Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Stormy Slate and her dad Bruce, Janene Jones, Dave Poe, Edgar Edmondson, NancyJoy Craig, Judy Novak, Lindy Gifford and Terry Watt. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given. Income from production sale was $3812.90, expenses were $2936.04, leaving a net income of $876.86. This included the sale of the doe returned from the doeling program. Our bank balance at this time is $2179.76.

Old Business:

Doeling Program: Terry Watt completed the Mentor guidelines in draft form. Mentors and the Junior Members who get doelings are to give quarterly reports about what is happening with the animal. Until the contract is fulfilled, we need to keep track of the youth and the goat to make sure the guidelines of the program are followed. The participants in the program are to come to the spring show and show their animals. Applications need to be submitted by November 30, so there will a month to approve the application and inspect their farm before the doelings are awarded in January. Any member donating a doeling will then have time to choose what they’re going to donate and get them disbudded. The Guidelines for the program and mentors are attached to the minutes if members have email. If no email, members will receive a hard copy of both.

Sale Report:

Everyone agreed that the sale went well this year. We spent $1,262.64 on advertising this year and it appears to have paid off. Wayne Gifford said he felt that we couldn’t have done much better if it had been a DVauction and it would have been a lot more expensive. We would still have to pay for advertising plus paying DVauction for their services. Also, there is the possibility of all sorts of unknowns if we try to set up our own online service. So, it was decided that next year, the sale would be handled the same way, just advertise the heck out of it, bring in quality animals and we should continue to improve our bottom line. The food service went well Friday night, but Saturday, we ran out of everything. Linda Hernandez volunteered to be in charge of food for next year’s sale. With one person keeping track of what we need and the donations, it should go better on sale day. One problem discussed was the loading of the animals after the sale. The buyers want to get out as soon as they can and it causes chaos in the barns. It was suggested that we have only one exit and load out only one person at a time like is done at the livestock sales. It would take longer, but it would sure be easier on our barn crew. Also, maybe a portable ramp could be built for loading into pickups. There will be more discussion about this before the next sale. Perry & Terry Parker of Parker’s Gourmet Goats are going to donate a fullblood doe to be auctioned off at next year’s sale, with the profits going to the Association. They will bring her to the May show so everyone can see her. This is really terrific and we appreciate it greatly.

Marketing report:

Prices have dropped at the Saturday sale on does, but wethers and bucks prices are still holding at around $1.20 per pound.

Show Report:

Since we lost money on last year’s show, we discussed what we could do to save money and still have a quality show for next year. It was decided to have 2 ABGA shows in May like we always have. Then USBA and IBGA shows in Jerome in June. We will also set up a contract for judges with a fee of $800 apiece maximum. We discussed paying cash rather than trophies for prizes next year. We could pay $20 for Grand and $15 for Reserve in each division and then award show leads for Best Percentage Doe, Best Fullblood/Purebred doe and Best Fullblood/Purebred buck. We really need to sell more ads in the catalog and have more award sponsorships. Any suggestions or comments about these plans, please let Janene Jones, our show clerk, know.

New Business:

Nominations of Officers: President: Janene Jones. Vice President: Toby Young & Judy Novak. Secretary/Treasurer: Clara Askew & Lindy Gifford. Nominations can be done by email to or postal service to SRMGA, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 and they will be open until 11/15. Ballots will be mailed out at that time to be counted at the December meeting.



Clare Askew