MAY 6TH 2017

Meeting was called to order by Board President Koben Shigeta at the Payette County Fairgrounds Saturday May 6th at 8:30 p.m.

There were 29 in attendance.

Treasurer Report:  

Dan Walrath reported that the SRMGA has about $14,000 in bank but that total did not include paying the judges expenses, food, bedding, venue, etc. A better Treasurer’s Report will be reported after all totals are received separate of these meeting minutes. The food truck had brought in $400 the first day and members liked having food truck.  Day 2 should all be profit so as it stands the food truck will be staying.

This show will cost us an additional $300 in shavings because of the flooding from Friday’s rain and the numbers total from the show were down and that was to be expected in the finalized Treasurer’s report. Numbers were expected to be down because of the harsh 2016 winter.

Kim Holt moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and Carolyn Ortega 2nd the motion.

All Goat University:  Koben Shigeta reported that the Snake River Meat Goat Association has been invited back to the All Goat University to teach classes about meat goats. Last year there was a very large turnout and this year is expected to be also large. There is a group from Blackfoot, Idaho coming just to learn about meat goats so the All Goat University is thankful to bridge the gap between Dairy and Meat Goats and work together to provide education to all. We encourage all members to attend and spread the word.

JRSRMGA:  Patsy Walrath reported that the Jr. SRMGA had their first meeting “Jr. SRMGA Kick off” at the Nampa Bowling Alley. Many old and new faces came to the meeting where the youth discussed the Food Truck, getting donations for the raffle, and set up/clean up at the shows. At that meeting Big Red Boers, Baldwin Livestock LLC, and KSK Ranch put together buckets to award the youth(s) for their hard work getting donations for the show. The youth (s) who got the most dollar amount in donations won the basket. The basket winner (s) are to be decided on Sunday during the raffle.

At the youth meeting the youth also voted on their new officers.

New Officers for 2017.   President Tyler Windom, VP Cheyenne Ortega, Sec.  Kylie Baldwin, Treasure Hannah White.
The youth have been directed to work side by side and be mentored by their representative board officer.

Marketing Committee:       Liv, and Shawnee – This committee was created to make flyers and get the word out to the youth about the open shows as well as the youth shows.


JABGA June Show:  Lisa Baldwin reported on the JABGA show and encouraged all to read the rules to be prepared for the show. Some of those rules that need attention is paperwork and making sure the youths name is the only name on the paperwork, a letter to allow siblings to show their stock and membership cards at check in. Crystal Fenton also commented that Jrs must be JABGA members and must show ownership of the animals 30 days prior to the show and 1 year after the show.

Also big talk of the night was the pen fees and the ABGA rule requiring JABGA pens to be free pens. After much discussion and the possibility of there being a lack of pens it was decided on that if we needed more pens we would need to rent another barn which will cost an extra $50 plus bedding and panels. This is how the discussion ended.

1. Any youth showing goats in the open shows AS WELL as the JABGA will be required to pay for pens.

2. Animals entered in just the JABGA show will be provided free pens. Those free pens are not guaranteed to be in the barns with the open entries. And those free pens are allowed to only hold JABGA SHOW goats. If open show goats are in a free JABGA pen then that pen will no longer be free and that exhibitor will be charged $10 for the pen fee.

Lisa will contact Aaron at ABGA related to awards and promotional organization of the show.  Koben Shigeta will also add link to the rules to make it easier to find on the entry forms.

Discussion was led regarding pre paying for Saturday night dinner at the show since the JABGA show will run late into the night. Pre paying would give the youth in the food truck along with their mentor more notice of how much food to make and would solidify food available for those showing goats as the Saturday inventory of the May show was depleted. Because of all the changes the SRMGA is facing by hosting a Regional JABGA show it was recommended to take the pre paying to the October show and see how it worked there.

The above was all put towards a vote by the attending membership and was passed by majority vote.

Scholarship:  Patsy Walrath reported that last year in 2016 the SRMGA scholarship program was put into place. That program was to reward the youth in a bigger way than goats as we know that some of the youth who put in a lot of time go on to pursue careers that aren’t goat related. So rather than giving a doe/doeling to a youth the SRMGA agreed to give scholarships towards education instead with the help of donated raffle scholarship does/doelings as the fundraiser. That program raised enough money to offer two $500 scholarships this year without draining the account.
Scholarship recipients for 2017 are Tyler Windom from New Plymouth, Idaho and Maddie Fenton from Touchet, Washington.  Congratulations!!

Scholarship Donation Doelings for 2017:  Owyhee Colors and Weiser River Boer Goats have donated doelings this year.    Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness for our youth. Price of raffle tickets are $3 per ticket or 2 tickets for $5. First doeling will be raffled off at the June Show. The second one in October.


Production Sale was reported on by Koben Shigeta. It was discussed that bringing in a pedigree reader from the ABGA was going to be $1000 minimum. Also having a better auctioneer would be anywhere from $1000 to $1500. His suggestion was increasing commission. That sparked more conversation on the possibility of moving our sale forward to include an online component to our auction as it would bring in more money and justify pedigree readers, great auctioneers and be worth the commission.  CBGA will be doing DV auction this year and there was a lively discussion among folks as to how we can make this work.

It was voted on by majority of the members present at the meeting to have an online auction this year if the board could get it going. The board is going to meet and get figures together and try to get an online auction this year.

Lisa Baldwin did some research with the state veterinarian for Idaho and SRMGA will require Health Certificates for any animals entering our state for this year’s sale as it is the State Law and the SRMGA would be held responsible if we were not requiring health certifications. We will also be considering later down adding the requirements for TB testing and Brucellosis. It will be educated this year that if a buyer is from a state that requires TB or Brucellosis testing they will need to make commendations for those animals and test.  There was information provided that Idaho will be requiring Brucellosis testing within the next two years for any goats coming into Idaho. The SRMGA will need to stay updated on changes in the law for animals coming in and out of the state.

Lisa Baldwin reported that the Veterinarian she reserved would be able to write health certs at the sale and could also add onto already provided health certs.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Watts

Board Secretary SRMGA