Meeting called to order by President Kahla Shigeta. Attending were Tawnie Roberds, Midvale, Nikki & Liv Brusseau, Caldwell, Cari Zisk, Emmett, Terry Watts, Weiser, Marie Beatty, Kuna, Tawnya & Nani McKague, Meridian, Marilyn O’Leary, Fruitland and Kim Royer, Cambridge.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Open and Youth Jackpot. Due to the excellent participation, we made a profit. $577.65 on the shows. Good Job everyone. On the negative side, there were complaints about having to provide copies of the registration papers for the open show. The reason these copies were requested was to make verifying the information (or lack of) on the entry forms easier. It was decided to see if we could eliminate this requirement. The show clerks have always used their personal computers to process the entries and it was moved and seconded that we buy another laptop to be used exclusively by the show clerk. That way it can be set up permanently with the forms and information needed to make this difficult job easier. That being said, Marilyn O’Leary will no longer be able to clerk the Boers de Mayo Show, so we will need a new clerk. It was decided that if possible it would be better if we had 2 people working together to clerk the shows.Kahla Shigeta & Liv Brusseau volunteered.

Goat Days of Summer Open & Youth Jackpot: June 27th& 28th. Judges Warren Thigpen and Eddie Holland. Entry information and forms are on our website . Aaron Zisk will be our announcer again. Nikki Brusseau has been working on a new backdrop for pictures and it’s glorious, Terry Watts will check with her daughter Tracy and see if she will take pictures. Cari Zisk will oversee the raffle again. We discussed how to make the drawing move faster, but could come up with no good solution. We will need volunteers for runners to get the exhibitors notified of upcoming classes as there is no sound system in the barns. Nikki Brusseau and Marie Beatty will be ring stewards again. Straw will be provided for bedding. Clean up will be done by one of the local 4H clubs. We will pay the same as New Plymouth, $100 per barn. Set up will be Friday June 26th at noon and volunteers are needed to help. Check in time for exhibitors will be any time after 12 o’clock noon on the 26th. Pens will be assigned for the Open Show, but not the Youth Jackpot. Check in for youth exhibitors & weighing wethers for the Jackpot will be Saturday morning starting at 8 am. Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship, then Breeding Doe classes and last, market wethers, so we’ll have time to get them all weighed. It was suggested that we eliminate the entry fee for the showmanship classes, but that would also eliminate prize money for those classes. So it was decided to leave entry fees the way they were. Lunch will be available both days, but no potluck Friday night as there are a number of eating places close in Homedale.

Fitting and Showing Clinics: The Goat Boot Camp organized by Kelly Haun was a great success. Attendance was very good and everyone who participated benefited by the knowledge and expertise of Austin Chandler, the young man who did the presentation. It was decided that the Association should try to sponsor some of these clinics in the future. If we contribute to some of the expense, that would lower the fees that people would have to pay to attend and should increase attendance.

Treasure Valley Classic. July 11th, 8 am, Owyhee Country Fairgrounds, Homedale, ID. Judge, Madi Fenton, Touchet, WA. There will be a short fitting and showing seminar starting at 9 am.

Show will start at 10 am with Showmanship, then break for lunch, then Breeding Does and wethers. Show will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Show Series. Cash prizes and goat equipment will be given.

Western Idaho Fair Show: Mike Wallace will be our judge. Entries will need to be made by August 12th online at the Western Idaho website, or August 10th by mail using the open show entry form supplied by the WIF in the Premium book. Those forms and the entry fees of $18 per class for Open and $15 per class for the Jackpot will be sent to the Fair Office and they will forward our portion of the entry fee and the forms to us. We will need at least 10 goats from 3 different farms to participate in the open show portion of the fair, this would include jackpot entries. Goats will need to be kept at the fairgrounds from Wednesday August 26th through Saturday August 29th. The Open Show and Youth Jackpot will be held Friday August 28. The Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship and Breeding Doe Classes. There will not be Market Wether Classes as wethers will be shown during the 4H and FFA portion of the fair so they can be sold in the fair auctions. Bedding (shavings) will be provided by the facility for the first day, any bedding (shavings) after that time will have to be provided by the exhibitor. Pens will be assigned for both the open and jackpot shows and there will be no pen fees. The open show will be percentage and purebred/fullblood does only, no bucks. Horns will be allowed. Exhibitors will have to pay the fair gate admission charge each daily to get on the fairgrounds. They do sell passes that allow exhibitors in at a reduced cost from the daily fee. We should have enough people going daily who can take care of the goats whose owners can’t get there every day. It was suggested we conduct mini clinics during the days the goats are on being exhibited, but we decided we had enough to do at this point without adding more.

Production Sale: Saturday September 19, Payette County Fairgrounds, New Plymouth ID

The Consignment forms will be going out to the consignors after the Goat Days of Summer Show. Deadline for returning them and paying consignment fee is July 15, 2015. All the lots on the sale are full, but if consignors are unable to bring as many animals as they originally specified, I have members waiting to fill those lots. The catalog will be on only this year, with a link on our website.

Very productive meeting, if I forgot anything, please let me know.


Clara Askew
Snake River Meat Goat Association