Meetings Minutes October 7th, 2017

//Meetings Minutes October 7th, 2017

Meetings Minutes October 7th, 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017

In Attendance: Kim Royer, Tammy and Sarah Parks, Terry Brown, Crystal and Maddison Fenton, Trevor Clemens, Susan and Richard Rhoads, Sam Davis, Charleen Wendt, Autumn Brookelyn Arianna Davis, Cunningham’s, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Kim Holt, Nikki Brusseau, Tyler Windom, Norman and Rosalinda Vizina, Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Terry Watts.

Board President Koben Shigeta called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Treasure Report: Dan Walrath Treasure: Dan is putting together a written treasure report that he will have out to the members by December.

Scholarship doe donated by Sam Davis and Charlene Wendt, Owyhee Colors, brought in 1,200.00 for the Junior SRMGA and money for the Doe to be raffled this weekend donated by Ed and Terry Watts, Weiser River Boer Goats has brought in 1,000.00 so far without the money that we have collected today and what will be sold tomorrow.

Our Raffles have consistently brought in from 3 to 5 hundred dollars at each show. Thank you to everyone that brings raffle items, your donations for sure help to keep these shows going. Also Sam Davis donated our lot one at the Production sale and the proceeds from that lot will go to our awards for the 2018 shows.

Motion to approve treasures report was made by Charlene Wendt, and seconded by Autumn Davis.

New Business:

Koben Shigeta explained that he and Dan Walrath have been working with the bank for the past few months because it was found that the SRMGA has been running without an EIN number due to lack of paperwork having been filed for three consecutive years. They have been working diligently to clear this up and keep us legal. They are working with the bank.

Kim Royer offered to send the name of an account that is reasonable and in the area, that is helping her and the rodeo board that she belongs to with this same type of issue. She is a specialist in not for profit organizations. Thank you Kim, that would be greatly appreciated. There will be more to come on this subject for sure.

Educational opportunities that the SRMGA has supported this year:

SRMGA members did clinics in Emmett at the All Goat University and at 44 Livestock in Middleton Idaho. We would also like to mention that there are many SRMGA members that are 4 H Leaders, mentors, and volunteer for youth in many county’s that help promote youth and the Goat. We did have an AI educational clinic set up but it fell through due to the presenter had to cancel. Koben asked what folks would like to see the SRMGA do this year for clinics and to Promote our livestock.

There was much discussion on AI, Seman Collection, and possibly a flush clinic. It was mentioned that these are really great suggestions and ones to take into consideration however to host these kinds of hands on clinics are costly and come with risks and should be done at the owner level, it was felt that we could do the education on these types of subjects but it would be up to individuals to have or seek out at the farm or owner level.

It was brought up that there are already many Seman collections scheduled for this fall throughout the North West, Buck collection was voted down.

Susan Rhodes suggested that a committee be set up to look into options for an AI clinic. Majority vote on this was yes.

It was also suggested that perhaps a survey and discussion group on FB to see who would be interested in SRMGA hosting a flush and if this is truly something that should happen at this level.

President Koben Shigeta brought up that the show committee has suggested that they are desperately in need of a trailer to keep all of our equipment in. We right now have equipment stored in local member’s houses and garages across the valley. We are never sure where things are. Carolyn Ortega has a basement full of containers with concession, food items. There are show and picture props, computers etc. etc. We would like to get a trailer to store everything so that we are not always looking for or having to move it all the time. Storage units are a monthly expense and everything has to be moved 3 times per show. With a trailer we can pack it up at the conclusion of an event, park it, move it to the next event and unload, so much simpler for everyone involved.

Dan added that he had been looking for the last year and felt that we could probably purchase one for around 5 to 6 thousand dollars. Kim Royer moved that the SRMGA be able to spend up to $ 6,000.00 for an equipment trailer the motion was seconded and a majority yes vote was passed.

Koben also mentioned that our show computer this weekend fried itself. A vote was held and everyone agreed that we need a new show computer. Koben stated he would look and get the best deal on a new one that he can find likely during Black Friday.

Regional JABGA show: We will be applying for the Regional JABGA show again this year. Discussion related to moving it to the May Show and having the Jackpot show in June.

JSRMGA Carolyn Ortega was not able to be here tonight but would like to know if the membership has any ideas on how they think the Jr group is doing and if they have any suggestions for improvement. The Jr. group started out their year with a Bowling party and shared some Leadership time. Jr’s in attendance at this meeting were asked what we could do for them as a group. Discussion was held about the scholarship program, and we need donation does for the upcoming year. The Jr’s are excited to add to their scholarship program, and see it continue. Tyler Windom and Maddison Fenton were awarded $500.00 each this year from the program. It was mentioned that perhaps we need to do some research to foster a program for the JSRMGA to give back to them for all they do. Make this a committee. It was also stated that the Jr. group does have a great mentor group within the SRMGA and that the SRMGA brings to the area national level judges to show under and shows for the youth.

Production Sale follow-up 2017.

Question was asked about how we felt about the auctioneer. There were many in the membership that felt Sam Baker did an outstanding job and there was good communication and fun between the auctioneer and the reader (Scott Pruitt). They both fought for the dollars and did a really good job. There was discussion on bringing Pitt Kimmer from Tennessee to auctioneer at production sale 2018. Maddie Fenton said that there is a bonus with Pit because he will transport east also. On the down side he is more expensive than what a local auctioneer would be due to added travel cost or lodging. He also is 1,500 up front cost and Sam Baker was 1,000 and no added cost. It was decided that Terry Watts would call both

auctioneers and do a financial cost analysis and what each could do for us and get back to the group. There were suggestions for changing up the reader to maybe Ron Dilley or Jason Brashear. It was felt that the Sale ran well, and that perhaps we needed to increase the fee to enter a lot into the sale. Discussion was held on what other sales do and it was decided to raise the fee to $50.00 rather than $30.00 and to keep the consignment fee in place for now.

Kim Royer brought up that with the sale going from a $54,000 sale in 2016 to a $126,000. Sale in 2017 there is a need to have more oversight of the financial end of the sale and that perhaps we should have the auction company who would be licensed and bonded to handle the collection of the money after the sale. Terry will ask the auctioneers these questions when she calls and speaks with them and report back to the members. This recommendation was thought to be a good one and much needed.

It also was commented that the transportation is a nightmare when doing a DV auction. Increase demand for transportation is very difficult to accommodate. We will need better support for that area in 2018.

Board Member Seats: There will be 3 board member seats coming open for the 2018, If you are interested in running for a board position please let Koben Shigeta or Donna Newman know.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55

Respectfully Submitted: Terry Watts, SRMGA Secretary