Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis & Carol Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Janene Jones and her mother, Dave Poe, Lindy Gifford, John Sargent, Toby Young, Gary & Clare Askew, Ryan Kish, and guests Larry & Cindy Boyd. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved.

Old Business:

Reference the belt buckle for the Grand Champion wether at the Payette County Fair. It has been purchased by Dr Persnell, the veterinary who does our health certificates at the Sale. The SRMGA Association has been given credit for donating it in the Fair Premium book. Wayne will contact Dr. Persnell to find out how much it was.

Classified ads on the SRMGA website are up and running. Becky said she will do them for no charge as long as they are emailed to her in a format she can cut and paste to the site. These ads are to be used for specific animals or goat handling equipment, not for farm or ranch ads.

Sale Committee: Again it was emphasized that everyone will be responsible for getting their own animals to the staging area leading to the sale ring. Edgar, Dennis and Wayne are building a portable alley for staging animals waiting to enter the sales ring. There will be volunteers to assist in barn to keep track of lots and make sure everything moves smoothly. If anyone volunteering in the barn wants to go bid on an animal, arrangements will be made so they can do so. Toby Young and Dennis Hooper will coordinate the volunteers in the barn and staging area.

Terry Brown, who is doing the catalog this year, sent an email outlining the Terms and Conditions from the Exhibitors Edge sale that she, the Parkers and Leslie Bader-Robinson had earlier this year. They were read and it was agreed that they would be used for our sale except for the payment section. We will accept only checks or cash, no credit cards.. Also ABGA will no longer accept USBGA papers to transfer registration to ABGA. You can transfer the registration to IBGA and then transfer them to ABGA.

It was discussed and decided we need a different logo, not using the buck that’s in it now. We will have a contest for 4H and FFA members to design a new logo for the association. Janene will contact Gem County extension office and Wayne will contact Payette County to see if they want to participate.

Lindy Gifford is going to provide the food on Friday night the 11th for the consignor’s and workers. NancyJoy Craig is donating a PB doeling to raffle. Cheryl Sargent will be manning the raffle table. Contact her about any items you are donating, so the information can be listed in the catalog. Also ads are needed for the catalog. Business card ads are $10.00, quarter page ads are $25.00, half page ads are $50.00 and full page are $100.00. Everyone is encouraged to contact vendors and anyone else who might like to buy an ad. The ads can be emailed to Terry Brown at Some of the out of town consignors suggested that we charge them a larger commission as the local members do all the work organizing and setting up the sale. It was decided we have a box for donations to help pay for cleaning the pens and barns. We paid $200 to have it done after the show and it was money well spent. This would work rather than vary the commission from the out of town consignors .

We discussed having DV auction for next year. Will cost about $3000.00. It was decided that if at all possible we would have them come. Ryan Kish will be available for hauling. Arrangements will need to be made between him and the buyers about the cost. Evelyn Simon will be writing ads for sale. She already has it on Boar It will be going in all the local papers and in the Capitol Press. An ad will be put in Rural and Ranch Living and Meat Goat Monthly.

Show Committee: Eddy Holland judged the Caldwell fair and judged the filer show. Janene will talk to him about judging our show next spring.

Marketing Committee: Chairman Evelyn Simon was unable to attend due to other commitments. So nothing new in marketing. Except it was reported in Rural Ranch & Living that there is a slaughter plant in Greeley Colorado. That might be a possibility if we can get a load of goats together.

Youth Committee: Stormy will be turning back a fullblood doe for replacement of the doe she received. Stephanie Goertz, junior member in Weiser who received a doeling, has not shown the doe or gotten it bred so it was suggested that she be contacted about what she intends to do and if she doesn’t follow the contract, the doe should be taken back.

New Business:

Gary Custer is on hospice and the outlook is not good. There is nothing in the bylaws about what should be done when a officer is unable to serve. A committee will be set up to make additions or corrections to the Association Bylaws. We also need an amendment about the appointment of the board of directors and the length of their service. The Committee will be Wayne Gifford, Dennis Hooper, Ryan Kish, Dave Poe, and Clare Askew. Dave will gather other nonprofit bylaws and email copies to the other members of the committee. The committee will meet and make a list of suggestion of amendments to present to the rest of the membership for vote at the next meeting. The Board of directors will serve as interim vice president until regular election can be held.

Next was a discussion with ABGA representative Ryan Kish. He was asked to find out why the email newsletters from ABGA have stopped and if they would be started again. We encouraged him to let them know how valuable we thought they were. Ryan encouraged us to be involved in national committees. If anyone had any ideas for regulation on shows or enoblement program, forward them to him. ABGA is instituting further education for the judges to improve their judging so that there will be more consistency.

Meeting adjourned. Wayne & Lindy were thanked for their hospitality and good food.

Clare Askew