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October Meeting Minutes 2019

October 5th, 2019
The fall meeting of the SRMGA was called to order by President Koben Shigeta. There were 23 members present including 6 board members.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved. There will be an end of the year report submitted separately to the membership with 2019 details.
No old business to discuss.
New business as follows:
The Jr. SRMGA started out the meeting. The Jr. SRMGA President Grace Coulston asked that the SRMGA membership consider doing a regional show. She is concerned about the numbers of youth who could participate in a regional show which is why she has asked the SRMGA team up with the other associations CBGA, OMGP, and Inland Meat Goat to help push the regional show. A show like this would cost close to $10,000 so participating is key as well as multiple organizations helping to offset costs.
Tracy Watts motioned to table the topic until further research is done on actual #’s of JABGA youth in the area before voting on participating in hosting a regional show. Terry Watts 2nd the motion. JABGA Regional show was tabled.

Grace said that the youth are deciding right now whether to host a JABGA show, Jackpot show, or a bit of both at the Boers De Mayo considering most youth do not have their market goats by that show date. The Jr. SRMGA will provide us with that information as more discussion is held by them.

The Goat Days of Summer will be a Jackpot show hosted by the Jr. SRMGA in 2020. The youth will be looking for sponsors for awards.

Production sale was brought up. The board presented information received from the facebook post as well as emails that had been sent to the board. Members discussed food, marketing, awards for high selling animals, auctioneer and reader. Koben Shigeta explained that the SRMGA production sale is part of a non-profit organization that cannot take money from organization for further gains into private entity sales. All adjustments to the budget would need to be approved by the membership or a sales committee that would be available to members before they decided to buy lots.

Kim Holt recommended the idea of a sales committee who would decide food, marketing, and awards. Also if time permits discussion of Auctioneer and Pedigree Reader. Rachel Rheuby moved that the SRMGA Board assign a sales committee of 5 to discuss the sales marketing, food, awards, auctioneer and pedigree reader. Tracy Watts seconded the motion. The motion passed with majority in favor. The board will send out an email asking for those who’d be interested in being on the sales committee.

Concerns were discussed at the meeting about the sale and lower profit numbers for 2019. Some of the concerns were lack of marketing, lack of quality, and lack of consigner involvement as far as marketing their stock. Some members said they noticed thin animals in the sale. Members discussed how they could avoid consigners bringing livestock auction sale quality animals to help the SRMGA Production Sale become a better sale. Trevor Clemons moved that the sale have a minimum floor price of $450. Tammy Parks seconded that motion. The motion passed with majority in favor.

Lot purchasing was brought it. It was a concern that members had to stay up until midnight to get a spot in the production sale. The board expressed that this is the easiest and most fair way to offer lots. It is how the CBGA does their lots as well. Members do not have to stay up until midnight but with the increased interest in the sale it would be wise to stay up to get into the sale. The membership discussed having a lottery style sign up. The issues discussed with that were that members could select 8 lots and have no ties financially to keeping those 8 lots. Koben Shigeta moved that the association adopt a lottery style sign up instead of purchased lots. Motion was seconded by Terry Watts. Motion failed with majority opposed.

SRMGA 2020 Production Sale Rule Changes before Sales Committee
Enforced floor minimum of $450

Rachel Rheuby from Homedale FFA informed the membership that 1 Jr SRMGA member and one past Jr. SRMGA would be going to the National Livestock Judging contest and were wondering if the SRMGA would be interested in providing some monetary donation to help the students get to nationals. Samantha Davis moved that the SRMGA donate $500 to the Homedale FFA to support the youth representing Idaho from Jr. SRMGA to nationals. Motion was seconded by Tracy Watts. Motion passed by majority vote.

Jolene Jolley and Kelsey Anderson said that Utah is lacking meat goat opportunities. With Utah being in the SRMGAs area of coverage as well as memberships living there; they requested that the SRMGA host a show around April to help build the meat goat industry in that state. Jolene and Kelsey would work with breeders in that state as well as work with neighboring states to put on a successful show where Jolene would be Show Secretary. All profits made by the show would go back to the SRMGA, all expenses of the show would be paid by the SRMGA and would be added to the events for insurance coverage by the SRMGA. If the show didn’t do well the first year the association could drop the show. Koben Shigeta moved that the SRMGA host another 2 day show in the state of Utah. Kahla Shigeta seconded the motion. Motion passed with majority vote.

No further questions or concerns were voiced at the conclusion of the meeting.

Charlene Wendt moved to adjourn the meeting. Samantha Davis seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Koben Shigeta
SRMGA Board President

Member Meeting Minutes May 4th, 2019

May 4, 2019
The spring meeting of the SRMGA was called to order by President Koben Shigeta. Those in attendance were: Koben Shigeta, Dan Walrath, Patsy Walrath, Sam Davis, Autumn Davis, Mary Lee Atteberry, Crystal Fenton, Erin Turpin, John Turpin, Joe Cross, Kandia Cross, Kelsey Anderson, Grace Coulston, Liv Brusseau, Stephanie Loder, Clarissa Loder, Angie Johnson, and Donna Newman.
The treasurer’s report was read and approved.
No old business to discuss.
New business as follows:
An open/youth show will be sponsored by the SRMGA on June 22nd at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth. It is not a sanctioned show and all types of meat goat does and bucks are welcome. Weigh in for wethers will be at eight A. M. with the show scheduled to begin at nine.
A fitting clinic with Dakota Ash is planned for July 10th at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth.
The production sale is scheduled for September 14th at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth. It was voted at the October meeting to reduce the lots to 100 for this year with a requirement of five does to bring one buck. There is a limit of 8 goats per farm/family. A $50 non-refundable fee is required to reserve each lot. Lots may not be reserved until July 1st. No change was suggested on the October vote. There was new discussion about the set up for pens for the sale. A survey will be sent out to members to get feedback about having pens in numerical order in the barns vs. by breeder.
The SRMGA Fall Finale will be held at the fairgrounds in New Plymouth on October 5th and 6th.
The Junior SRMGA members held a meeting on Saturday, May 4th. New officers were elected and are as follows: President, Liv Brusseau; Vice-President, Katrina Windom; Secretary, Grace Coulston; and Treasurer, Alexy Terry. A change in when the group re-organizes each year and holds election of officers was discussed. The suggestion of meeting at the October show and voting new officers for the following year was received positively by the group and will be implemented in October of 2019. It is hoped that this will allow more youth from the group to attend meetings and run for office.
Two $500 scholarships were awarded this year to Ben Holt and Paden Jolley and a $1,000 scholarship to Liv Brusseau.
It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting will be in October at the SRMGA Fall Finale.
Minutes respectfully submitted,
SRMGA Board Vice-President, Patsy Walrath

Final Quarterly Board Meeting, December 21st, 2018

The final quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time December 21st, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis, Lisa Baldwin and Donna Newman.

Old News:
The non profit status of the SRMGA with the IRS is still undecided. The hope is that by the beginning of 2019 the paperwork will be approved. As of right now the SRMGA is a non profit with the state of Idaho. Koben, Dan and Patsy have worked diligently to get this done.

Koben said his family may be able to do trailer modifications to help organize and secure items in the trailer for transport such as the snow cone machine, etc. It has been a blessing to have the trailer for not only the board members but also Mrs. Ortega.

Patsy said Dan Walrath is working on the end of the year finance report that will be posted to the website as well as sent on email for members to see.

New Business

After the meeting with the membership some of the board voiced their concerns about the decisions made at the meeting. Some of those concerns were the lowering of the numbers for the production sale but keeping the amount each breeder can bring the same. Koben and Autumn were concerned that by doing that if every member chose to bring 8 lots it would only pertain to 15% ish of the membership. Sam and Terry explained that in previous years typically most breeders don’t choose to bring 8 lots and that even if we opened the sale up to even more lots (over 120) it would still, based on Koben and Autumn’s concern, only cover less than 50% of the membership. And it was also brought to attention that the membership voted for those changes so the board will comply. If there are members upset by the change the only thing the board can do at this point is encourage them to participate in the October meeting.

Koben and Autumn suggested doing a spring sale where if participants participated in that sale they could not participate in the September Sale. Patsy brought up the fact that if we did the sale it would have to be in June as that’s the best time for all the help. However, there are many shows, sales, and ABGA Nationals in June so when would time permit? The board agreed that there needs to be something done to help more of the membership and potentially other portions of the membership (commercial, wether stock, etc).

Terry brought up online sales. It would be something where the SRMGA would organize the sale through a website and do the marketing. Only SRMGA members would be allowed to participate in the sale. We could do a spring club animal sale (wethers, wether dams, wether bucks), and also a spring production sale (show stock, brood stock, etc). This would allow members to sale from their home and not have to travel. It would be financially feasible for the SRMGA and also give opportunities to other sectors of the goat industry. It would also for the first time open up a sale to wether producers within the SRMGA. We don’t know enough about this right now but it was agreed upon to look into this and do some research for 2019.

Koben then brought up a commercial jackpot show for adults and youth. The SRMGA cannot host an ABGA sanctioned show but we could do something different. It would be a one day show where participants could sign up their animals and admission costs would pay for venue and judge and then after that the money would then be put into a jackpot and paid out to participants in the classes. We could also do other awards as well. Maybe do a potluck type lunch/dinner and a corn hole tournament. We will contact Ken Eytchison as he is local and a great fair judge and see what his charges would be to do something like this. We would also need to see what ABGA shows were going on to avoid conflicting times with those. The show would likely be in May or June – more leaning towards June.

Dr. Tanya Percifield DVM is now in Ontario, she is buying Eastern Oregon Animal Health in January of 2019. She is working on writing up some informational pieces for the newsletter. The hope is in 2019 we can really get that up and off the ground. Dr. Tanya Percifield is also committed to the SRMGA as an on call show vet, educational resource provider as well as the vet for our Production Sale.

Hopefully some of these ideas will benefit the entire membership here in the future.

Koben said scholarship applications are ready for the 2019 board to offer whenever they’d like, January was recommended. Only youth memberships are eligible for scholarships.

The new 2019 board members are Koben Shigeta, Stacy Herriman, Tyler Windom and Samantha Davis. Koben said he’d give that information to Dan to send off to the State of Idaho to keep us in good standing as a non profit. Closing the elections in the middle of December will work for the State of Idaho paperwork. We discussed concerns about the survey monkey and allowing membership to vote for less than the number of seats available. It is something that the 2019 board will have to consider. Right now survey monkey has been the best for allowing the membership to vote from afar for board members. Membership meetings were discussed and if it was beneficial to only show persons to attend if we held them at shows. Koben explained that we started doing this to get more membership input and to help those members who didn’t want to drive 9 hrs away to just attend a meeting to have the opportunity to have a voice. Sam agreed that ALL paid members should have the right to speak their opinions at a meeting and it’s simply more convenient for the out of state people to have the meetings at the shows where they are likely to be. Those who live nearby can easily drive over if it’s important to them to participate in the meetings. It was agreed upon that having meetings at the shows or on show weekends is the best for both worlds and as a board all we can do is encourage the members to attend. It was also brought up that even if members could not attend they certainly could send their input to the SRMGA in an email for us to add to agenda items either at board meetings or at the membership meetings. Thus far the SRMGA has received no input from members for any meeting. Koben said in 2019 the board really needs to try to do a better job in communicating with the membership about meetings and that’s something the 2019 board will have to do but the times the board did communicate they received nothing from the membership for items to add to meeting agendas.

Certainly the SRMGA is building a much stronger foundation and even though 2018 was a tough year the SRMGA board and the membership did accomplish a lot. Hopefully in 2019 all lose ends will be tied up and the SRMGA will be operating better than ever.

Meeting was adjourned 9:00 pm.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,
Respectfully submitted,
2018 SRMGA Board

2nd Membership Meeting October 6th, 2018

The 2nd membership meeting was called to order Saturday October 6th at 8:00 p.m. at the Payette County Fairgrounds in the 4-H building by board President Koben Shigeta.

Those in attendance were Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Autumn Davis, Terry Watts, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Tracy Ware, Samantha Davis, Crystal and Maddie Fenton, Trevor Clemons, Terry Brown, Joe and Kandia Cross, Kallee Cross, Ashley Culver, Andrew Benz, Jackie Rae, Tyler Windom and JR Morton

Finance report was approved.
Old meeting minutes were approved.

New Business:

The board asked the members their opinion about the scholarships. There is enough money to provide a small one for many youth. The members opinion was to give out scholarships to those deserving and not deplete the account. The board will take that into consideration next year.

Dan Walrath discussed the trailer. The SRMGA did buy a 20 ft tandem axle car trailer that is now licensed to the Snake River Meat Goat Association. It was under budget and will be provided in the final financials with license and insurance costs.

A detailed financial report will be submitted at the end of the year and posted online.

Koben discussed the IRS situation. The association is good with the State of Idaho as a non profit and the SRMGA is waiting on the IRS to accept the association as a non profit. It is not an over night deal and required a lot of paperwork. Dan and Koben have been working with the accountant to look over all of the SRMGA non profit stuff to get it all done. The hope is this will be completed by the end of 2018 and if not for sure by 2019 but an accountant is now employed with the SRMGA to handle financials such as this. The SRMGA will be using Nichols accounting in Nampa for their accounting services.

The board then asked the membership what they’d like to see in 2019 with the 900 and not being able to have shows. The membership recommended some education seminars, youth jackpots, and potentially a semen collection. The membership would like to see an ai clinic in the future. The board said they would look into trying to get those going.

Production Sale:
-The consigner fees were not finished yet but projected to be under 2%.
-The membership felt the sale ran well
-We discussed penning goats by number, Rusty Lee suggested doing that because it’s easier for people to find animals and easier for him to evaluate them.
-Allowing people to pay for goats during the sale did not work – some consigners came back to empty pens and were unaware.
-We need a new tech, the tech DV auction sent did not set up cameras or move them appropriately
-Rusty Lee was great
-Sam was good but his son Tyson was even better

Suggestions for 2019
The membership requested to check into Pit Kemmer and try him if he was available.
Having two sales may help people from being frustrated about getting into the sales, however, it would require much more work and much more help. This is something the board will consider.

There were requests made at the meeting to change parts of the production sale. Koben looked into the bylaws to see if the membership there could vote on changes to the production sale. Based on Article 6.3.b it met the requirements to make changes. The changes voted on by majority of the membership present -
*5 does to 1 buck vs 3 does to 1 buck
*Total lot number will be dropped to 100 max
*Consigners may still bring 8 animals
*Youth under the age of 18 will no longer have rights to production sale lots UNLESS their family is not participating. For example: If Jimmy John (15 yr old JABGA MEMBER) wants to buy lots and his families farm John Family Livestock also wants to buy lots that will be denied. If Jimmy John wants to buy lots and his family does not then he can buy lots as a youth member with the $20 youth member fee.
*The association will take checks or paypal for lot reservation, however, if the paypal reservations come in before the checks then the paypal reservations will be filled first. First come first serve.

We will contact Pit Kemmer and Rusty Lee to do the SRMGA Production sale again.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

3rd Quarterly Board Meeting, September 2nd, 2018

The 3rd quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time September 2nd, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis, Lisa Baldwin and Donna Newman.

The verdict of the 900 is in that the SRMGA will have their sanctioning removed for a year starting August 9th as well as affiliation removed with the ABGA. Terry Watts said she called the ABGA for clarification why and they would not explain why other than we didn’t provide enough information about the complaint itself. Koben got the letter from the judge for both Saturday and Sunday stating they heard nothing from George Newman but the ABGA CEO Larry Duncan said to Terry Watts we needed to provide more information that we did more than that. As a board we feel as though we did not have enough information moving forward to ban George Newman from SRMGA shows as any issues he had with Gabe happened at a show that was not sanctioned by the SRMGA and that during the weekend in question George Newman had no complaints against him given to the SRMGA during or after the event even after facebook posts and e-mail.

Patsy said she is working on the paperwork for complaints in the future that way if this were ever to happen again we would have hard copies of complaints to send to the ABGA. Likely those hard copies would have prevented us from the 900 verdict.

By providing information to the membership, like Koben and Terry thought information was leaked to the public. That started a war on facebook of half truths and rumors as well as nasty emails between members. Children unfortunately have become involved in it. Koben and I can work on the email now to make a separate group for youth member emails so that the children are no longer involved in the adult politics. Everyone was in agreeance with this decision. We will put this into effect immediately.

Dan Walrath gave us a letter from a law firm in New Mexico asking for the associations IRS information as well as non profit information. Koben said Dan said he is working on the paperwork for IRS, it’s not an overnight deal and we got our tax exempt status updated with the State of Idaho. He said that we had lapsed on sending in the information on new board members because the State was asking for it in December and we didn’t know until January. Something we may need to consider changing as far as elections go to fix this. The SRMGA is now again a non profit with the State of Idaho and in the process of being a non profit with the federal government. We cannot provide the New Mexico law firm with information about being a 501C3 as we do not have it. And we by State law do not provide any information about our association unless it is asked for by a paid member. The letter did not state who this lawyer is representing so we by law are not going to respond.

Koben said he contacted Claire Askew about the non profit status of the association. She did not have any information other than we had it once. Koben then met with an accountant and they searched for information about the SRMGA being a non profit organization, even if it hadn’t been for years there would still be record. The accountant could not find that information in the database and the IRS also has no recollection of the Snake River Meat Goat Association being a non-profit with the federal government. Koben said the IRS told him all they had was that the SRMGA has an EIN number as an organization but no non profit status has ever been requested or granted. We now have to assume that the Snake River Meat Goat Association has only ever been a non profit with the State of Idaho. Koben went through the records of meeting minutes as well as association documentation with Dan Walrath and said that neither of them could find information about the non profit status with the IRS or any proof that we had been filling out the cards to send to the IRS at the end of the year since the beginning of the association. Dan and Koben are learning now what needs to be done, and are awaiting paperwork from IRS. Once the paperwork has been approved the association will have to provide information to the public yearly which will be posted on the website. Dan and Koben will update with that when it has been completed.

The production sale is coming up. We had some issues by allowing checks and paypal for the production sale reservations. In the future we will make a date during the work week and also maybe on form of payment. We had just a few checks come in but had to accept them because they came in that day this year. So we went from 120 lots to over 130 to accommodate them. We also need to discuss with the membership about youth participation in the sale. Some of the membership are angry they haven’t gotten a lot when there are families with youth members (under 18) who have requested max lots plus youth lots. This will be something we discuss at the October Meeting with our membership. This year people have taken the time to take better pictures. YAY! And the catalog is looking much more completed before the sale date so that is a win! We are also projecting finances and it’s looking like having increased the reservation to $50 instead of $30 a lot of the costs are paid for and likely consigner fees will be significantly lower this year. We will see what happens on the 15th.

We will need to discuss what we will be doing in 2019 as we will not be allowed to do shows before August 9th, 2019. We’ve had some individuals contact us about money donations towards their shows. Because of what’s going on with the SRMGA and the 900 and because of the hostility with some of the members and non members we feel it’s in the best interest of those shows that the SRMGA not donate money towards their sanctioned shows. If they have youth shows with no affiliation with the ABGA sanctioning we can certainly donate that way.

Meeting was adjourned 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Newman
Board Secretary

2nd Quarterly SRMGA Board Meeting July 9th, 2018

The 2nd quarterly SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by Board President, Koben Shigeta at Vice President Patsy Walrath’s home 24617 Cemetery Road, Middleton, Idaho at 7:00 p.m. mountain time July 9th, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Autumn Davis and Donna Newman – via facetime, Lisa Baldwin was unable to attend.

Meeting minutes from the January were read and approved.

The Board Immediately went into discussion about the article 900 received from Julie Carreiro from complaints of June 22nd, 2018. The complaint reads as follows:
The Snake River Meat Goat Association board of directors have conspired over the years threatening, bullying, degrading, lying and falsifying show documents to ABGA members and their staff at their ABGA sanctioned shows. Specifically on May 5th, 2018 George Newman called Gabe Aguayo a F-ing faggot and called Bruce Lott an ‘Asshole’. President Koben Shigeta banned ABGA member Gabe Aguayo from its shows but allowed it’s own members to violate ABGA Rules.

The 900 paperwork received by the SRMGA board was filled with letters, most of them irrelevant to the Boers De Mayo show in 2018, that both Gabe Aguayo and Ben Thomas were notified of their banning from SRMGA indefinitely until an apology was written. We discussed extensively what happened at that show from everyone’s perspective.

During the ABGA show Boers De Mayo between Friday and Saturday the SRMGA board received multiple verbal complaints. Friday night the board received a phone call that Gabe and Ben were climbing into Dust Devil Ranch and Capriole Boer pens getting goats up without permission. Dust Devil Ranch and Capriole Goat Ranch were no longer on the fairground premises when this was going on.

Saturday during the show there was a complaint that Gabe had cut in the line and physically touched shoulders with another exhibitor. Koben Shigeta (show secretary) asked his helper Randy Corn to please just make a line rather than just letting everyone jump in to eliminate any issues. After Mr. Corn started lines Gabe Aguayo started to announce his presence and ask where the line was and yell out if this was the line. He then in the back said with curse words about his feelings about the line. Gabe continued to yell his presence at the gate to the point Mr. Corn warned him. Gabe had asked if he was in trouble and Mr. Corn told him that he was going to be if he continued to do what he was doing. It wasn’t much later Kahla Shigeta came to the gate and made the SRMGA show committee aware that she had confronted Gabe about his outbursts in line and that she regretted confronting him but had had enough. She was verbally warned by the show committee and asked to no longer speak to him or his associates for the duration of the weekend. After that, Koben said they no longer heard Gabe announce his presence at the gate again. Later during that show a mother of a youth exhibitor who was showing in the open show complained to the SRMGA show committee that the Boers De Mayo is supposed to be considered a family show and that she didn’t appreciate the language and behavior of the agents of Red Crown LLC (Gabe and Ben). She said that they were pulling their goats out of line to shadow their daughter so the judge didn’t get a good view and that Gabe was trash talking exhibitors blatantly in the ring. She also said she was disgusted by him calling the ring stewardess a ‘F-ing idiot’ in front of youth who were participating in the open show. Koben and Patsy both said they payed attention to the ring after that and realized that they felt that Gabe was pulling animals out of line but were unsure if there were any consequences for that. Later that same day other exhibitors complained that Gabe and Ben were trash talking the association and it’s exhibitors as well as the show. They also made it aware to the SRMGA show committee that they didn’t feel their animals were safe there, nor their equipment and installed cameras specifically for those individuals. A closed meeting Saturday night was called to order by President Koben Shigeta by the SRMGA Board. It was voted on after the closed meeting to ban Gabe and Ben from SRMGA events after the Sunday show so Red Crown LLC animals could still be shown for Sundays show. Koben Shigeta went home and wrote up the letter after the show and returned Sunday morning for the board to all read the letter and approve or disapprove. It was approved by Terry Watts, Autumn Davis, Patsy Walrath, Samantha Davis and Donna Newman. Lisa Baldwin was not in attendance.

After Sundays show Terry Watts and Autumn Davis said the letter was delivered to Gabe and Ben by hand. Gabe opened the letter up in front of them and wanted to argue the decision. Autumn said Gabe wanted to know why we did it and what he could do right to make it better, Terry Watts was on the phone with Red Crown LLC discussing with them that their handlers would no longer be allowed to come to SRMGA events. Samantha Davis and Koben Shigeta said they saw there were issues going on with the letter from afar so they joined Autumn Davis and Terry Watts. During that time Koben said Gabe was told by him that he would not be allowed to come back unless they wrote an apology for what happened that weekend. Gabe then asked if he could write the apology and come back for the Boers of Summer show. Koben then replied that he would not be allowed to come back until October show at the earliest because the June show had another youth show attached and because of the youth family complaints we would need to see as a board and show committee that they were going to be better before subjecting them to youth again. If a written apology was provided and the October show went well then they could come back in 2019 to another show with a youth show attached. Samantha Davis said it wasn’t until after he realized that we were not going to allow him back until the October show that he started walking away claiming the SRMGA was against the LGBT community. Terry, Koben, Autumn and Sam all said they told him that was not the case at all. And at that point as Gabe was walking back to his truck he yelled back that George Newman had called him a faggot. Autumn Davis and Koben Shigeta asked him when it had happened because they had not gotten a complaint or heard anything at the show ring. Gabe would not tell them when it had happened but continued to accuse the board of being against the LGBT community. Koben said he would get to the bottom of it and assured Gabe those kind of actions would not be tolerated.

Immediately after that discussion with Gabe and Ben, Autumn said she, Koben, and Terry approached George Newman and asked him if he had called Gabe a faggot at the show. George Newman said that during a show not hosted by the SRMGA but at Big Top years ago, he and Gabe did have an altercation. After that altercation Heads A Buttin’ Farm hired Gabe personally as their fitter and shower as they had worked it out several years back. He promised that he had avoided Gabe and Ben all weekend long and said other exhibitors could vouch for him that he stayed in his barn and by his goats. Autumn said that Koben Shigeta warned George anyways and told him that type of language wouldn’t be tolerated so don’t ever do it and to continue to avoid Gabe and Ben in the future. Autumn Davis said George was frustrated because he felt like he was being accused of something and warned for something he did not do. Terry Watts said George was very sincere in his answers and without more proof other than what Gabe had said they didn’t have much to work with but George was warned anyways.

Koben said he spoke with Karen Keller (non member but participant in the show) not much later after the event. She was concerned for the Association and the claims that the association was against the LGBT community. She recommended the association always have a paper trail. We agreed that in the future a paper trail would be nice to have. Patsy Walrath said she would work on putting something together that way the board and the SRMGA would always be covered by more than just words.


It was decided again at this meeting that we did everything we could with the information we had. As we read into the Article 900 and letters Julie Carrairo provided from other exhibitors there were complaints to the ABGA about George Newman calling Gabe names across the show ring loud enough for everyone to hear, as well as calling the judge derogatory names. Koben and Patsy said that they never heard anything from the show committee helpers of any of this, nor did they hear it themselves. Autumn Davis said she was in the ring and never heard George yell anything to anyone. Koben said he’d send an email to the judge and ask the judge if George had given him trouble. If we find that it happened from the judge the Board would also have to ban George Newman from shows. If the judge said he didn’t hear it we don’t have enough evidence to ban George Newman as the show committee and board never received any complaints that weekend other than those against Gabe and Ben.

Patsy Walrath was concerned about the people in the letters being accused of doing things that were criminal. Samantha Davis agreed that without proof it would put the SRMGA into liability of a lawsuit of defamation of character to post the details of the 900 to the membership. Koben and Terry were concerned that even if we gave the information to the membership as confidential it would likely get leaked to the public also putting the association in the crossfire of the ABGA. Rumors had already been started about people involved and not involved, so it was decided that we would release names of the people who were part of the 900 so that the membership could ask them about their involvement directly and also give them an opportunity to share if they felt comfortable. Privacy of the membership is the most important at this point.

Autumn Davis said it was weird that there were no supporting letters from Gabe in the 900 Julie filed and Donna Newman said that she and George received a 900 against them personally from Gabe.

Koben said he would post a post on the facebook page as well as send out an email to the membership and ask members for their input and support for the 900. He also said hopefully if members had issues with George they would come forward and make official complaints to the SRGMA because as of right now we have not a single complaint about George Newman and the first complaints we received are not directed to us but to the ABGA in support of this 900.

We then discussed board insurance. Patsy Walrath and Autumn Davis said they received a phone call telling them to retract their vote so they wouldn’t lose their jobs or lives for hate crime. With all of the rumors and the threats of hate crime by the SRMGA, it would be ideal to have board insurance to protect us. Koben said it’s unfortunate that we have to spend money on this but with times changing and things like this happening for board members to consider running in the future we would absolutely need to have this. We will contact Tammy Parks and ask about board member insurance.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Newman

Board Meeting January 2nd, 2018

The SRMGA Board meeting was called to order by 2017 Board President, Koben Shigeta, via web conference at 6:00 p.m. mountain time January 2nd, 2018.

In attendance were board members – Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Samantha Davis, Lisa Baldwin, Autumn Davis and Donna Newman.

Meeting minutes from the October 2017 meeting were read and approved.

The board immediately went into Board Office positions; President, Vice President, and Secretary. The results were as follows:
Board President: Koben Shigeta
Board Vice President: Patsy Walrath
Board Secretary: Donna Newman

Board appointed Treasurer Dan Walrath is serving his 2nd year of his term in 2018.
Board appointed Junior Advisor Carolyn Ortega is serving her 2nd year of her term in 2018.

Items on the agenda from 2017 were Trailer, Awards Budget, Educational Events, Productional Sale, and Scholarship Does.

It was discussed that the trailer was needed badly since Carolyn Ortega was keeping all of the association food and raffle paraphernalia in her basement. Dan and Patsy are also keeping items in their garage for backdrop, set up, and decorations. Koben has electronic equipment. Lisa has shirts and hats. Terry has all the associations paperwork. The member meeting in October, 2017 voted to approve a $6000 budget for the trailer. It was discussed for all of the items that the SRMGA has and items it will need to accumulate as the association grows larger that a 12 ft trailer is not large enough. The board will be looking for a trailer 18-20 ft long and wide enough to walk into and grab items vs unloading the entire trailer. It would also need to be tandem axle. Patsy said Dan knew of some people with trailers, Donna said she’d keep an eye out in Western Oregon and Terry said she’d keep an eye out as well. The hope is to have a Trailer before the June show.

Awards budget was discussed. The SRMGA is making money at the shows so the budget of the awards could go up since it’s hard to find awards at very low budgets. It was also discussed that during Western Idaho Fair of 2017 some of the breeders had gotten together and were discussing the option of doing practical awards as well as more decorative awards. The previous budget for awards was $350 a day not including Youth Jackpot Shows. Koben said he would get with Dan and see if we could increase the budget to $500 per day. Koben motioned to with Dan’s approval increase the budget from $350 to $500 per day for awards. The board voted unanimously in favor. Koben motioned to mix up awards between practical and decorative for 2018 at the Boers De Mayo, Boers of Summer and SRMGA Fall Finale Show. The board voted unanimously in favor. Samantha Davis and Donna Newman offered to Co-chair that committee.

Educational events were briefly discussed. It was decided that the SRMGA would again participate in the All Goat University. Koben brought up the Nevada group that was wanting to get the SRMGA over there to host a clinic. The problem all the board members had getting this put together was time. It was decided that the board would try to get together and find a time that works to organize an event like that and correspond with the Nevada group. We discussed AI clinics and potentially doing a clinic with biogenetics. Donna Newman offered to look into that. It was decided that we’d ask the membership what they would like and see what we could do. Timing would be difficult with all of the shows the SRMGA hosts. The educational events were tabled for the time being for more research.

Scholarship doe program is booming. Autumn Davis offered to reach out to breeders and try to get some more breeders interested in donating to the program. It has been extremely successful. The board decided to leave the template of the doe program the way it is, raffle in June and in October.

Production Sale. After the 2017 Production Sale it was discussed that while it was successful there are still many changes that need to be made. During the member meeting in October of 2017 it was voted to change some of the rules. The new rules now read as follows:
Consignment Information:
1. Only members who have paid their 2018 dues by January 31, 2018 may consign to the sale.
2. Consignment reservation fees are $50.00/per lot, which will be applied to the cost of the sale. An additional commission will be added to cover the remainder of the expenses. There is a $50.00 per lot commission cap.
3. Consignment reservation fees are nonrefundable, except in the unlikely event that the sale must be canceled.
4. If a consignor does not fill all of his/her purchased lots, and if the SRMGA has a waiting list of others that want to consign, SRMGA will try to reissue the unused lots and give credit of 25.00 to the original purchase credited to their sale check.
4. “No Sales” will be charged $25.00 each regardless of the floor price.
5. Sign up begins July 1, 2018 through August 1, 2018. During this period each member may consign up to 8 goats.
These lots will be given out on a first come first serve basis with a cap of 125 lots sold.
7. After August 1st, if the goal of 125 goats has not been reached, each consigner may consign additional goats until the sale is full or until August 15th.
8. Photos and Pedigree must be entered on by September 1st.
9. Members consigning a minimum of three does may also consign one buck. No member may consign more than one buck to the sale.
10. Consigned does and bucks must be registered with a boer goat association. Unregistered does confirmed bred to a registered Boer buck will be accepted with a service memo and positive pregnancy test.
11. All consigned goats must arrive at the sale location with necessary documents. The documents should be in an unsealed large manila envelope. One envelope for each lot consigned, labeled with the goat’s lot number, farm name and owner’s name. The needed documents to enclose are:
A) The original registration dated and signed on the back by the registered owner.
B) If a doe is sold ‘bred’ or ‘exposed’ that must be noted properly on the back of the registration form.
C) Copy of the health certificate if the goat is coming from out of the state of Idaho.
D) A copy of testing results if the goat is being marketed as tested.

The board discussed positions that needed to be fixed in the sale. It was decided that the entire board needed to be as involved as possible in the Production Sale.
The shows were discussed. Koben already has contacted judges and has most judges lined up in May and June. Terry has all of the dates booked. Patsy asked about Youth awards and their show. It was discussed because the Jr. SRMGA do the food that helps fund the shows as well as go out and get majority of the donations for the raffle that we’d do what they needed to make their show great. Autumn said she’d work with Carolyn and see what the kids wanted to do for their shows.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Board Secretary
Donna Newman

Meeting Minutes May 5th, 2018

SRMGA 2018 May 5th Members meeting

The meeting room was called to order by board President Koben Shigeta at 8:31 p.m at the Payette County Fairgrounds May 5th, 2018.

In Attendance were Koben Shigeta, Kahla Shigeta, Donna Newman, George Newman, Samantha Davis, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Terry Watts, Autumn Davis, Charlene Wendt, Trevor Clemmons, Jolene Jolley, Kelsey Anderson, and Tammy Parks.

Old Business:

Koben said they are still working on the trailer. With the tax season winding down the accountant will now be able to work with DanWalrath so we can best decide how to purchase the trailer as a non profit.

Production Sale:

Production sale lots will be available for purchase beginning July 1st, 2018. No lots are to be reserved until paid in full. The production sale will be September 15th at the Payette County fairgrounds. It will be a DV Auction again with the auctioneer used last year, Sam Baker and pedigree reader Rusty Lee.

Members can join at any time but must be a member by January 31st to participate in the production sale.

Samantha Davis suggested donating a lot to Junior SRMGA for a fund raising event. The juniors would contact breeders for potential semen donations that would be auctioned in the production sale. Proceeds would be used toward scholarships, and the youth program.

Jolene Jolley brought up an ABGA show that clashed with the production sale. Discussion was made about moving the sale up or down a week or two to accommodate for shows. It is something that will be further looked into but not something that will happen this year.

Jackpot Vs Open Show
There was discussion on the Saturday show day order. Members were asked if they prefer the youth show first or second. The decision was made to leave it as it is.

Treasurers Report
We have roughly $4200 in the Jr. SRMGA scholarship account.
$18,000 between the bank and paypal account

Those figures do not include the cargo trailer that will be purchased as well as laptop.

Koben motioned to approve the Treasurers report, Terry Watts seconded it.

Meeting Adjourned 9:23 p.m

The President Koben Shigeta called to order a closed meeting at 9:30 p.m in regards to complaints at Boers De Mayo show on Gabriel Aguayo and Ben Thomas. The board members in attendance at that meeting were, Koben Shigeta, Patsy Walrath, Donna Newman, Sam Davis, Terry Watts, and Autumn Davis. Closed meeting adjourned at 10:06 p.m.

Board of Directors met at a board meeting directly after closed meeting and voted unanimously to ban both Gabriel Aguayo and Ben Thomas indefinitely from participating in any and all Snake River Meat Goat Association functions. Board meeting adjourned at 10:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Newman
SRMGA Board Secretary

Meetings Minutes October 7th, 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017

In Attendance: Kim Royer, Tammy and Sarah Parks, Terry Brown, Crystal and Maddison Fenton, Trevor Clemens, Susan and Richard Rhoads, Sam Davis, Charleen Wendt, Autumn Brookelyn Arianna Davis, Cunningham’s, Dan and Patsy Walrath, Kim Holt, Nikki Brusseau, Tyler Windom, Norman and Rosalinda Vizina, Koben and Kahla Shigeta, Terry Watts.

Board President Koben Shigeta called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Treasure Report: Dan Walrath Treasure: Dan is putting together a written treasure report that he will have out to the members by December.

Scholarship doe donated by Sam Davis and Charlene Wendt, Owyhee Colors, brought in 1,200.00 for the Junior SRMGA and money for the Doe to be raffled this weekend donated by Ed and Terry Watts, Weiser River Boer Goats has brought in 1,000.00 so far without the money that we have collected today and what will be sold tomorrow.

Our Raffles have consistently brought in from 3 to 5 hundred dollars at each show. Thank you to everyone that brings raffle items, your donations for sure help to keep these shows going. Also Sam Davis donated our lot one at the Production sale and the proceeds from that lot will go to our awards for the 2018 shows.

Motion to approve treasures report was made by Charlene Wendt, and seconded by Autumn Davis.

New Business:

Koben Shigeta explained that he and Dan Walrath have been working with the bank for the past few months because it was found that the SRMGA has been running without an EIN number due to lack of paperwork having been filed for three consecutive years. They have been working diligently to clear this up and keep us legal. They are working with the bank.

Kim Royer offered to send the name of an account that is reasonable and in the area, that is helping her and the rodeo board that she belongs to with this same type of issue. She is a specialist in not for profit organizations. Thank you Kim, that would be greatly appreciated. There will be more to come on this subject for sure.

Educational opportunities that the SRMGA has supported this year:

SRMGA members did clinics in Emmett at the All Goat University and at 44 Livestock in Middleton Idaho. We would also like to mention that there are many SRMGA members that are 4 H Leaders, mentors, and volunteer for youth in many county’s that help promote youth and the Goat. We did have an AI educational clinic set up but it fell through due to the presenter had to cancel. Koben asked what folks would like to see the SRMGA do this year for clinics and to Promote our livestock.

There was much discussion on AI, Seman Collection, and possibly a flush clinic. It was mentioned that these are really great suggestions and ones to take into consideration however to host these kinds of hands on clinics are costly and come with risks and should be done at the owner level, it was felt that we could do the education on these types of subjects but it would be up to individuals to have or seek out at the farm or owner level.

It was brought up that there are already many Seman collections scheduled for this fall throughout the North West, Buck collection was voted down.

Susan Rhodes suggested that a committee be set up to look into options for an AI clinic. Majority vote on this was yes.

It was also suggested that perhaps a survey and discussion group on FB to see who would be interested in SRMGA hosting a flush and if this is truly something that should happen at this level.

President Koben Shigeta brought up that the show committee has suggested that they are desperately in need of a trailer to keep all of our equipment in. We right now have equipment stored in local member’s houses and garages across the valley. We are never sure where things are. Carolyn Ortega has a basement full of containers with concession, food items. There are show and picture props, computers etc. etc. We would like to get a trailer to store everything so that we are not always looking for or having to move it all the time. Storage units are a monthly expense and everything has to be moved 3 times per show. With a trailer we can pack it up at the conclusion of an event, park it, move it to the next event and unload, so much simpler for everyone involved.

Dan added that he had been looking for the last year and felt that we could probably purchase one for around 5 to 6 thousand dollars. Kim Royer moved that the SRMGA be able to spend up to $ 6,000.00 for an equipment trailer the motion was seconded and a majority yes vote was passed.

Koben also mentioned that our show computer this weekend fried itself. A vote was held and everyone agreed that we need a new show computer. Koben stated he would look and get the best deal on a new one that he can find likely during Black Friday.

Regional JABGA show: We will be applying for the Regional JABGA show again this year. Discussion related to moving it to the May Show and having the Jackpot show in June.

JSRMGA Carolyn Ortega was not able to be here tonight but would like to know if the membership has any ideas on how they think the Jr group is doing and if they have any suggestions for improvement. The Jr. group started out their year with a Bowling party and shared some Leadership time. Jr’s in attendance at this meeting were asked what we could do for them as a group. Discussion was held about the scholarship program, and we need donation does for the upcoming year. The Jr’s are excited to add to their scholarship program, and see it continue. Tyler Windom and Maddison Fenton were awarded $500.00 each this year from the program. It was mentioned that perhaps we need to do some research to foster a program for the JSRMGA to give back to them for all they do. Make this a committee. It was also stated that the Jr. group does have a great mentor group within the SRMGA and that the SRMGA brings to the area national level judges to show under and shows for the youth.

Production Sale follow-up 2017.

Question was asked about how we felt about the auctioneer. There were many in the membership that felt Sam Baker did an outstanding job and there was good communication and fun between the auctioneer and the reader (Scott Pruitt). They both fought for the dollars and did a really good job. There was discussion on bringing Pitt Kimmer from Tennessee to auctioneer at production sale 2018. Maddie Fenton said that there is a bonus with Pit because he will transport east also. On the down side he is more expensive than what a local auctioneer would be due to added travel cost or lodging. He also is 1,500 up front cost and Sam Baker was 1,000 and no added cost. It was decided that Terry Watts would call both

auctioneers and do a financial cost analysis and what each could do for us and get back to the group. There were suggestions for changing up the reader to maybe Ron Dilley or Jason Brashear. It was felt that the Sale ran well, and that perhaps we needed to increase the fee to enter a lot into the sale. Discussion was held on what other sales do and it was decided to raise the fee to $50.00 rather than $30.00 and to keep the consignment fee in place for now.

Kim Royer brought up that with the sale going from a $54,000 sale in 2016 to a $126,000. Sale in 2017 there is a need to have more oversight of the financial end of the sale and that perhaps we should have the auction company who would be licensed and bonded to handle the collection of the money after the sale. Terry will ask the auctioneers these questions when she calls and speaks with them and report back to the members. This recommendation was thought to be a good one and much needed.

It also was commented that the transportation is a nightmare when doing a DV auction. Increase demand for transportation is very difficult to accommodate. We will need better support for that area in 2018.

Board Member Seats: There will be 3 board member seats coming open for the 2018, If you are interested in running for a board position please let Koben Shigeta or Donna Newman know.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55

Respectfully Submitted: Terry Watts, SRMGA Secretary

Meeting Minutes May 6th, 2017


MAY 6TH 2017

Meeting was called to order by Board President Koben Shigeta at the Payette County Fairgrounds Saturday May 6th at 8:30 p.m.

There were 29 in attendance.

Treasurer Report:  

Dan Walrath reported that the SRMGA has about $14,000 in bank but that total did not include paying the judges expenses, food, bedding, venue, etc. A better Treasurer’s Report will be reported after all totals are received separate of these meeting minutes. The food truck had brought in $400 the first day and members liked having food truck.  Day 2 should all be profit so as it stands the food truck will be staying.

This show will cost us an additional $300 in shavings because of the flooding from Friday’s rain and the numbers total from the show were down and that was to be expected in the finalized Treasurer’s report. Numbers were expected to be down because of the harsh 2016 winter.

Kim Holt moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and Carolyn Ortega 2nd the motion.

All Goat University:  Koben Shigeta reported that the Snake River Meat Goat Association has been invited back to the All Goat University to teach classes about meat goats. Last year there was a very large turnout and this year is expected to be also large. There is a group from Blackfoot, Idaho coming just to learn about meat goats so the All Goat University is thankful to bridge the gap between Dairy and Meat Goats and work together to provide education to all. We encourage all members to attend and spread the word.

JRSRMGA:  Patsy Walrath reported that the Jr. SRMGA had their first meeting “Jr. SRMGA Kick off” at the Nampa Bowling Alley. Many old and new faces came to the meeting where the youth discussed the Food Truck, getting donations for the raffle, and set up/clean up at the shows. At that meeting Big Red Boers, Baldwin Livestock LLC, and KSK Ranch put together buckets to award the youth(s) for their hard work getting donations for the show. The youth (s) who got the most dollar amount in donations won the basket. The basket winner (s) are to be decided on Sunday during the raffle.

At the youth meeting the youth also voted on their new officers.

New Officers for 2017.   President Tyler Windom, VP Cheyenne Ortega, Sec.  Kylie Baldwin, Treasure Hannah White.
The youth have been directed to work side by side and be mentored by their representative board officer.

Marketing Committee:       Liv, and Shawnee – This committee was created to make flyers and get the word out to the youth about the open shows as well as the youth shows.


JABGA June Show:  Lisa Baldwin reported on the JABGA show and encouraged all to read the rules to be prepared for the show. Some of those rules that need attention is paperwork and making sure the youths name is the only name on the paperwork, a letter to allow siblings to show their stock and membership cards at check in. Crystal Fenton also commented that Jrs must be JABGA members and must show ownership of the animals 30 days prior to the show and 1 year after the show.

Also big talk of the night was the pen fees and the ABGA rule requiring JABGA pens to be free pens. After much discussion and the possibility of there being a lack of pens it was decided on that if we needed more pens we would need to rent another barn which will cost an extra $50 plus bedding and panels. This is how the discussion ended.

1. Any youth showing goats in the open shows AS WELL as the JABGA will be required to pay for pens.

2. Animals entered in just the JABGA show will be provided free pens. Those free pens are not guaranteed to be in the barns with the open entries. And those free pens are allowed to only hold JABGA SHOW goats. If open show goats are in a free JABGA pen then that pen will no longer be free and that exhibitor will be charged $10 for the pen fee.

Lisa will contact Aaron at ABGA related to awards and promotional organization of the show.  Koben Shigeta will also add link to the rules to make it easier to find on the entry forms.

Discussion was led regarding pre paying for Saturday night dinner at the show since the JABGA show will run late into the night. Pre paying would give the youth in the food truck along with their mentor more notice of how much food to make and would solidify food available for those showing goats as the Saturday inventory of the May show was depleted. Because of all the changes the SRMGA is facing by hosting a Regional JABGA show it was recommended to take the pre paying to the October show and see how it worked there.

The above was all put towards a vote by the attending membership and was passed by majority vote.

Scholarship:  Patsy Walrath reported that last year in 2016 the SRMGA scholarship program was put into place. That program was to reward the youth in a bigger way than goats as we know that some of the youth who put in a lot of time go on to pursue careers that aren’t goat related. So rather than giving a doe/doeling to a youth the SRMGA agreed to give scholarships towards education instead with the help of donated raffle scholarship does/doelings as the fundraiser. That program raised enough money to offer two $500 scholarships this year without draining the account.
Scholarship recipients for 2017 are Tyler Windom from New Plymouth, Idaho and Maddie Fenton from Touchet, Washington.  Congratulations!!

Scholarship Donation Doelings for 2017:  Owyhee Colors and Weiser River Boer Goats have donated doelings this year.    Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness for our youth. Price of raffle tickets are $3 per ticket or 2 tickets for $5. First doeling will be raffled off at the June Show. The second one in October.


Production Sale was reported on by Koben Shigeta. It was discussed that bringing in a pedigree reader from the ABGA was going to be $1000 minimum. Also having a better auctioneer would be anywhere from $1000 to $1500. His suggestion was increasing commission. That sparked more conversation on the possibility of moving our sale forward to include an online component to our auction as it would bring in more money and justify pedigree readers, great auctioneers and be worth the commission.  CBGA will be doing DV auction this year and there was a lively discussion among folks as to how we can make this work.

It was voted on by majority of the members present at the meeting to have an online auction this year if the board could get it going. The board is going to meet and get figures together and try to get an online auction this year.

Lisa Baldwin did some research with the state veterinarian for Idaho and SRMGA will require Health Certificates for any animals entering our state for this year’s sale as it is the State Law and the SRMGA would be held responsible if we were not requiring health certifications. We will also be considering later down adding the requirements for TB testing and Brucellosis. It will be educated this year that if a buyer is from a state that requires TB or Brucellosis testing they will need to make commendations for those animals and test.  There was information provided that Idaho will be requiring Brucellosis testing within the next two years for any goats coming into Idaho. The SRMGA will need to stay updated on changes in the law for animals coming in and out of the state.

Lisa Baldwin reported that the Veterinarian she reserved would be able to write health certs at the sale and could also add onto already provided health certs.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Watts

Board Secretary SRMGA

Board of Directors Meeting January 15 2017

In attendance:  President Koben Shigeta, Vice President Patsy Walrath, Secretary Terry Watts, Lisa Baldwin, Samantha Davis, Donna Newman, and Nikki Brusseau.

Meeting was opened by Koben Shigeta:

Treasure Report:

Koben relayed that Nikki is now in the process of getting the books to Dan Walrath and that Dan and Nikki will be going over the transition and will update us with a Treasure report at soon as they have looked them over together and can give us a summary.   We do as of this date have $11,599.00 in the bank account with $1800.00 of that belonging in the Jr. SRMGA Scholarship fund.   We are in the process now of setting up a new bank account and a savings account which will be set up for the Jr. Scholarship fund.

Request for agenda  items:

There was a request to discuss a wether sale/show event for this year, also Timmery Perez and Kathy Cunningham have offered to serve on a committee if needed.  Thank you everyone.
Discussion was held on the wether sale/show and it was decided that this type of event comes with a lot of research and planning if it were to be successful.   It was decided that as a new board with a huge amount of work ahead that this event would be a bit overwhelming at this time.  It was decided to table this request for now and come back to it and look at it this fall at our planning meeting for next year.

Event discussion:

Raffle:  Kahla and Koben have been in the process of asking for sponsorships for SRMGA, in the form of cash, items for raffle and silent auction.  In the past our membership has really stepped up to help man the raffle table so we will continue to get volunteers for each raffle set up.  This way it will not always be the same folks and we can split it up some.  So with that being said if anyone would like to volunteer to man the raffle table during our events please let a board member know and we will get you set up.  We will continue to ask show and event participants to donate an item for our tables.  Hopefully we will get some businesses to donate like they did last year and we can divide those items up for each raffle.

Food:  Discussion was that we will have the food truck up and running for Boers De Mayo and the youth advisor along with the Jr. SRMGA will be in charge of the food.  We felt that even though there are places to get food in town it is always nice to have it on site.  The Treasure will be a part of this committee also.   This will be a trial and we will see how it goes. If it goes well and we can find enough help to successfully do food then the SRMGA will continue to provide a food truck.

Educational Clinics:

Terry Brown has offered to do a hoof trimming clinic,  I for one am really excited about that.

We may pair up another clinic with this one. We will let the association know when we decide.

CHS (pay-back feeds) has offered to do a clinic on mineral and would like to attend a membership meeting and educate on nutrition and feeds.

Ken Feaster-Eytchison:   Will do an AI clinic at the SRMGA Fall Finale.  This will be mostly classroom instruction with a demonstration on two does for education only.  This will not be hands on for the spectators. This event is not included in the one free membership pass, the cost will be $5 per person to attend.

Members of the SRMGA will receive one free clinic a year the others will be a nominal fee.

Western Idaho Fair:

We had a request at our last membership meeting asking that we look at some sort of reward system for participants that brought animals to the show the first three years to help get the show going at the fair.  It was brought up that this is a WIF show and SRMGA really has no say as to how the show runs.   Although this is a great idea our hands are really tied on this one.

This will be our last year exhibiting animals and then next year in 2018 the WIF will take on the Boer goat show and start providing premiums. They will also be responsible for finding and paying for a judge. This will be our last year in expense for this show.

Treasure Valley Classic:

The outgoing board of directors voted at the end of last year to no longer hold this event as SRMGA already holds two (2) other Jackpots along with all the other events that the youth are not excluded from.  The SRMGA plate is bursting at this time.  Aaron Zisk mentored by Kelly Haun is going to take over the Treasure Valley Classic as his senior project. The board will decide to what extent the association supports this show but we will donate towards it.


The Jr.  Group will need a new Adviser for 2017.  The new Bylaws forbid the President of SRMGA from being the Jr. Adviser.  Adviser does not need to be a Board member but must be a SRMGA member.   The floor was opened to nominations:  Autumn Davis,  Carolyn Ortega, and the Windom’s were recommended.   The Board reached out to these individuals and Carolyn Ortega has accepted the position.  Thank you Carolyn you will be amazing.

Recommendations for the Jr. group activities to help support the organization:

  • Help with food at the shows.
  • Fund raise
  • Market the scholarship doelings for the scholarship program.
  • Help set up SRMGA shows.

For the juniors it was voted on that membership dues remain the same $5 with the exception of a Jr. Member wanting to sell at the production sale. In that case we have voted that they must pay a normal membership fee of $20.00 but that fee would come without a vote.

The Jr. Members will be in charge of getting awards with their given budget (to be determined by the board and Treasurer) for their jackpot awards.

The Jr. Members will select their officers to promote leadership.

The Jr. SRMGA will not have their own bylaws they will abide by the bylaws and code of conduct/ethics of the SRMGA.

Jr. SRMGA Jackpots:

The Jr. SRMGA will continue to host the jackpots at both the Boers De Mayo, and the Boers of Summer shows.

  • Entry fees will pay for awards and payouts along with any donations that they may get.
  • Money left over after all bills are paid, if any, will go back to the association to assist the Jr. SRMGA with awards in other shows, venue, and judge fees.
  • The Jr. SRMGA officers and the adviser will look at the payout design along with the board of directors. When agreement is made the Treasurer will provide payouts.
  • All payouts will be given the day after the jackpot show to those juniors still in attendance. Otherwise checks will be mailed following the show.

Scholarship Doe:    

The raffle for the doeling's last year netted 1,800 for our youth this was tremendous for them.   It was discussed and decided to do the raffle again.  There will be two (2) does donated for this event and one (1) will be raffled at the Boers of Summer show in June and the other doe will be raffled in the SRMGA Fall Finale show in October.  These does will be shown by the youth with the SRMGA paying the entry fees for them to show.

Production Sale:

It was discussed and decided that the 2016 rules will remain in place for the 2017 sale.  These rules begin with the membership dues beginning on Jan 1, of the year and we are now well into January.    The Board of Directors will keep the Production Sale on the agenda throughout the year and make it a priority to update and make rule changes if needed for next year and have a draft ready for the Oct. membership meeting for this fall.

We will be searching for a new auctioneer and if the budget permits a pedigree reader.


It was discussed and decided that our current website can be hard to navigate and would benefit from some changes in format.  Koben, Samantha, and Lisa offered to look at it and work with the webmaster to update the website. The updates they are considering making will make the website more personal and easier to use for the membership.

Commercial Meat Goats:

Some of the association was concerned that the SRMGA is geared more towards shows and registered stock and doesn't provide adequate information and support to the meat market and commercial breeders. We are unsure how to satisfy the needs of commercial stock producers as we already provide health seminars and marketing. Samantha Davis volunteered to contact breeders who raise commercial stock to research what their needs are and how we can help them as an association. If the requests from commercial producers can be met the SRMGA board of directors will work throughout 2017 to implement their ideas to better serve their needs as commercial producers.

It was decided that with the increase cost in fuel and flights we need to increase our budgets for judges at shows. Currently the association asks the judges to stay at or below $1200. That $1200 includes hotel, judge fee, flight, rental car and food. In shows past the judges have been able to stay very close to that number. We have voted to increase that number from $1200 to $1300 with the understanding that things may cost a little more or less. Saturday judges will also receive an extra $100 for judging the jackpot shows as they take more time. Because of these increased fees we are going to increase the entry fees for our open ABGA shows from $12 non member and $10 member to $15 non member and $12 member.

Awards budget will remain the same $150 - $300 per show.

Production sale budget will need to be increased. At the October meeting members complained about quality of the auctioneer. It was also suggested that we hire a pedigree reader so we don't have to put a member on the spot. It also keeps the sale unbiased. Auctioneer costs last year were $500. Our estimated cost for a better auctioneer will be anywhere from $800 - $1500 for this year. Pedigree readers in the past have donated their time. This year to hire a pedigree reader (ABGA Judge) will cost anywhere from $500 -$1200. These figures include travel, flight, and hotel stay.

All funds in the association are there as supportive funds. Show profits will not just be used for shows and production sale profits will not just be used for production sale.

To assist our budgets for the year Lisa Baldwin has offered to get t-shirts made for the association. We are also actively going to ask for sponsorships from our membership and local businesses for awards. If anyone would like to donate towards the association for awards, etc please visit the website to donate.

Board of Directors Meeting January 5 2017

Snake River Meat Goat Association      

Board of Directors Meeting

Jan. 5, 2017

Meeting/election of officers held via internet message board

In attendance:  Patsy Walrath, Lisa Baldwin, Nikki Brusseau, Sam Davis, Terry Watts, Koben Shigeta, Donna Newman

This meeting was held to determine Officers as set forth in our New SRMGA bi-laws that took effect on November 8, 2016.  Each of these Board Members were voted into offices by unanimous vote.

President:  Koben Shigeta

Vice President:  Patsy Walrath

Secretary:  Terry Watts

Treasure:  Dan Walrath,  this position is a non-board member position.  Dan will sit in on meetings as needed to support the Board of Directors.

Remaining Board Members:   Lisa Baldwin, Nikki Brusseau, Sam Davis, Donna Newman.


Respectfully Submitted:

Terry Watts
SRMGA Secretary

Meeting Minutes October 7th 2016

Meeting Minutes

Snake River Meat Goat Association

Oct. 7th, 2016, 7:30 pm

Payette County Fair Grounds.

There were approximately 36 members and nonmembers present at our meeting.

Kahla Shigeta opened the meeting and welcomed all; we had a nice group of folks and a pot luck dinner.

Treasure Report:   Nikki Brusseau reported that we have had a fairly good year with our events breaking even or making some moneys.  With the exception of Western Idaho Fair was a loss at (-) $736.00, with only 58 goats.   We have $6,845 in our account at this time with $1265.00 of that belonging to the JRSRMGA.  Leaving SRMGA with a balance of $5,580.00 Discussion was held that the Jr. Group needs to have their own bank account.  It was also discussed that as an association we need to be looking at our budget and balance at the beginning of each year and SRMGA should be voting on a donation to our Jr. group when funds allow. It was also mentioned that the price of Judges keep going up mainly due to increase in plane fairs and hotel rooms.   It was mentioned that perhaps we need to increase entry fees.  Pros and Cons were discussed with no real decision made on this.

Western Idaho Fair:  Western Idaho Fair was a loss to the association of $736.00.  There was fairly good turnout for the show.  However we need to get our numbers up.  We realize this is a tuff time of year with breeding season getting started.  We have one more Western Idaho Fair to go before premiums will be paid and the fair will take over cost of our show.    This needs to be a priority if this show is to support itself.  There was some discussion related to allowing bucks perhaps under a year old at that show being a possibility, perhaps using the same rule as at a county fair.  Awards were discussed and folks in agreement that they like the idea of usable awards.

Production Sale Report:  Terry Watts reported on production sale: please see handout for breakdown.   There was discussion regarding need for a production sale committee.  Production sale this year was done with the help of last year’s SRMGA secretary Clare Askew and was run with the same rules as the 2015 sale.   Many ideas were thrown out related to how our fees are calculated.  (Please see attachment).    Some felt that it should be a flat fee others felt that the $30.00 nonrefundable plus % fee figured after the sale to pay expenses was a good idea.  This defiantly needs to be analyzed to see what is best for all.  Production Sale had a profit of 1,598.70 for 2016.  This is our only real fund raising event for the organization other than membership fees that help us to keep our shows and educational events running.   Question was asked as to why we made more money this year over last year.  Our auctioneer last year cost us twice as much as this year.  This led to discussion regarding level of auctioneer, ability to feed auction to internet, and if we need a professional reader and defiantly folks that do not have animals in the auction, being paid or volunteer.   For sure something for a committee to look at.It was felt that the Facebook page that was added was a great advertisement.   Terry Watts reported that for the most part the feedback from consignors to her was that it was a great saleand they were very happy. It was also mentioned that having transport there was huge for us.  Samantha Davis reported that Goat Express said that they will be available to us again next year and will do a semiannual run if we need it to our area.   Terry Brown stated that we do need to be careful with the transporters that it does not interfere with the sale of our auction goats.

Code of Ethics:  Terry Watts reported that with the friction that we have experienced this year with both Facebook posts and negativity within the association it was decided among the officers that we needed to have some form of code to draw on related to behavior of all of our members.  Within this discussion a code of Ethics was developed and placed on the web site also a code of behavior to be used and what will be allowed on our social media page was pinned to our Facebook page.  (Please see attachment Code of Ethics) also the pinned post to our Facebook page.   Kim H.  suggested that we also have a Bullying policy do to the events in the past few months.  She stated that from a Human Resources point of view it is needed.  Carolyn O.stated that there is a really good one on 4H online that we might be able to draw from.

Bylaws: Kahla Shigeta reported that there is a need to update our Bylaws and that Terry Brown has offered to help us with these.   Koben Shigeta has volunteered to also be on that committee.  These two volunteers will get a committee together and get a revision out to all soon.   It was discussed and presented that perhaps 2 general membership meetings a year perhaps one at Boers De Mayo in May and the other in Oct. at Fall Finale would work well.  This will allow for larger numbersof membership to attend our meetings and not just the local folks here in this area.  Discussion was held on unity of our group and when to hold board meetings perhaps quarterly or when more than 2 issues arise was an idea, with productive minutes sent out to the members.

JRSRMGA update:  Koben Shigeta reported that our Jr. group has been very active this year in helping with our shows, and with competing in their jackpots and county fairs.  The first scholarship doe brought in $1265.00 and we are still selling tickets for the second doeling and winner for that doeling will be drawn on Sundayduring the raffle drawing.

There was some discussion on jackpot shows being so long when being held along with open shows.  It for sure saves money on venue however we do pay the judges extra for the judging both shows.  There was some discussion on having jackpot before vs after the open show.  The membership was divided on this, perhaps need to have a survey monkey vote on this topic.

Proceeds from Events:  Kahla opened the floor to suggestions as to how to use some of our moneys that we make from our events.  It was mentioned that there was a group from Nevada that contacted us to see if we could come to them to help them educate a large group of youth and adults on care of goats and just what does it take to raise them.  There was discussion related to our role and commitment to the goat community in all of our states that we serve to “Promote the Goat.”    It was discussed that perhaps it would be a good idea to send a couple of volunteers to do clinic to educate and have the association pay for gas and room and meal allowance for the volunteers.   That discussion then led to perhaps that large group could come to us.  Maybe this would be a good one to write up proposal and take to board or have a vote of membership.   There was no decision made on this topic.

New Board Of Directors Member: Kahla Shigeta announced that with the resignation of Gabriel Aguayo, Donna Newman was appointed to that seat until that seats would be up for re-election.  Thank you Donna, for agreeing to this appointment.

Meeting adjourned  9:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Watts,
Secretary Snake River Meat  Goat Association.

Synopsis of how SRMGA is charging for sells of lots at Production Sale.

There has been some question regarding how we have been charging entry fees and commission cost at our production sale. This is a synopsis of the SRMGA charges in the past and present and also a comparison to the Cascade Boer Goat Sale.

From 2007 till 2014 there was a 30.00 refundable entry fee to all members per consignment lot. The 30.00 was refunded if the animal was put in the sale. If it was not it was charged and kept. When your animal sold at the auction there was a commission charged that was set after expenses were figured, that would end up ranging on average between 6 and 8% of the sale price. It was also charged to no sale animals on their reserve price. So to show you the difference between the 3 scenarios I have chosen a price of $900.00 this is rounded up from the avg. price of a lot at this year’s sale. (2016)

2014 900.00 dollar lot would have cost the seller. $30.00 refundable fee.Then 7% of $900.00 = $63.00 cost to the seller for this lot.
In November of 2014 at a membership meeting it was voted to move to a $30.00 non-refundable entry fee to the sale. Then we would at the end of the sale add up expenses and from that cost figure a commission fee to cover our cost. For both 2015 and 2016 it figured out to 2.5%.

2015 and 2016 $900.00 lot = $30.00 + 2.5% of %900.00 = $22.50 for a cost of $52.50 per entry.
Cascade Boer Goat Association = a flat fee of $60.00 non-refundable fee per lot. (Per website).

SRMGA production Sale is our only for sure fund raising event that we have other than our raffles that have helped to cover our cost at shows. We also have our scholarship fundraising efforts that go toward our JRSRMGA. It is important to have these fundraisers so that we can cover cost of education and promotion of the goat.

Officer meeting SRMGA July 2 2016

Officer meeting SRMGA
July 2, 2016
Nampa, Idaho
6:03 pm.

In attendance: Kahla Shigeta President,  Patsy Walrath Vice President,  Nikki Brusseau Treasure and Terry Watts Secretary

Meeting was called by Kahla Shigeta to discuss resignation of Gabriel Aguayo to the Board of Directors of Snake River Meat Goat Association.  It was noted that Gabriel resigned due to personal reasons.

Discussion was then held related to need of reappointment of this board seat at this time or, wait until elections are held again in January of 2017.  It was agreed by all that a new board member should be appointed at this time.

Many members of the association were then discussed and what each one could bring to the association and to the Board.  The decision was made to contact Donna Newman related to her years in the goat industry and her experience.    President Kahla Shigeta will contact Donna this week and see if she would be interested in filling this seat on the board.

Meeting adjourned  7:27 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Terry Watts
Secretary, Snake River Meat Goat Association.

9th Annual Production Sale

Snake River Meat Goat Association
9th Annual Production Sale
September 19, 2015
Payette County Fairgrounds

New Plymouth, Idaho

Auctioneer: Paul Adams, Middleton, ID (208) 890-1911

Preview starts at 9 a.m.
Sale starts at Noon

Clare Askew (208) 250-9518

Kobenor Kahla Shigeta, (541) 212-6610


Live Auction!

Phone bids welcome-Contact Trapper Thomas (541) 881-6064 or

Wayne Gifford (208) 871-0468

Registered Fullbloods - Purebreds - Percentages

This is the place & time to purchase quality Boer goats!

100+ lots available from some of the top breeders in
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California,and New Mexico.

Minutes of SRMGA Meeting June 13 2015

Meeting called to order by President Kahla Shigeta. Attending were Tawnie Roberds, Midvale, Nikki & Liv Brusseau, Caldwell, Cari Zisk, Emmett, Terry Watts, Weiser, Marie Beatty, Kuna, Tawnya & Nani McKague, Meridian, Marilyn O’Leary, Fruitland and Kim Royer, Cambridge.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Open and Youth Jackpot. Due to the excellent participation, we made a profit. $577.65 on the shows. Good Job everyone. On the negative side, there were complaints about having to provide copies of the registration papers for the open show. The reason these copies were requested was to make verifying the information (or lack of) on the entry forms easier. It was decided to see if we could eliminate this requirement. The show clerks have always used their personal computers to process the entries and it was moved and seconded that we buy another laptop to be used exclusively by the show clerk. That way it can be set up permanently with the forms and information needed to make this difficult job easier. That being said, Marilyn O’Leary will no longer be able to clerk the Boers de Mayo Show, so we will need a new clerk. It was decided that if possible it would be better if we had 2 people working together to clerk the shows.Kahla Shigeta & Liv Brusseau volunteered.

Goat Days of Summer Open & Youth Jackpot: June 27th& 28th. Judges Warren Thigpen and Eddie Holland. Entry information and forms are on our website . Aaron Zisk will be our announcer again. Nikki Brusseau has been working on a new backdrop for pictures and it’s glorious, Terry Watts will check with her daughter Tracy and see if she will take pictures. Cari Zisk will oversee the raffle again. We discussed how to make the drawing move faster, but could come up with no good solution. We will need volunteers for runners to get the exhibitors notified of upcoming classes as there is no sound system in the barns. Nikki Brusseau and Marie Beatty will be ring stewards again. Straw will be provided for bedding. Clean up will be done by one of the local 4H clubs. We will pay the same as New Plymouth, $100 per barn. Set up will be Friday June 26th at noon and volunteers are needed to help. Check in time for exhibitors will be any time after 12 o’clock noon on the 26th. Pens will be assigned for the Open Show, but not the Youth Jackpot. Check in for youth exhibitors & weighing wethers for the Jackpot will be Saturday morning starting at 8 am. Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship, then Breeding Doe classes and last, market wethers, so we’ll have time to get them all weighed. It was suggested that we eliminate the entry fee for the showmanship classes, but that would also eliminate prize money for those classes. So it was decided to leave entry fees the way they were. Lunch will be available both days, but no potluck Friday night as there are a number of eating places close in Homedale.

Fitting and Showing Clinics: The Goat Boot Camp organized by Kelly Haun was a great success. Attendance was very good and everyone who participated benefited by the knowledge and expertise of Austin Chandler, the young man who did the presentation. It was decided that the Association should try to sponsor some of these clinics in the future. If we contribute to some of the expense, that would lower the fees that people would have to pay to attend and should increase attendance.

Treasure Valley Classic. July 11th, 8 am, Owyhee Country Fairgrounds, Homedale, ID. Judge, Madi Fenton, Touchet, WA. There will be a short fitting and showing seminar starting at 9 am.

Show will start at 10 am with Showmanship, then break for lunch, then Breeding Does and wethers. Show will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Show Series. Cash prizes and goat equipment will be given.

Western Idaho Fair Show: Mike Wallace will be our judge. Entries will need to be made by August 12th online at the Western Idaho website, or August 10th by mail using the open show entry form supplied by the WIF in the Premium book. Those forms and the entry fees of $18 per class for Open and $15 per class for the Jackpot will be sent to the Fair Office and they will forward our portion of the entry fee and the forms to us. We will need at least 10 goats from 3 different farms to participate in the open show portion of the fair, this would include jackpot entries. Goats will need to be kept at the fairgrounds from Wednesday August 26th through Saturday August 29th. The Open Show and Youth Jackpot will be held Friday August 28. The Jackpot will start at 9 am with Showmanship and Breeding Doe Classes. There will not be Market Wether Classes as wethers will be shown during the 4H and FFA portion of the fair so they can be sold in the fair auctions. Bedding (shavings) will be provided by the facility for the first day, any bedding (shavings) after that time will have to be provided by the exhibitor. Pens will be assigned for both the open and jackpot shows and there will be no pen fees. The open show will be percentage and purebred/fullblood does only, no bucks. Horns will be allowed. Exhibitors will have to pay the fair gate admission charge each daily to get on the fairgrounds. They do sell passes that allow exhibitors in at a reduced cost from the daily fee. We should have enough people going daily who can take care of the goats whose owners can’t get there every day. It was suggested we conduct mini clinics during the days the goats are on being exhibited, but we decided we had enough to do at this point without adding more.

Production Sale: Saturday September 19, Payette County Fairgrounds, New Plymouth ID

The Consignment forms will be going out to the consignors after the Goat Days of Summer Show. Deadline for returning them and paying consignment fee is July 15, 2015. All the lots on the sale are full, but if consignors are unable to bring as many animals as they originally specified, I have members waiting to fill those lots. The catalog will be on only this year, with a link on our website.

Very productive meeting, if I forgot anything, please let me know.


Clara Askew
Snake River Meat Goat Association


Minutes of SRMGA Meeting January 11 2015

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary. Attending were John and Clayton Moore, Mountain Home, Koben&KahlaShigeta, Ontario, Angela Shaw & her daughter, Caldwell, Kelly Haun, Wilder, Nikki & Liv Brusseau, Caldwell, Will & Hannah Field, Grandview, Jean McDonald, Emmett, Kim & Ben Holt, Caldwell, Karen & Dillon Kellar, Nampa, Rhonda & Reagan Hoadley, Homedale,Zack Ware, Weiser, Wyatt Hodges, Weiser, Terry & Tracy Watts, Weiser, Marti Erickson, Nampa, Kim Royer, Cambridge, & Matt O’Leary, Fruitland. A total of 250 raffle tickets were given to attendees. Wow!!!

Minutes and Treasurer’s report read and approved. We have $6000.65 in the bank.

Old Business: Website is done and ready to go live. Terry Watts motioned and Kellly Haun seconded to have it go live. The membership form can be completed and dues can be paid online with PayPal. Also, entries for Open shows and Youth Jackpots can be completed and paid for online. The Entry Packets for the Fuzzy Goat Show and Youth Jackpot are on the website along with the information about the shows. You can either download the entry forms and mail them in with a check or fill them out online and pay with a credit card. The web address is still Check it out.

Fuzzy Goat Show: Will be at the Canyon County Fairgrounds in Caldwell. Will be a one day show Sunday March 1st starting at 10 am. Check in will start at 9 am. Set up will be Saturday night at 7:30 pm. We will have a short meeting at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 211 S 21st, Caldwell, (this is next to the Fairgrounds) beginning at 6 pm,prior to set up. The Youth Jackpot will follow the Open Show. When we can determine how many entries we will have for the open show, we’ll get an approximate time so the youth exhibitors won’t have wait too long for their show. Youth Jackpot will consist of Breeding Doe and Showmanship classes only. The Fairgrounds charges $15 per pen we use and they are 4x4. They will hold 1 buck, 2 large does or 3 small ones. I will check to see if they can be expanded to 4x8 for the same price. We can’t use bedding and any hay will have to be cleaned up. Will check to see if we can put down a tarp for bedding and then remove it when the show is over. Goats should be clean and trimmed, but do not need to be clipped. ABGA needed to be notified 120 days prior to the show to get it sanctioned. We were late, but Marilyn is working with them to get this done. Prizes will be ribbons and cash. If you are interested in sponsoring any awards, the forms are in the entry packets. There will be a raffle, CariZisk ( and Jean McDonald

( will be gathering items, so contact them if you have something you would like to donate.

Boers de Mayor Show: Will be May 2nd and 3rd at the Payette Country Fairgrounds, New Plymouth, ID. Check in will be Friday after noon. Forms are not on the website, but will be shortly. Judges will Sonny Larena for Saturday and Scott Pruett, Sunday.ABGA has been notified and the show is sanctioned. The Youth Jackpot will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Jackpots and will not be a JABGA show this year. It will follow the Open Show on Saturday May 2nd between 3 and 4 pm. The classes will be for market wethers, breeding does and showmanship. Cash prizes will be awarded for both the Open and Youth Jackpot.

Boers of Summer: Twin Falls County Fairgrounds don’t have any dates that will work for us available. Seems we should have reserved the dates we wanted for this year at last year’s show. So, Terry Watts is going to check with Evelyn Simon about any fairgrounds in the surrounding area that would be suitable. Jerome County and Shoshone County were suggested. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have a location.

Production Sale: Get your consignment numbers in as soon as you can as consignments will be on a first come basis and will cut off at 100. Consignment rules are on the Production Sale page of the new website.

AGF Grant: Haven’t heard anything yet as to whether we got the grant. Motion was made and seconded to pay dues for membership in the American Goat Federation. It’s $100 a year.

New Business:

Worming Seminar. We will hold another worming seminar in March. Kelly Haun will contact Dr Hind at University of Idaho Caine Veterinary Center to see if he can come and talk about parasite control. If he is available, it will be held at the Sleep Inn conference room, 1315 Industrial Rd, Nampa on March 29, 2015 at 2 pm. Once everything is verified, an announcement will be put out to everyone.

PayPal: Association Dues can now be paid via PayPal. The form is on the new website. Please feel free to use it. There is a small fee, on payments of $65.00 it was $1.33. Well worth it for the convenience.

Western Idaho Fair: Kelly Haun, Kim Holt and Clara Askew will get the dates of their next fairboard meeting and attend to try to get the 4-H and FFA meat goat classes worked out and if horns will be allowed on breeding does.We also need to talk to them about an Open Show for Boer Goats.

Election of officers: Kahla Shigeta is our new President. Kelly Haun is the new Vice President. Thanks to Marilyn O’Leary for her hard work and service. She did a great job.

Kim Royer, who is the goat representative on the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board, reported the the State Legislature will be voting on the goat assessment for disease and predator control early in this year’s session. It will be taken from sales totals at Treasure Valley Livestock and she said it will be .80 cents. Not sure if that’s per goat or per pound. Will get clarification. Also not sure if it affects our production sale. Also there will be a greater emphasis on herd identification for scrapies eradication. So, for Idaho producers, if you haven’t got a herd number, contact the Idaho Dept of Agriculture and ask for a herd premise number. This is a free service. They will take your location information and send you a tagger and tags with your farm number on them. You can also order tags from Premier with your farm id on one side and the number you use to identify herd members on the other. They have a form you fill out when you order. Very easy.

This was a lengthy, busy meeting and if I missed anything, I apologize. Let me know and I’ll add it. It was great having such good attendance. I want to thank everyone that came out.

Clara Askew

Minutes of SRMGA Meeting November 1 2014

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary. Attending were Koben & Kahla Shigeta, Terry Watts, Marie Beatty, Matt O’Leary, Tawyna and Nani McKague.

Minutes of last meeting and treasure’s report read and approved. We have $5977.65 in the bank.

Old Business:

Facebook: Discussion on whether to open our Facebook pages up to non-members of the Assoc. It was decided that since requests to join could be filtered and anything that wasn’t goat related could be kept out, it would be opened up. Motion was made by Terry Watts and seconded by Matt O’Leary.

Meeting Attendance: Discussion about what to do about low meeting attendance. It was decided to set the date for the next meeting during the current meeting. We would try to have set dates for quarterly meetings. Also as an incentive, $5.00 worth of raffle tickets (10) would be given to members who attend the meeting.

Production Sale: We need to have Consignor Rules on the website and facebook so members don’t have to search back through the minutes of meetings to find out information about getting goats in the sale. So attached are the rules for consigning which will be posted on the website under Production Sale. Please read them carefully. Members will notice some changes voted on by everyone who was at this meeting.

Some of them are: $30 entry fee will no longer be refunded.

Substitutions made after August 1 of the year of the sale will cost an   additional $10.

Consignors will only be able to consign 8 goats instead of 10.

Catalog will be on only with a link from our website.

Members can consign 1 buck only if they consign 3 does.

No more than 2 goats per pen in the barns.

Lot # Tags – The goats chew on the string that the lot number tags are attached to and lose their tags. So we need to come up with a better way of getting the lot# on the goat. Plastic chain was suggested, also painted numbers or glued on tags like the sale barns use. This was tabled for later discussion. It was suggested we have a note book with large lot numbers on individual pages on the auctioneer’s stand that could be turned as each lot comes into the ring so that buyers would know for sure which lot was in the ring.

It has been brought up by consignors after this sale that Nancy Barlas did a great job as a pedigree reader, but it might be even better if we hired Scott Pruett, who is an ABGA certified judge, to read the pedigrees. He’s worked at other sales and it seems to improve the bottom line. This would free Nancy to take care of her own goats. We would be able to pay his fee by retaining the sale entry fee.

We need to talk about training our helpers at the sale, we need to train how to do a task, rather than just saying, this is what needs to be done, go do it.

Boers de Mayo Show: Will be May 2 & 3rd this year. Judges will by Sammy Loreno for Satuday and Scott Pruett for Sunday. Koben & Kahla will get the straw. Grand prizes will again by Director’s Chairs.

Boers of Summer Show: Judy Novak will no longer be able to put on the show. BUT, she would be available to mentor. So Koben&Kahla with help will take over. Myrna Bowman who has been the show clerk for the last 2 years will still do that for us. Anyone else who wants to assist, contact Koben or Kahla. Dates will be either June 20 & 21 or 27 & 28.

Youth Jackpots: Will still have them after the open ABGA shows on Saturday. Will be affiliated with Rocky Mountain Jackpots only. Open to all youths up to 21 years of age. We will also have the Treasure Valley Classic in July at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds. We will again have a fitting and showing class for attendees. It will be only 1 day with the class in the morning and the show in the afternoon. Lunch will be available.

New Business:

Website: Still checking into a new webmaster. Our current website is based in Microsoft Front Page. This program hasn’t been supported by Microsoft since 2006. We could still use it, but we really need to update to a more user friendly format. Our domain host recommended Cindy Fajardo, RA Web Designs. I have corresponded with her by email and she would be able to transfer the information on our website to WordPress which is a popular online content management system which allows growth and flexibility. It would allow us to easy access to make quick updates on our own. Her initial fee is $800 and the $35 per month maintenance fee. Keep in mind, we paid Becky $400 to initially set up the site and then $550.00 a year to maintain it.

Ranch House Designs was also recommended. I haven’t talked to them yet. According to their website, the initial fee to set up a website is $600 and up. I have contacted them and they will send me a form to complete so they can give us a quote.

We have applied for a grant from the American Goat Federation for $1000 for a Scrapies and Q Fever Eradication Program. We have proposed putting on a seminar and having literature available at our shows and sale.We would also put information about it on our website. In order to do this, we have to have our website back up, so if we get the grant, hopefully we can use some of this money for that. We should work with a professional as this is the place we put our best face forward.

Fuzzy Goat Show: We discussed having a one day ABGA show with a youth jackpot onFebruary21, 2015 inside at the Canyon County Fairground building. First we have to find out if the building is available and how much it would cost. I was told that for 4-H functions, it could possibly be free. Since we have a number of members in 4-H and FFA, hopefully we would qualify. I will find out this week. Also we would need a judge that wouldn’t mind judging unclipped goats. Marilyn will check this out. The youth jackpot would be for breeding does and showmanship only.

New Board Members: Kahla Shigeta, Kim Holt and Terry Watts are our new board members along with existing member Evelyn Simon.

Election of Officers will be in at the January 2015 meeting. Please send your nominations for




Deadline for nominations will be 1/1/2015.




Thank you,

Clara Askew

Meeting Minutes for 23 August 2014

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary.

Attending were Matt O’Leary, Marie Beatty, Tawnya and Nani McKague, Koben & Kahla Shigeta, Wayne Gifford, Trevor and Kimberly Thomas and their son.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Treasurer’s report, we have $7170.32 in the bank which includes the entry fees for the Production Sale.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Show & Jackpot took in $4629.00 in entry fees and raffle. Expenses were $4935.45.  Loss on show $306.45, which is pretty much what we pay to have the barns cleaned.  It was discussed to possibly raise entry fees or charge a cleaning fee.  Also possibly not print a catalog as they’re usually not complete what with late entries and such. So, we need to have more discussion and make some decisions before the next show. There was discussion about selling wethers at the show.  It was decided we probably would not do that.  The Jackpot was JABGA sanctioned.  This did not work well. We didn’t get the ribbons until the Friday before the show on Saturday. They only supplied ribbons for the breeding classes and we had to pay postage to ship the ribbons we didn’t use back to them. We had to buy ribbons for the showmanship and market wether classes. It was a good thing there is an awards store in New Plymouth.  This probably had something to do with the show losing money as this was an expense we didn’t count on when figuring cash prize amounts. Unless someone can think of some really good reasons, next year the jackpot will be sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Jackpots only.

Boers of Summer show took in $3201.75.  Expenses were $3149.00. The profit was $52.75. Good Job Magic Valley Members.  This was their first ABGA sanctioned show and it was good.

Treasure Valley Classic Youth Jackpot took in $1185.00, expenses were $1747.25.  Loss was $562.25.  We didn’t charge for the Fitting and Showing clinic.  We may have to do that next year.  Also I was told by some of the participants, less money prizes and more ribbons and trophies. We’ll look into that.  Also, we discussed having a one day function, with fitting and showing demonstrations in the morning and the show in the afternoon.  We might get more exhibitors and we should be able to get done by around 5 or 6 pm.  Need more input and ideas.  We want to thank Maddie Fenton for the excellent job she did with the fitting and showing seminar at this year’s show.

Production Sale Committee: 

We have 101 goats consigned.  The partial catalog is on the website and will be going on this week.  Set up for the sale will be Thursday, September 18th at 6:30 pm, please try to come help if you can. Check in for consignors will be Friday September 19th from 12 noon.  We will need someone to check condition and tattoos on the goats as they come in. Preview for buyers starts at 9 am Saturday morning with the sale starting at 12 noon. We will not be having a crockpot potluck Friday night as members attending the meeting have other duties that afternoon and evening and will not be able to bring anything. Garbonzos, The Double Diamond and The Burger Den are open in town and there are resturants in Ontario for anyone needing an evening meal.  Concessions for sale day will be provided by the Denim & Dust 4H club, breakfast items and lunch. Dr. Walker will do our health checks again this year for goats going out of state. As we always seem to be short of people to help load goats at the end of the sale, it was decided to pay 2 of Matt’s FFA friends $50 to help.  Rope halters will be provided to lead the goats from the pens to the vehicles to be loaded.  There is a lightweight aluminum ramp at the fairgrounds that we think can be used to load goats into pickups.  Wayne will bring a sprayer so we can disinfect the pens Thursday night when we do set up.

Show Committee:

The Association did sponsor an award for the Nationals.  We did not get any feedback from the show. No thank you or any acknowledgement.

We again discussed having a Regional JABGA show.  Without more participation from members it was decided this would not be possible. Discussion tabled at this time.

New Business:

We need better member attendance at our meetings. A few of us are deciding everything for the majority. If anyone has any ideas how to get better attendance, let Marilyn or I know.

Meeting was adjourned.

Clara Askew

Below is a report from Kahla Shigeta about the Western Idaho Fair.  Information that needs to be discussed about next year.

I went to the Western Idaho Fair today and talked to a gal named Sandy Miller. She was in charge of the goats at WIF. She was also the one clerking for the ADGA show that was being sanctioned at the WIF today. What I learned from her today was that if you do a show during the Western Idaho Fair there are no fees for renting anything. The exhibitors just have to pay $3 a goat to get them in. I assume there aren't any stall or cleaning fees either. The only problem is they have to figure out how to accommodate us. This year during the first week of fair they had open stalls. I got real excited talking to this gal about this and then she dropped the bomb shell on me. NO BUCKS. The reasoning, because they stink and the people visiting the fair won't like that, so as long as Sandy Miller is running the show over there, there will be no bucks. She said she doesn't care if the goats have horns, and she understands that bucks are a huge part of the boer breed, but she feels as though she needs to keep the spectators in mind. I argued the pigs are just as stinky, but I also noticed that they don't have the pens to properly house bucks. Something we'd have to address. The rules are, we have to exhibit for 3 years, and then the WIF will take over all fees. Like today the WIF paid for the ribbons and judge for the ADGA show. So we would have to come up with the fees for the judge ourselves for 3 years and then the WIF would take the costs. SOOO horns are allowed and the gal said she wouldn't be frustrated to see them, (I'd have to attend a meeting to make sure it would be okay) and they would try to make space for us to be there, we just can't bring bucks. I don't know if the SRMGA wants to pay for a judge to just judge does, but I also think in this area most of the members show mainly does. It's something where if we got into it and got our foot in the door it could change a lot of what goes on over there at the WIF. I heard they had a lot of trouble this year in 4-H and FFA, and it could be an all expense paid sanctioned show after 3 years if it's successful.

If we wanted to do a show at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds, to rent half the barn is 1200-1600 for the weekend. To use the sheep barn and pens she said around $600 but I'd have to get a hold of the fairgrounds. She said we may be able to work out a contract or a deal where it is cheaper for us so long as we do it for so many years.
That is their rental rates.

She said maybe we could do it during memorial weekend with them, they have the Syringa show there. We could rent the whole barn and split the costs. I talked to Kelly about it and she thinks we should go for it during the fair, that way we don't have to pay for the venue. And if that is something we are interested in I have to get in contact with Sandy and see how many pens she can get us. Only problem is it would have to be just does... Unless I can go above her to whoever and try to get bucks in, but like I said they aren't set up for bucks. Those pens are too light duty grade.

Meeting Minutes for 5 April 2014

Meeting called to order by President Marilyn O’Leary.  Attending were Kim Holt, Kahla Shigeta, Lauren Aoyama’s Grandmother, Ben & Marilyn Snider, Matt O’Leary, Trevor & Kimberly Thomas, John, Karen and Dillon Kellar and Terry Watts

Minutes of last meeting read and Treasurer’s Report given.  We have $6,136.07 in the bank.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Show.  The entry packet is on our website under the Upcoming Shows and Events button.  This show is open to all ages for goats with ABGA registrations or pending registrations. We are doing away with cash prizes this year.   Prizes for Grand & Reserve Champions and Best Percentage, Fullblood/Purebred doe and buck will be director’s chairs with SRMGA, 2014 Boers de Mayo Show embroidered on the back.

Set up for the show will be Friday, May 2 at noon.  All we have to do is set up the arena and spread the straw around to the pens.  Marilyn will have the pens assigned.  We will need 4 or 5 people to help and it will be greatly appreciated.  Check in time for exhibitors begins at 1 pm Friday and goats will be accepted up to 1 hour before show time Saturday.  Friday arrival and check in are highly recommended, however.

The Boers de Mayo Jr Jackpot which follows the open show Saturday May 3rd will be sanctioned by JABGA and thus will follow their rules.  The rules in the entry packet are from The Rocky Mountain Youth Jackpot and may differ from the JABGA rules.  I will get the JABGA rules out as soon as I receive them from the JABGA coordinator in Texas. As stated on ABGA’s website, the goats entered must be registered in the JABGA members name only, no other family member or ranch name can be on the registration. If there is a transfer in process, bring a copy of the transfer papers and this will suffice to show proper ownership.  Winners will receive JABGA points, cash, ribbons and goat husbandry equipment. The Kellars are donating 2 belt buckles.  I have attached the entry packet for the JABGA show.  Please note the check in time of 11 am on Saturday 5/3.  All entrants must be checked in by 1 pm.

Concessions for the show will be served Saturday, breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday, breakfast and lunch by the Denim & Dust 4H club.  We will still have a crockpot potluck Friday night for everyone.

Oh Joy of Joys, there will be no pig weigh in to compete with us on Friday May 2 when exhibitors are bringing their goats in for the show.  As you know in years past, this has caused quite a bit of confusion, but we won’t have to deal with it this year.

There was also a discussion about allowing wethers to be sold at the show.  Any member who has extra wethers could bring them to the show.  Pens would be set up.  A list of tag numbers and the prices would be posted.  It’s too late to try this for this year and more discussion needs to be done before it’s a go for next year. Please let either Marilyn or I know your opinion and thoughts about this idea.

June Show – Judy Novak was ill and so no report on June show.

Treasure Valley Classic Jr Jackpot will be in Homedale at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds.  Maddie Fenton will be doing a fitting and showing seminar for any interested 4H and FFA members on Saturday July 12th .  The Jackpot will be Sunday July 13th.  Specific times and other details will be posted as the dates approach.

Production Sale:  A reminder, entry forms and fees will be due July 15th same as always, so we can get pedigree information to Terry Brown for the catalog.
We have some rule changes this year.  They are as follows:

1.      Entry fee will be raised to $30.00 per goat.  It will still be refunded after the sale if the goat is sold. Animals that are no saled will still forfeit their entry fee.

  1. A floor price must be placed by the consignors on each goat entered in the sale before the auction.  This can be done when the goats are checked in at the sale.
  2. If the goat doesn’t sell, the sales commission will be charged on that floor price. So, goats that are no saled will forfeit their entry fee and be charged the sales commission.
  3. Bucks will be limited to 1 per consignor.
  4. When buyers sign up for their number, they will be asked on the form, how they learned about the sale, so we can decide how best to spend our advertising dollars.
  5. Nancy Barlas has volunteered to be the pedigree/color reader for the goats as they sell.

Entry numbers will be taken on a first come, first served order up to a total of 100 head of goats for total lots to be sold with a max of 10 lots per consignor.  In order to be able to sell, you must have paid your dues by 1/31/2014.  If we don’t get 100 goats from the members who paid by then, we will take lots from members by the date they notified us they wanted to participate in the sale.  We don’t need specific goat names at this time, we just need the number of animals you want to consign.

New Business:

Facebook participation.  It was voted to limit SRMGA facebook participation to members only so it would be a membership benefit.  A sales page will be created for members to market their goats.  A sale posting must contain – a brief description, photos, registration number, age, sex, any blood tests, any obvious faults, concerns, or issues. The more professional the posting the more benefit to the member and the Association.

Sponsoring an award at the ABGA National Show.  It was decided the Association would sponsor a belt buckle for the National Show.  Cost will be $100 to $150.

Sponsoring the Regional JABGA show.  It was decided to check into what would be needed to sponsor a future Regional JABGA show.  What type of facility would be needed and the cost of the facility, number of exhibitors to expect.  How much it would cost versus the benefit to the Association.  I will talk to ABGA and find out if this is a possibility for the Association.

It was decided to change our checking account from Key Bank as I’m having trouble with them charging us extra fees.  We decided on IdaDiv Credit Union as they have no fees.  However they only send out quarterly statements and don’t have paper deposit slips on which you can list the individual checks received.  Anyway, I think we should hold off until after the show and then look around for another option.

The American Goat Federation has been calling about renewing our membership.  A vote was taken and it was decided not to renew for this year.

Meeting was adjourned and cookies were eaten.


Clara Askew

Meeting Minutes for 17 Nov 2013

Meeting called to order by Vice President Judy Novak.  Attending were Marilyn and Matt O’Leary, John, Karen and Dillon Kellar, Jean McDonald, Dane, & Debbie Lyons and their granddaughter, Wayne Gifford and Terry Watts.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.  Treasurer’s Report, we have $5114.51  in the bank.

Show Committee:

For the Boers de Mayo show in New Plymouth, Marilyn O’Leary reported that our judges are lined up, Eddie Holland and Warren Thigpen, both from Texas.  Check in date is May 2. We will need 4 or 5 people for set up.  Shows will be Saturday May 3, with a Jr Jackpot that day after the open show, and Sunday May 4. She proposed and it was agreed on by members attending that the entry fees be raised to $10 per animal with an additional $2 late fee if entries are received after April 20th.  Director’s chairs with the Association name, show name, date and Grand or Reserve Champion embroidered on the back will be awarded for overall Grand and Reserve champions.  These will cost approximately $75 per chair. Kahla Shigeta will arrange for straw.  Marilyn will contact Brenda Scarborough to see if she can handle the raffle.

The Jr Jackpot will be for youths 8 to 18 years.  There will be a market wether class, breeding doe class and showmanship.  Karen Kellar will donate a belt buckle for the winner of the Showmanship class.

For the Boers of Summer show in Filer, it was decided to change it to an ABGA sanctioned show.  Dates will be June 20th for set up and check in, show will be June 21st and 22nd .  Entry fees would be same as Boers de Mayo, $10 per animal and additional $2 fee for  late entries.  It will be more expensive to put on another ABGA show, but hopefully this will pull in more entries and it will continue to pay for itself.

One of our members suggested we talk to the dairy and pygmy goat associations about putting on a combined goat show at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds over Memorial Day.  No decision was made, need more input from members and more information from the dairy and pygmy goat associations.

The Treasure Valley Classic Junior Jackpot will be held in Homedale at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds on July 12, 2014.  There will be Market wether classes by weight, Doe classes by age and Showmanship classes.

Production Sale Committee:

After much discussion, some major changes were decided upon for next year’s sale.

  1. Entry fee will be raised to $30.00.  It will still be refunded if the goat is sold. Animals that are not sold will still forfeit their entry fee.
  2. A floor price must be placed by the consignors on each goat entered in the sale before the auction.
  3. If the goat doesn’t sell, the sales commission will be charged on that floor price. So, goats that are not sold will forfeit their entry fee and be charged the sales commission.
  4. Bucks will be limited to 1 per consignor.
  5. When buyers sign up for their number, they will be asked on the form, how they learned about the sale, so we can decide how best to spend our advertising dollars.
  6. Nancy Barlas has volunteered to be the pedigree/color reader for the goats as they sell.

We need to limit the number of animals in the sale to around 100.  It wasn’t decided if this would be determined by first consigned and then cut off at 100 or by lowering the number of goats each consignor can enter.  It was decided to table this discussion for a later meeting.

Matt O’Leary thanked the Association for the money we gave him for his hard work, both getting animals to the ring and for loading after the sale.  He said it came just as he was buying his books for college.  He’s thinking about going into the Air Force before the next sale, so this will make for a problem loading out of the barns as he is our only dependable worker there.  We need more volunteers if we want the sale to continue.

Youth Committee:

Again after much discussion, it was voted to end the Doeling program.  It’s just not working.  It was decided we would try to put on education seminars instead.  Canyon County has 8 free days for 4H groups to use their fair building and since we’re a nonprofit and work with 4H and FFA, we would be eligible to use it.  We could put on a showing and fitting seminar and also nutrition and maintenance seminar.  Possible dates would be end of March or first part of April.  I’ll check on availability of the fair building and we’ll go from there.

No new business at this time.

Clara Askew

Meeting Minutes for 17 Aug 2013

Meeting called to order by Wayne Gifford (President Janene Jones had to go back to work for a few minutes). Present were Dale and Angie Ogden, Karen and son Dillon Kellar (and grandkids), Kahla Shigeta, Wayne Gifford, Marilyn and Matt O’Leary, Will, Heather, Hannah, Logan , Morgan Field, Janene Jones, and Ben & Marilyn Snider. It was good to see so many Junior members.

Minutes of last meeting and Treasurer’s report were given and approved. We have $6712.28 in the bank, which includes the entry fees for the Production Sale. The Boers de Mayo show and the Jackpot in May lost $136.80. The Boers of Summer in Jerome made $9.38. The Treasure Valley Classic lost $672.00, most of which was the judge’s fee and expenses. The Production Sale’s entry fees are $2310.00.

Old Business:
Youth Committee: No new applicants for the Doeling Program. Katie Drake will donate a doeling back to the program next year as she was unable to get this year’s doeling registered ABGA, due to the sire being USBGA.

Show Committee: May show was a success with more exhibitors. The Jackpot was very popular and will be held again next year. Janene Jones is resigning as the show clerk. We want to thank her for her many years of hard work and for doing such an excellent job. Marilyn O’Leary is going to take it over and has started to get judges lined up for next year. She will need help with the Jackpot as she has not done one before. Clara Askew said she would help with that. Boers de Mayo show dates for next year will be May 3rd and 4th.

Judy Novak was not at meeting, so no report on June Show.

Treasure Valley Classic Junior Jackpot was great fun for the kids who attended and showed their goats. We hope to get more exhibitors next year. It was discussed about who should be contacted to get the word about the show out. The county extension offices were notified, but it seems they didn’t pass on the information. Individual 4H leaders need to be contacted apparently to get better participation.

The exhibitor numbers and the quality of the goats at the county fairs were really up this year. Hopefully we can get a list of exhibitors from the fair superintendents and mail out flyers for the show to let the 4H & FFA kids know about the jackpots.

Sale Committee: We have approximately 130 lots in the sale this year. The partial catalog is on our website and It is noted in the catalogs whether the goat is ABGA, IBGA or USBGA registered and this will also be announced before each lot is sold. Since we have so many goats this year it was decided to not have a raffle. Wayne Gifford has been working very hard getting everything ready. Dr. Jack Walker from Weiser will be our vet. His fee will be $40 for the visit plus $20 for the first health certificate for an out of state buyer and $5 for each additional goat for that buyer. This will be announced at the beginning of the sale so there will be no surprises when the buyers come to pay. Out of state consignors are reminded to get health certificates on their animals to bring them into Idaho.

Set up for the sale will be at 10 am Friday the 20th. We will need at least 4 people to set up the staging chute. We are buying the straw left over from the Payette Fair. There are 65 bales, but it is all in the beef barn, so if you have a straw cart or wagon, please bring it to help move the straw to the goat and sheep barns. We will have crockpot dinners for consignors and workers Friday night. Association will provide water, pop, bowls, plates and utensils. We need someone to check in the goats and check that tattoos are legible and match the papers. Steve Myers, the fairgrounds maintenance person, will help us move the bleachers and the auctioneers stand.

One of the local 4-H clubs is going to provide concessions for Saturday, breakfast burritos and lunch items. They will also have a variety of beverages.

Matt O’Leary will keep the goats in order of their lot numbers, so that transition from the barns to the sale ring moves along well. He has done this in the past and is very good at keeping everything going smoothly. Wayne is going to set up a table dedicated to phone and proxy bids. Phone numbers to be used will be published in the catalog and on the websites. Sold goats cannot be loaded until after the sale is over. As we will be using all three barns this year, goats will be loaded out of the east end of the center barn. Marilyn O’Leary will be the check-out person stationed there to collect the buyer’s slips and release the goats. A buyer check –out protocol will be given out with the buyer numbers.

New Business: The following is an article from the Capital Press; Idaho producers will find it interesting. I have been trying to get a hold of the Idaho Wool Growers both by email and by phone to no avail. Going to try individual members this week. Any feedback would be appreciated from our membership.

Idaho goat producers could be assessed fee for first time
SEAN ELLIS ~ Capital Press


BOISE -- Idaho goat producers could be required to pay a state assessment fee for the first time ever.

The Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board has recommended assessing goats 80 cents per head at the point of sale. Fifty cents from every assessment would go to help fund predator control efforts and 30 cents would go toward helping fund the ISGHB.

The board has always been charged with regulating goat health in Idaho and ensures goats entering the state are free from scrapie, scabies or symptoms of other communicable diseases.

But until last year, the board never had the authority to assess goats, which means sheep producers financed all of the board's efforts.

Boise area sheep producer Frank Shirts thinks it's fair that goat producers chip in.

"I think they should," said Shirts, a member of the Idaho Wool Growers Association's board of directors. "The sheep man, he's been packing the load."

The 2012 Idaho Legislature gave the board authority to assess goats at a rate comparable to the sheep assessment (6 cents per pound of wool), and a 2013 bill allows the governor to appoint a goat producer to serve on the ISGHB's five-member board.

The board is currently made up of all sheep producers.

Goat producers aren't organized in Idaho.

For the goat assessment to go into effect, IWGA members must pass a resolution approving the ISGHB's recommendation during their annual November convention.

There are about 25,000 goats in Idaho and about 10,000 are sold annually in Idaho at various livestock sales, according to ISGHB officials.

Sheep producers have recommended assessing themselves an additional 2 cents per pound of wool to help fund predator control efforts in Idaho, which have been hampered by a significant loss of federal funding since 2010.

Predators and animal health are issues for goats as well and it's reasonable that the industry be asked to help out, said ISGHB Executive Director Stan Boyd.
"Wolves like goats, too, and so do coyotes and mountain lions," he said. "The (board) regulates goat health also (but) has never collected anything from that industry."

IWGA President Harry Soulen said he has not heard any opposition to the goat assessment recommendation and said that's either because people are OK with it or they're unaware it's been proposed.

"I think it's a reasonable program ... and for the most part, it should be well-accepted," said Soulen, who raises sheep near Weiser.

Tim Linquist, one of the largest sheep producers in southwest Idaho, said he wants to know more about the proposal and he doubts most goat producers are even aware of it.

"I don't think I'm going to have a huge problem with it but I just don't know anything about it," said Linquist, who has about 300 goats near Wilder.
Clara Askew

Meeting Minutes for 9 March 2013

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Marilyn O’Leary, Kim Holt, Kahla Shigeta, Denise and Katie Drake and new members, George and Jean MacDonald, Emmett, ID, Ben and Marilyn Snider, Sweet, ID and John, Karen and Dillon Kellar, Nampa, ID.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given, we have $5061.95 in the bank. We were able to collect the $910.00 from the insuficient funds check from the Production Sale.

Old Business:
Youth Committee: Lindy Gifford submitted a letter of resignation. Now that they are in town and no longer have goats, she doesn’t have the equipment and other things needed to assist the applicants with their projects. We still have Judy Novak and NancyJoy Craig for the Magic Valley area and Marilyn O’Leary and Angie Ogden for the Treasure Valley Area, so don’t need to ask for volunteers at this time. Marilyn will meet with Lindy and get what paperwork she has relating to the program. Dallon Johnson’s donated doe had a doeling with disqualifying teat structure, so it was sold for $200 and that money will go into the program to purchase another doeling when needed. We have no applicants at the present time.

We discussed the qualifications for a doeling to be donated to the program. It has to be registered, be at least 50% percentage Boer, have good pigment and teat structure and be disbudded. Karen Kellar asked why it needed to be disbudded. All goats have to be disbudded to be shown for 4-H & FFA at all the local fairs except Malheur County. As horn set is important in judging Boer Goats and part of their cooling system, Kim Holt asked if a letter could be written to the various Fair Boards by the Association requesting that for Boer goats that rule be addressed, and eliminated especially for the breeding classes. If a 4-H or FFA member has a Grand Champion goat that has been disbudded, that animal would not be allowed to show at Nationals. Jack Walker, a veterinarian out of Weiser, would also be contacted to write a letter regarding the harmful effects of disbudding. Karen Kellar said she would talk to her vet about writing a letter also. It’s probably too late to get anything done this year, but if we can get all the documentation together, we can work on getting the rules changed.

Denise Drake said the ABGA registered doeling that was donated to Katie was bred to a USBGA buck and she was unsure how that would affect the baby’s registration. The baby could only be registered as 50% with ABGA and could only be donated back to the program if the registration was equal to the original donated doe. So Denise is going to check with the breeders of the buck to see what his parentage was and if he could possibly be registered 100% with ABGA.

Other members are having the same situation registering with ABGA when one parent has USBGA registration. The babies have to start with a 50% registration as ABGA doesn’t recognize USBGA registrations.

IBGA is dissolving and its registrations can be transferred to either ABGA or USBGA with no change in status. From what I understand from the ABGA website, owners need to send their original IBGA registration papers and a completed ABGA registration form for each animal. The fees would be the same as any other initial registration. For USBGA, they will transfer IBGA registered goats to their registry for $3.00 until the end of March. Not sure if this is for non members of the USBGA. If you have any questions, check their websites or better yet, give either organization a call to make sure everything gets done right. As ABGA doesn’t recognize USBGA registrations, it’s best to check so there’s no confusion or at least less.

Show Committees:

Janene reported on the May 4th & 5th Show. This is an ABGA sanctioned show. Both days shows will start at 9 am this year. Deadline for entries is 4/25/13. Even though there are no late entry fees, everyone is urged to get their entries in so she can get her paperwork completed. The Jackpot for the Juniors that will be held after the open show on Saturday was explained. 80% of the entry fees plus any donations go back to the exhibitors for prizes. Kahla will take care of getting straw. For the pot luck Friday night, Marilyn O’Leary will bring chili, Kim Holt will bring taco soup, Denise Drake will bring a crockpot dish, not sure what yet. Karen Kellar will bring breakfast burritos for Saturday morning. The Association will supply pop, water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, donuts for Saturday and Sunday morning. Any other food donations will be welcomed. If you haven’t got the entry forms for the show yet, please contact Janene or Clara. Contact information is on the SRMGA website. The entry forms should be on the website shortly.

Judy Novak was unable to attend today’s meeting, so we have no report on the June show.

There will be another Jr Jackpot, The Treasure Valley Classic, on July 13, 2013 at the Owyhee County fairgrounds. It will have showmanship, market wether and breeder classes for Jr and possibly Sr does. Don’t’ have a deadline for entries yet.

Please contact Clara Askew if you are interested in getting entry forms. Contact information is on the SRMGA website

Production Sale:

Date of the sale this year is September 21st. Deadline for registration papers and entry fees is July 15, 2013, so be thinking of what you want to consign. Notify Clara Askew the number of animals you wish to consign as quickly as you know. We want only about 100 animals in the sale and we already have 15 spots spoken for. Sales this year will be limited to registered animals. To keep the interest and prices up, consignors are urged to bring their best animals. Top selling goat last year was $1750.00 and we want to do better this year.

There was no new business, so meeting was adjourned.

Clara Askew

Meeting Minutes for 10 Nov 2012

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Katie and Denise Drake, Wayne Gifford, Judy Novak and NancyJoy Craig, Terry Watt, and Kahla Shigeta. Also we welcomed new members Laurie & Megan Smith, Melba, ID and Trevor & Kimberly Thomas, Vale, OR.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Treasurer’s report given, we have $3653.90 in the bank.

Old Business:

Report on Production Sale

Total Sales: $44,173.95

Total Cost of Sales: 43,100.25

Income from Sale 1,073.70 (This includes $345 from Raffle and $16.45 from donations)

Anyone wanting a breakdown of the income and expenses, let me know and I’ll get it to them.

One of our buyers vehicle was broken into on his way home and his checking account information was stolen, so his bank froze his account. His check to us for $910.00 was returned for Insufficient funds. I have been trying to collect this from him since the end of September. He keeps coming up with excuses why he can’t seem to get a new check to us. It was decided that we would give him a deadline to get the check replaced and if he doesn’t meet that deadline, we would turn the check over to the Sheriff’s office for prosecution.

Next year’s sale will be on September 21, 2013.

Marketing Report: Reference the buyer from Logan Utah that contacted Evelyn Simon, we can’t supply enough wethers to meet his demands and he doesn’t pay as much as we can get at the Treasure Valley Livestock sale in Caldwell. We just don’t have any big producers to supply a buyer like this. Most of our breeders have small herds and due to the different kidding times, it doesn’t work to try to pool for a large order. Also it was decided to do away with the marketing committee since after 6 years that the Association has been in existence, we have been unable to create any kind of viable marketing strategy.

Youth Committee: We have a new applicant for the doeling program, Rebekah Thompson, Jerome, ID. We will have a doeling available when Katie Drake’s doe kids. Katie had a question about giving back a doeling from another doe she owns rather than from the doe she was donated. As long as the doeling given back to the program is equal in registration, pigment, bite, teats and is disbudded, this will be acceptable.

Show Committee: Boers De Mayo show will by May 4 & 5. No judges yet. Janene will contact Marilyn O’Leary who was working on this to find out where we stand. We will have a Jr Jackpot show on Saturday May 4 after the regular show. It will be affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Jackpot Series. There will be a showmanship class and Market Wethers and Breeding classes. They list just Jr does on their literature, but Janene will check to see if Sr does are included.

Kim Holt and Kellly Haun put on a Jackpot show in May of last year at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds. We will check with them to see if they want to do it again. We’ll do what we can to help and it was decided that the association would arrange and pay for either a USBGA or IBGA certified judge for them.

New Business:

We discussed and then decided as it would be a benefit to all our members, we will ask the Washington members who put on the Ridgefield sale and the Oct O Boer show if they would like their upcoming events put on the SRMGA website. Probably should have done it before now.

It was decided to skip elections this year as everyone attending seems satisfied with the officers we have now. The Board of Directors list is also okay at this time. If any members who did not attend the meeting have any ideas about officer changes, please contact me or Janene and we’ll take it up at the next meeting. The officers and board members are as follows:

Janene Jones, President

Judy Novak, Vice President

Clara Askew, Secretary/Treasurer

Angie Ogden, Director

Wayne Gifford, Director

Evelyn Simon, Director

Dave Poe, Director

Next meeting will be in February 2013. Date to be determined.

Meeting adjourned.

Clara Askew


Meeting Minutes for 18 Aug 2012

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Wayne & Lindy Gifford, Dennis & Carol Hooper, Bob & June Lee, Kahla Shigeta, Brenda Scarborough, Marillyn & Matt O’Leary, Janene & I.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given. We have $3996.17 in the bank after depositing the sale entry fees.

Old Business:

May Show Committee: May 2012’s show lost $950.38. Hopefully we’ll do better next year.

Janene has decided she can continue to be our Show Clerk if she can get some help arranging for judges. Marilyn volunteered to help her with this task. They will start right away to get them lined up for next year. Also to save work, it was decided to go with cash prizes for all the awards except for the Jr showmanship.

We discussed having a Jr Jackpot show for 4-H & FFA members. This would be in addition to the two open shows we have now. Janene will contact the Rocky Mountain Jackpot organization and see if we can arrange an affiliation with them for a show for the local youths.

Brenda Scarborough will get raffle items for the show. She said it’s important for the winners to send thank you notes to the donors so they know their gifts are appreciated. We could give thank you notes with stamped addressed envelopes out with the prizes so all the winner has to do is sign it and mail it.

June Show: June 2012’s show made $21.92. Good Job. Judy Novak was unable to attend this meeting due to illness in her family. Our best wishes go out to her. Those who went to the show said it was terrific as usual. The Filer Fairgrounds is a great facility and worked very well. They had lots of good volunteers to help with food and raffle.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn was unable to attend meeting, but Wayne reported that prices have dropped locally. Texas prices are holding steady, but that doesn’t seem to have much effect on the local market. The Market Wethers at the fairs didn’t do quite as well this year except for Owyhee County. Grand Champion there went for $900 and Reserve went for $1100. All we need is for the other fair buyers to take notice.

Brenda reported a slaughter house has opened up in the Seattle area that will take wether loads if we can pool enough together to make the trip worthwhile. We discussed the difficulty in this with the small local herds and the different kidding times. This might be something we could work on for the future.

Youth Committee: Dallan Johnson as applied for another doeling. Jessica Mobley’s doe is due in September and if she has a doeling, he would get that one. Katie’s doe is ready to breed and she has made her own arrangements for a buck.

Production Sale: Most of the entries are in and paid for. Partial catalog is on the website. It will be updated as more pedigrees and pictures are sent in.

Wayne reported the fairground has new lightweight panels to build the arena out of, so we should be able to get everything set up Friday (9/21) morning. The chute is stored at Ogden’s and he will need 4 people to go get it and set it up. Ogden’s have a trailer, also John Sargent has one so arrangements can be made on Friday to get it to the fairgrounds. Wayne will spray the pens with a bleach solution to sanitize them before the sale. Kahla will arrange for straw. Matt, Markus and Tristian will help in the barn and after the sale to get buyers loaded out. Marilyn will supervise the loading out again this year. Janene say it was difficult last year to take payments while the sale was going on, so this year, payments won’t be accepted until the sale is over unless we have someone designated just specifically to accept the payments. The buyers can’t get their goats until the sale is over anyway, so this should not cause a problem. We’ll figure out a way to split the buyers up by number so several can pay at once.

A vet will be at the sale for any required health certificates.

Wayne reported we have had good response from the flyers he’s sent out.

After discussion, motion was made and seconded to require that in order to participate in the sale in the future, consignors would need to be a dues paid member by January of the year of the sale.

Meeting was adjourned. Thanks to Wayne & Lindy for being such good hosts and especially to Lindy for all the goodies. They were delicious.

Clara Askew


Meeting Minutes for 22 Apr 2012

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Janene, Evelyn Simon, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, Wayne Gifford, Kahla Shigeta, Mary Price-Stotz and her husband Gene, and myself. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved. We have $2935.83 in the bank.

Old Business:

Boers de Mayo Show: According to Kathy at the Fairgrounds, our insurance that we paid for on the September sale, may still be in effect. I called our insurance agent and he is checking on it. We may be able to have a yearly premium for all of our events, which would be much cheaper.

The new pens in the new (old) goat barn are almost complete. Marilyn O’Leary and her 4-H kids did a great job building and installing the side panels. The Fairgrounds maintenance man, Steve, built panels for the back and has almost all of those installed. The fronts aren’t finished yet, but should be anytime. We will use the two sheep barns first and put any overflow in the new(old) barn. The three barns are side by side, so that will make moving the goats around much easier.

Wayne has 40 bales of straw. We just need a trailer to get them to the fairgrounds. John Sargent has one, if he’s not using it, we should be able to.

The search for judges proved more difficult and expensive this year. The Sunday judge, Sherry Stevens, is firmly committed, but we don’t have the travel plans for the Saturday judge yet. Hopefully, we’ll hear soon. Next year we’ll need to start our search earlier.

Overall awards will be buckets, key holders, goat ornaments and small display pails. Division awards will be cash, same as last year. Showmanship awards will be grooming totes.

We will set up the arena on Friday morning and have crockpot items for dinner that evening. Donuts, muffins, coffee, hot chocolate and hot water for tea will available for Saturday and Sunday morning. Everyone will be on their own for lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday. We will probably have some crockpot items left though. Janene volunteered Tristin to run the raffle. A reminder to those attending< please bring items to donate for the raffle. Wayne will be donating a custom made goat hook. June Show: The show will be at the Filer Fairgrounds this year. It is off Hwy 30 in downtown Filer. Take I-84 Exit 137, go thru Hagerman to Buhl and then to Filer. Entry forms will be on the website and can be filled out on the website. After you have filled them out on line, print a hard copy and mail them to Myra Bowman, 4260 N1500 E, Buhl, ID 83316. This info will also be available on the website. There will be a jackpot for wethers, with divisions determined by weight. Anyone under 21 years of age can show in the jackpot and showmanship classes. IBGA is setting up classes for wethers and commercial does so that they can be awarded commercial recordation points for enoblement. These will be awarded only in IBGA sanctioned shows. We will try to participate and include these classes in next year’s show. Friday night crockpot items will be supplied for exhibitors and workers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for Saturday and Sunday. A suggested donation of $10 per day for the meals will help pay for the food. A donation of 50 cents will be asked for the drinks. Drinks will be included with the meals for the $10 per day. Donations are encouraged for the raffle. Notify Judy as to what you have, so she can get it in the program. NancyJoy will be making quilts again this year. A-I program: This is dead in the water for now unless we can get more people interested. It is just too expensive for less than 10 people to participate. To even get on the schedule, we would have to put down a non-refundable deposit and with our other obligations, the Association can’t afford to do that unless there is a guaranteed number of people wanting to attend. Marketing Report: Goat prices are up in Texas, kids are selling for between $180 and $250 each at the San Angelo market. Boers at the Twin Falls auction are $175 for mature buck, wethers going for $160 each. Treasure Valley Livestock in Caldwell, was good last week, but it depends on which buyers are attending. When there is competition, the prices are good. Youth Program: Another application has been taken and approved for a doeling, however, we don’t have one available at this time. Anyone who can donate a papered doe, under 2 years of age, at least 50% and disbudded, please let Judy Novak or Lindy Gifford know. It’s for a good cause. Production Sale: Wayne will not be able to loan his gate this year as he’s using it at his new place. Also he will not be able to store the staging alley. We will need a member to volunteer to store it at the their place. We can decide at the show who will get the honor. NEW BUSINESS: Evelyn Simon recommended we join the American Boer Goat Federation. The dues are $100 per year. The motion was made and seconded. I’ll take care of it next week. Wayne is going to check on a House Bill that was before Idaho’s legislature this year requiring blood tests on all goats coming across state lines. He believes it has passed, but will check to make sure and what the exact requirements are going to be. It has been rumored that the state will be getting more stringent about checking for health certificates on out of state goats. So, even though the Association doesn’t require them for the shows or sale, it is up to the exhibitor or sellers to provide them according to state regulations. Judy is going to check with the dairy goat folks about their convention in October regarding our Association hosting the hospitality room for one day to promote meat goats. They have asked us to participate, we just don’t have all the details yet. We would like to thank Evelyn Simon for hosting our meeting. Good timing on the part of one of her does who gave birth to triplets, two of which arrived during the meeting. Mother and kids are doing well. A little bonus for those who attended the meeting. Next meeting will be in July, date and place to be determined. See you all at the show! Clara Askew Secretary/Treasurer

Meeting Minutes for 28 Jan 2012

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Denise and Katie Drake, Marilyn O’Leary, Wayne & Lindy Gifford, Gary & Clara Askew and new member Kahla Shigeta. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report, we have $3413.83 in the bank, with a check for $200 to Judy Novak for a doeling for the for the Youth program and a deposit for 2012 dues.

Old Business:

Show committee: Dates are set for Boers de May show are 5 & 6 May 2012. No judges determined yet. Possibilities were discussed. We will go with cash prizes again. Discussion about building pens for new goat barn at fair grounds . It was decided if we could get enough 4-H and FFA members to help, we could do it. I will contact Kathy at the fairgrounds to find out what all will be need to be done. Wayne Gifford will supervise the workers. Wayne will also be able to supply straw for the show.

As Judy Novak had a barn burn down yesterday, we have no report on the June show at this time. She is fine and her goats are fine, but the shed was a total loss.

Youth Committee: Dallen Johnson is still uncomfortable with birthing out his doe by himself, so Lindy is going to help. As we need for more 88%+ disbudding doelings for the the program, a question about changing the doeling qualifications to 50% was brought up. That would open the restrictions so more donations can possibly be made. Lindy will bring it up before the Youth Committee Board

Marketing Report: E-mail from Evelyn Simon as follows:

We continue to receive calls from people looking to start into the meat goat business, and people looking for bucks (not papered, even weanlings), and bred does. Papers not necessary. We have a deposit for 5-6 bred does and later on an unrelated buck too, as a starter herd for a couple in Utah. I am looking for a buck that would work for them, he should be fullblood Boer.

A couple months ago we put together a half dozen bucks for a commercial goat operation in Whitebird, ID. We found some nice ones (thank you, Patsy & Kim!) and could have used more. We learned there are a lot of bucks in southern Idaho that should be wethers-without fail they were only a small part Boer, and that 'back yard type' running with a couple of family does. Afterwards we wished we'd bought them anyway, for sausage, and to get them out of the gene pool!

One call a couple weeks ago was from a man in upstate New York that will be out this way in April. He is looking for 10-20 breedable does and an unrelated buck. Papers not necessary. He mentioned High percentage, purebred, Boer cross. He used to have meat goats and family had 350 acres, and now he has young children and wants to start a herd of meat goats. I've sent his information to Yvonne at Smoke Ridge in Montana also. Sean Mills 315 576 1413.

Here's the webpage for the Meat Goat Handbook. Yvonne said they cost $19.99 each if buying 2 or more, and that price includes shipping. You can also ask her to autograph them, she did for the four I got. I also see them on Amazon, and the Goat Rancher sells them too. (Amazon would be my last choice.... to help out the goat folks buying direct from them is better)

We also discussed having calendars made for a fund raiser. Evelyn has a contact that can make them for $3 each cost to us. She will find out about having it be an 18 month calendar so we can sell them at the May show.

Janene checked about the AI Clinic. Prices have gone up, $1500 to $1900. We would have to pay per diem, travel and accommodations. So it would be more expensive, so we would need more people to participate in order for it to be cost effective. We would need a fairgrounds type area. The goats would have to be housed for 2 days. A covered area would be needed to set up 7 AI stands. Janene will send out a flyer to find out how many people interested. We would have to make a $200 deposit which we would lose if we can’t get enough participants.

New Business: Treasure Valley Dairy Goat Assoc is having their national convention in Boise this year. They’ve invited us to host the hospitality room one day. The dates are October 14 thru 20th. We would have to provide snacks & drinks for visitors. In order to have enough food and drink, we would have to have an idea how many people usually attend. We could man the room in shifts, so no one would have to be there all day. USBGA will also be holding a judging certification. They will need 4 kids, 4 yearlings, 4 mature does and 4 mature bucks from different herds There will be 2 types of training, one for certification and one for audit. We will need to check & see if they’re having classes on Sunday or if that’s a good day for us to host. We also need to find out where the room will be as the flyer says that the convention is at the Riverside Motel. Janene will check for more information.

I went to the seminar put on by the Idaho Dept of Agriculture about Q fever on the 8th. It was informative in that I found out most goats carry Q fever antibodies, which doesn’t mean they have the actual disease. Goat milk can be tested for the antibodies. You would need to send it to the Dept of Agriculture on Penitentiary Rd in Boise. You can comingle the milk from a group of goats and freeze it in a leakproof container for mailing. This test costs $17.00. If Q fever antibodies are present, then a test on individual goats can be done and sent to Cornell University to see if the actual bacteria is present. This test costs $30.00. There was a lot of information shared in the course of the talk and I’m not a very good note taker. So, if you have questions, the contact person is Dr Scott Leibsle at Idaho Dept of Ag. I did speak to him about giving his talk at our show and he said he’d be glad to. So Saturday, May 5 after the show is over, we’ll arrange to have one of the 4-H buildings available for him.

Wayne will have some goat equipment for sale. Contact him for items and prices. He has a goat cam and grooming stand.

It’s time to pay your 2012 Association Dues. They are $20 for the year for individuals and $25 for 2 adults or and adult and child.

Next meeting will be in April. I’ll let everyone know when the date and place are set.

Clara Askew


Meeting Minutes for 21 Oct 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Katie & Denise Drake, Angie Ogden, Nancy Joy Craig, Evelyn Simon, Lindy & Wayne Gifford, Marilyn O'Leary, and Judy Novak.

Minutes read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, We have $3561.60 in our account at this time. Association income for 2011 is $1514.04, so we are in good shape for the May Show.

Old Business: Sale Report: Sale went very well. Items discussed for next year. Find out about having pictures taken of high selling animals with buyers and sellers after sale. Problem with that is everyone is anxious to get loaded and on their way. We need to emphasize that it is the buyer’s responsibility to know the regulations of the state they will be taking the goats they purchase to and what tests are needed to meet those requirements. It was decided per Terry Brown’s suggestion; there will not be an extra charge for photos in the catalog next year. It was suggested we contact local high schools for students that need to complete their community service requirements for helpers for set up for sale and show. We discussed whether to continue to accept credit cards at the sale as we only had 2 buyers last year and one buyer this year use them. It was decided it was worth the expense for the convenience of the buyers.

Terry Brown also suggested we set up a live chat network from the website for members. We’ll check with Becky to see if that’s possible.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn gave a report on her open house. She applied and received a grant to help with the expenses for it. Attendance was good. Food was very good. We discussed working on doing another open house at one of our other breeders’ farm this year. A PowerPoint presentation will be attached when minutes are emailed out.

Show Committee: The Fairgrounds are building a new goat barn, so the dates for show are tentatively the 5th and 6 of May, depending on whether the barn is ready. Also, we want to avoid the date of the

4-H and FFA pig weigh-in

Jerome Show: Dates will be June 23 & 24th. There are only pens for 50 goats at Jerome. Judy will check about using Filer fairgrounds. It is more complicated to get to. Prices, Jerome is $200. Filer is $500, but no set up would be required. So if it looks like we will have more than 50 animals, Judy will reserve the Filer Fairgrounds. MSMGA will support the Jackpot wether show. We discussed the possibility of using RV’s for judges quarters as the closest motels would be in Twin Falls. The show will be IBGA sponsored and they will accept any other registration. Judy talked about possibly having costume class.

Youth Committee: This years doeling was received from Dallen Johnston. It went to Jessica Mobley. The doeling Wayne & Lindy donated went to Josh Miller in Jerome. We have 4 applications at this time and the farms will need to be inspected. We need more goats donated. We do have $200 in the youth fund from the sale of the doe that was given back last year so one could be purchased if needed. Donated doelings must be registered at least 88% and disbudded. The applicants must be youth member and pay $5.00 for the application process. We need to establish a list of members who would offer buck services for the donated doelings. The does will need to be brought to buck. Boarding would not be charged. Need to notify Becky to take the mentoring guidelines off website. We don’t want the application on website as it has to be obtained from active member. Regulations will need to be put on website. If any members are interested in mentoring, donating a doeling and/or donating buck service, let someone on the youth committee know.

New Business: Nomination of Officers

Nominations were as follows:

President: Janene Jones

Vice President: Judy Novak

Secretary/treasurer: Clare Askew

Board Members: Dave Poe, John Sargent, Evelyn Simon, Wayne Gifford, Angie Ogden, and Marilyn O'Leary . Junior member who will be non- voting, Katie Drake

We will continue to accept nominations for 2 weeks. If no other nominations are received, the above nominations will automatically stand as elected officers.

Anyone interested in an A-I class, let Janene know. The class costs $1000.00. It will need to be held at someone’s farm. To make it cost effective, 10 people will be needed . Biogenetics in Salmon will put it on. Evelyn Simon volunteered to have it at her place. SRMGA can host and pay for it if there is enough interest. Then attendees will pay the association.

USBGA judging clinic will be held in Boise this summer. We would need to supply goats for the clinic, It will be held in conjunction with the Dairy goat show. Judy will check into how much it will cost a person to be certified.

Next meeting: January 21, location to be determined. Probably at Wayne & Lindy’s if not sold.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 17 July 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending are Terry Watts, Dave Poe, John Sargent, Titania Preston, Marilyn & Matt O’Leary, Judy Novak, Nancy Joy Craig, Diane Flournoy, Wayne & Lindy Gifford and new members Del & Angie Ogden.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved, Treasurer’s report given, we have $2235.38 in the bank. The Jerome show was a financial success. With the raffle and food donations, we made over $600.00. Basically the difference is in what we paid for judges. Good work Judy and NancyJoy.

Old Business:

Marketing Committee. Evelyn Simon was unable to attend, she’s recuperating from surgery. She reported by email that their “Goat Meat Is Great” open house/’farm tour/tasting event is September 17th, 1 pm to 6 pm. An invitation will be emailed out shortly. She will have 1 or 2 chefs that will be preparing several prime Boer wethers for all to try. They’ll have educational materials to share. This event is the result of a grant from USDA. There will probably be a reporter there and some media coverage. She suggested we get some info together about the SRMGA to pass out among the guests.

Goat prices and holding pretty well locally. Kids averaged $1.40 to 1.80 per lb at last weeks sale.

Rob & Michelle Stokes, members from Vale OR, are selling their home grown goat meat, beef, pork and eggs at the Saturday farmer’s markets in Boise and Nampa. They are selling at least ½ a goat a week and say it’s getting better all the time.

Show Committees:

For the June IBGA show, Judy reported that exhibitors were down but the number of goats shown was about the same. She said they had better wether and showmanship classes this year. It was marvelous that the show made money. The May show did much better financially this year except for $300 bad check that we’ve been unable to collect.

Production Sale:

We have less goats consigned this year. At last tally, it looks like we’ll have about 75. Hopefully that will keep the prices up. In order to determine which consignor would be lot #1, all the consignors’ names were put in a hat and one was drawn out. As we all held our breath, Leslie Bader-Robinson’s name was drawn. One of her fine goats will have the dubious honor of being #1. We got a price quote from Leslie for advertising. She got prices for running the ads for 2 or 3 weeks and in 14 or 15 papers. We decided on 3 weeks in 14 papers. We also need to look into advertising in Eastern Idaho, Montana & Utah. An ad will be put in the Nevada Rancher out of Winnemucca. Plus, I’ll get it on Craig’s list.

We’ll set up the sales arena, bleachers and alley way Friday afternoon, September 9th. We will have Crockpot items for dinner Friday night for the consignors and work crew. Saturday morning there will be donuts and breakfast type items, coffee and hot water for tea and cocoa. The auction will start on 1 pm, so we won’t have to break for lunch. The raffle will be held at 12 noon. That way we won’t have to interrupt the auction or add to the confusion of having it after the auction.

Youth Committee:

We had a good discussion about deciding whether or not The Doeling Program should be continued. A vote was taken and it was decided to keep it going. Terry Watts will no longer be able to help, with being a 4H leader for both horses and goats and working full time, her plate is just too full. We really appreciate all the time and effort she has put into making this program work. A new committee of Lindy Gifford, Marilyn O’Leary, Judy Novak, and NancyJoy Craig was set up. They will review the application rules and contracts. These will then be sent to Becky Gates to put on the website.

New Business:

Wayne Gifford has the names of a couple of people who are looking for goats. Contact him at 278-5023 if you have any to sell.

Meeting was adjourned.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 12 Mar 2011

Meeting called to order by President Janene Jones. Attending were Wayne & Lindy Gifford, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, John & Cheryl Sargent and Marilyn O’Leary. Minutes of last meeting were read by Secretary Clara Askew and approved. Treasurer’s report given, we have $2048.74. The bank has been charging us a monthly service fee for use of credit cards at the September sale. I’m working with the bank to get them to refund it. If I can’t get it refunded, we may have to take it out of my wages.

Old Business:

Youth Committee: Lindy Gifford said one of our participants in the Doeling Program, Dallen Johnston, doe had triplets. Judy Novak said we need to have applications for the doeling program put on the website. Also she suggested we change the link name from Doeling Program to Youth Activities so that it will be more evident this is a youth program. She also suggested it would be nice to have a link on website for Youth Program with a sublink for the doeling program with pictures of the kids participating in the showmanship class.

Marketing Committee: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend the meeting because she is in the middle of kidding. But she sent a report on her local market. At the Twin Falls Auction, 6 Alpine bottle bucklings sold for $20 to $27.50 each, 3 Boer bottle bucklings, same age as alpines (1 week max) sold for $50 to $60 each. Boer and Boer cross wethers, young does, good butcher goats, under one year, $130 to $150; Commercial Boer cross does, $125 to $140; commercial dairy does, $95 to $125; Spanish cross does, $90, some of these were pretty nice looking; Spanish cross does with kids, $130 to $140; Pygmy/Boer cross withers/does/yearling size $75; Pygmy little bucks/wethers/kids $10 to $15, none of these were nice, just kinda rough; and a horned Alpine buck $85.

She also said she has been taking a weekly workshop at the U of I extension in Twin Falls and learned that if you are audited by the IRS for not showing a profit year after year, it will help validate your efforts as a business if you have a Business Plan. There’s a great website to create one, https://www/ Also, you should have a separate checking account for the business, it can help to show you are acting as a business, not just an expensive hobby.

Wayne Gifford reported that there are 2 men buying cull goats and butchering them at home illegally to sell. They are undercutting price that the buyers who are using USDA butchers have to charge. So if someone comes to your farm wanting to buy your culls, kind of question whether they are going to be for home consumption or for sale because this hurts all of us on our marketing. He also reported that Del Treasure is paying about 90 cents less than the Caldwell auction.

Show Committee: Judy Novak on the June Show – It will be 2 IBGA Shows, so all registrations will be accepted. Everyone is encouraged to attend. It is a very nice show for smaller breeders. Dates are 25th and 26th of June. Entry forms will be on the website. Deadlines will be on website also. There will be a raffle. A quilt for each day, with IBGA colors. Weather vanes with goats on them. Sponsors for classes will be accepted. Ads will be full page $20, ½ 12.50 (4x7). Business card $7.00. Full page back cover $40.00 (first come first serve for first 2 (for each days program) Food will be provided, Friday night will be potluck. Saturday and Sunday will have hamburgers and hotdogs for donation. Breakfast, biscuits and gravy and sweet rolls. Also donations. Need a board with each class designated for the winners to hold when their pictures are taken. Entries deadline 6/10.

May Show: Judges John and Jackie Edwards from Texas, $1500 total for their fee. There will be no sale pens this year. If you have an animal for sale, just put a sign on the pen. As this is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered goats can be entered. Ads and award sponsors and entry fees are due by 4/25. The Showmanship classes will be open to any youth. The fee is $2 and it will be the first class each day. The VFW will not be have their food booth open this year. So, Friday evening dinner will be crockpots with stew, soups, anything that can be eaten in a bowl and dinner rolls. There will be a hospitality table with hot water for cocoa and tea, coffee, muffins, cookies, chips, etc for both Saturday and Sunday. We will accept donations for these items. Saturday evening we will have a collection for pizza for anyone interested. Lunch break will be 1 hour and this will give everyone time to get their own. A list of available restaurants and their locations will be posted. Set up will be on Thursday evening, May 5, before the show. It was decided an evening set up would allow more members to come and help. Everyone is encouraged to buy ads and sponsor awards as this helps pay for the show.

Sale Committee: Sale Date September 10, 2011. Consignors have to be Association Members. Anyone interested in consigning, contact Clara Askew, No decision has been made about numbers yet until we see how much interest there is. The final deadline to submit paperwork on consignments will again be July 15, 2011. So, start making your plans.

Next meeting will be in June 4 in Jerome at Judy Novak house. A reminder will be sent out with the time and address.

Don’t forget 2011 Association dues, $20 for individual, $25 for two and $40 for farm. If you no longer wish to be a member, please let me know and I'll take you off the mailing list.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 16 Oct 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Stormy Slate and her dad Bruce, Janene Jones, Dave Poe, Edgar Edmondson, NancyJoy Craig, Judy Novak, Lindy Gifford and Terry Watt. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given. Income from production sale was $3812.90, expenses were $2936.04, leaving a net income of $876.86. This included the sale of the doe returned from the doeling program. Our bank balance at this time is $2179.76.

Old Business:

Doeling Program: Terry Watt completed the Mentor guidelines in draft form. Mentors and the Junior Members who get doelings are to give quarterly reports about what is happening with the animal. Until the contract is fulfilled, we need to keep track of the youth and the goat to make sure the guidelines of the program are followed. The participants in the program are to come to the spring show and show their animals. Applications need to be submitted by November 30, so there will a month to approve the application and inspect their farm before the doelings are awarded in January. Any member donating a doeling will then have time to choose what they’re going to donate and get them disbudded. The Guidelines for the program and mentors are attached to the minutes if members have email. If no email, members will receive a hard copy of both.

Sale Report:

Everyone agreed that the sale went well this year. We spent $1,262.64 on advertising this year and it appears to have paid off. Wayne Gifford said he felt that we couldn’t have done much better if it had been a DVauction and it would have been a lot more expensive. We would still have to pay for advertising plus paying DVauction for their services. Also, there is the possibility of all sorts of unknowns if we try to set up our own online service. So, it was decided that next year, the sale would be handled the same way, just advertise the heck out of it, bring in quality animals and we should continue to improve our bottom line. The food service went well Friday night, but Saturday, we ran out of everything. Linda Hernandez volunteered to be in charge of food for next year’s sale. With one person keeping track of what we need and the donations, it should go better on sale day. One problem discussed was the loading of the animals after the sale. The buyers want to get out as soon as they can and it causes chaos in the barns. It was suggested that we have only one exit and load out only one person at a time like is done at the livestock sales. It would take longer, but it would sure be easier on our barn crew. Also, maybe a portable ramp could be built for loading into pickups. There will be more discussion about this before the next sale. Perry & Terry Parker of Parker’s Gourmet Goats are going to donate a fullblood doe to be auctioned off at next year’s sale, with the profits going to the Association. They will bring her to the May show so everyone can see her. This is really terrific and we appreciate it greatly.

Marketing report:

Prices have dropped at the Saturday sale on does, but wethers and bucks prices are still holding at around $1.20 per pound.

Show Report:

Since we lost money on last year’s show, we discussed what we could do to save money and still have a quality show for next year. It was decided to have 2 ABGA shows in May like we always have. Then USBA and IBGA shows in Jerome in June. We will also set up a contract for judges with a fee of $800 apiece maximum. We discussed paying cash rather than trophies for prizes next year. We could pay $20 for Grand and $15 for Reserve in each division and then award show leads for Best Percentage Doe, Best Fullblood/Purebred doe and Best Fullblood/Purebred buck. We really need to sell more ads in the catalog and have more award sponsorships. Any suggestions or comments about these plans, please let Janene Jones, our show clerk, know.

New Business:

Nominations of Officers: President: Janene Jones. Vice President: Toby Young & Judy Novak. Secretary/Treasurer: Clara Askew & Lindy Gifford. Nominations can be done by email to or postal service to SRMGA, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 and they will be open until 11/15. Ballots will be mailed out at that time to be counted at the December meeting.



Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 4 Sept 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Attending were Janene Jones, Marilyn O’Leary, with 3 potential junior members from her 4H group, Stormy Slate and her dad, Bruce, Bob & June Lee, Dave Poe, Edgar Edmundson, Terry Watts and Becky Gates. Minutes from last meeting and Treasurer’s Report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Clara Askew. They were approved as read.

Old Business:

Production Sale: Catalog is on the website. Good Job kudos to Terry Brown for all her work. Edgar Edmundson suggested that the color of the goat be added to the template. He also suggested everyone get their consignments in sooner so Terry wouldn’t have to keep asking for templates and pictures. Set up at the Fairgrounds will be Thursday morning, September 16, at 8 am. All we need to do is set up the sales ring, move the bleachers and set up the alley from the barn to the sales ring. If you are free that morning, please come and help. The more hands we have, the quicker and easier we can get it done. The VFW food booth will not be open this year. So, Friday night starting at 6 pm, we will serve hamburgers, salads and chips for the consignors and work crew. Saturday morning, we will have muffins, donuts, coffee and whatever else we can come up with for breakfast. Since the sale seems to lose momentum if we break for lunch and since it starts at noon, we will not break for lunch this year. We’ll have snack items and beverages available for the buyers. We cannot charge for the food, but we can take donations. We’ll put out a donation jar and hope we break close to even on the food.

Check in is after 2 pm on Friday the 17th. We will need a crew for health inspections, checking tattoos and putting lot number tags on the goats as they arrive. Let Wayne Gifford know if you can volunteer for this. Consignors are reminded they are responsible for getting their goats from the barn to the alley leading into the sales ring on sale day. Toby Young, Matt O’Leary and Robert Stromberg will be in the barn to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will have a veterinary available sale day if health certificates are needed. Payment for this service will need to be worked out between the buyer and the seller. The Association is not responsible for paying for the health certificates. Becky Gates volunteered to read the pedigrees if needed at the sale.

Spring Show: The show will be May 7th & 8th, 2011. We should avoid the pig weigh in by having it on this date. The Spring Fair for 4-H and FFA are this weekend though, so that will cause some conflict for our Junior Members who are showing at both events. So, we may need some volunteers to show their animals at our show. Judy Novak asked that we consider having an IBGA show one of the days. Janene Jones, our show secretary, said she had been thinking about having 2 ABGA shows one day and the IBGA show the other day. It was decided to think it over, consider the expenses and discuss it further at the next meeting. Wayne reported that ABGA has the only affiliate program for meat goat associations. We still need to check with ABGA and see what benefits if any are available to us as an affiliate. Bruce Willoughby, out of Utah, is our new ABGA representative.

Junior Doe Program: Terry Watts, June Lee and Judy Novak have been working on the Doeling Program. New requirements and application information are available on request. Terry is working on the revisions and they will be emailed out as soon as they are completed. We have gotten one doe back and it is being bred at Wayne’s now. It was decided we would sell it at the production sale and the money would be used for any expenses the doeling program might incur. We will need mentors for any junior members who qualify and receive a doe in the future. So think about helping out as these kids are the future of our industry.

New Business:

Becky Gates, our Webmaster, gave a report on what it would take to set up our own video streaming on the web. We could have our sale, shows, meetings, clinics and anything else we wanted streamed over the internet. The hosting cost would be $371.40, per year which includes 30 GB disk space, (additional space is .82 a month per GB), and data transfer allowance would be 300 GB, (additional transfer .15 a month per GB). We would get a dedicated IP address. We could have 100 Simultaneous users, $15 per 50 for additional users and hosting of the domain name. If we broadcast next year’s auction, we would have to work out how online bidders would register their bids. Becky was asked to give us a bid on what her fee would be to set it all up. It was decided we would need to do a lot of testing before we would attempt to broadcast a sale. We will talk more about the possibilities at the next meeting.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 6 Jun 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and Treasurer’s Report read and approved.

Old Business:

Show Report: The Boers de Mayo Show made $3042.00 and expenses were $4232.17, so our net loss was $1190.17. We need to get more awards sponsored and more ads. We may eliminate the division awards unless they are sponsored and just have overall awards. Also, we had fewer spectators this year, not sure if it’s just the economy or if we need to advertise more. The raffle brought in $320 which is included in the profit. Any ideas about how to make the show more profitable, or at least break even, are welcomed. Next was discussion about USBGA registered animals not being allowed to show. It was decided as long as we continue to have a ABGA show here and have a USBGA and IBGA show in Jerome that should take care of everyone. Linda Hernandez will check with USBGA and see what the benefits are of being affiliated with them and Wayne Gifford will check with ABGA and see what the benefits are there. We are currently affiliated with ABGA. This costs $75 per year and we are listed in their magazine. It was also decided that entries would not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a check. We discussed the problem with the 4H and FFA pig weigh in that occurs at the same time as our show check in on the Friday before the show. This causes a lot of traffic congestion and there was a problem of children running around in the barns. Marilyn O’Leary will check with the 4H coordinator and see if something can be done to better direct traffic. We discussed changing the date of the show, but there are other conflicts for either earlier or later dates. So we will see if there’s a better way to work with them. Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler, Noreen Stromberg and Robert Stromberg were thanked for their hard work and the great job they do putting on the show and they promised they would be available next year to do it again.

Jerome Show: Early entries for Jerome show due by June 12th. Show is June 26th & 27th. Everyone is encouraged to attend whether you have entered any animals or not. We need to give them all the support we can. They are having 2 USBGA shows on Saturday and 1 IBGA show on Sunday. All the information about the show is on our website, along with entry forms.

Production Sale Report: The Annual Fall Production Sale will be 9/18/10 at 12 noon and it will be broadcast on DVAuction. There is also a sale in Indiana on DVAuction that day at 12, but ours will start 2 hours later than theirs due to the time difference. As we only have about 75 lots consigned at this time, it was voted on and approved to allow up to 15 animals to be entered per consignor, however, the amount of bucks per consignor will still be limited to 2. Anyone wanting to consign more animals, should let me know as soon as possible. If you haven’t entered any animals yet and wish to consign, also, let me know right away. We want to have at least 100 lots in order for the sale to break even. We need to check with DVAuction and/or with the Exhibitor’s Edge sale coordinators about the dimensions and height of the sales ring, so if we have to build one, it will fit the requirements. It was agreed that the minimum bid will be $200 and individual consignors can set their minimums higher if they need to.

Consignment entries are due by July 15. Consignment fees are $40 per animal and pictures for the catalog will cost an extra $10 apiece. Consignors will need to send their check and a copy of the registration papers to me,

Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by July 15, 2010.

If the registration is pending, a copy of the application with the pedigree information will be accepted. Consignors, if you have already paid your reservation fee of $5 per head, you will only need to pay $35 per head in July. Terry Brown is doing our catalog again this year. Thanks Terry. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions, please let Wayne or I know. We will need to advertise as much and as effectively as possible to make this sale a success. Linda Hernandez will bring breakfast items for the morning of the sale. We can’t sell them, but donations can be taken. We have hamburger makings left from the show and we may use these to feed consignors who come in Friday night.

We will have our next meeting in August, date to be set later. Meeting was adjourned .

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 20 Mar 2010

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford, minutes of last meeting read and approved, treasurer’s report read and approved.

Old Business:

Elections results, Wayne Gifford, President, Janene Jones, Vice President, Clare Askew, Secretary/Treasurer. Board Members, Lynn Fowler, Linda Hernandez, John Sargent, Dave Poe, Judy Novak, Dennis Hooper

The amended Bylaws were read, discussed. Motion was made and seconded to approve amendments as read.

Show Committee: Janene Jones – All registrations, IBGA, USBGA and ABGA will be accepted for the show. Since it is an ABGA sanctioned show, only ABGA registered animals will get points. There will be a showmanship class on Sunday after the regular show that is open to all youth. These animals will housed in a separate area. There will be a Costume class will be held on Saturday, so plan to dress up like your goat. Saturday judge will need to be picked up at airport and shuttled around, Lindy Gifford agreed to be the taxi service. Rooms will be booked at Holiday Inn in Ontario, rooms for the Saturday Judge for Friday and Saturday, and for the Sunday Judge for Saturday and Sunday. The Association will buy buns and burgers and KFC for the work crew and exhibitors for Friday night. The price for the Pizza for Saturday evening dinner will be prepaid along with entry fees. Lynn Fowler will check on straw and make arrangements for hauling it. Judy Novak will take pictures again and Cheryl Sargent will handle the raffle. Everyone needs to remember to bring items to donate for the raffle. Set up for the show will be done Friday morning after 8 am before check in at noon. Budget for awards will be up to $1000. Ads will be put in Capital Press and on Boer

Judy Novak on June show – Annette Maze and Marie Layman will be Saturday show judges and Pat Ariaz is the Sunday judge. Check in on Friday, June 25th after 12:00. There will be a Jackpot meat goat class for animals under a year. There will be a weigh in before classes. There will be 3 classes, light, medium and heavy. There will be an extra charge for meat and showmanship classes of $2.00 for each entry in each class. These classes are not going to be for only 4-H or FFA, there won’t be an age limit. The classes will be broken down into Junior and Senior and Adult. USBGA has a champion challenge if the animals have been winners before, then the past winners are taken out of the regular classes. They then go into the champion challenge class and go against the winner of their class that day. There will be a class for 3-4 yr and 4-5 years old does. There will also be a judging clinic after the show on Saturday, for $20 to $25 to taught by the Saturday judges, Marie and Annette, to show how the animals are judged.

Marketing: Evelyn Simon was not able to attend as she is birthing babie. She has MSMGA minerals available in 50# bags for $22 for does and $23 for bucks. The mineral also comes in blocks, but she doesn’t know the weight or price of those yet. Anyone interested, contact her. There was a meat goat seminar in Indiana, this month, but the board decided not to send Evelyn as it is unknown what our expenses for the shows and sale will be this year and we don’t want to run short of money. Dave Poe is selling 7 to 10 goats a month to a local market. He would like 100 to 110# animals and will pay $1 per pound live weight. He will take does, bucks or wethers. He then gets them butchered in Nampa and then they go to his buyer and he is paid hanging weight. He wants to be able to supply 10 per month all year which means that his supplies need to breed so animals are available every month. This same buyer told Dave he can get frozen Australian goat for $2.17 per pound shipped in. This is very hard if not impossible for local breeders to compete with. Treasure Valley Livestock sales yard prices have been very high the last few weeks. Buyers from Montana and Nevada are bidding up the local buyers. Check with Wayne Gifford as his brother works at the sales yard and knows when the out of town buyers are there.

Sale Committee: We have 84 consignments so far for the sale; we would like at least 16 more so the fee per animal can be kept down. We are on the DV auction schedule, but have not got a contract from them yet. We will have to pay $1300, ½ of their fee when we sign the contract. Anyone wanting to consign animal’s needs to contact Clara Askew @ or (208) 278-3859. Consignments will close July 15, 2010.

Junior Advisor: Terry Watts and Judy Novak will take over the doeling program for junior members. Canyon County will be having a meat goat show, we don’t know how many entries, Payette County has 6 entries and Washington County has 14, no report on Malheur County. A discussion was held about setting up an information booth at the various fairs. It was decided it was a very good idea and we should work on putting it together.

Ryan Kish wants to set up field day with shows and seminars for adults and kids, sometime this summer at the Owyhee county fairgrounds in Homedale.

That’s all for this meeting. Hope everyone’s’ kidding is going well. We’ll see you all at the show in May.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 21 Nov 2009

A Parasite Control Seminar was given by Todd Gunderson, DMV of the University Of Idaho Caine Veterinary Teaching Center. Also attending and assisting with comments and answering questions was Dr. Wayne Ayers, also of the Caine Center. This was an excellent, informative and much needed presentation. Dr. Gunderson went over the types of worms, their life cycle and how to control exposure. He then went over types of wormers and when to use them. He emphasized that worming programs need to be implemented with the assistance of a licensed veterinarian as most wormers are not labeled for goats. He will put the power point presentation he used into a pdf format and email it to me and I will email it out to our members for their information and use. He emphasized that if your local vet can’t help you with your herd management problems to contact the Caine Center and the staff would do their best to assist you. He sympathized with us that goats are not very high up on most veterinary’s priorities. One of the most important things he stressed was having fecal samples analyzed, either a composite of your herd or of individual animals. The test at the Caine Center costs only $10.00 and should be done before worming and after to see how effective the wormer you are using is working in your herd.

Dr Ayers said he would be glad to put on a seminar about Johnes Disease and CL if we wanted to schedule it. We just need to decide when and where.

After the program, a short meeting was held. First item discussed were the notes from a meeting of the Mountain States Meat Goat Association taken by Evelyn Simon. I have attached those notes for your information. They would like to merge with us to have a larger marketing base. Further discussion was tabled until all members could read the notes.

We received a letter from Kim Hellums telling us that Canyon County is going to cut their market wether program unless they get $1000 by the first of the year to pay for it. After discussion, motion was made and seconded to give them up to $250. Motion was also made and seconded that we will donate a matching amount each year on a rotational basis to each county fair board that has a meat goat program. Members residing in each county were encouraged to make donations. I have attached a copy of Kim’s letter.

We received a flyer from DVAuctions regarding their fees and services. It will cost between $3000 and $4000 to have them video our auction for the internet next year. It was moved and seconded that we would go with this and consignors will be charged a $35 to $40 per head non refundable entry fee, $5 a head of which will be due at the time consignors sign up for the sale. Whether we have to charge a commission on top of this would depend on the final cost of the sale. We would still have to pay for the buildings at the fairgrounds and an auctioneer. It was decided that we would still allow 10 animals per consignor, 2 of which can be bucks. Sign up for consignors will begin immediately, with a limit of 125 animals. Papers of consigned animals and the balance of entry fees will be due by July 15, 2010. If you sign up for 10 animals and then find out you can’t bring that many, you need to let me know as soon as possible so we can let others get in on the sale. Consignors who have participated in our production sales since they started will be given priority. I will call DVAuction tomorrow and get our date confirmed. Right now it stands at Saturday, September 18, 2010 .

Next we discussed election of officers for next year. A motion was made and seconded that we would take nominations at the meeting, but would also accept them by email from members who are unable to attend the meetings. Ballots will then be sent out to all members, with stamped self addressed envelopes to vote for the nominees.

So, anyone wishing to nominate members for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and 2 board members please email me at within the next 10 days.

Nominations will be closed at that time and the executive committee, consisting of the current officers and board members, will verify the nominations and ballots will be sent out to all members to vote. Nominations made at the meeting were President – Wayne Gifford, Vice President – Dave Poe, Secretary/Treasurer – Clare Askew

Also, FYI the dates for the Boers De Mayo show next year will be May 1st & 2nd . There will also be a show put on by our Magic Valley members in Jerome, Idaho, June 26th & 27th. More information about both will be coming up, but keep those dates in mind.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 25 July 2009

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis & Carol Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Janene Jones and her mother, Dave Poe, Lindy Gifford, John Sargent, Toby Young, Gary & Clare Askew, Ryan Kish, and guests Larry & Cindy Boyd. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer’s report given and approved.

Old Business:

Reference the belt buckle for the Grand Champion wether at the Payette County Fair. It has been purchased by Dr Persnell, the veterinary who does our health certificates at the Sale. The SRMGA Association has been given credit for donating it in the Fair Premium book. Wayne will contact Dr. Persnell to find out how much it was.

Classified ads on the SRMGA website are up and running. Becky said she will do them for no charge as long as they are emailed to her in a format she can cut and paste to the site. These ads are to be used for specific animals or goat handling equipment, not for farm or ranch ads.

Sale Committee: Again it was emphasized that everyone will be responsible for getting their own animals to the staging area leading to the sale ring. Edgar, Dennis and Wayne are building a portable alley for staging animals waiting to enter the sales ring. There will be volunteers to assist in barn to keep track of lots and make sure everything moves smoothly. If anyone volunteering in the barn wants to go bid on an animal, arrangements will be made so they can do so. Toby Young and Dennis Hooper will coordinate the volunteers in the barn and staging area.

Terry Brown, who is doing the catalog this year, sent an email outlining the Terms and Conditions from the Exhibitors Edge sale that she, the Parkers and Leslie Bader-Robinson had earlier this year. They were read and it was agreed that they would be used for our sale except for the payment section. We will accept only checks or cash, no credit cards.. Also ABGA will no longer accept USBGA papers to transfer registration to ABGA. You can transfer the registration to IBGA and then transfer them to ABGA.

It was discussed and decided we need a different logo, not using the buck that’s in it now. We will have a contest for 4H and FFA members to design a new logo for the association. Janene will contact Gem County extension office and Wayne will contact Payette County to see if they want to participate.

Lindy Gifford is going to provide the food on Friday night the 11th for the consignor’s and workers. NancyJoy Craig is donating a PB doeling to raffle. Cheryl Sargent will be manning the raffle table. Contact her about any items you are donating, so the information can be listed in the catalog. Also ads are needed for the catalog. Business card ads are $10.00, quarter page ads are $25.00, half page ads are $50.00 and full page are $100.00. Everyone is encouraged to contact vendors and anyone else who might like to buy an ad. The ads can be emailed to Terry Brown at Some of the out of town consignors suggested that we charge them a larger commission as the local members do all the work organizing and setting up the sale. It was decided we have a box for donations to help pay for cleaning the pens and barns. We paid $200 to have it done after the show and it was money well spent. This would work rather than vary the commission from the out of town consignors .

We discussed having DV auction for next year. Will cost about $3000.00. It was decided that if at all possible we would have them come. Ryan Kish will be available for hauling. Arrangements will need to be made between him and the buyers about the cost. Evelyn Simon will be writing ads for sale. She already has it on Boar It will be going in all the local papers and in the Capitol Press. An ad will be put in Rural and Ranch Living and Meat Goat Monthly.

Show Committee: Eddy Holland judged the Caldwell fair and judged the filer show. Janene will talk to him about judging our show next spring.

Marketing Committee: Chairman Evelyn Simon was unable to attend due to other commitments. So nothing new in marketing. Except it was reported in Rural Ranch & Living that there is a slaughter plant in Greeley Colorado. That might be a possibility if we can get a load of goats together.

Youth Committee: Stormy will be turning back a fullblood doe for replacement of the doe she received. Stephanie Goertz, junior member in Weiser who received a doeling, has not shown the doe or gotten it bred so it was suggested that she be contacted about what she intends to do and if she doesn’t follow the contract, the doe should be taken back.

New Business:

Gary Custer is on hospice and the outlook is not good. There is nothing in the bylaws about what should be done when a officer is unable to serve. A committee will be set up to make additions or corrections to the Association Bylaws. We also need an amendment about the appointment of the board of directors and the length of their service. The Committee will be Wayne Gifford, Dennis Hooper, Ryan Kish, Dave Poe, and Clare Askew. Dave will gather other nonprofit bylaws and email copies to the other members of the committee. The committee will meet and make a list of suggestion of amendments to present to the rest of the membership for vote at the next meeting. The Board of directors will serve as interim vice president until regular election can be held.

Next was a discussion with ABGA representative Ryan Kish. He was asked to find out why the email newsletters from ABGA have stopped and if they would be started again. We encouraged him to let them know how valuable we thought they were. Ryan encouraged us to be involved in national committees. If anyone had any ideas for regulation on shows or enoblement program, forward them to him. ABGA is instituting further education for the judges to improve their judging so that there will be more consistency.

Meeting adjourned. Wayne & Lindy were thanked for their hospitality and good food.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 6 Jun 2009

Meeting attended by Carol & Dennis Hooper, Tom and Carol Blandford, Edgar Edmundson, Judy Novak, NancyJoy Craig, Wayne Gifford, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones, Norene Stromberg, and Toby Young. It was held at Cheryl and John Sargent’s home. She cooked a goat roast and several salads, vegetable tray, watermelon, cookies and brownies. It was a feast.

Meeting was called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Introductions were made. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived. Treasurer’s report was given. We have $3213.89 in the bank. We took in $3846.04 on the show and spent $4151.81, so we lost a little better than $900 on the show. Primary cause was probably the weather, lack of sponsorship of awards and not as much advertising in the catalog.

Show committee: Janene Jones received several email saying they enjoyed the show. Lynn Fowler brought up that she and Norene had to clean the bathroom with the shower before the show and light bulbs needed to be replaced. It was agreed that the fairgrounds maintenance man should have taken care of this. Although comments were made about the barns flooding and having to lead the animals out thru the mud, it was decided that we can’t do anything about the weather and changing the dates of the show would not guarantee Mother Nature would co-operate. General consensus is that the timing of show was good, even though the weather was bad and we couldn’t do anything about that. Moving the show to another fairgrounds was discussed, but expense wise Payette is the best deal. The new pens will be completely finished by the fall sale. Our thanks, to Janene Jones, Lynn Fowler and Norene Stromberg for all their work putting on a great show. Janene encouraged us to try and get more local breeders participation. Dennis recommended that letters should be written to ABGA about the appearance of lack of consistency in the judging.

Market Committee: Goats went high at Caldwell sale last week as there was a bidding war between a gentleman from California and Del Treasure and animals were bringing about twice as much as usual. We will try to find out when he is coming again so if we have animals to sell we can take them in. Gary Custer is selling out his herd due to health problems. Contact him if you have any interest. His email is and his phone number is (208) 733-9235. He has approximately 80 animals. Wayne has a 3 month black fullblood buck for sale. It was suggested we set up a classified section on the website for members. Charges to be determined by size of ad. We will contact Becky Gates who does our website about the feasibility of doing a classified page.

The local Payette County fair always gives belt buckle at the Payette County fair to all animals except goats. Wayne suggested the local members from Payette County only donate enough to provide the grand champion meat goat with a buckle. Buckle will cost $200 to $250. Depending on how many donate, that would determine how much each will have to give.

Sale Committee: Entries are due by July 15th. Pedigrees and pictures are due at the same time. Cheryl Sargent will handle raffle again. Members are encouraged to sell or buy ads for the catalog. Consignors names will be put on the sale flyer so potential buyers will know what animals are going to be available.

Owners will be responsible for getting their own animals from the barn to the sale ring. Entry forms will be emailed and mailed as soon as possible. Everyone was encouraged to get their paperwork in early so we can get the catalog out as soon as possible. We are going to mix the bucks and does, fullbloods and percentages all up this year so the folks wanting to buy bucks won’t have to wait until the end of the sale.

Meeting was adjourned and we all went to eat Cheryl’s marvelous food.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 7 Mar 2009

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Present were Dennis Hooper, Edgar Edmundson, Lynn Fowler, Norene Stromberg, Janene Jones, Judy Novak, Paula Timmons, NancyJo Craig, Evelyn Simon, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Custer and Clare Askew. Minutes read and approved. Treasurer's report given and approved.

Old business: Wether auction information reported by Dennis Hooper. He contacted Canyon County . They are going to use the same rules as Malheur County. There will be no minimum weight at weigh in and there will be different classes based on weight. They didn't know how many kids would need wethers. He said there didn't seem to be much interest in an auction, no way of telling how many kids would like to be involved. Breeders would need to have disbudded wethers available with January or earlier birth dates. Further discussion on a wether auction will be tabled at this time. Judy Novak is working with the Jerome County Fair Board Sales Committee to get a market goat program started there. Evelyn Simon said Gooding County is also starting a market goat program.

Marketing committee: Evelyn reported she has been selling to Butan refugees. They do not eat beef, so this is a potentially good market. They picked 100# wether, but mostly wanted bucks. The animals are butchered at a neighbors house who is a butcher. They pick carcass up there and pay the fees. Some took just the meat, some took hide and entrails. They paid $1.10 live weight.

Evelyn said she is going to talk to the Co-Op in Boise and see if there is a market for goat meat there.. Wethers selling 1.00 to 1.15 a pound in Caldwell at the Treasure Valley Livestock sale.. Del Treasure told Wayne he's expecting to pay $2 a pound this fall. The Stokes in Vale are paying .85# live weight for wethers and doelings, must weight 65# or better and will take up to 1 yr old. He likes grass or hay fed only with good animal welfare practices followed. On the website, prices average $15 retail. Also, thru Idaho Preferred, on March 1, booth space can be purchased and set up so local chefs come and talk to you about new menu items. Check that website for details if you are interested.

Robert Finck in San Diego contacted Wayne and he's wants 300 head horned boer or boer X for bush goats. He said he will pay $100 a head for animals up to 4 or 5 yrs old. He wants to buy from breeders, not a sales yard. Contact Wayne if you are interested and have animals available. If we have a load from more than one place, he would make a couple stops. Edgar said what we need is a goat broker.

I have attached 2 letters from Hannah Kirk about research she has done with buyers in Illinois and California. We should try to have some discussion at the show whether these are options we can take advantage of.

Librarian/Historical Committee: Judy Novak made a calendar using last years show pictures for a raffle item for the show.

Youth Committee: June Lee will no longer able to take care of the doeling project due to Bob's health. Karen Kennedy was asked if she would take over and she agreed. Edgar Edmundson made motion and Dennis Hooper seconded to appoint her. We have 3 does out at this time. We will need to check status. A suggestion was made to put posters up at show to let kids know about the doeling program and see if we can get more Junior members involved..

Show Committee: Janene advised she has not received any entries yet. We received Judge Julie Brown's arrival information and motel reservations have been made. Only changes on show classes were taking out composite classes and adding youth showman classes with $2 entry fee. Entries need to be in by April 17. They should be sent to Janene Jones, 3010 Star Ln, Emmett, ID 83617. Entry forms should be available on the website,, Payette High School metal shop class are rebuilding pens. The new pens will be made with metal gates and fronts with wooden sides. The materials are supposed to be ready to put up next week. We will notify association members to help set up pens when the material is ready. Straw for the show has been taken care of. It won't put in pens until animals are checked in. Wayne is going to check with Sheriff's office to see if we can get inmates to clean up the barns after the show. He will also check to see if they will help put the pens together. It was decided to do a potluck on May 1, Friday night for exhibitors and association members helping with set up and check in. We will have Idaho Pizza in Fruitland to deliver pizzas on Saturday night to feed exhibitors and members. As Gary Custer is ill, Janene will do the Show catalog. Prizes this year will include duffel bags, backpacks, totes, 3 ring padfolios, briefcases, travel kits, folding chairs with coolers, fleece blankets, aprons,, water bottles, and photo album all with SRMGA logo on them. Individual class awards to be given to winners after judge gets done talking about their animals and when pictures are being taken. This will help the exhibitor trying to lead their animal out of the ring.

Sale Committee: We will order at least 150 tags to be used on cord around animals necks to show lot numbers for the production sale. It was decided to do an ad in ABGA for sale. The date of the sale this year is Saturday September 12. If you have consigned animals to the sale, deadline for entry forms to be returned is July 15th so that the catalog will be done at least 45 days before the sale. Copies of the entry form and registration papers will need to be sent to Clara Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655 by that date.

Lynn Fowler brought a catalog for members to pick out the type of shirt they would like to have with the association logo printed on it. The association will pay for the set up and silk screening and members will pay for the shirts. That way they can pick whatever style shirt they would like to have. Shirt prices are from $20 to $30 depending on the style. Embroidery logos are more expensive. If members want jackets, check with Lynn for prices. Company supplying items are For Your Name On This , Theresa Medcoff in Emmett. It was decided to have some polo shirts for sale at show and put one in the raffle.

Meeting was adjourned to eat all the marvelous food that Judy provided. There will not be another meeting until after the show.

See you all there,

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 6 Dec 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasury Report given, $4223.24 in the bank account.

Old Business: Wayne and Clare met with the Fair Board last month. They are moving ahead with plans to replace the pens in the sheep barns. The old pens have been removed and the new ones will be started by 1/1/09. They will be made out of metal bars and will be 4’ high, not sure what the length and width will be yet. The Goat Superintendent for the Payette County Fair will not change as far as we know. The weight guidelines will change to 50 # at weigh in, and 80# at fair time. Canyon County Fair will have market wethers this year. They will follow the same guidelines as the Malheur County Fair. with no weigh in weight limit and they will have weight categories.

Lynn Fowler will get prices for T-shirts, hats and vests for association members. Judy Novak made motion for design of logo to be a Boer goat head with SRMGA around it, either embroidery or screen printing.

Wether Lottery – It won’t be with the show this year, that is really too late for most animals to make weight by fair weigh in. Carol Blandford and Dennis Hooper will get a list of 4 H clubs and see how many kids would be interested. Children wishing to participate would have to apply before the lottery so the association would know how many wethers we would need. Members will report at next meeting how many animals they will have available. The lottery would need to be in the first part of April.

Show Committee – Show Superintendent Janene Jones advised judges have been contacted for the Boers de Mayo show May 2nd & 3rd. They will be Julie Brown from Florida and Robert Washington from Texas. They will charge us $250 plus airfare and motel room. Entry fees will be same as last year. The awards will be different items, tote bags, waterbottles, etc with SRMGA logo, date and name of show on them. All entries should be sent to Janene and she will forward the info on to Gary Custer, who will do the catalog. Everyone is encouraged to get ads and award sponsorships for the catalog. ABGA is cutting back on their sponsorship participation. They will still supply ribbons, but not sure whether they will still give money. High Desert Feed will have a booth to promote their new goat feed products.

Marketing Committee – Rob & Michelle Stokes in Vale are buying doelings and wethers. Weight needs to be no less than 65# and no more than 100#. The animals need to still have their milk teeth. They are paying .85 per pound. Del Treasure is still paying .85 to .90 a pound. Local producers would need to kid at the same time of year to take maximum advantage of sales. Mountain States Meat Goat Assoc. is shipping 200 to 300 per month to Illinois and getting $1.40 per pound hanging weight with the heads on. It was decided to contact Rob Stokes and see if he would come and talk to the association about what he needs as a buyer.

Youth Committee – June Lee was not attending as Bob is recovering from surgery and Don Sperry is still in the nursing home. Our best wishes go out to both of them. Junior Member Stormy Slate reported that the doe that she got through the doeling program is due in the spring, but the doe she got from Red Crown at the sale had quads, 3 bucks and a doe, all are doing well. Also, a percentage doe that she got last year at the sale had twins and another doe she bought from Red Head Boers, had twins, a buck and a doe. Her herd has increased by leaps and bounds. She was congratulated for doing such a fine job.

Librarian/Historian – Judy Novak advised the scrapbook was in the works. She has a new CD on hoof trimming. It was discussed to have Ben Childers do a seminar on hoof trimming for the association next time he’s in the area.

Sale Committee – We have 124 animals consigned at this time. So consignments are now closed. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some changes. If some of the sellers don’t use all the lots they have asked for, the slots will be made available for other sellers.

Edgar Edmundson, Dennis Hooper, Toby Young, Gary Askew and Wayne will set up a work day to build the portable alley for moving the animals from the barns to the sales arena.

New Business: Motion was made and seconded to buy a laptop and printer on which to keep all the association records.

Also discussed contacting Becky Gates about updating the website with information about the 2009 show and sale, Clare Askew will take care of notifying her.

Election of officers was held and they will remain the same. President Wayne Gifford, Vice President Gary Custer, Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew, Librarian/Historian Judy Novak.

It was brought to our attention that all the owners of champion market animals at the Payette County Fair get belt buckles. It was decided that goat producers in the area will take up a collection and purchase a buckle for the owner of champion market meat goat. We also discussed possibly supplying trophies or belt buckles for the other fairs for the champion market wether.

Meeting was adjourned.


195 Glen Loop, Jerome, ID 83338. I will get directions out when I send a reminder to everyone for the meeting.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 4 Oct 2008

Minutes of SRMGA Meeting October 4, 2008

Meeting called to order by Vice President Gary Custer.  President Wayne Gifford was unable to attend as he is recuperating from back surgery.  Treasurer’s Report given, we have $3250.18 in our checking account and the bills from the sale have all been paid.  A report on the Production sale was read.

Old Business:

Production Sale:  A discussion was held to go on the suggestions made to improve the sale.

  1. Moving animals from the barn to the sale ring.  In a letter to the association, Lindy Gifford suggested that consignors bring their own animals to the ring.  We would continue to set up an alley for animals going to and leaving the sale ring, but the owners would move them from their pens and through the alley.  This would eliminate the sale workers having to search in 2 different barns for the next lot number and then trying to remember which pen to return that animal to.  It would also cut down on the possibility of the animal or the barn workers being injured.  It was also suggested the association build an portable alley that could be set up for each sale with swinging gates separating the staging areas.  It could be stored at one of our member’s places between sales. The pens in the sheep barns also cause a problem with getting animals to and from the sales ring.  The gates are very difficult to handle.  The next Fair Board meeting is October 21st at 7 pm and Wayne Gifford and Clare Askew will attend and try to persuade them to authorize the building of new pens.  We would like them to be designed like the ones in the Goat Barn.  Further discussion about the pens was tabled until after the Fair Board meeting.  It was decided to change the order of sale mixing younger and older, does and bucks during the sale for more variety.  The sale will be started at 10:30 next year and breaks will be taken with drawing for raffle items during the breaks.
  2. The flyer advertising the sale will be revised to show contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and the website address.
  3. The catalog will be out at least a month before the sale.  The sale will be limited to 125 animals.  Consigners are to notify the Sale Secretary in writing (either email or postal service) of the number of animals they will be bringing by June 15, 2009.  Consignments will be taken until the 125 animal quota has been met.  At that time notification will be sent out that we will no longer accept any more consignments.  The number of animals per consignor will be the same as this year.  Ten animals, 2 of which can be bucks.  No changes in consignments will be allowed after July 15, 2009.  Consignors will be allowed to scratch animals, but no substitutions can be made after that date.  The deadline for entries will be July 15.  The entries will be sent only to the Sale Secretary.  She will log them in and acknowledge their receipt.  If copies of the registration papers are not available, the consignor will supply the sire, dam, grand sire and grand dam’s name and registration numbers so a pedigree can be shown in the catalog.  It is not the association’s responsibility to research this information for the consignor.  If the consignor wants a pedigree in the catalog, they must supply the needed information.
  4. We will buy numbered tags with nylon cord to go around the animal’s necks to display the lot numbers.
  5. Tattoos must be readable. This will be the seller’s responsibility and no exceptions will be allowed.  If the tattoo is not readable, the animal will either not be sold or sold as commercial.  This requirement will be on the entry form so all consignors will be able to read it and sign the form acknowledging they know the rules.  Also, all registration papers will have to be signed before they are turned in to the Sale Clerk.
  6. When animals are brought in for the sale, they will be unloaded in a designated area by the sales workers.  They will be checking tattoos, registration papers and general health of the animal.  Consignors will not be allowed to unload their animals without sales workers present.  Animals must be fed and watered before the consignor leaves the area.
  7. It was decided that the commission charged this year was too low.  Motion was made and seconded to charge 10% next year.

Other Old Business:

The motion to have 2 shows and a sale in May was rescinded.  Motion was made and seconded; we will have a show on May 2 and a show on May 3.  It will be the same as last year with private pen sales allowed.  Janene Jones has agreed to be Show Superintendent again next year.  She will start contacting possible judges.  So, start thinking about what you are going to enter into the shows.

Discussion of the wether auction in April was tabled for a later date.

New Business:

Ryan Kish is the new ABGA representative for our area.  He brought up that a new law requiring the Country of Origin on all animals sold for meat has passed.  The state scrapies premise number should suffice to provide this information.

Cheryl Sargent suggested we get T shirts or vests or baseball caps with our association name on them for the members.  She is going to check on prices, so be thinking of what you want, how many and sizes.

The next meeting will be December 6, at 1 pm at Wayne and Lindy Giffords, weather permitting.  Directions: Taken Exit 3 of I-84, go north off the freeway to the first corner, Hwy 30 (right after the Shell Station) and turn east, go approximately 2 miles.  Their place is on the north side of the road, 3300 Hwy 30 W.  Big white house with goats in the pastures all around it.

Hope to see you all there.  We will have election of new officers.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for September 22, 2008

Well, again we survived another production sale.  We want to thank all the members, consigners and buyers who made this sale a success.  We had fewer out of town buyers this year, which we can attribute to the economy (do we have one?) and high gas prices.  Also, the price of feed certainly affected the amount of animals sold and bought.  But, all in all, it was a good sale.

We grossed $29,835.00.  Expenses were $1937.62, which were less than last year so the commission charged was 2% less.  This helped compensate for the lower prices, not much, but a little.  The final count sold was 107 single lots and 10 lots of 24 commercial animals.  So, our average selling price per animal was about the same as last year.

The raffle took in $576.00, so it was a great success.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the individuals and businesses that made donations.

Some suggestions have been made about how we could improve the sale next year.  I have listed them below, think them over and we’ll decide at the next meeting if we want to implement them or not.

  1. Revise the flyer to list some of our consigners and bloodline of animals to be sold. Also, if possible, some pictures of animals previously sold.  Also, have phone numbers and email addresses of contact members and have the website address listed noting that a printable catalog is located there.
  2. Get the catalog out earlier, at least a month before the sale.  If this requires setting the deadline for entries earlier, make that adjustment.  Come up with a way to have the sellers proof read their consignments before catalog is printed and submitted to the website.  This could be done by email for the most part.  No substitutions after 7 days before the sale.  Sellers will be allowed to scratch their animals, but not substitute.
  3. In the barns, put the lot numbers in order in the pens, as lots 1 thru 10 are in the first pens and so on. Then the folks working in the barns will not have to search for the next lot number somewhere in the pens of two barns.  This could be accomplished by having each consigner get consecutive lot numbers and alternating with a large producer then a small producer in sales order.  That way each consigner would have their animals in one area.  Also, it was suggested to mix the sales order up, selling the bucks and does and various ages in a random order.  This is the way the large internet sales are done and their prices seem to be more consistent.
  4. Buy the numbered tags for the lot numbers to be put on chain or cord around the animals necks.  This will eliminate using duct tape or painting the numbers on the backs of the goats.
  5. Tattoos must be readable.  This is the seller’s responsibility and no exceptions, if they’re not legible, the animals will either not be sold or sold as commercial.
  6. Build staging alleys in panel segments with swinging gates separating each section that can be dismantled and stored after each sale.
  7. Work with the Fair board to assist getting new pens for the sheep barns, hopefully like the ones in the goat barn which are sturdy and easy to get in and out of and to clean.
  8. Have consigners straw their own pens, have straw located by or in the pens so all they have to do is spread it.  We wasted straw the last 2 years on pens that were not used.
  9. On the raffle, write down the beginning and ending numbers of the tickets sold so that the proceeds can be balanced and we can determine how many tickets are sold for the donated doeling.
  10. Make sure consigners sign all the registration papers for the animals they are selling before they are checked in and the papers are turned over to the clerks.

I’m sure there are other suggestions and comments which will need to be discussed.  So to get your input heard, come to the next meeting on October 4, 2008 at 1 pm at the Askew Foxtail Farm.  If you’re coming by I-84 westbound, take Exit 13, turn right(east) off the freeway exit and then left(north) on Sand Hollow Rd.  Go approximately 7 miles (you’ll go thru a flashing red light at 4 corners, our road is a mile north of it) to SE 1st Avenue.  This is just before you come to an overpass over the railroad tracks.  If you go over the tracks and the river, you’ve gone too far.  Anyway, turn left (west) on SE 1st and go approximately ½ mile to 5180.  You should be able to see the goats in the pasture, just before the driveway.  We’re on the north side of the road, white with black trim house back a little ways off the road.  There are 4 large spruce trees by the driveway.  Phone number is 278-3859 if you get lost.  We welcome everyone to come and help decide what we will and won’t do next year. If you are unable to attend, please drop me a note or email about what you think of the above suggestions and anymore you can come up with so they can be discussed.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the sale this year.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 16 Aug 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. We would like to thank Evelyn Simon & Joe Bennett for hosting the meeting at their farm in Hagerman. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. We have $6123.53 in the bank. We have received $3450 for entries, pictures and ads for the fall sale.

Old Business:

Sale Committee: From 26 consignors, we have 58 fullblood does, 29 fullblood bucks, 34 purebred does, 4 purebred bucks, 19 percentage does and 12 pens of commercial which includes 30 does and 3 bucks coming to the sale on September 13 at 12 noon. The catalog and the website should be completed by the first of September.

There are still approximately 100 bales of straw at the fairgrounds. Wayne will check and see if we can buy it so we don’t have to bring straw in for the sale. Straw will be supplied for the consigners by the association. Brand paint will be used to put the lot numbers on the animals.

Check in for the sale will be from 2 pm Friday September 12 until 9 am Saturday September 13th. A potluck will be held Friday evening from 6 pm until the last arrival to provide a meal for the consigners and workers at the fairgrounds. Lindy Gifford will prepare goat meat and other association members will bring side dishes. Paper plates and utensils will be provided.
Joe Bennett will auctioneer again this year. Clare will clerk with lots of help from Karen Kennedy, Carol Blandford, Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler. Cheryl Sargent will take care of the raffle with help from Becky Gates. Members are requested to gather donations for the raffle table. We will have a set up day sometime during the week before the sale, all local members will be needed to help set up the pens and alleys.

The VFW will have their booth open for breakfast and lunch Saturday the 13th.

Ads for the sale have been put in the Capital Press, Rural and Ranch Living, Meat Goat Rancher, Boer, and Idaho Press Tribune.

NancyJoy Craig, Spotted Dog Ranch, will donate a purebred doeling to the raffle. Anyone else who wants to donate is encouraged to do so.

Gary Custer suggested we ask Ryan Kish to do the color announcing for the sale. Pictures will be taken of the high selling doe and buck and thank you ads will be done after the sale featuring these animals. June will update the banner with sale info for background for the pictures.

The Junior members who received donated does will show their animals at 10:30 on sale day. Ryan Kish will be asked to judge them. A WSI gift certificate will be given to the winner.
For next year’s sale, consignors will again be limited to 10 animals, 2 of which can be bucks. Commercial pens will count as one lot. We will need written confirmation from consignors by June 15th 2009 for the Fall sale. We will try to limit the sale to 125 animals. A motion was made and seconded to have 2 shows and sale in May. This would encourage exhibitors and consignors to attend as it would provide an opportunity to earn more points and exposure for their animals without having the extra expense of traveling to several shows. There would be a morning show and an afternoon show on Saturday and a sale on Sunday. Again the sale would be limited to 125 animals. Deadline for consignments would be the same as for show entries. That deadline will be determined at the next meeting. Evelyn Simon will make up a flyer to pass out at this sale to determine interest for next year. A show and/or sale in Filer was discussed and tabled for further discussion later.

Youth Committee: Tailer-Logen Mackay’s application was approved for a donation doeling. The doe that her sister Ryley got had twins, a buck and doe, so Tailer will get the doeling. This solves the problem of trying to get it away from Ryley. It will stay in the family. Stephanie Goertz didn’t show in confirmation at the Washington County Fair, so she will need to show her doe at the sale on September 13th. The Association did addons to the price of the market wethers of Tristan Thornton and Stormy Slate, two of our Junior Members who showed their animals at the Gem and Payette County fairs. Wethers purchased from our members won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion at the local fairs. Tristan Thornton got Grand Champion at the Gem County Fair. Congratulations to both the exhibitors and the breeders of these animals.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer Diseco has not been able to come to our area to buy goats and she doesn’t know when or if she will be able to come with the price of gas and all. Del Treasurer, out of Caldwell, is paying $.85 to $.90 a pound at this time. Evelyn Simon shared a booth with a lamb producer at the Boise Farmer’s Market to sell her meat. With the booth fee, scale, licenses and permits needed it will be hard to show a profit without making the long term commitment to be there every week. There was good interest however. She had samples, recipes and handouts about chevon.
Librarian/Historian: The scrapbook is set up and has lots of great photos of our activities and shows. The library is organized and contains videos, and books about goat medicine, AI info, showing and fitting. If anyone has any books or pamphlets to donate, please contact Judy Novak. You can either check out items at the meetings and return them at the next meeting or request an item and it will be mailed to you at the association’s expense and you can return the item by mail also.

There will be no meeting between now and the Production Sale. Members will be notified when the set up date is determined. We would like to thank all the members in advance for their hard work and participation. It should be a great sale.

Clare Askew

Meeting Minutes for 21 Jun 2008

Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved. Our bank balance is $2961.54. We received $450.00 from ABGA for our show.

Old Business:

Show Committee: A suggestion was made to provide a meal on Friday night before the show for exhibitors. We can’t charge for it, but we could ask for donations. There are no close restaurants around for the late arrivals. Motion was made and seconded that we have a separate committee to obtain ads for the catalog and sponsorships for awards for next year. Gary Custer suggested we have a show in Filer, Idaho in June of next year in addition to the show in May in New Plymouth. Further discussion will wait until after the Production Sale in September.

Youth Committee: Riley McKay’s doe had twins, buck and doe. So we will have a doeling to donate back to the program. (If we can get it away from her. She thinks it’s pretty special) The question was then brought up that if the doelings were not needed for the program or were not acceptable for the program, would the participants be allowed to keep them. Motion was made and seconded that this be allowed, but if in the future a doeling was needed, the second year’s doeling would be returned to the program. The Junior members participating will be asked to exhibit their animals at a show before the sale in September.

Karen Kennedy reported that she contacted the Western Idaho Fair, Canyon County Fair and Owyhee County Fair about how they are handling the Market Goat sales for their 4H and FFA exhibitors. Western Idaho doesn’t have a meat goat sale and doesn’t seem interested. Canyon County has no initial weight requirements, but they must keep records showing a gain of 1/3# per day. Owyhee County also has no weight requirements but the animals should weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. This is their first year of having a market goat sale and they would welcome any help from our association. Gem County wants initial max of 65#, no minimum, but must weigh 80 to 100# at fair time. Payette County must be under 40# at weight in and over 70# by fair time. Washington and Malheur counties have no weight requirements. The animals need to be born after January 1st of the year they’re shown and should be owned by the exhibitor for 70 days. Any association members residing in these counties are encouraged to contact the fair superintendents to help in any way we can. These kids are our future customers.

Market Committee: Linda Cofer-Disecio (not sure if that’s spelled right) is reportedly coming thru our area and will be buying cull does and bucks. She wants them fleshy, not skinny or fat and she will pay $.90 a pound. They must be Boer or boer x not dairy goats. She will also take 40 to 70# wethers for $1.10 a pound. She picks them up herself, but if we could get them to a central location, that would help. She buys them for market in the Seattle area. When we know exactly when she is coming, we will notify the membership so that anyone who has animals to sell can get them to her.

The shipment that went to Chicago from Utah got $2.40 a pound hanging weight. They were charged only actual shipping costs by the hauler. It wasn’t known what the shrinkage was on the animals for the trip.

Sales Committee: We have approximately 120 animals coming to the sale, per the responses from members by the June 15th deadline. With the economy and gas prices the way they are, it was discussed that we limit the number of animals to what we have so far. A motion was made and seconded and approved by voice vote that we would not take any more animals. Entry forms will be included with the mailing of these minutes to the consignors who notified us by June 15th that they are bringing animals.

Those consignors wanting pictures in the catalog, the charge will be $10 per picture, non refundable. The pictures will be in black & white this year. Please include the picture and the fee with your entry form when you send it in. Deadline for returning the entry form is July 15, 2008. They can be sent either to Gary Custer, 438 Hiway 74, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 or Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, Idaho 83655. Please send copies of registration papers or application of registration along with your entries. The original papers must be provided to the sales clerk and will be sent to the buyers after their checks have cleared the bank.

A vet will be available to provide health certificates on animals for out of state buyers as needed. The charge is either $10.00 per animal or $25.00 per load.

We will not accept credit cards for payment, but we can set up a PayPal account thru Wayne Gifford if needed.

New Business: The Payette County Fair has more goats entered than they have pens. Twenty more pens are needed and they have ask us to help them out. A motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote that we would do as much as we could to assist them. Dave Poe has 12 portable kidding pens that can be used so we will only have to build 8 more. The extra pens would be set up in the Dairy barn as those exhibits are not using their entire barn. The Fairboard will be taking bids for new pens in the sheep barns. Dennis Hooper’s nephew Jeremy is a metal worker and is going to construct a demo pen to present to the board along with an estimate to bid for the job. It was decided in executive session and voted on by the board members present to front him the money for materials to build the pen. If he gets the bid, he will pay the association back. If he doesn’t get the bid, the association will get the pen. We can either use if for our show and sale or raffle it off. The materials cost $539.00.

The next meeting will be AUGUST 16, 2008 at 1 pm at Evelyn Simon’s farm in Hagerman Idaho. Contact Evelyn @ for directions if you are planning on attending.

Clare Askew


Meeting held at John and Cheryl Sargent’s, on 3625 NW 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID. Meeting called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Reading of minutes of last meeting waived. Treasurer’s report, Bank balance $2901.54. Boers de Mayo show income and expenses as follows:

Entries - $1871.00
Pens - 505.00
Comp Classes 180.00
Total $2556.00

Wether Pens - 70.00
Sales Pens - 100.00
Ads/Sponsor - 725.00
Total 895.00

Total $3451.00


Insurance $300.00
Fairgrounds 525.00
Awards 500.00
General Expenses 554.14
Judges 1600.00
Total 3479.14

Net Loss -$28.14

Raffle $374.00

Grand Total $345.86

We should also receive $450.00 from the American Boer Goat Association when they receive the results of the show.

Sale Committee Report: The poster for the September 13 sale is on the SRMGA website. Current members will be allowed first consignment to the sale. After we see how many animals are consigned by members, we will then open the sale for outside consignments. We will need written response by the 15th of June by members on how many animals they are planning to bring to the sale. This year the numbers will be limited to 10 animals per consigner, 2 of which may be bucks. Commercial pens are limited to 5 animals with each pen counting as one of the 10 entries. If we have more than 150 animals consigned, we may decide to have a two days sale, with fullbloods/purebreds selling Saturday, the 13th and percentages/commercial selling Sunday, the 14th. Please contact Clare Askew @ or Gary Custer @ about how many animals you are planning to assign and whether they are fullblood, purebred, percentage, or commercial. If you don’t have email, mail the information to Clare Askew, 5180 SE 1st Avenue, New Plymouth, ID 83655. We need this information by 6/15/08 in order to decide if we will have a 2 day sale or not.

Youth Committee Report: Of the does donated this year, Stormy Slate’s had a single buck and Riley Ann McKay’s is due in June. We don’t have anymore youth applications to participate at this time, but should we get interested youths, we will need doelings donated. They must be registered, at least 88%, tattooed and disbudded. Contact June Lee if you want to donate. For youths wishing to participate, they must be a member of the association, complete an application, have a home inspection visit, be approved and then they will receive their animal. The doelings will be awarded at the sale.

Librarian/Historian Report: Pictures from the show are available. Contact Wayne Gifford for copies. Fred Homeyer left pamphlets and other information to be added to the items available from the library. There was also information about Colorado, Louisana and Texas goat 4H programs. He also sent Wayne an email congratulating us on our first show and how well organized he thought it was. He also said the animals entered could do well in any show in the country. He said he enjoyed coming and would be glad to judge for us anytime in the future.

Show Committee Report: Motion was made and seconded to make Fred Homeyer an honorary member of the association. A thank you card and much praise and gratitude were given to Janene Jones and Lynn Fowler for the great job they did organizing the show. Everyone who participated expressed interest in returning next year. Some suggestions for next year were to have a staging area for exhibitors who had animals in consecutive classes, also, to announce the winners of each class at the end of the class. Dennis Hooper will check with the panel manufacturer in New Plymouth about how much panels for pens would cost for the sale and show next year. He’ll check with Western Idaho Fair about info on the panels they use in their goat barn. Also, the Payette County Fair Board is still talking about replacing the pens in the sheep barns before fair time, which would be before our sale. We volunteered to help set them up if needed.

It was decided to separate the Wether Lottery from the Show. We will set up a day sometime in April for the lottery and combine it with a fitting and showing demonstration. Clare Askew and Karen Kennedy will contact the county extension offices and 4H leaders about the requirements for each fair for entries. It was suggested that a catalog with pictures and breeding be done.

There was a discussion on goat parasites and worming methods. June Lee said she has been using diatomaceous earth from the plant on Bully creek road in Vale. It’s free. She mixes it with molasses or with grain with molasses and her goats are doing very well on it and it kills all parasites. Carol Blandford also said there is good information on the Pennsylvania University website about parasite control.

The next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on June 21st at 1 pm. Members are encouraged to contact one another to carpool.

See you there,

Clare Askew
There are no Classified Ads as my scanner quit communicating with my computer and no amount of slapping around got them talking. Money for the ads will be returned at the next meeting


Meeting Called to order by President Wayne Gifford. Introductions were made. Minutes from last meeting and Treasurer’s report were read and approved. The Association has $2291.24 in the bank.

Old Business: Report from Marketing Committee by Evelyn Simon. There was a seminar in Montana the same day as our meeting regarding the marketing of meat goats. The speakers were Frank Pinkerton and a Muslin meat packer who has a meat plant in Illinois. The plant currently butchers over 28,000 goats a year and would like to get up to 35,000. He pays $2.35 a pound for hanging weight of 40 to 70#. The problems of getting enough animals for a load and weight shrinkage during shipping were discussed. It’s really not practical to ship from here to Illinois. Evelyn is going to see if having a seminar for this area would be advantageous. She is also going to check to see if there are any plants closer to us. There is possibly one in Hermiston and also in the Seattle area. Northwest Premium in Nampa butchers for $80 per head and this is cut and wrapped and marked USDA. Eighty to one hundred pound animals dress out about 50%. This would work if the meat was for home consumption or you have a buyer for the meat.

There are matching grants available from the Department of Agriculture for marketing farm products; however the deadline to apply is March 31, 2008. Evelyn has written some grants so she will see if this is something that would be workable. Anyone interested contact either Wayne or Evelyn.

Report from Sale Committee Chairman, Gary Custer. Joe Bennett will auctioneer for us again this year. Members whose dues are paid prior to the sale will have their entries accepted first. The possibility of a 2 day sale was discussed but nothing was decided at this time.

Report from the Youth Committee was given by June Lee. Three doelings have been donated. They have gone to Stormy Slate of New Plymouth, Stelphanie Gurtz, Weiser & Riley Ann Mckay, Weiser. The next applications will be accepted in the fall and the doelings will be awarded after the sale. A reminder, the donated animals need to be disbudded.

Report from the Show Committee by Janene Jones. We have not received any entries yet. The awards are done and were displayed at the meeting. ABGA supplies the ribbons and they will be awarded for 1st thru 5th. Anyone wishing to sponsor an award, contact Janene. The flyer is on the website and the entry form will be there shortly. Animals can be shown with either collars or halters. Scrapie tags are required unless the herd tattoo is registered with the state. If you are donating a raffle item, Janene needs to know by April 18 to go in the catalog. It was decided to keep track of the number of tickets for each item so we will know how much each item brings in. Janene urged everyone to get their entries in so there would not be a rush on April 18th.

Judy Novak has started an association scrapbook and took donations of books, magazines and videos. These items are now available to be checked out to anyone interested.

June Lee has completed the show banner and it is gorgeous. It will display the award winning goats beautifully.

The next association meeting will be April 5, 2008 at noon at Ryan Kish’s home. There will also be a demonstration on how to clip goats for showing. Ryan will clip one of his animals and will supply animals to anyone else who would like to practice. This meeting will be a potluck. Members are encouraged to bring finger food and their own beverages. Paper plates and napkins will be supplied by the association. Directions to Ryan’s farm are as follows. Take the Highway 55 exit to Marsing from I-84. Coming from the east, it is the 4rd Nampa exit, go left off the exit. Coming from the west it is the 1st Nampa Exit, and you’ll go right off the exit Follow the road thru the 1st light as it curves to the right. You are now on Highway 55. Stay on it all the way to Marsing, it curves a couple of times, just stay with it. When you get to Marsing, turn right on “Old Bruneau Highway”. This is the second street after you cross the river. If you turn on the first street, you’ll end up at the Sand Bar Restaurant, a good place to eat, but not where you want to be. Anyway, stay on the Old Bruneau Highway, going north until it turns and you have to go to the left (west). Go about ½ mile west and his driveway is on the left. We’ll have a sign to show you where to turn. His address is 5154 Old Bruneau Highway. Telephone numbers in case you get lost are: Clare Askew 250-9518, Wayne Gifford 871-0468, and Ryan 794-0865. Should be a fun and educational meeting. See you there.

Clare Askew


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Introductions of members attending meeting were done.  Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report were read and approved.  We have $2027.57 in the bank.

Old Business:

Report from Show Committee Chairman, Janene Jones.  The two day show will be held May 3 & 4 and will be called The Boers of Mayo.  The awards will be ribbons and etched glass and mirrors for Reserve and Grand Champion. There will be 52 awards costing $500.00 with a one time charge for set up fee of $250.00 plus a half page ad in program for the engraver.  Members were encouraged to sponsor awards and to contact commercial vendors for sponsors.

Judges of Dr. Fred Homeyer for Saturday and Beverly Hadley for Sunday were voted on and approved.  Their charges are $800 for transportation, lodging and judging.  Dr. Homeyer will also give a clinic Saturday after the show.

Lynn Fowler will be the ring helper.  Evelyn Simon will supply the PA system and will check if Joe is free to be the announcer.  Dennis Hooper and Ryan Kish will do the health and tattoo check when animals are unloaded.  No microchip reader will be available.  Exhibitors will have to supply their own if their animals are identified in that manner.  Linda Hernandez and June Lee will take care of the hospitality table with coffee, hot water for cocoa and tea, water and snacks.  Donations will be accepted to pay for these.  Judy Novak will be our photographer.  Charlie Jones, Janene’s dad, will manage the information table and the raffle.  Members are encouraged to donate items and contact vendors to donate items for the raffle.

Don Sperry suggested a clinic for showing by Ryan before the show   Anyone wishing to participate could bring a tame animal to Ryan’s on the day of the clinic.  A date was discussed but not decided on.  It will be set up at the next meeting.

June Lee and Linda Hernandez will make a 6’x3’ banner for our events.

Report from Sale Committee Chairman, Wayne Gifford.  Changes suggested for next sale will be that health certificates will be the responsibility of the buyer and a veterinary will be available to provide one if needed.  Each consigner will be allowed to submit 10 animals, 2 of which may be bucks.  More will be accepted if consignments are low.  Maximum animals for sale will be 135 with each commercial lot counting as one animal.  These changes were voted on and accepted.  Fees and commission will be handled the sale as the 2007 sale with the entry fee of $20 being refunded and the commission being between 7 and 10 percent.  The date of the 2008 sale will be September 13, 2008.  It will be held at the Payette County Fairgrounds  in New Plymouth, Idaho starting at 12 noon.

Gary Custer thanked and complimented everyone for their hard work on the sale.  We have gotten a lot of compliments on our sale from both consigners and buyers.

Report from Youth Committee Chairman, June Lee.  There are 4 youngsters interested in participating in the doeling project.  Two doelings have been donated, two more are needed.  Anyone wishing to donate an animal, contact June in January. Percentage doelings of 88% or more will be accepted. Another person is needed to do inspections of the care sites for the animals.  The juniors participating must be 8 to 18 years of age and in FFA or 4H.  They will be required to keep a notebook on the care and feeding program for the animal they receive.

Report from Marketing Committee Chairman, Evelyn Simon.  Wethers are selling for around $1.15 at this time.  There is a USDA slaughter house in Nampa and Gem Meat Packing in Garden City that will butcher and cut and wrap goats.  Suggestions were make to contact Farmer’s Markets and ethnic grocery stores to sell packaged meat.

New Business:

Election of officers for 2008.

Wayne Gifford was elected President, Gary Custer was elected Vice President and Clare Askew was re-elected to Secretary/Treasurer.

A motion was made and approved to have a new position of Librarian/Historian.  Judy Novak was elected.  Anyone having items to donate to the library to be checked out by other members, please bring them to the next meeting for Judy.

Members were reminded that small ads could be put in the newsletter.  The cost is $5.00 per newsletter.

The room at the Hampton Inn ended up costing $111.00.  $70.00 was raised in donations to pay for it.

Our next meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Mountain Home on February 9, 2008 at 1 pm.  The Best Western is located off the 2nd Mountain Home exit, on the north side of the freeway.  It is next to the Chevron Station.  Contact Wayne Gifford about carpooling from the west end of the valley.

REMINDER:  To any member who paid their association dues before September 2007, your 2008 dues now need to be paid.  Those dues are $20.00.  Anyone who paid after September 2007, those dues are $14.00.

Thanks and see you all at the next meeting.

Clare Askew


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Treasurer's Report given by Sec/Treasurer Clare Askew.  After the show and all expenses, we have $1980.00 in the bank.  That includes profit from show and raffle. 


Old Business:  Emails and survey sheets regarding the sale were passed around to the members at the meeting.  Most of the feedback was positive.  Suggestions from buyers were made about limiting the number of animal from any one breeder and having birth and weaning weights at least for the bucks sold.  It was also suggested we serve goat meat at the next sale.  We can do so, but we can�t charge for it unless we pay a $125 vendor fee.  But, we could give it away and ask for donations.  The fact that the restrooms are so far from the sales pen was brought up and it was suggested we look into renting port-a-potties or using the sheep barns and the south arena for the show.  Also it was suggested we have a hospitality table with coffee and hot water for hot chocolate and tea and some snacks.  We can have a donation jar for anyone who wants to donate for the goodies. The 4-H club that served food at the sale didn�t sell as much as they expected, so have frozen hamburger patties available for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing some of the patties, contact Wayne Gifford.  It was also suggested we have an information table with info about the meat goat industry.  Don Sperry and June Lee will look into purchasing panels so the club will have its own and not have to borrow them or improvise for pens next year.  We need pens that are easy to get in and out of if we are going to have a show. A motion was made and seconded to have Policies and Procedures for next years sale put in writing by the Sale Committee, Wayne Gifford, Gary Custer, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones and Clare Askew and presented to the general membership to be voted on at the next meeting.  The reasons for this would be so everyone will know exactly how the sale will be run, how much fees will be, how many animals each seller will be allowed, how many does vs bucks there will be, or anything else that the membership feels needs to be in the policy.


Junior Members:  June Lee has several applications for junior members that would like to participate in the doeling project.  Linda Hernandez volunteered to be a mentor, but more are needed.  Linda, Don Sperry, June, Joanne Stoneman and Lindy Gifford volunteered to inspect the premises where the does will be going to make sure they will be properly cared for.


New Business:  The motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote to have a two day show May 3 & 4 at the Payette County Fairgrounds in New Plymouth, Idaho.  It will be called the Cinco de Boer Show or the Boer de Mayo.   It would be ABGA sanctioned.  Anyone wanting to sell animals would be able to do so private treaty. (Post the fact the animal is for sale and the price on the pen.  There would be a pen fee, the amount to be determined).  There will be a wether lottery, with the wethers priced at $75 to $100.  The 4-H members would draw numbers to determine the order in which they could pick show wethers.  One judge suggested was Fred Homeyer, his charge is $800.00 for the weekend.  That includes a clinic.  Everyone is urged to contact vendors to sponsor prizes and for ads in the program.  The charge will be $25.00 which includes a business card ad in the program.  Rules for showing are on the ABGA website under ABGA Sanctioned Show Rules.  Entries in the show will cost $5 per head per day for early entry and $8.00 per head per day for late entries up to the day of the show.  Ads in program will be $10.00 for business card size, ¼ page will be $25.00, ½ page will be $50.00 and full page will be $100.00. 


Mark Harbaugh, a new member from Ashton, Idaho, gave a talk about using goats in the state noxious weed program.  He is a member of the Cooperative Weed Management Area.  There is $455 million in grant money available.  There are 8000 acres in Fremont County and 20,000 acres in Lemhi to be cleared at $40 per acre.  The website for information about the program is  The email address is  Phone number is (208) 334-2840.  Grant requests have to be in by November 20, 2007, but you won�t know until April whether or not you would get the grant you apply for.  Every County gets $10,000 for weed control from the State, plus there is usually a portion of your property tax that goes for weed control.  You can contact your county extension office to see how that money is spent and if there is any available for private use.  Anyone wanting to talk to Mark about the program, contact him at (208) 652-7070 or email


Our next meeting will be December 1st, at 1 pm at the Hampton Inn, north of Exit 38 in Nampa.  This is the first Nampa exit, the one where all the car dealerships are and the Idaho Center. 


It was decided to try a regular meeting room rather than a restaurant so we could conduct the meeting better.  The price is $75.00 which includes setting up the room and having  coffee and water service.  The association can pay for it or we can take donations from the members. 


I would like to encourage all of our 43 members to attend the next meeting.  Decisions will be made about the show and next years sale.  If you did or didn�t like the way things were done and you have suggestions for the future sale and ideas about the show, the only way your opinion will be heard is if you come and make it known at the meeting.  Also, election of new officers will be held at this meeting.  These will be the members who will help guide the association for the next year, so it�s important that everyone have their say.  Dues for 2008 will be due in January.  Anyone who paid from September 2007 on will be prorated at $1.50 per month.  So if you joined for the sale, you will only owe $14.00 for next year.


Please visit our website for current membership list and other information about the association.  We want to thank Becky Gates for doing such a beautiful job on it.  It is           


Thanks and see you all at the next meeting.

Clara Askew



Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read and approved.  We have $2651.80 in checking.  Checking account is now at Key Bank as there is no checking fees.  A check was written to Gary Custer for catalog expenses in the amount of $300.00.  A check was written to Becky Gates for the balance of the expense of the website and for raffle supplies in the amount of $212.62.

Old Business:

Gary Custer reported on the catalog.  The catalog is on line at the ABGA website (, the Boer Goat website ( and the association website (  There is an ad in the Capital Press for the next 4 weeks.  An ad has been placed in the Hagerman Valley newspaper and in the Goat Rancher.  The catalog is exceptional with color photos and ads.  Gary was commended for doing a great job.

Wayne Gifford reported on the progress for preparation of the sale.  We will use the goat barn and one of the beef barns for the pens.  They are the closest sheds to the arena where the sales pen will be set up.  The bucks will go into the goat barn and the does into the beef barn.  A check-in crew will be available to inspect the animals, verify tattoos and check scrape information.  Check-in can begin at noon on Friday the 14th of September.

Consigners will need the following at check-in:

  1. Original registration papers
  2. Health papers (if coming from out of state)
  3. Ear tags and/or tattoos for scrapies numbers verification

Buyer numbers will be assigned on Saturday the 15th anytime after 9 am.  There will be a buyer number for no sale animals or the owner can use his/her own number if they are buying back their own animal.

Gary Custer volunteered to be responsible for transferring the ownership of the animals with the transfer fee to be paid by the buyer.  A vote was taken to determine if the transfer fee should be the responsibility of the seller or buyer.  It was decided that the buyer should pay it, but it is listed as the seller’s responsibility in the catalog, so we may have to go with that if any buyers protest.

Cost of a health certificate for animals going out of state will also be the responsibility of the buyer.  Weiser Vet Clinic and Caine Vet Clinic will be contacted to see if they will be available for health inspections if needed.  The estimated sales commission will be around 10 to 12%.

Our contact person at the fairgrounds is Dave.  The local area members will handle the pen set up.  Volunteers for handling the livestock on sale day are Gary Askew, Lynn Fowler, June Lee, Linda Hernandez and Randy Craig.  Anyone else who wants to help is more than welcome.

The local 4-H club will have their concession stand open.  They will buy supplies for 300 people.  If all the food is not sold, it will be available to purchase at cost after the sale.

The raffle table will be set up by the bleachers.  The donated doelings will each be in a 4x6 pen by the table.  Dan Dixon will supply the pens.  The proceeds from the raffle will to toward our Junior Membership Program.

June Lee will bring a flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Evelyn Simon reported on the Marketing Committee.  The market is down at the present time.  Del Treasure seems to be the only buyer and he’s paying $1.00 per lb.  Prices at the sales yard are down.

The 4-H market goats at the fairs did pretty well.  There was only one at the Payette County fair, but it brought $11.00 per pound or $880.00.  That should get more kids interested in showing goats.  The Malheur County fair market goats brought $5 to 6 at the most and went down from there.  Washington County was $3 to $4.  But the animals sold last at the sales and at one fair, the auctioneer dismissed everyone then said now we’ll sell some goats.  So, it looks like we need to educate the sales personnel at the fairs about the animals.

We covered a lot of information about the sale at the meeting and if I forgot anything, I apologize.  If anyone has any questions, please contact me at my new email address,,  or (208) 278-3859, or Wayne Gifford at, (208) 278-5023, or Gary Custer (208) 733-9235.  Please let anyone you know who might be interested in the sale.  If you need flyers, call anyone of the above and we’ll get them to you or you can download them from the website

                                 See you all at the sale.

Clare Askew


Vice President Wayne Gifford called special Meeting for the Production Sale to order. June Lee volunteered to take minutes. 15 Members were present.

At present we have 130 animals entered into the Sale. We have at least 16 more consigned that we have not received the paper work on yet.

Everyone needs to get the word out about the Sale, verbally, e-mail, or posting flyers at fairs, feed stores, sale yards, or any place where people might be interested in goats.

Anyone wishing to stay at the Fair Grounds, they do have RV hookups, at $10 per night. We can collect the day of the sale.

There is also a Motel at Exit 13, Black Canyon Motel, and many Motels in Ontario, Oregon, which is about 8 miles from New Plymouth.

We will have a set up day on Sept. 10 starting at 8:00 AM. Anyone wishing to help is welcome. We have at least 4 volunteers so far.

Check in time for animals will start around two or three on Friday afternoon. There will be visual inspection of all animals at the time they are checked in. We have a crew that will be checking in all animals. It was suggested that people that live close by to wait till early Sat. morning to bring theirs in, so the out of town people won’t have to hurry in on Sat. morning. All goats need to be checked in by 9:00 AM on Sat morning.

Previewing starts at 9:00 AM and the Sale starts at 12:00 noon.

We agreed that there should only be the owner of the animal and 1 ring man in the sale ring at a time. Mel Gifford, who has worked sale rings for more than 30 years, has agreed to volunteer to help us.

Everyone will be responsible for feed and water for his or her animals. You need to bring bedding for your own stalls, but we are going to have shavings available for sale. You can pay for them at the sale.

Questions were asked how the commercial pens were to be sold. It was agreed that they would be auctioned and a person could take as many of them as they wanted at the bid price, then it would be opened to anyone else, at the bid price. If any were left, then they would be bid as so much per head and you take them all.

Suggestion was made that any animals that were consigned after the catalog was printed, would sell at the end of their class. The animals that are advertised should be sold first.

Gary suggested that next spring we try to have a Show/Sale around April 12 and 13th.

Gary also showed us a design for Baseball Caps with SRMGA and a Boer Goat embodied on them. They were neat. If we can get enough interest in them, we can get a better cost on them.

There is a $75 fee for vendors. If you know of anyone wanting to display their wares, please let them know.

Becky Gates gave a report on the raffle. We now have 2 does donated for the raffle, along with several other items.

Discussion on the next meeting was discussed. Most wanted to have the meeting at the Fair Grounds so everyone would know what to expect the day of the sale. The meeting will be Aug 18 at the Fair Grounds at 12:00 noon.

See you all there. Wayne


Meeting called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew in absence of President Ryan Kish.  First order of business was to elect a Vice President.  Wayne Gifford was nominated.  Nomination seconded.  No other nominations.  Voice vote taken.  He was elected unanimously.


Treasurer's Report given.  We only have $163.32 in our bank account.  Our account is at Zions Bank which is charging us $8.00 per month service fee.  Suggestions were asked for banks which charge no fee for commercial accounts.  No one knew of any, but would check.


Old Business:  Gary Custer gave report on progress of Production Sale.  He has the entry form and flyers ready for mailing.   He did a good job and they look great.  They will be mailed and emailed as soon as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to give them out to anyone who wants to participate.  Advertising will be done in the Capital Press and the local papers.  Anyone who has other ideas for ads, please let Gary or Wayne know.  Breeder and commercial ads in the catalog will be $15 for business card size, $25 for quarter page, $50 for half page, and $100 for full page.  Send the ad layout and check to Gary Custer, 438 Hwy 74, Twin Falls, ID 83301 or email and pay at the next meeting.  Deadline for entries and ads is July 15, 2007.


Copies of papers or application for papers for registered goats are required with the entry.  If a substitution is made, owner will have to provide copy of papers for supplement to catalog.  The seller will forfeit the entry fee if the goat is not brought to the sale.  It was discussed whether or not to limit the number of bucks or bucklings per seller.  It was decided there would be no limit.


The sale will start at 1 pm.  Goats will need to be penned by 9 am.  They will be sold in order of age, doelings and does first, bucklings and bucks last.  Becky Gates volunteered to handle the raffle.  Call her at 454-4140 or email to give her information about donations.  Edgar Edmundson will donate a doeling to the raffle.  Cost of tickets will be $2.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Please contact your local feed store for items.


Becky also has started our association website.  She was given $80 donated by various members to set up the domain name.  It is  It will have links to all members' websites and information about the club.


Don Sperry gave a report on the Breeding Goat Project.  Anyone needing a copy of the guidelines, please contact Don, June Lee, or Clare Askew.  We now have 2 Junior members who are interested in participating,  Melissa and Whitney Jacobsen of Donnelly.


The next association meeting will be July 14, 2007 at 12 o'clock noon at Elmer's Restaurant, which is right across the street from Noodles.  It is on the west side of the street.  This meeting will be about the sale only.  Please try to attend.
The August meeting will be the 18th also at Elmer's.  This will be the final meeting before the sale, so please make every effort to attend.

Clare Askew


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish.  Attendees introduced themselves and gave brief description of their farm operation and the goals they wished to accomplish through the club.

Ryan read an article that was published in the Farm Bureau magazine. It stated while sheep production in Idaho has remained the same or declined, goat production has almost doubled in the last year.  This is very encouraging for our industry.

Minutes and treasurer’s report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Clare Askew.  Motion made to approve by Dennis Hooper, seconded by Gary Custer.  Copies of Treasurer’s report are available upon request.

Old Business:

Lynn Fowler, who was unable to attend, did report on findings for combining a show with our September sale.  She advised Fred Homeyer was available to judge.  His total fee for transportation, lodging and judging would be $800.00.  He would also present a seminar and critique the animals in the sale.  After discussion, motion was made and seconded to just have the production sale this year, since this is our first endeavor and we want to do it well.  Motion made by June Lee, seconded by Wayne Gifford.

Gary Custer brought a catalog sample for approval.  Animals will be listed youngest to oldest, does then bucks, four entries to a page.  Pictures will be allowed.  Qualifications, rules, and application for the sale will go out by June 15.  The application must be returned by July 15, with the catalog completed by August 15.  It was decided you must be a club member to enter goats in the sale.  The club will retain the right to limit the number of animals entered for the sale.  Wayne Gifford and Gary Custer will take care of the advertising for the sale.  Contact them for ads in the catalog .  Also, everyone is reminded to enter good quality animals both as a reflection on their herd and on the association.  We will be able to bring our sale goats in on Friday (9/14) and a seminar on nutrition will be presented that evening.

A youth program recommended by Don Sperry was voted on and approved.  It will involve donating young does to junior members interested in showing and starting a herd.  The does should be at least 7/8’s Boer.  The junior members will then donate back their first doeling raised from that doe to the club to be donated to another junior member.

Marketing was reported on by Evelyn Simon.  She advised Gerald Hale is a buyer out of the Twin Falls area.  He pays $1 per pound and will come to our area for wethers.  Del Treasure is in the Treasure Valley area, also pays $1 per pound.  The key market criteria is 50-75% Boer (meat) goat, 65 to 90#.  The Mountain States Meat Goat Association members gather a semi load each season and ship to a slaughter house in California.  Ryan Kish will check with them and see how successful this is for their members.

New Business:  Business card size ads will be taken for the newsletter. $10 per issue or $40 per year.

Contact Clare Askew (208) 278-3859, with ads.

Four videos on goat herd management were purchased from the Ag Lifestyles program and are available to be checked out by club members.  The titles are Making Money with Meat Goats, Goat Reproduction and Breeding, Goat Nutrition and Showing Jr Meat Goats.  Anyone interested in checking one or more out, the cost is $5.00 each for from meeting to meeting.  Contact Clare Askew at or (208) 278-3859.

Dr Dave Wenger, a veterinary from Vale who is very knowledgeable with goats, is now affiliated with Caldwell Vet Clinic, Thursdays, Fridays and every other Saturday.  Phone number there is (208) 459-6615.  He also has a mobile unit that he runs from his home in Vale, (541) 212-0116.

We want to welcome new members

Dan Dixon (Bonnie)                 Judy Novak                   NancyJoy Craig            Mikel Wallace

20033 Friends Rd                  195 Glen Loop                3447 N 3300 E            3215 Goodrich Rd

Greenleaf, ID                         Jerome, ID 83338         Kimberly, ID 83341     Cambridge, ID 83610

454-9890                              324-8226                     423-5521                     550-7366

Next Meeting will be June 16, 2007 at 12:00 noon at Noodles Restaurant, 1820 Franklin Blvd, Nampa/ Exit 36, just north of  I-84

Clare Askew


Meeting called to order by President Ryan Kish, attendees introduced themselves. Minutes of last meeting and treasurer’s report read by Clare Askew. Motion to approve by Gary Custer. Approval was confirmed by voice vote.

Old Business:

Wayne Gifford reported on fairground options for the September 15, 2007 production sale. Malhuer County was $1500.00, Canyon County was $1150.00. Payette County and Gem County were approximately the same, but since there is better freeway access at Payette County it was decided to chose them. The cost for one day for the arena is $75 and 1 barn was $50 with $100 cleaning deposit which is refundable if we do our own cleanup. We would need to supply our own shavings. The Association could buy them from a local vendor and have them on hand for sellers to buy or possibly a vendor could sell them at the fairgrounds. This can be decided when we start contacting any vendors that might want to set up tables or booths at the sale. LuAnn Shively Brown, the Payette County Fair Board secretary advised there would be no problem if we needed another barn which would be an additional $50 or if we wanted to add another day which would just double the price. The contract has been signed and a $100 deposit has been made. The balance will need to be paid no later than 30 days before the sale. We also need $1 million dollar liability insurance which will cost approximately $250.00 and will also need to be purchased 30 days before the show.

Gary Custer reported tentative budget for 1 day sale

$270 for Payette County Fairgrounds

$250 for Liability Insurance

$1 a piece for catalogs (approximately)

$350 on line catalog with ABGA

$500 Auctioneer (Joe Bennett)

Advertising costs to be determined later, ad in ABGA magazine and local papers.

Commission would be the cost of the sale divided among consigners, probably between 8 and 12%.

Transfers to the new owners will be done by the sale secretary and the cost added to the buyers’ purchase price.

Entry fees would be added back before commission deducted from sale price. Entry fees will be $20 per head for individual stock and $30 per pen of commercial stock.

Settlement sheet and check would be sent out 3 to 4 weeks after sale.

Some of the rules for the show would be as follows:

To be included in the catalog, animals must be consigned by July 15th and for registered stock, copies of registration papers will needed when animals are consigned, with the original papers to be with the goats at the time of sale. Animals consigned after July 15th will not be included in the catalog. No animals can be consigned after September 1st. Substitutions will be allowed, but animal name and pedigree will not be printed in catalog. If substitution is known before September 1st, and registration papers are available, an addition sheet can possibly be printed.

The catalog will be printed by August 10th. Catalog ads will be $20 for business card size, $50 for half pages and $75 for full pages. A scanable ad and check made out to SRMGA will need to be submitted to Gary Custer, 438 Hiway 74, Twin Falls, ID 83301, Phone (208) 733-9235.

Health inspection will be done when animals are brought in for the sale. It was emphasized that good healthy stock be consigned as this is a reflection on the quality of our own herds as well as the association.

In addition to the auction of registered or unregistered individual animals, there will also be auction of pens of animals, up to 5 per pen (depending on the size of the pens) and this can also be of either registered or unregistered animals.

If an owner/seller places a reserve on his animals and they do not sell, the owner/seller will pay commission on the reserve price.

It was discussed to contact vendors for raffle items and also for commercial booths.

Having a show in conjunction with the sale was also discussed. There would be the cost of a judge, including his/her fee, travel and lodging expense. The motion was made by Lynn Fowler to table the discussion until the next meeting, seconded by JoAnn Stoneman. Voice vote approved.

A Board of Directors was approved. They are as follows: Gary Custer, Dennis Hooper, Lynn Fowler and Wayne Gifford. June Lee would be added if needed. (she was out of town and could not attend this meeting).

Next meeting will be on March 10 2007 at 12 o'clock noon in Nampa at Noodles which is just North of I-84, Exit 26 on the east side of Franklin. A reminder will be sent out prior to the meeting. Also, this will be the last newsletter sent out to non-association members. So if you want to remain on the mailing list, please send $20.00 for 2007 dues using the form below to:

Snake River Meat Goat Association
5180 SE 1st Avenue
New Plymouth, ID 83655

More volunteers were taken for committees.
Youth Committee, Don Sperry

Show Committee, Lynn Fowler, Janene Jones

Marketing Committee, Evelyn Simons, Noel & Drue Reynolds, Mikel Wallace

Don Sperry suggested we donate a quality young doe to a youth to show and then when it is bred the first doe kid would be returned to the club to donate to another youth. It was agreed that this was a good idea and would be discussed more in the future.

All breeders that do not have the Idaho or Oregon scrapies tags are encouraged to get them. The contact address for Idaho is USDA, APHIS Veterinary Services, 9158 W. Blackeagle Dr,

Boise, ID 83709. Anyone who knows the Oregon address please let me know.

New member Becky Gates, 24867 Conway Rd, Caldwell 83607, (208) 454-4140 designs websites and will submit a pricelist to set up an association website.

We are as of today officially a non-profit organization. I got the paper work back from the state today and got everyone’s checks deposited. We now have a checking account with Zions Bank.

Anyone who would like a business card type ad included with the newsletter, let me know at the next meeting.

Clare Askew


The meeting was called to order by the interim president, Ryan Kish. He introduced himself and welcomed everyone. Clare Askew gave a short talk outlining why the association was being created and what some of the goals would be.

These objectives included the following:

Improve marketing by organizing production sales and slaughter wether shipments
Create a website with classified ads and links to members’ websites.
Organize a breed show.
Improve education with seminars and demonstrations.

Frequency of meetings was discussed and it was decided to meet at least quarterly or as needed. The next meeting will be on December 2, at noon at Perkins, which just west of I-84 exit 29 in Caldwell. It was also decided to have some meetings in the Magic Valley area to save travel time for members in that region. A Production Sale will be September 15, location to be decided at next meeting. Evelyn Simon of Hagerman volunteered her husband to auctioneer for us. Consignments must be made 60 days prior to sale with catalog mailed 6 weeks before the sale. Ads would be accepted for the catalog, pricing to be determined later. Dates for shows were not established yet. It was felt that more discussion was needed.

Gary Custer made the motion and Edgar Edmundson seconded that Ryan Kish be elected President for the first year and Clare Askew be Secretary/Treasurer. A voice vote was taken and motion approved. A checking account will be opened at Zions Bank in New Plymouth and Clare’s address would be used for mail. However, it was found that the Association has to be registered with the state as a non profit before a checking account can be opened and a board of directors is needed before we can register with the state. We will have to elect a board at the next meeting and then register as a non-profit organization. Meanwhile, anyone paying with checks will not have their check deposited until a checking account can be opened. Sorry for the inconvenience, but government regulations tend to complicate the simplest of plans.

Committees were established and members were encouraged to volunteer to help.

Show Committee
June Lee, Weiser, 549-8549
Edgar Edmundson, New Plymouth, 278-5496

Production Sale Committee
Gary Custer, Twin Falls, 733-9235
Wayne Gifford, New Plymouth, 278-5023

Slaughter Wether Shipments
Naomi Coundies, Payette, 642-3953 (she was volunteered in her absence, hopefully this will be okay)

Junior Show Leader
Kim Tolbert, Vale, (541)473-4285

Also representatives were established to contact County Fair Boards about having meat goat shows included in the fairs. (Volunteers are needed for Payette and Ada County)

Kim Tolbert, Malheur County
Don Sperry, Canyon County
Janene Jones, Gem County
Linda Hernandez, Washington County

Association By-Laws will be available by request. Yearly dues will be $20 per member, $10 for Juniors and $300 for lifetime membership.

Please check the following list for any additions or corrections needed. Anyone else wishing to join, mail dues to Clare’s address below. Make checks payable to Snake River Meat Goat Association or SRMGA.

Clare Askew