Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Katie & Denise Drake, Angie Ogden, Nancy Joy Craig, Evelyn Simon, Lindy & Wayne Gifford, Marilyn O’Leary, and Judy Novak.

Minutes read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, We have $3561.60 in our account at this time. Association income for 2011 is $1514.04, so we are in good shape for the May Show.

Old Business: Sale Report: Sale went very well. Items discussed for next year. Find out about having pictures taken of high selling animals with buyers and sellers after sale. Problem with that is everyone is anxious to get loaded and on their way. We need to emphasize that it is the buyer’s responsibility to know the regulations of the state they will be taking the goats they purchase to and what tests are needed to meet those requirements. It was decided per Terry Brown’s suggestion; there will not be an extra charge for photos in the catalog next year. It was suggested we contact local high schools for students that need to complete their community service requirements for helpers for set up for sale and show. We discussed whether to continue to accept credit cards at the sale as we only had 2 buyers last year and one buyer this year use them. It was decided it was worth the expense for the convenience of the buyers.

Terry Brown also suggested we set up a live chat network from the website for members. We’ll check with Becky to see if that’s possible.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn gave a report on her open house. She applied and received a grant to help with the expenses for it. Attendance was good. Food was very good. We discussed working on doing another open house at one of our other breeders’ farm this year. A PowerPoint presentation will be attached when minutes are emailed out.

Show Committee: The Fairgrounds are building a new goat barn, so the dates for show are tentatively the 5th and 6 of May, depending on whether the barn is ready. Also, we want to avoid the date of the

4-H and FFA pig weigh-in

Jerome Show: Dates will be June 23 & 24th. There are only pens for 50 goats at Jerome. Judy will check about using Filer fairgrounds. It is more complicated to get to. Prices, Jerome is $200. Filer is $500, but no set up would be required. So if it looks like we will have more than 50 animals, Judy will reserve the Filer Fairgrounds. MSMGA will support the Jackpot wether show. We discussed the possibility of using RV’s for judges quarters as the closest motels would be in Twin Falls. The show will be IBGA sponsored and they will accept any other registration. Judy talked about possibly having costume class.

Youth Committee: This years doeling was received from Dallen Johnston. It went to Jessica Mobley. The doeling Wayne & Lindy donated went to Josh Miller in Jerome. We have 4 applications at this time and the farms will need to be inspected. We need more goats donated. We do have $200 in the youth fund from the sale of the doe that was given back last year so one could be purchased if needed. Donated doelings must be registered at least 88% and disbudded. The applicants must be youth member and pay $5.00 for the application process. We need to establish a list of members who would offer buck services for the donated doelings. The does will need to be brought to buck. Boarding would not be charged. Need to notify Becky to take the mentoring guidelines off website. We don’t want the application on website as it has to be obtained from active member. Regulations will need to be put on website. If any members are interested in mentoring, donating a doeling and/or donating buck service, let someone on the youth committee know.

New Business: Nomination of Officers

Nominations were as follows:

President: Janene Jones

Vice President: Judy Novak

Secretary/treasurer: Clare Askew

Board Members: Dave Poe, John Sargent, Evelyn Simon, Wayne Gifford, Angie Ogden, and Marilyn O’Leary . Junior member who will be non- voting, Katie Drake

We will continue to accept nominations for 2 weeks. If no other nominations are received, the above nominations will automatically stand as elected officers.

Anyone interested in an A-I class, let Janene know. The class costs $1000.00. It will need to be held at someone’s farm. To make it cost effective, 10 people will be needed . Biogenetics in Salmon will put it on. Evelyn Simon volunteered to have it at her place. SRMGA can host and pay for it if there is enough interest. Then attendees will pay the association.

USBGA judging clinic will be held in Boise this summer. We would need to supply goats for the clinic, It will be held in conjunction with the Dairy goat show. Judy will check into how much it will cost a person to be certified.

Next meeting: January 21, location to be determined. Probably at Wayne & Lindy’s if not sold.

Clare Askew