Minutes of SRMGA Meeting October 4, 2008

Meeting called to order by Vice President Gary Custer.  President Wayne Gifford was unable to attend as he is recuperating from back surgery.  Treasurer’s Report given, we have $3250.18 in our checking account and the bills from the sale have all been paid.  A report on the Production sale was read.

Old Business:

Production Sale:  A discussion was held to go on the suggestions made to improve the sale.

  1. Moving animals from the barn to the sale ring.  In a letter to the association, Lindy Gifford suggested that consignors bring their own animals to the ring.  We would continue to set up an alley for animals going to and leaving the sale ring, but the owners would move them from their pens and through the alley.  This would eliminate the sale workers having to search in 2 different barns for the next lot number and then trying to remember which pen to return that animal to.  It would also cut down on the possibility of the animal or the barn workers being injured.  It was also suggested the association build an portable alley that could be set up for each sale with swinging gates separating the staging areas.  It could be stored at one of our member’s places between sales. The pens in the sheep barns also cause a problem with getting animals to and from the sales ring.  The gates are very difficult to handle.  The next Fair Board meeting is October 21st at 7 pm and Wayne Gifford and Clare Askew will attend and try to persuade them to authorize the building of new pens.  We would like them to be designed like the ones in the Goat Barn.  Further discussion about the pens was tabled until after the Fair Board meeting.  It was decided to change the order of sale mixing younger and older, does and bucks during the sale for more variety.  The sale will be started at 10:30 next year and breaks will be taken with drawing for raffle items during the breaks.
  2. The flyer advertising the sale will be revised to show contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and the website address.
  3. The catalog will be out at least a month before the sale.  The sale will be limited to 125 animals.  Consigners are to notify the Sale Secretary in writing (either email or postal service) of the number of animals they will be bringing by June 15, 2009.  Consignments will be taken until the 125 animal quota has been met.  At that time notification will be sent out that we will no longer accept any more consignments.  The number of animals per consignor will be the same as this year.  Ten animals, 2 of which can be bucks.  No changes in consignments will be allowed after July 15, 2009.  Consignors will be allowed to scratch animals, but no substitutions can be made after that date.  The deadline for entries will be July 15.  The entries will be sent only to the Sale Secretary.  She will log them in and acknowledge their receipt.  If copies of the registration papers are not available, the consignor will supply the sire, dam, grand sire and grand dam’s name and registration numbers so a pedigree can be shown in the catalog.  It is not the association’s responsibility to research this information for the consignor.  If the consignor wants a pedigree in the catalog, they must supply the needed information.
  4. We will buy numbered tags with nylon cord to go around the animal’s necks to display the lot numbers.
  5. Tattoos must be readable. This will be the seller’s responsibility and no exceptions will be allowed.  If the tattoo is not readable, the animal will either not be sold or sold as commercial.  This requirement will be on the entry form so all consignors will be able to read it and sign the form acknowledging they know the rules.  Also, all registration papers will have to be signed before they are turned in to the Sale Clerk.
  6. When animals are brought in for the sale, they will be unloaded in a designated area by the sales workers.  They will be checking tattoos, registration papers and general health of the animal.  Consignors will not be allowed to unload their animals without sales workers present.  Animals must be fed and watered before the consignor leaves the area.
  7. It was decided that the commission charged this year was too low.  Motion was made and seconded to charge 10% next year.

Other Old Business:

The motion to have 2 shows and a sale in May was rescinded.  Motion was made and seconded; we will have a show on May 2 and a show on May 3.  It will be the same as last year with private pen sales allowed.  Janene Jones has agreed to be Show Superintendent again next year.  She will start contacting possible judges.  So, start thinking about what you are going to enter into the shows.

Discussion of the wether auction in April was tabled for a later date.

New Business:

Ryan Kish is the new ABGA representative for our area.  He brought up that a new law requiring the Country of Origin on all animals sold for meat has passed.  The state scrapies premise number should suffice to provide this information.

Cheryl Sargent suggested we get T shirts or vests or baseball caps with our association name on them for the members.  She is going to check on prices, so be thinking of what you want, how many and sizes.

The next meeting will be December 6, at 1 pm at Wayne and Lindy Giffords, weather permitting.  Directions: Taken Exit 3 of I-84, go north off the freeway to the first corner, Hwy 30 (right after the Shell Station) and turn east, go approximately 2 miles.  Their place is on the north side of the road, 3300 Hwy 30 W.  Big white house with goats in the pastures all around it.

Hope to see you all there.  We will have election of new officers.

Clare Askew