Meeting called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew in absence of President Ryan Kish.  First order of business was to elect a Vice President.  Wayne Gifford was nominated.  Nomination seconded.  No other nominations.  Voice vote taken.  He was elected unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report given.  We only have $163.32 in our bank account.  Our account is at Zions Bank which is charging us $8.00 per month service fee.  Suggestions were asked for banks which charge no fee for commercial accounts.  No one knew of any, but would check.


Old Business:  Gary Custer gave report on progress of Production Sale.  He has the entry form and flyers ready for mailing.   He did a good job and they look great.  They will be mailed and emailed as soon as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to give them out to anyone who wants to participate.  Advertising will be done in the Capital Press and the local papers.  Anyone who has other ideas for ads, please let Gary or Wayne know.  Breeder and commercial ads in the catalog will be $15 for business card size, $25 for quarter page, $50 for half page, and $100 for full page.  Send the ad layout and check to Gary Custer, 438 Hwy 74, Twin Falls, ID 83301 or email and pay at the next meeting.  Deadline for entries and ads is July 15, 2007.


Copies of papers or application for papers for registered goats are required with the entry.  If a substitution is made, owner will have to provide copy of papers for supplement to catalog.  The seller will forfeit the entry fee if the goat is not brought to the sale.  It was discussed whether or not to limit the number of bucks or bucklings per seller.  It was decided there would be no limit.


The sale will start at 1 pm.  Goats will need to be penned by 9 am.  They will be sold in order of age, doelings and does first, bucklings and bucks last.  Becky Gates volunteered to handle the raffle.  Call her at 454-4140 or email to give her information about donations.  Edgar Edmundson will donate a doeling to the raffle.  Cost of tickets will be $2.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Please contact your local feed store for items.


Becky also has started our association website.  She was given $80 donated by various members to set up the domain name.  It is  It will have links to all members’ websites and information about the club.


Don Sperry gave a report on the Breeding Goat Project.  Anyone needing a copy of the guidelines, please contact Don, June Lee, or Clare Askew.  We now have 2 Junior members who are interested in participating,  Melissa and Whitney Jacobsen of Donnelly.


The next association meeting will be July 14, 2007 at 12 o’clock noon at Elmer’s Restaurant, which is right across the street from Noodles.  It is on the west side of the street.  This meeting will be about the sale only.  Please try to attend.
The August meeting will be the 18th also at Elmer’s.  This will be the final meeting before the sale, so please make every effort to attend.

Clare Askew