Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. Our bank balance is $2961.54. We received $450.00 from ABGA for our show.

Old Business:

Show Committee: A suggestion was made to provide a meal on Friday night before the show for exhibitors. We can’t charge for it, but we could ask for donations. There are no close restaurants around for the late arrivals. Motion was made and seconded that we have a separate committee to obtain ads for the catalog and sponsorships for awards for next year. Gary Custer suggested we have a show in Filer, Idaho in June of next year in addition to the show in May in New Plymouth. Further discussion will wait until after the Production Sale in September.

Youth Committee: Riley McKay’s doe had twins, buck and doe. So we will have a doeling to donate back to the program. (If we can get it away from her. She thinks it’s pretty special) The question was then brought up that if the doelings were not needed for the program or were not acceptable for the program, would the participants be allowed to keep them. Motion was made and seconded that this be allowed, but if in the future a doeling was needed, the second year’s doeling would be returned to the program. The Junior members participating will be asked to exhibit their animals at a show before the sale in September.

Karen Kennedy reported that she contacted the Western Idaho Fair, Canyon County Fair and Owyhee County Fair about how they are handling the Market Goat sales for their 4H and FFA exhibitors. Western Idaho doesn’t have a meat goat sale and doesn’t seem interested. Canyon County has no initial weight requirements, but they must keep records showing a gain of 1/3# per day. Owyhee County also has no weight requirements but the animals should weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. This is their first year of having a market goat sale and they would welcome any help from our association. Gem County wants initial max of 65#, no minimum, but must weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. Payette County must be under 40# at weight in and over 70# by fair time. Washington and Malheur counties have no weight requirements. The animals need to be born after January 1st of the year they’re shown and should be owned by the exhibitor for 70 days. Any association members residing in these counties are encouraged to contact the fair superintendents to help in any way we can. These kids are our future customers.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer-Disecio (not sure if that’s spelled right) is reportedly coming thru our area and will be buying cull does and bucks. She wants them fleshy, not skinny or fat and she will pay $.90 a pound. They must be Boer or boer x not dairy goats. She will also take 40 to 70# wethers for $1.10 a pound. She picks them up herself, but if we could get them to a central location, that would help. She buys them for market in the Seattle area. When we know exactly when she is coming, we will notify the membership so that anyone who has animals to sell can get them to her.

The shipment that went to Chicago from Utah got $2.40 a pound hanging weight. They were charged only actual shipping costs by the hauler. It wasn’t known what the shrinkage was on the animals for the trip.

Sales Committee: We have approximately 120 animals coming to the sale, per the responses from members by the June 15th deadline. With the economy and gas prices the way they are, it was discussed that we limit the number of animals to what we have so far. A motion was made and seconded and approved by voice vote that we would not take any more animals. Entry forms will be included with the mailing of these minutes to the consignors who notified us by June 15th that they are bringing animals.

Those consignors wanting pictures in the catalog, the charge will be $10 per picture, non refundable. The pictures will be in black & white this year. Please include the picture and the fee with your entry form when you send it in. Deadline for returning the entry form is July 15, 2008. They can be sent either to Gary Custer, 438 Hiway 74, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 or Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, Idaho 83655. Please send copies of registration papers or application of registration along with your entries. The original papers must be provided to the sales clerk and will be sent to the buyers after their checks have cleared the bank.

A vet will be available to provide health certificates on animals for out of state buyers as needed. The charge is either $10.00 per animal or $25.00 per load.

We will not accept credit cards for payment, but we can set up a PayPal account thru Wayne Gifford if needed.

New Business: The Payette County Fair has more goats entered than they have pens. Twenty more pens are needed and they have ask us to help them out. A motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote that we would do as much as we could to assist them. Dave Poe has 12 portable kidding pens that can be used so we will only have to build 8 more. The extra pens would be set up in the Dairy barn as those exhibits are not using their entire barn. The Fairboard will be taking bids for new pens in the sheep barns. Dennis Hooper’s nephew Jeremy is a metal worker and is going to construct a demo pen to present to the board along with an estimate to bid for the job. It was decided in executive session and voted on by the board members present to front him the money for materials to build the pen. If he gets the bid, he will pay the association back. If he doesn’t get the bid, the association will get the pen. We can either use if for our show and sale or raffle it off. The materials cost $539.00.

The next meeting will be AUGUST 16, 2008 at 1 pm at Evelyn Simon’s farm in Hagerman Idaho. Contact Evelyn @ for directions if you are planning on attending.

Clare Askew