October 5th, 2019
The fall meeting of the SRMGA was called to order by President Koben Shigeta. There were 23 members present including 6 board members.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved. There will be an end of the year report submitted separately to the membership with 2019 details.
No old business to discuss.
New business as follows:
The Jr. SRMGA started out the meeting. The Jr. SRMGA President Grace Coulston asked that the SRMGA membership consider doing a regional show. She is concerned about the numbers of youth who could participate in a regional show which is why she has asked the SRMGA team up with the other associations CBGA, OMGP, and Inland Meat Goat to help push the regional show. A show like this would cost close to $10,000 so participating is key as well as multiple organizations helping to offset costs.
Tracy Watts motioned to table the topic until further research is done on actual #’s of JABGA youth in the area before voting on participating in hosting a regional show. Terry Watts 2nd the motion. JABGA Regional show was tabled.

Grace said that the youth are deciding right now whether to host a JABGA show, Jackpot show, or a bit of both at the Boers De Mayo considering most youth do not have their market goats by that show date. The Jr. SRMGA will provide us with that information as more discussion is held by them.

The Goat Days of Summer will be a Jackpot show hosted by the Jr. SRMGA in 2020. The youth will be looking for sponsors for awards.

Production sale was brought up. The board presented information received from the facebook post as well as emails that had been sent to the board. Members discussed food, marketing, awards for high selling animals, auctioneer and reader. Koben Shigeta explained that the SRMGA production sale is part of a non-profit organization that cannot take money from organization for further gains into private entity sales. All adjustments to the budget would need to be approved by the membership or a sales committee that would be available to members before they decided to buy lots.

Kim Holt recommended the idea of a sales committee who would decide food, marketing, and awards. Also if time permits discussion of Auctioneer and Pedigree Reader. Rachel Rheuby moved that the SRMGA Board assign a sales committee of 5 to discuss the sales marketing, food, awards, auctioneer and pedigree reader. Tracy Watts seconded the motion. The motion passed with majority in favor. The board will send out an email asking for those who’d be interested in being on the sales committee.

Concerns were discussed at the meeting about the sale and lower profit numbers for 2019. Some of the concerns were lack of marketing, lack of quality, and lack of consigner involvement as far as marketing their stock. Some members said they noticed thin animals in the sale. Members discussed how they could avoid consigners bringing livestock auction sale quality animals to help the SRMGA Production Sale become a better sale. Trevor Clemons moved that the sale have a minimum floor price of $450. Tammy Parks seconded that motion. The motion passed with majority in favor.

Lot purchasing was brought it. It was a concern that members had to stay up until midnight to get a spot in the production sale. The board expressed that this is the easiest and most fair way to offer lots. It is how the CBGA does their lots as well. Members do not have to stay up until midnight but with the increased interest in the sale it would be wise to stay up to get into the sale. The membership discussed having a lottery style sign up. The issues discussed with that were that members could select 8 lots and have no ties financially to keeping those 8 lots. Koben Shigeta moved that the association adopt a lottery style sign up instead of purchased lots. Motion was seconded by Terry Watts. Motion failed with majority opposed.

SRMGA 2020 Production Sale Rule Changes before Sales Committee
Enforced floor minimum of $450

Rachel Rheuby from Homedale FFA informed the membership that 1 Jr SRMGA member and one past Jr. SRMGA would be going to the National Livestock Judging contest and were wondering if the SRMGA would be interested in providing some monetary donation to help the students get to nationals. Samantha Davis moved that the SRMGA donate $500 to the Homedale FFA to support the youth representing Idaho from Jr. SRMGA to nationals. Motion was seconded by Tracy Watts. Motion passed by majority vote.

Jolene Jolley and Kelsey Anderson said that Utah is lacking meat goat opportunities. With Utah being in the SRMGAs area of coverage as well as memberships living there; they requested that the SRMGA host a show around April to help build the meat goat industry in that state. Jolene and Kelsey would work with breeders in that state as well as work with neighboring states to put on a successful show where Jolene would be Show Secretary. All profits made by the show would go back to the SRMGA, all expenses of the show would be paid by the SRMGA and would be added to the events for insurance coverage by the SRMGA. If the show didn’t do well the first year the association could drop the show. Koben Shigeta moved that the SRMGA host another 2 day show in the state of Utah. Kahla Shigeta seconded the motion. Motion passed with majority vote.

No further questions or concerns were voiced at the conclusion of the meeting.

Charlene Wendt moved to adjourn the meeting. Samantha Davis seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Koben Shigeta
SRMGA Board President