, just kinda rough; and a horned Alpine buck $85.

She also said she has been taking a weekly workshop at the U of I extension in Twin Falls and learned that if you are audited by the IRS for not showing a profit year after year, it will help validate your efforts as a business if you have a Business Plan. There’s a great website to create one, https://www/ Also, you should have a separate checking account for the business, it can help to show you are acting as a business, not just an expensive hobby.

Wayne Gifford reported that there are 2 men buying cull goats and butchering them at home illegally to sell. They are undercutting price that the buyers who are using USDA butchers have to charge. So if someone comes to your farm wanting to buy your culls, kind of question whether they are going to be for home consumption or for sale because this hurts all of us on our marketing. He also reported that Del Treasure is paying about 90 cents less than the Caldwell auction.

Show Committee: Judy Novak on the June Show – It will be 2 IBGA Shows, so all registrations will be accepted. Everyone is encouraged to attend. It is a very nice show for smaller breeders. Dates are 25th and 26th of June. Entry forms will be on the website. Deadlines will be on website also. There will be a raffle. A quilt for each day, with IBGA colors. Weather vanes with goats on them. Sponsors for classes will be accepted. Ads will be full page $20, ½ 12.50 (4×7). Business card $7.00. Full page back cover $40.00 (first come first serve for first 2 (for each days program) Food will be provided, Friday night will be potluck. Saturday and Sunday will have hamburgers and hotdogs for donation. Breakfast, biscuits and gravy and sweet rolls. Also donations. Need a board with each class designated for the winners to hold when their pictures are taken. Entries deadline 6/10.

May Show: Judges John and Jackie Edwards from Texas, $1500 total for their fee. There will be no sale pens this year. If you have an animal for sale, just put a sign on the pen. As this is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered goats can be entered. Ads and award sponsors and entry fees are due by 4/25. The Showmanship classes will be open to any youth. The fee is $2 and it will be the first class each day. The VFW will not be have their food booth open this year. So, Friday evening dinner will be crockpots with stew, soups, anything that can be eaten in a bowl and dinner rolls. There will be a hospitality table with hot water for cocoa and tea, coffee, muffins, cookies, chips, etc for both Saturday and Sunday. We will accept donations for these items. Saturday evening we will have a collection for pizza for anyone interested. Lunch break will be 1 hour and this will give everyone time to get their own. A list of available restaurants and their locations will be posted. Set up will be on Thursday evening, May 5, before the show. It was decided an evening set up would allow more members to come and help. Everyone is encouraged to buy ads and sponsor awards as this helps pay for the show.

Sale Committee: Sale Date September 10, 2011. Consignors have to be Association Members. Anyone interested in consigning, contact Clara Askew, No decision has been made about numbers yet until we see how much interest there is. The final deadline to submit paperwork on consignments will again be July 15, 2011. So, start making your plans.

Next meeting will be in June 4 in Jerome at Judy Novak house. A reminder will be sent out with the time and address.

Don’t forget 2011 Association dues, $20 for individual, $25 for two and $40 for farm. If you no longer wish to be a member, please let me know and I’ll take you off the mailing list.

Clare Askew