Meeting attended by Carol & Dennis Hooper, Tom and Carol Blandford, Edgar Edmundson, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, Wayne Gifford, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones, Norene Stromberg, and Toby Young. It was held at Cheryl and John Sargent’s home. She cooked a goat roast and several salads, vegetable tray, watermelon, cookies and brownies. It was a feast.

Meeting was called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Introductions were made. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived. Treasurer’s report was given. We have $3213.89 in the bank. We took in $3846.04 on the show and spent $4151.81, so we lost a little better than $900 on the show. Primary cause was probably the weather, lack of sponsorship of awards and not as much advertising in the catalog.

Show committee: Janene Jones received several email saying they enjoyed the show. Lynn Fowler brought up that she and Norene had to clean the bathroom with the shower before the show and light bulbs needed to be replaced. It was agreed that the fairgrounds maintenance man should have taken care of this. Although comments were made about the barns flooding and having to lead the animals out thru the mud, it was decided that we can’t do anything about the weather and changing the dates of the show would not guarantee Mother Nature would co-operate. General consensus is that the timing of show was good, even though the weather was bad and we couldn’t do anything about that. Moving the show to another fairgrounds was discussed, but expense wise Payette is the best deal. The new pens will be completely finished by the fall sale. Our thanks, to Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler and Norene Stromberg for all their work putting on a great show. Janene encouraged us to try and get more local breeders participation. Dennis recommended that letters should be written to ABGA about the appearance of lack of consistency in the judging.

Market Committee: Goats went high at Caldwell sale last week as there was a bidding war between a gentleman from California and Del Treasure and animals were bringing about twice as much as usual. We will try to find out when he is coming again so if we have animals to sell we can take them in. Gary Custer is selling out his herd due to health problems. Contact him if you have any interest. His email is and his phone number is (208) 733-9235. He has approximately 80 animals. Wayne has a 3 month black fullblood buck for sale. It was suggested we set up a classified section on the website for members. Charges to be determined by size of ad. We will contact Becky Gates who does our website about the feasibility of doing a classified page.

The local Payette County fair always gives belt buckle at the Payette County fair to all animals except goats. Wayne suggested the local members from Payette County only donate enough to provide the grand champion meat goat with a buckle. Buckle will cost $200 to $250. Depending on how many donate, that would determine how much each will have to give.

Sale Committee: Entries are due by July 15th. Pedigrees and pictures are due at the same time. Cheryl Sargent will handle raffle again. Members are encouraged to sell or buy ads for the catalog. Consignors names will be put on the sale flyer so potential buyers will know what animals are going to be available.

Owners will be responsible for getting their own animals from the barn to the sale ring. Entry forms will be emailed and mailed as soon as possible. Everyone was encouraged to get their paperwork in early so we can get the catalog out as soon as possible. We are going to mix the bucks and does, fullbloods and percentages all up this year so the folks wanting to buy bucks won’t have to wait until the end of the sale.

Meeting was adjourned and we all went to eat Cheryl’s marvelous food.

Clare Askew