Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Lynn Fowler, Norene Stromberg, Janene Jones, Judy Novak, Paula Timmons, NancyJo Craig, Evelyn Simon, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Custer and Clare Askew. Minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved.

Old business: Wether auction information reported by Dennis Hooper. He contacted Canyon County . They are going to use the same rules as Malheur County. There will be no minimum weight at weigh in and there will be different classes based on weight. They didn’t know how many kids would need wethers. He said there didn’t seem to be much interest in an auction, no way of telling how many kids would like to be involved. Breeders would need to have disbudded wethers available with January or earlier birth dates. Further discussion on a wether auction will be tabled at this time. Judy Novak is working with the Jerome County Fair Board Sales Committee to get a market goat program started there. Evelyn Simon said Gooding County is also starting a market goat program.

Marketing committee: Evelyn reported she has been selling to Butan refugees. They do not eat beef, so this is a potentially good market. They picked 100# wether, but mostly wanted bucks. The animals are butchered at a neighbors house who is a butcher. They pick carcass up there and pay the fees. Some took just the meat, some took hide and entrails. They paid $1.10 live weight.

Evelyn said she is going to talk to the Co-Op in Boise and see if there is a market for goat meat there.. Wethers selling 1.00 to 1.15 a pound in Caldwell at the Treasure Valley Livestock sale.. Del Treasure told Wayne he’s expecting to pay $2 a pound this fall. The Stokes in Vale are paying .85# live weight for wethers and doelings, must weight 65# or better and will take up to 1 yr old. He likes grass or hay fed only with good animal welfare practices followed. On the website, prices average $15 retail. Also, thru Idaho Preferred, on March 1, booth space can be purchased and set up so local chefs come and talk to you about new menu items. Check that website for details if you are interested.

Robert Finck in San Diego contacted Wayne and he’s wants 300 head horned boer or boer X for bush goats. He said he will pay $100 a head for animals up to 4 or 5 yrs old. He wants to buy from breeders, not a sales yard. Contact Wayne if you are interested and have animals available. If we have a load from more than one place, he would make a couple stops. Edgar said what we need is a goat broker.

I have attached 2 letters from Hannah Kirk about research she has done with buyers in Illinois and California. We should try to have some discussion at the show whether these are options we can take advantage of.

Librarian/Historical Committee: Judy Novak made a calendar using last years show pictures for a raffle item for the show.

Youth Committee: June Lee will no longer able to take care of the doeling project due to Bob’s health. Karen Kennedy was asked if she would take over and she agreed. Edgar Edmundson made motion and Dennis Hooper seconded to appoint her. We have 3 does out at this time. We will need to check status. A suggestion was made to put posters up at show to let kids know about the doeling program and see if we can get more Junior members involved..

Show Committee: Janene advised she has not received any entries yet. We received Judge Julie Brown’s arrival information and motel reservations have been made. Only changes on show classes were taking out composite classes and adding youth showman classes with $2 entry fee. Entries need to be in by April 17. They should be sent to Janene Jones, 3010 Star Ln, Emmett, ID 83617. Entry forms should be available on the website,, Payette High School metal shop class are rebuilding pens. The new pens will be made with metal gates and fronts with wooden sides. The materials are supposed to be ready to put up next week. We will notify association members to help set up pens when the material is ready. Straw for the show has been taken care of. It won’t put in pens until animals are checked in. Wayne is going to check with Sheriff’s office to see if we can get inmates to clean up the barns after the show. He will also check to see if they will help put the pens together. It was decided to do a potluck on May 1, Friday night for exhibitors and association members helping with set up and check in. We will have Idaho Pizza in Fruitland to deliver pizzas on Saturday night to feed exhibitors and members. As Gary Custer is ill, Janene will do the Show catalog. Prizes this year will include duffel bags, backpacks, totes, 3 ring padfolios, briefcases, travel kits, folding chairs with coolers, fleece blankets, aprons,, water bottles, and photo album all with SRMGA logo on them. Individual class awards to be given to winners after judge gets done talking about their animals and when pictures are being taken. This will help the exhibitor trying to lead their animal out of the ring.

Sale Committee: We will order at least 150 tags to be used on cord around animals necks to show lot numbers for the production sale. It was decided to do an ad in ABGA for sale. The date of the sale this year is Saturday September 12. If you have consigned animals to the sale, deadline for entry forms to be returned is July 15th so that the catalog will be done at least 45 days before the sale. Copies of the entry form and registration papers will need to be sent to Clara Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by that date.

Lynn Fowler brought a catalog for members to pick out the type of shirt they would like to have with the association logo printed on it. The association will pay for the set up and silk screening and members will pay for the shirts. That way they can pick whatever style shirt they would like to have. Shirt prices are from $20 to $30 depending on the style. Embroidery logos are more expensive. If members want jackets, check with Lynn for prices. Company supplying items are For Your Name On This , Theresa Medcoff in Emmett. It was decided to have some polo shirts for sale at show and put one in the raffle.

Meeting was adjourned to eat all the marvelous food that Judy provided. There will not be another meeting until after the show.

See you all there,

Clare Askew