Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford, minutes of last meeting read and approved, treasurer’s report read and approved.

Old Business:

Elections results, Wayne Gifford, President, Janene Jones, Vice President, Clare Askew, Secretary/Treasurer. Board Members, Lynn Fowler, Linda Hernandez, John Sargent, Dave Poe, Judy Novak, Dennis Hooper

The amended Bylaws were read, discussed. Motion was made and seconded to approve amendments as read.

Show Committee: Janene Jones – All registrations, IBGA, USBGA and ABGA will be accepted for the show. Since it is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered animals will get points. There will be a showmanship class on Sunday after the regular show that is open to all youth. These animals will housed in a separate area. There will be a Costume class will be held on Saturday, so plan to dress up like your goat. Saturday judge will need to be picked up at airport and shuttled around, Lindy Gifford agreed to be the taxi service. Rooms will be booked at Holiday Inn in Ontario, rooms for the Saturday Judge for Friday and Saturday, and for the Sunday Judge for Saturday and Sunday. The Association will buy buns and burgers and KFC for the work crew and exhibitors for Friday night. The price for the Pizza for Saturday evening dinner will be prepaid along with entry fees. Lynn Fowler will check on straw and make arrangements for hauling it. Judy Novak will take pictures again and Cheryl Sargent will handle the raffle. Everyone needs to remember to bring items to donate for the raffle. Set up for the show will be done Friday morning after 8 am before check in at noon. Budget for awards will be up to $1000. Ads will be put in Capital Press and on Boer

Judy Novak on June show – Annette Maze and Marie Layman will be Saturday show judges and Pat Ariaz is the Sunday judge. Check in on Friday, June 25th after 12:00. There will be a Jackpot meat goat class for animals under a year. There will be a weigh in before classes. There will be 3 classes, light, medium and heavy. There will be an extra charge for meat and showmanship classes of $2.00 for each entry in each class. These classes are not going to be for only 4-H or FFA, there won’t be an age limit. The classes will be broken down into Junior and Senior and Adult. USBGA has a champion challenge if the animals have been winners before, then the past winners are taken out of the regular classes. They then go into the champion challenge class and go against the winner of their class that day. There will be a class for 3-4 yr and 4-5 years old does. There will also be a judging clinic after the show on Saturday, for $20 to $25 to taught by the Saturday judges, Marie and Annette, to show how the animals are judged.

Marketing: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend as she is birthing babie. She has MSMGA minerals available in 50# bags for $22 for does and $23 for bucks. The mineral also comes in blocks, but she doesn’t know the weight or price of those yet. Anyone interested, contact her. There was a meat goat seminar in Indiana, this month, but the board decided not to send Evelyn as it is unknown what our expenses for the shows and sale will be this year and we don’t want to run short of money. Dave Poe is selling 7 to 10 goats a month to a local market. He would like 100 to 110# animals and will pay $1 per pound live weight. He will take does, bucks or wethers. He then gets them butchered in Nampa and then they go to his buyer and he is paid hanging weight. He wants to be able to supply 10 per month all year which means that his supplies need to breed so animals are available every month. This same buyer told Dave he can get frozen Australian goat for $2.17 per pound shipped in. This is very hard if not impossible for local breeders to compete with. Treasure Valley Livestock sales yard prices have been very high the last few weeks. Buyers from Montana and Nevada are bidding up the local buyers. Check with Wayne Gifford as his brother works at the sales yard and knows when the out of town buyers are there.

Sale Committee: We have 84 consignments so far for the sale; we would like at least 16 more so the fee per animal can be kept down. We are on the DV auction schedule, but have not got a contract from them yet. We will have to pay $1300, ½ of their fee when we sign the contract. Anyone wanting to consign animal’s needs to contact Clara Askew @ or (208) 278-3859. Consignments will close July 15, 2010.

Junior Advisor: Terry Watts and Judy Novak will take over the doeling program for junior members. Canyon County will be having a meat goat show, we don’t know how many entries, Payette County has 6 entries and Washington County has 14, no report on Malheur County. A discussion was held about setting up an information booth at the various fairs. It was decided it was a very good idea and we should work on putting it together.

Ryan Kish wants to set up field day with shows and seminars for adults and kids, sometime this summer at the Owyhee county fairgrounds in Homedale.

That’s all for this meeting. Hope everyone’s’ kidding is going well. We’ll see you all at the show in May.

Clare Askew