Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and Treasurer’s Report read and approved.

Old Business:

Show Report: The Boers de Mayo Show made $3042.00 and expenses were $4232.17, so our net loss was $1190.17. We need to get more awards sponsored and more ads. We may eliminate the division awards unless they are sponsored and just have overall awards. Also, we had fewer spectators this year, not sure if it’s just the economy or if we need to advertise more. The raffle brought in $320 which is included in the profit. Any ideas about how to make the show more profitable, or at least break even, are welcomed. Next was discussion about USBGA registered animals not being allowed to show. It was decided as long as we continue to have a ABGA show here and have a USBGA and IBGA show in Jerome that should take care of everyone. Linda Hernandez will check with USBGA and see what the benefits are of being affiliated with them and Wayne Gifford will check with ABGA and see what the benefits are there. We are currently affiliated with ABGA. This costs $75 per year and we are listed in their magazine. It was also decided that entries would not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a check. We discussed the problem with the 4H and FFA pig weigh in that occurs at the same time as our show check in on the Friday before the show. This causes a lot of traffic congestion and there was a problem of children running around in the barns. Marilyn O’Leary will check with the 4H coordinator and see if something can be done to better direct traffic. We discussed changing the date of the show, but there are other conflicts for either earlier or later dates. So we will see if there’s a better way to work with them. Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler, Noreen Stromberg and Robert Stromberg were thanked for their hard work and the great job they do putting on the show and they promised they would be available next year to do it again.

Jerome Show: Early entries for Jerome show due by June 12th. Show is June 26th & 27th. Everyone is encouraged to attend whether you have entered any animals or not. We need to give them all the support we can. They are having 2 USBGA shows on Saturday and 1 IBGA show on Sunday. All the information about the show is on our website, along with entry forms.

Production Sale Report: The Annual Fall Production Sale will be 9/18/10 at 12 noon and it will be broadcast on DVAuction. There is also a sale in Indiana on DVAuction that day at 12, but ours will start 2 hours later than theirs due to the time difference. As we only have about 75 lots consigned at this time, it was voted on and approved to allow up to 15 animals to be entered per consignor, however, the amount of bucks per consignor will still be limited to 2. Anyone wanting to consign more animals, should let me know as soon as possible. If you haven’t entered any animals yet and wish to consign, also, let me know right away. We want to have at least 100 lots in order for the sale to break even. We need to check with DVAuction and/or with the Exhibitor’s Edge sale coordinators about the dimensions and height of the sales ring, so if we have to build one, it will fit the requirements. It was agreed that the minimum bid will be $200 and individual consignors can set their minimums higher if they need to.

Consignment entries are due by July 15. Consignment fees are $40 per animal and pictures for the catalog will cost an extra $10 apiece. Consignors will need to send their check and a copy of the registration papers to me,

Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by July 15, 2010.

If the registration is pending, a copy of the application with the pedigree information will be accepted. Consignors, if you have already paid your reservation fee of $5 per head, you will only need to pay $35 per head in July. Terry Brown is doing our catalog again this year. Thanks Terry. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions, please let Wayne or I know. We will need to advertise as much and as effectively as possible to make this sale a success. Linda Hernandez will bring breakfast items for the morning of the sale. We can’t sell them, but donations can be taken. We have hamburger makings left from the show and we may use these to feed consignors who come in Friday night.

We will have our next meeting in August, date to be set later. Meeting was adjourned .

Clare Askew