Meeting held at John and Cheryl Sargent’s, on 3625 NW 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID. Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Reading of minutes of last meeting waived. Treasurer’s report, Bank balance $2901.54. Boers de Mayo show income and expenses as follows:

Entries – $1871.00
Pens – 505.00
Comp Classes 180.00
Total $2556.00

Wether Pens – 70.00
Sales Pens – 100.00
Ads/Sponsor – 725.00
Total 895.00

Total $3451.00


Insurance $300.00
Fairgrounds 525.00
Awards 500.00
General Expenses 554.14
Judges 1600.00
Total 3479.14

Net Loss -$28.14

Raffle $374.00

Grand Total $345.86

We should also receive $450.00 from the American Boer Goat Association when they receive the results of the show.

Sale Committee Report: The poster for the September 13 sale is on the SRMGA website. Current members will be allowed first consignment to the sale. After we see how many animals are consigned by members, we will then open the sale for outside consignments. We will need written response by the 15th of June by members on how many animals they are planning to bring to the sale. This year the numbers will be limited to 10 animals per consigner, 2 of which may be bucks. Commercial pens are limited to 5 animals with each pen counting as one of the 10 entries. If we have more than 150 animals consigned, we may decide to have a two days sale, with fullbloods/purebreds selling Saturday, the 13th and percentages/commercial selling Sunday, the 14th. Please contact Clare Askew @ or Gary Custer @ about how many animals you are planning to assign and whether they are fullblood, purebred, percentage, or commercial. If you don’t have email, mail the information to Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655. We need this information by 6/15/08 in order to decide if we will have a 2 day sale or not.

Youth Committee Report: Of the does donated this year, Stormy Slate’s had a single buck and Riley Ann McKay’s is due in June. We don’t have anymore youth applications to participate at this time, but should we get interested youths, we will need doelings donated. They must be registered, at least 88%, tattooed and disbudded. Contact June Lee if you want to donate. For youths wishing to participate, they must be a member of the association, complete an application, have a home inspection visit, be approved and then they will receive their animal. The doelings will be awarded at the sale.

Librarian/Historian Report: Pictures from the show are available. Contact Wayne Gifford for copies. Fred Homeyer left pamphlets and other information to be added to the items available from the library. There was also information about Colorado, Louisana and Texas goat 4H programs. He also sent Wayne an email congratulating us on our first show and how well organized he thought it was. He also said the animals entered could do well in any show in the country. He said he enjoyed coming and would be glad to judge for us anytime in the future.

Show Committee Report: Motion was made and seconded to make Fred Homeyer an honorary member of the association. A thank you card and much praise and gratitude were given to Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler for the great job they did organizing the show. Everyone who participated expressed interest in returning next year. Some suggestions for next year were to have a staging area for exhibitors who had animals in consecutive classes, also, to announce the winners of each class at the end of the class. Dennis Hooper will check with the panel manufacturer in New Plymouth about how much panels for pens would cost for the sale and show next year. He’ll check with Western Idaho Fair about info on the panels they use in their goat barn. Also, the Payette County Fair Board is still talking about replacing the pens in the sheep barns before fair time, which would be before our sale. We volunteered to help set them up if needed.

It was decided to separate the Wether Lottery from the Show. We will set up a day sometime in April for the lottery and combine it with a fitting and showing demonstration. Clare Askew and Karen Kennedy will contact the county extension offices and 4H leaders about the requirements for each fair for entries. It was suggested that a catalog with pictures and breeding be done.

There was a discussion on goat parasites and worming methods. June Lee said she has been using diatomaceous earth from the plant on Bully creek road in Vale. It’s free. She mixes it with molasses or with grain with molasses and her goats are doing very well on it and it kills all parasites. Carol Blandford also said there is good information on the Pennsylvania University website about parasite control.

The next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on June 21st at 1 pm. Members are encouraged to contact one another to carpool.

See you there,

Clare Askew
There are no Classified Ads as my scanner quit communicating with my computer and no amount of slapping around got them talking. Money for the ads will be returned at the next meeting