Officer meeting SRMGA
July 2, 2016
Nampa, Idaho
6:03 pm.

In attendance: Kahla Shigeta President,  Patsy Walrath Vice President,  Nikki Brusseau Treasure and Terry Watts Secretary

Meeting was called by Kahla Shigeta to discuss resignation of Gabriel Aguayo to the Board of Directors of Snake River Meat Goat Association.  It was noted that Gabriel resigned due to personal reasons.

Discussion was then held related to need of reappointment of this board seat at this time or, wait until elections are held again in January of 2017.  It was agreed by all that a new board member should be appointed at this time.

Many members of the association were then discussed and what each one could bring to the association and to the Board.  The decision was made to contact Donna Newman related to her years in the goat industry and her experience.    President Kahla Shigeta will contact Donna this week and see if she would be interested in filling this seat on the board.

Meeting adjourned  7:27 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Terry Watts
Secretary, Snake River Meat Goat Association.