The meeting was called to order by the interim president, Ryan Kish. He introduced himself and welcomed everyone. Clare Askew gave a short talk outlining why the association was being created and what some of the goals would be.

These objectives included the following:

Improve marketing by organizing production sales and slaughter wether shipments
Create a website with classified ads and links to members’ websites.
Organize a breed show.
Improve education with seminars and demonstrations.

Frequency of meetings was discussed and it was decided to meet at least quarterly or as needed. The next meeting will be on December 2, at noon at Perkins, which just west of I-84 exit 29 in Caldwell. It was also decided to have some meetings in the Magic Valley area to save travel time for members in that region. A Production Sale will be September 15, location to be decided at next meeting. Evelyn Simon of Hagerman volunteered her husband to auctioneer for us. Consignments must be made 60 days prior to sale with catalog mailed 6 weeks before the sale. Ads would be accepted for the catalog, pricing to be determined later. Dates for shows were not established yet. It was felt that more discussion was needed.

Gary Custer made the motion and Edgar Edmundson seconded that Ryan Kish be elected President for the first year and Clare Askew be Secretary/Treasurer. A voice vote was taken and motion approved. A checking account will be opened at Zions Bank in New Plymouth and Clare’s address would be used for mail. However, it was found that the Association has to be registered with the state as a non profit before a checking account can be opened and a board of directors is needed before we can register with the state. We will have to elect a board at the next meeting and then register as a non-profit organization. Meanwhile, anyone paying with checks will not have their check deposited until a checking account can be opened. Sorry for the inconvenience, but government regulations tend to complicate the simplest of plans.

Committees were established and members were encouraged to volunteer to help.

Show Committee
June Lee, Weiser, 549-8549
Edgar Edmundson, New Plymouth, 278-5496

Production Sale Committee
Gary Custer, Twin Falls, 733-9235
Wayne Gifford, New Plymouth, 278-5023

Slaughter Wether Shipments
Naomi Coundies, Payette, 642-3953 (she was volunteered in her absence, hopefully this will be okay)

Junior Show Leader
Kim Tolbert, Vale, (541)473-4285

Also representatives were established to contact County Fair Boards about having meat goat shows included in the fairs. (Volunteers are needed for Payette and Ada County)

Kim Tolbert, Malheur County
Don Sperry, Canyon County
Janene Jones, Gem County
Linda Hernandez, Washington County

Association By-Laws will be available by request. Yearly dues will be $20 per member, $10 for Juniors and $300 for lifetime membership.

Please check the following list for any additions or corrections needed. Anyone else wishing to join, mail dues to Clare’s address below. Make checks payable to Snake River Meat Goat Association or SRMGA.

Clare Askew