Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. We would like to thank Evelyn Simon & Joe Bennett for hosting the meeting at their farm in Hagerman. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. We have $6123.53 in the bank. We have received $3450 for entries, pictures and ads for the fall sale.

Old Business:

Sale Committee: From 26 consignors, we have 58 fullblood does, 29 fullblood bucks, 34 purebred does, 4 purebred bucks, 19 percentage does and 12 pens of commercial which includes 30 does and 3 bucks coming to the sale on September 13 at 12 noon. The catalog and the website should be completed by the first of September.

There are still approximately 100 bales of straw at the fairgrounds. Wayne will check and see if we can buy it so we don’t have to bring straw in for the sale. Straw will be supplied for the consigners by the association. Brand paint will be used to put the lot numbers on the animals.

Check in for the sale will be from 2 pm Friday September 12 until 9 am Saturday September 13th. A potluck will be held Friday evening from 6 pm until the last arrival to provide a meal for the consigners and workers at the fairgrounds. Lindy Gifford will prepare goat meat and other association members will bring side dishes. Paper plates and utensils will be provided.
Joe Bennett will auctioneer again this year. Clare will clerk with lots of help from Karen Kennedy, Carol Blandford, Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler. Cheryl Sargent will take care of the raffle with help from Becky Gates. Members are requested to gather donations for the raffle table. We will have a set up day sometime during the week before the sale, all local members will be needed to help set up the pens and alleys.

The VFW will have their booth open for breakfast and lunch Saturday the 13th.

Ads for the sale have been put in the Capital Press, Rural and Ranch Living, Meat Goat Rancher, Boer, and Idaho Press Tribune.

NancyJoy Craig, Spotted Dog Ranch, will donate a purebred doeling to the raffle. Anyone else who wants to donate is encouraged to do so.

Gary Custer suggested we ask Ryan Kish to do the color announcing for the sale. Pictures will be taken of the high selling doe and buck and thank you ads will be done after the sale featuring these animals. June will update the banner with sale info for background for the pictures.

The Junior members who received donated does will show their animals at 10:30 on sale day. Ryan Kish will be asked to judge them. A WSI gift certificate will be given to the winner.
For next year’s sale, consignors will again be limited to 10 animals, 2 of which can be bucks. Commercial pens will count as one lot. We will need written confirmation from consignors by June 15th 2009 for the Fall sale. We will try to limit the sale to 125 animals. A motion was made and seconded to have 2 shows and sale in May. This would encourage exhibitors and consignors to attend as it would provide an opportunity to earn more points and exposure for their animals without having the extra expense of traveling to several shows. There would be a morning show and an afternoon show on Saturday and a sale on Sunday. Again the sale would be limited to 125 animals. Deadline for consignments would be the same as for show entries. That deadline will be determined at the next meeting. Evelyn Simon will make up a flyer to pass out at this sale to determine interest for next year. A show and/or sale in Filer was discussed and tabled for further discussion later.

Youth Committee: Tailer-Logen Mackay’s application was approved for a donation doeling. The doe that her sister Ryley got had twins, a buck and doe, so Tailer will get the doeling. This solves the problem of trying to get it away from Ryley. It will stay in the family. Stephanie Goertz didn’t show in confirmation at the Washington County Fair, so she will need to show her doe at the sale on September 13th. The Association did addons to the price of the market wethers of Tristan Thornton and Stormy Slate, two of our Junior Members who showed their animals at the Gem and Payette County fairs. Wethers purchased from our members won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion at the local fairs. Tristan Thornton got Grand Champion at the Gem County Fair. Congratulations to both the exhibitors and the breeders of these animals.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer Diseco has not been able to come to our area to buy goats and she doesn’t know when or if she will be able to come with the price of gas and all. Del Treasurer, out of Caldwell, is paying $.85 to $.90 a pound at this time. Evelyn Simon shared a booth with a lamb producer at the Boise Farmer’s Market to sell her meat. With the booth fee, scale, licenses and permits needed it will be hard to show a profit without making the long term commitment to be there every week. There was good interest however. She had samples, recipes and handouts about chevon.
Librarian/Historian: The scrapbook is set up and has lots of great photos of our activities and shows. The library is organized and contains videos, and books about goat medicine, AI info, showing and fitting. If anyone has any books or pamphlets to donate, please contact Judy Novak. You can either check out items at the meetings and return them at the next meeting or request an item and it will be mailed to you at the association’s expense and you can return the item by mail also.

There will be no meeting between now and the Production Sale. Members will be notified when the set up date is determined. We would like to thank all the members in advance for their hard work and participation. It should be a great sale.

Clare Askew