Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Attendees introduced themselves and gave brief description of their farm operation and the goals they wished to accomplish through the club.

Ryan read an article that was published in the Farm Bureau magazine. It stated while sheep production in Idaho has remained the same or declined, goat production has almost doubled in the last year.  This is very encouraging for our industry.

Minutes and treasurer’s report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew.  Motion made to approve by Dennis Hooper, seconded by Gary Custer.  Copies of Treasurer’s report are available upon request.

Old Business:

Lynn Fowler, who was unable to attend, did report on findings for combining a show with our September sale.  She advised Fred Homeyer was available to judge.  His total fee for transportation, lodging and judging would be $800.00.  He would also present a seminar and critique the animals in the sale.  After discussion, motion was made and seconded to just have the production sale this year, since this is our first endeavor and we want to do it well.  Motion made by June Lee, seconded by Wayne Gifford.

Gary Custer brought a catalog sample for approval.  Animals will be listed youngest to oldest, does then bucks, four entries to a page.  Pictures will be allowed.  Qualifications, rules, and application for the sale will go out by June 15.  The application must be returned by July 15, with the catalog completed by August 15.  It was decided you must be a club member to enter goats in the sale.  The club will retain the right to limit the number of animals entered for the sale.  Wayne Gifford and Gary Custer will take care of the advertising for the sale.  Contact them for ads in the catalog .  Also, everyone is reminded to enter good quality animals both as a reflection on their herd and on the association.  We will be able to bring our sale goats in on Friday (9/14) and a seminar on nutrition will be presented that evening.

A youth program recommended by Don Sperry was voted on and approved.  It will involve donating young does to junior members interested in showing and starting a herd.  The does should be at least 7/8’s Boer.  The junior members will then donate back their first doeling raised from that doe to the club to be donated to another junior member.

Marketing was reported on by Evelyn Simon.  She advised Gerald Hale is a buyer out of the Twin Falls area.  He pays $1 per pound and will come to our area for wethers.  Del Treasure is in the Treasure Valley area, also pays $1 per pound.  The key market criteria is 50-75% Boer (meat) goat, 65 to 90#.  The Mountain States Meat Goat Association members gather a semi load each season and ship to a slaughter house in California.  Ryan Kish will check with them and see how successful this is for their members.

New Business:  Business card size ads will be taken for the newsletter. $10 per issue or $40 per year.

Contact Clare Askew (208) 278-3859, with ads.

Four videos on goat herd management were purchased from the Ag Lifestyles program and are available to be checked out by club members.  The titles are Making Money with Meat Goats, Goat Reproduction and Breeding, Goat Nutrition and Showing Jr Meat Goats.  Anyone interested in checking one or more out, the cost is $5.00 each for from meeting to meeting.  Contact Clare Askew at or (208) 278-3859.

Dr Dave Wenger, a veterinary from Vale who is very knowledgeable with goats, is now affiliated with Caldwell Vet Clinic, Thursdays, Fridays and every other Saturday.  Phone number there is (208) 459-6615.  He also has a mobile unit that he runs from his home in Vale, (541) 212-0116.

We want to welcome new members

Dan Dixon (Bonnie)                 Judy Novak                   NancyJoy Craig            Mikel Wallace

20033 Friends Rd                  195 Glen Loop                3447 N 3300 E            3215 Goodrich Rd

Greenleaf, ID                         Jerome, ID 83338         Kimberly, ID 83341     Cambridge, ID 83610

454-9890                              324-8226                     423-5521                     550-7366

Next Meeting will be June 16, 2007 at 12:00 noon at Noodles Restaurant, 1820 Franklin Blvd, Nampa/ Exit 36, just north of  I-84

Clare Askew