Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Introductions of members attending meeting were done.  Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report were read and approved.  We have $2027.57 in the bank.

Old Business:

Report from Show Committee Chairman, Janene Jones.  The two day show will be held May 3 & 4 and will be called The Boers of Mayo.  The awards will be ribbons and etched glass and mirrors for Reserve and Grand Champion. There will be 52 awards costing $500.00 with a one time charge for set up fee of $250.00 plus a half page ad in program for the engraver.  Members were encouraged to sponsor awards and to contact commercial vendors for sponsors.

Judges of Dr. Fred Homeyer for Saturday and Beverly Hadley for Sunday were voted on and approved.  Their charges are $800 for transportation, lodging and judging.  Dr. Homeyer will also give a clinic Saturday after the show.

Lynn Fowler will be the ring helper.  Evelyn Simon will supply the PA system and will check if Joe is free to be the announcer.  Dennis Hooper and Ryan Kish will do the health and tattoo check when animals are unloaded.  No microchip reader will be available.  Exhibitors will have to supply their own if their animals are identified in that manner.  Linda Hernandez and June Lee will take care of the hospitality table with coffee, hot water for cocoa and tea, water and snacks.  Donations will be accepted to pay for these.  Judy Novak will be our photographer.  Charlie Jones, Janene’s dad, will manage the information table and the raffle.  Members are encouraged to donate items and contact vendors to donate items for the raffle.

Don Sperry suggested a clinic for showing by Ryan before the show   Anyone wishing to participate could bring a tame animal to Ryan’s on the day of the clinic.  A date was discussed but not decided on.  It will be set up at the next meeting.

June Lee and Linda Hernandez will make a 6’x3’ banner for our events.

Report from Sale Committee Chairman, Wayne Gifford.  Changes suggested for next sale will be that health certificates will be the responsibility of the buyer and a veterinary will be available to provide one if needed.  Each consigner will be allowed to submit 10 animals, 2 of which may be bucks.  More will be accepted if consignments are low.  Maximum animals for sale will be 135 with each commercial lot counting as one animal.  These changes were voted on and accepted.  Fees and commission will be handled the sale as the 2007 sale with the entry fee of $20 being refunded and the commission being between 7 and 10 percent.  The date of the 2008 sale will be September 13, 2008.  It will be held at the Payette County Fairgrounds  in New Plymouth, Idaho starting at 12 noon.

Gary Custer thanked and complimented everyone for their hard work on the sale.  We have gotten a lot of compliments on our sale from both consigners and buyers.

Report from Youth Committee Chairman, June Lee.  There are 4 youngsters interested in participating in the doeling project.  Two doelings have been donated, two more are needed.  Anyone wishing to donate an animal, contact June in January. Percentage doelings of 88% or more will be accepted. Another person is needed to do inspections of the care sites for the animals.  The juniors participating must be 8 to 18 years of age and in FFA or 4H.  They will be required to keep a notebook on the care and feeding program for the animal they receive.

Report from Marketing Committee Chairman, Evelyn Simon.  Wethers are selling for around $1.15 at this time.  There is a USDA slaughter house in Nampa and Gem Meat Packing in Garden City that will butcher and cut and wrap goats.  Suggestions were make to contact Farmer’s Markets and ethnic grocery stores to sell packaged meat.

New Business:

Election of officers for 2008.

Wayne Gifford was elected President, Gary Custer was elected Vice President and Clare Askew was re-elected to Secretary/Treasurer.

A motion was made and approved to have a new position of Librarian/Historian.  Judy Novak was elected.  Anyone having items to donate to the library to be checked out by other members, please bring them to the next meeting for Judy.

Members were reminded that small ads could be put in the newsletter.  The cost is $5.00 per newsletter.

The room at the Hampton Inn ended up costing $111.00.  $70.00 was raised in donations to pay for it.

Our next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on February 9, 2008 at 1 pm.  The Best Western is located off the 2nd Mountain Home exit, on the north side of the freeway.  It is next to the Chevron Station.  Contact Wayne Gifford about carpooling from the west end of the valley.

REMINDER:  To any member who paid their association dues before September 2007, your 2008 dues now need to be paid.  Those dues are $20.00.  Anyone who paid after September 2007, those dues are $14.00.

Thanks and see you all at the next meeting.

Clare Askew