Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending are Terry Watts, Dave Poe, John Sargent, Titania Preston, Marilyn & Matt O’Leary, Judy Novak, Nancy Joy Craig, Diane Flournoy, Wayne & Lindy Gifford and new members Del & Angie Ogden.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, we have $2235.38 in the bank. The Jerome show was a financial success. With the raffle and food donations, we made over $600.00. Basically the difference is in what we paid for judges. Good work Judy and NancyJoy.

Old Business:

Marketing Committee. Evelyn Simon was unable to attend, she’s recuperating from surgery. She reported by email that their “Goat Meat Is Great” open house/’farm tour/tasting event is September 17th, 1 pm to 6 pm. An invitation will be emailed out shortly. She will have 1 or 2 chefs that will be preparing several prime Boer wethers for all to try. They’ll have educational materials to share. This event is the result of a grant from USDA. There will probably be a reporter there and some media coverage. She suggested we get some info together about the SRMGA to pass out among the guests.

Goat prices and holding pretty well locally. Kids averaged $1.40 to 1.80 per lb at last weeks sale.

Rob & Michelle Stokes, members from Vale OR, are selling their home grown goat meat, beef, pork and eggs at the Saturday farmer’s markets in Boise and Nampa. They are selling at least ½ a goat a week and say it’s getting better all the time.

Show Committees:

For the June IBGA show, Judy reported that exhibitors were down but the number of goats shown was about the same. She said they had better wether and showmanship classes this year. It was marvelous that the show made money. The May show did much better financially this year except for $300 bad check that we’ve been unable to collect.

Production Sale:

We have less goats consigned this year. At last tally, it looks like we’ll have about 75. Hopefully that will keep the prices up. In order to determine which consignor would be lot #1, all the consignors’ names were put in a hat and one was drawn out. As we all held our breath, Leslie Bader-Robinson’s name was drawn. One of her fine goats will have the dubious honor of being #1. We got a price quote from Leslie for advertising. She got prices for running the ads for 2 or 3 weeks and in 14 or 15 papers. We decided on 3 weeks in 14 papers. We also need to look into advertising in Eastern Idaho, Montana & Utah. An ad will be put in the Nevada Rancher out of Winnemucca. Plus, I’ll get it on Craig’s list.

We’ll set up the sales arena, bleachers and alley way Friday afternoon, September 9th. We will have Crockpot items for dinner Friday night for the consignors and work crew. Saturday morning there will be donuts and breakfast type items, coffee and hot water for tea and cocoa. The auction will start on 1 pm, so we won’t have to break for lunch. The raffle will be held at 12 noon. That way we won’t have to interrupt the auction or add to the confusion of having it after the auction.

Youth Committee:

We had a good discussion about deciding whether or not The Doeling Program should be continued. A vote was taken and it was decided to keep it going. Terry Watts will no longer be able to help, with being a 4H leader for both horses and goats and working full time, her plate is just too full. We really appreciate all the time and effort she has put into making this program work. A new committee of Lindy Gifford, Marilyn O’Leary, Judy Novak, and NancyJoy Craig was set up. They will review the application rules and contracts. These will then be sent to Becky Gates to put on the website.

New Business:

Wayne Gifford has the names of a couple of people who are looking for goats. Contact him at 278-5023 if you have any to sell.

Meeting was adjourned.

Clare Askew